Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 134 You Didn“t Get I
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 134 You Didn“t Get I

Meanwhile, Xia Yu's phone rang, she walked away and picked it up: "Hello, Xiao Qiang!"

"Sis, you and me, on the same boat." Shen Qiang loved rowing boat. He had already chosen one and was dancing with joy aside.

"Alright!" Xia Yu did not object, but seeing that Zeng Mina and Li Yan had not left, she felt that it was necessary to be polite, so she said to them: "Mr. Li, Miss Zeng, Third Young Master has hired boats, let's play together?"

"Thank you, Miss Xia, for your kind intention. We still have things to do, please enjoy yourselves." Li Yan said to Xia Yu with a smile. At this time, he also recognized that Xia Yu was the girl quarreled with Zeng Mina on that day at Ru Yi Restaurant.

Initially, he was wondering why Xia Yu could be so bold, how did a small employee dare to go against the future Mrs. Shen? But after seeing her pairing with Shen Yan, he finally understood and treated her with more courtesy.

The corner of Zeng Mina's lips curved up in a big smile, and she laughed: "Wandering the lake with your boyfriend naturally has a different flavor. If we go with you, we will ruin the scenery. "

Zeng Mina just said "boyfriend", causing Xia Yu to be completely confused.

Others might not know about their relationship, but how could she not know?

After pausing for a moment, she smiled and replied, "No, we are just ordinary friends. Third Young Master is not grown up yet! "

He was still a student. Didn't Miss Zeng know that?

It was a severe explanation, just like Xia Yu didn't know what she meant.

Typically, if she answered like that, the other person would not say anything, but Zeng Mina was not an ordinary person. She smiled and said: "What I am talking about is not Third Young Master but Second Young Master. This is not the first time I've seen you two together. S City is so big, and I've already seen it many times. And you are still saying that you are ordinary friends?"

When she spoke, the corner of her mouth rose, as if she was joking, but there was also an aggressive look as if she wanted to confirm Xia Yu and Shen Qiang's relationship.

Xia Yu could feel Zeng Mina's hostility towards her almost instantly.

Xia Yu felt that this woman was very boring. Although she was also a woman, she had always hated women's narrow-minded and presumptuous characteristic.

She and Shen Qiang did not have any special relationship, and there's nothing between her and Shen Yan either. Therefore, Xia Yu was very generous in her heart, and she said without changing her expression: "S City is big, but the popular places with fun and great food were only a few, so it's easy for us to run into each other."

Zeng Mina laughed and said: "Right now, you are still ordinary friends, maybe if you guys rowboat for a few more times, your relationship will be different?"

Talking to someone like that is a waste of time, so whatever you say. Xia Yu smiled but did not say a word, sighing in her heart.

Shen Yan was even more direct, and took the opportunity to hold Xia Yu's hand: "Then we'll be going first."

After Xia Yu nodded to them, she followed Shen Yan and walked forward. After walking a few steps, Xia Yu realized that something wronged. "Young Master Yan, this doesn't seem to be the way to row a boat."

"Let's go climb the mountain." Shen Yan did not stop but accelerated.

Everyone was rowing while they climbed the mountain. Moreover, they were going alone. Wasn't this obviously creating a topic for others to talk about? No wonder this person had so many rumors. He didn't have the slightest intention to be on guard.

Xia Yu turned her head back and looked guiltily at Zeng Mina, only to see her staring at them. Xia Yu turned her head, and her eyes faintly narrowed with meaning.

With her heart thumping, Xia Yu hurried to turn around. Even she didn't know why she had to be so nervous.

They walked just like that, and neither of them said a word. Halfway there, Xia Yu shook off Shen Yan's hand, and only then it felt less uncomfortable.

"Why aren't you going to tell me what Miss Wu told you?" Shen Yan said as he slowly walked.

What did she say?

"Give me some hints!" Xia Yu was stupefied.

"The conversation you two had in the room." Although Shen Yan looked indifferent on his face, in his heart, he was filled with hatred. How dare this girl thought him in that way.

The words in the room? Could it be that Shen Qiang had reported it to him?

This child was not only having a problem eavesdropping, but he has also got a big mouth. She hadn't even agreed to her cousin's request, so why did he tell his second brother?

Wait, did he only say part of it or everything!

My cousin said so much just now …

How awkward!

"There's nothing to say. I didn't agree to her request." Xia Yu bowed down guiltily, broke off a blade of grass and waved it in her hand.

He walked beside her and glanced at her.

However, her expression was extremely calm, and it was hard to tell what she was thinking.

"What if I want to hear it?" Shen Yan also thought that it was strange, why did he keep holding onto it? However, there was a knot in his heart, as though he couldn't let go of it without finding out everything about Xia Yu.

Shen Yan, oh Shen Yan, what happened to you?

Can't it be? Xia Yu turned around and smiled at him: "What do you want me to tell you?"

The moment she finished speaking, Shen Yan grabbed her hand and stared at her.

"One by one." Shen Yan stared at her eyes, he felt that he was just like a fool.

Xia Yu looked at his hand.

The moment Shen Yan opened his mouth, she knew that Shen Qiang had told him everything he had heard. However, Xia Yu did not know how much he had heard, so she did not know what to say.

"You also know my sister's past with your brother, and my sister is rather emotional. She thinks that the scenery there is good, and of course, there is a bit of a personal feeling." She pushed his hand away and continued climbing up the hill.

The sound of bells ringing in the temple came to their ears. It was a powerful and deep sound, one after another.

"Well, what else?" In Shen Yan's heart, there was a little bit of grievance. He felt that he really didn't understand her, neither her experience nor her feelings.

Even though Shen Yan looked down on Chen Wenxuan, but he understood in his heart that there must be something extraordinary about him that could make Xia Yu fall for him.

Shen Yan was proud, he thought that even if Xia Yu was different from other girls, so she wouldn't be like a fly staring at him and tried tricks to get him the moment they met, but at least she should have some thoughts towards him now.

But this woman …

"No, everything else is just gossip …"

Her expression was not relaxed at all. It was utterly different from that on the way she had come. There had been a crowd, but now there were only the two of them.

On the stone path in the mountains, there would occasionally be a few people going up and down. Fortunately, today was not a special day like any festival holding. Otherwise, this road would definitely be full of people.

The bell within the temple rang out one more time.

"Sir, can you take a picture for us?" A group of people who looked like university students stopped Shen Yan.

"En, OK!" Shen Yan took the camera from the girl's hand, and seeing that Xia Yu was still walking forward, he called out to her: "Wait for me!"

Xia Yu turned her head to look at him.

The girl followed Shen Yan's gaze and found Xia Yu. She was dressed in her professional attire and looked beautiful even without the makeup, "She is?"

"My girlfriend!" He lifted the camera in his hand as if he was saying "You want to take a picture or not? It was time to start."

The girl looked at Xia Yu again, with her eyes full of envy. She quickly followed her friends.

Xia Yu could see that she was extremely disappointed.

But he actually said that she was his girlfriend!

He spoke so easily as if it was as casual as calling a waiter in the restaurant.

After the photos were taken, the group of university students left. Of course, the girl had turned her head to look at Shen Yan a few times and was reluctant to leave.

However, Shen Yan did not turn back as he continued walking. When he brushed past Xia Yu, he did not stop either.

Xia Yu did not follow him. When he turned around, she was still standing there.

"Why aren't you moving?" He stopped in his tracks and looked at her, gripping the iron chain by the side of the road.

There were many couple locks on the iron chains, one by one, densely packed. Those locks had rusted in the wind and rain. As for the people who had locked it, were they separated from each other?

Xia Yu raised her head and looked at the sky above her. It has been a sunny day, but now it was already cloudy.

"Did you realize you just utilize me again?"

"After being tangled for so long, is this it?" he asked.

Yes, that's it!

"I'll transfer the money to your bank account. Are you relieved now?" His hand subconsciously fiddled with the couple lock.

"It's not a matter of money." Xia Yu said as she frowned.

"Then what's the problem?" Shen Yan was surprised.

"Others might really have misunderstanding towards us, how am I supposed to find a boyfriend?" A drop of rain fell on her hand. It was unknown if the long blade of grass in her hand was moved by the wind, or if it was because her hand was trembling. The edge of the lawn was continually shaking.

"Oh." Shen Yan's heart skipped a beat, then he looked up at the sky and said: "It's raining, let's go to the pavilion in front to hide for a while."

After he finished speaking, he directly walked towards the pavilion without waiting for Xia Yu to speak.

Xia Yu scratched her hair. What does that "oh" mean? In the future, would he allow himself to do something so dull again? She wanted to ask, but she had already used up all her courage just now, so she could only silently follow.

"The voting might be advanced to tonight. I think it's because they don't want my elder brother to persuade other shareholders." There were a lot of people in the pavilion, and Shen Yan was not used to squeezing with so many people, so he was frowning.

The rain was not heavy. There was a big tree beside the pavilion, so he decided to stand under the big tree.

Xia Yu understood that no one would yield in front of benefits. She nodded silently.

Shen Yan continued, "The main reason why those shareholders are so determined this time, is most that Zeng's Family has also bided a piece of land that located not too far away from ours, and many of the shareholders want to develop it with the Zeng's jointly."

He was telling her that there was no need for Shen Mo to waste so much effort, all he needed to do was just to convince Zeng Ziqiang.

"I got it." Xia Yu will tell her cousin.

"You didn't get it. Maybe big brother's engagement to Zeng Mina is his bottom line, but Zeng's Family wants a marriage, so big brother could escape the marriage only if he gives up." The giving up that Shen Yan was talking about, was naturally Shen's.

He made such a huge sacrifice because of Shen's. On this matter, he would definitely not give in.

Xia Yu saw it with her own eyes that what a woman that Zhang Mina was. To deal with Xia Yu, Zeng Mina can't probably benefit from it much, but what about dealing with Wu Shiyu? She felt worried about her cousin.

"As long as Young Master Mo is willing to spend more time with Zeng Mina, this issue can be resolved, right?"

"You still don't get it. The main reason why Zeng Ziqiang betrothed his daughter to my big brother is not only that he like my big brother, the biggest reason is Shen's." Shen Yan let out a long sigh.

Big brother wanted to use Zeng's family's reputation to kick Yang Weiye out to reinforce his power and status in the company. If Yang Weiye was obsessed with his current ability and not willing to step down from the position of President, then what Zeng Ziqiang wanted was the entire Shen's. The reason for his support on Shen Mo was simply that he wished Shen Mo to be a puppet President.

This was something that Shen Mo could not accept, and was also the reason why he did not look for Zeng's Family's help.


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