Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 133 He Is Such a Player
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 133 He Is Such a Player

If these words were said by those girls who wanted to be with Shen Yan, Xia Yu would most likely just laugh it off. But even her cousin had been told that it really made Xia Yu unable to take it anymore.

"Xiao Yu, I'm not mistaken, he likes you." Wu Shiyu nodded with certainty.

At this time, Shen Yan came over and want to discuss something with Xia Yu, and when he was at the door, he heard what Wu Shiyu had said. He stunned.

Was his performance that obvious? Wu Shiyu also said that he liked her. How would Xia Yu react after hearing Wu Shiyu's words?

Shen Yan really wanted to know, so he stood at the door and eavesdropped.

"No... "Sis, you can't speak carelessly. He is nice to everyone, and he treated everyone the same no matter who the one is." Like? Xia Yu would never believe that a phony guy like Shen Yan has ever actually "liked" anyone.

"He treated you differently."

"What's the difference?"

"Look at your eyes. Sister Yu, are you going to tell me you really don't know about this? "How can this stupid little cousin know nothing about things like this. Right now, Wu Shiyu just wanted to know one thing, "Speaking of Young Master Yan, he is not bad. If he really confesses to you, will you agree?"

After all, they were sisters. That was a straightforward question. The corner of Shen Yan's lips curled up slightly. He is the dream lover in this City. Women who wanted to marry him would be able to queue around the entire Earth. Xia Yu would definitely agree to it, but what would she say? Would she reply directly like Wu Shiyu? Shen Yan really looked forward to it.

"Sis, are you alright? How is it possible for him to confess to me? "Did he lack a woman? Not only that he was not lacking, but he has also got numerous types of women around him.

Why should he confess to her, one can tell even using the toes to think, right?

"I'm saying if he really confesses to you, will you agree?" Wu Shiyu looked at Xia Yu very seriously. She was already 25 years old and should try a serious relationship.

"He is someone who cares about his dignity. Confessing? Sis, don't try to be funny." Xia Yu giggled. It seemed like her cousin didn't really understand Shen Yan.

Even if what she said was true, he was the second son of Shen's Family. He had been held in the palms of women for so many years and had been chased by numerous women, so how was it possible for him to pursue a girl.

Xia Yu was sure that even he had the slightest bit of goodwill towards her, it is still impossible for him to take the initiative to confess.

Wu Shiyu also laughed, but it had to be said that Xia Yu's words were reasonable.

However, Shen Yan is outstanding in every aspect, this was genuinely worth for her cousin to consider. "Sister Yu, Young Master Yan might have been a little like a player in the past, but for successful people, it is inevitable for them to put up a show. I really don't want you to miss such a good lover, why don't you take the initiative? "

What? Cousin, are you sure you aren't mistaken!

Xia Yu was genuinely speechless. She used her hands to stroke her hair, and after a few grunts, she said snappily: "Big Sis, he was such a player."

His kid was running around yet he was still together with his friend's fiancée, and it was unknown whether he was along with his elder brother's fiancée.

Sigh, Xia Yu just could not say it.

Stupid girl, when did I become a player? Shen Yan, who was at the door, clenching his teeth.

Right, what her cousin said did make sense. Wu Shiyu was still a little unwilling to give up and asked: "What if he changed?"

"Sis, stop joking. Have you ever seen a dog change and stop eating sh * t?" Xia Yu shook her head. As the saying goes, it was difficult to change one's nature, so she wasn't as optimistic as her cousin.

Stupid girl, who is the dog?

Shen Yan had the urge to beat someone up.

"I just don't want you to miss such a good lover."


"I mean he is better than Chen Wenxuan at least, right?"

"More or less the same!" Her cousin really liked to make a comparison between people. Xia Yu made a gesture to stop right there and said, "Sis, even if you want Young Master Yan to support his brother, you can't push your sister into a pit of fire, right? Despite that he doesn't like me, even he does, you should ask me if I'm interested in him, right? Now I'll tell you very seriously. Me, as your sister, am completely not interested in him."

Shen Yan only looked better, had a higher education, humorous, had a better family background, a better career, and was attractive to girls, what other benefits did he have?

What's wrong with my cousin? She actually thought that I should be together with him.

My girl, it's already quite good for a man to have even a little of the qualities you've mentioned. You've said so much in one breath, what else do you want?

"Sister Yu, don't say things that killed all the possibilities. If Young Master Yan really confesses to you, you should think of it carefully!" She had caused Shen Yan so much trouble, Shen Yan accepted them all without a word. How can't that be love?

This stupid girl, why can't she understand?

Outside the door, Shen Yan had mixed feelings when he heard this. What kind of joke was this, was he someone more or less the same as Chen Wenxuan? He was the girls' dream lover!

It was already wrong for Wu Shiyu to compare him with Chen Wenxuan, but how dare that damned girl Xia Yu said that they were more or less the same. It seemed like that girl really got no feelings towards him.

Am I that bad?

Shen Yan really wanted to push open the door and ask her, but he knew about the temperament of that girl. She really dared to repeat her word in front of him.

If she really said that, how awkward would it be? He felt conflicted about whether to ask or not! In short, Shen Yan had never been so embarrassed in his life before.

But right at this moment, Shen Qiang coincidentally walked over again: "Brother, what are you standing here for?"


Shen Yan did not expect that someone else was around and all sorts of awkwardness arose. Where did this kid come from? He stuttered for a long time before saying: "I originally wanted to find Xia Yu for some matters, but I remembered that I had other things to take care of, forget it, I'm leaving."

With that, Shen Yan left in a hurry.

If he didn't need to talk to Xia Yu, he didn't need to run that fast, right? He was like a thief. Shen Qiang looked in the direction that Shen Yan had left and shaken his head. Just as he was about to knock on the door, it opened from the inside.

"Miss Wu is here as well! I came to look for my sister." Shen Qiang greeted Wu Shiyu, who was just opening the door.

Wu Shiyu also heard someone talking at the door, so she opened it. Seeing Shen Qiang standing at the door, she hurriedly invited him in: "Third Young Master, please come in.

Xia Yu heard the sound and stuck her head out from the bathroom: "Xiao Qiang, what's up?"

"The boat has been arranged. Everyone is waiting in the main hall. Hurry." Shen Qiang came over to call them to row the boat. Seeing that Xia Yu had come out, he turned around and walked outside. He still has to notify others.

"Xiao Yu hurry up, I'll be waiting for you in the hall." When Wu Shiyu heard about boat rowing, she immediately left excitedly. She loved the rowing boat.

What's the hurry? The boat won't leave as it's parked on the shore. Xia Yu muttered, she changed into a pair of flat shoes and followed her.

But when she went out, the leading group of people had already left. She stood in the hall and took out her phone, going to call Shen Qiang and ask where they were.

"Why are you here alone?" Shen Yan walked over.

"They went boating. I'm going." Xia Yu laughed and took two steps towards Shen Yan.

"Let's go together." Shen Yan reached out and grabbed her small hand.

"It's not good to be seen by others..." Xia Yu reflexively wanted to shake him off.

"I'm not that scary to the point that I can't see anyone!" Shen Yan ignored her and continued to pull her hand.

Do you know what people say? Right now, even her cousin was suspicious of their relationship. He was still not restraining himself and purposely creating a topic for others to talk about? Xia Yu shook off his hand, turned and walked out of the hall.

It's just holding hands, is there a need to make such a big fuss over nothing? Shen Yan followed her out of the hotel, and two of them arrived at the stone road that led to the lakeside. Both sides of the road were planted with many bamboos. When the wind blew, the bamboo leaves buzzed to make a sound.

Xia Yu only wanted to find Shen Qiang and the others quickly, so she did not notice the surrounding environment and kept on urging Shen Yan to hurry up.

On the other side, two people looked like a couple were standing nearby, and they heard the familiar voice, especially the woman, she tilted their head and looked over.

Xia Yu did not change her clothes. She was still wearing her suit with no jacket on, only a simple white lady shirt with a dark grey skirt.

Her figure was very well-built and curvy. Therefore, when she wore the usual professional attire, it had a different charm, making people think of the word 'enticement' for her uniform.

The man didn't pay much attention to her at first, but when he saw that the woman was looking that way, so he looked back. When he saw Xia Yu, he couldn't help but stunned.

The lady beside the man was very sensitive, out of the corner of her eyes, she found he was looking towards Xia Yu's direction. Her eyes flashed with anger, and then she shouted: "Xia Yu, what a coincidence!"

When Xia Yu heard someone calling her name, she subconsciously looked up. The first person she saw was a tall man, about five feet tall. He was tall and straight, dressed in striped shirt and slacks, and he wore a pair of pale gray TOD's shoes that matched the stripes on his shirt. He wore a limited version of AP watch on his wrist with the sleeves rolled up.

Although the man wore big sunglasses, Xia Yu still recognized him with a single glance.

He was a Korean star, Li Yan.

Beside Li Yan stood Zeng Mina who was wearing a tight black dress. She was also wearing sunglasses, and her red lips were alluring.

Both of them looked towards the direction where Xia Yu and Shen Yan were in. Xia Yu was startled, why were they here? Three seconds later, she retracted her surprised expression and smiled: "Miss Zeng is here too!"

Even though she knew the answer, she still had to be polite.

Li Yan did not say a word to Xia Yu because they were not familiar to each other, Zeng Mina replied with a smile: "Mr. Li wants to tour around S City. The scenery at Ping Hu is not bad, so I brought him here."

With that, she looked at Shen Yan who was beside Xia Yu. She thought, this brat had already become Xia Yu's follower, and he could be found wherever Xia Yu is.

Zeng Mina looked at her while Shen Yan also raised his head to look at her, but did not say a word.

Being stared at by Shen Yan made her uncomfortable. Zeng Mina chuckled and said: "Just two of you?"

Xia Yu smiled and replied: "Everyone is here!"

Zeng Mina nodded her head, as though she was finished with the pleasantries, and continued to do what they were doing.

"Who is Young Master Yan?" Li Yan asked Zeng Mina.

"CEO of the Tengfei." Zeng Mina said perfunctorily.

Li Yan smiled and extended his hand out to Shen Yan: "Hello, Young Master Yan!"

Shen Yan also smiled: "Hello, Mr. Li!"

Two men greeted each other, but Zeng Mina did not speak a word to Shen Yan the entire time. This was not because she planned to give up. On the contrary, her hatred towards Xia Yu grew day by day.


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