Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 135 I Didn“t Eavesdrop. It“s My Second Brother.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 135 I Didn“t Eavesdrop. It“s My Second Brother.

"Since you still have something to do today, why don't we go back now?" Xia Yu remembered that last time because Shen Yan was unable to join the board of directors, he was almost disqualified as a candidate. This kind of thing must not happen again

It was still raining. Why rushing?

Seeing that Shen Yan did not seem to care, Xia Yu reached out to him and said, "Let's go, before the rain grows."

Maybe it was because his hand was being held by a beautiful lady, so Shen Yan felt that it was enjoyable and didn't resist at all.

Xia Yu quickly realized that something was amiss and quickly shook off his hand, running away as fast as she could.

This girl, is holding my hand shameful? Shen Yan was filled with anger and endured the rain to go down the mountain.

When they get back, everyone was standing in the hall. Seeing Xia Yu had returned, Shen Qiang shouted loudly with an unhappy face: "Sis, that's too disgraceful. We agreed to row together, but you ran away without a trace."

Xia Yu shot a glance at him, and said snappily: "You really dare to say that?"

If he did not poke her on her back, Shen Yan would not have gone crazy and dragged her up the mountain. Xia Yu said as she walked into her own room.

It wasn't raining very heavily, but she had got wet. She sweated a lot while climbing the mountain, so she needed to take a bath and change her clothes.

Was there anything to do with me? Shen Qiang pointed the finger at his nose, looking confused.

He could swear to God that he really didn't do anything!

Wu Shiyu felt that it was a little strange seeing Xia Yu and Shen Yan returning together through the rain. She said goodbye to everyone and went back to the room as well.

When she went in, Xia Yu was bathing, so she sat on the sofa and waited. In a short while, Xia Yu came out.

"Sister Yu, where did you go with Young Master Yan? Third Young Master is angry." Xia Yu agreed to him, but she stood Shen Qiang up and went with Shen Yan to climb the mountain.

Did she say that she had nothing to do with Young Master Yan? Just as she finished speaking, she left with Shen Yan.

Xia Yu wiped her hair with a bath towel and replied Wu Shiyu: "I was planning to go, but when I met Zeng Mina in the hall, Young Master Yan then changed his idea."

Wu Shiyu was a little nervous if that woman has created another trouble for her cousin and asked: "What did she do to you?"

Seeing her cousin's worried, Xia Yu laughed and said: "With Young Master Yan there, she didn't dare to do anything. It's just that she appeared here as if she was purposefully monitoring Young Master Yan. Young Master Yan was annoyed, so he didn't go rowing. "

Ever since Shen Yan had rejected Zeng Mina to participate in the Tengfei's preliminary auditions, Zeng Mina had discontent with him. Seeing that Zeng Mina did not aim at Xia Yu, Wu Shiyu felt at ease and asked: "Did Young Master Yan get angry?"

Xia Yu nodded her head: "A little, but I think the one who is angrier is Zeng Mina."

"What do you mean?" Wu Shiyu was startled.

"Isn't it all because of the development mentioned by Young Master Mo last time? Zeng Mina's father wanted to cooperate, but Young Master Mo was against him. Do you think she would be happy? "Xia Yu took a sip of the drink beside her, "Young Master Yan said that Zeng was afraid that longevity would cause trouble, so he persuaded the shareholders of Shen's to vote in advance."

Xia Yu's words had a few meanings. First, Young Master Mo did not have much luck this time, and second, although Zeng's family was not directly holding shares of Shen's, their influence over Shen's should not be underestimated.

"Isn't Young Master Mo very passive this time?" Even if Wu Shiyu did not know how to conduct business, she still understood the ways of the world. She couldn't help on worrying for Shen Mo.

Xia Yu nodded, playing with the soft drink bottle in her hand, she exhaled and said: "I'm afraid that's the case, that's why Young Master Yan and Third Young Master brought everyone to relax."

Shen Mo's power could not be underestimated, but the other shareholders were not pushovers either. With the benefits and the efforts of Zeng Ziqiang, tonight's debate would definitely be very intense. Shen Yan did not want to see everyone arguing over this matter.

The most optimal result would be hurting the peace, and the severe consequence could be Shen's split apart. No matter what kind of outcome it was, it was not what Shen Yan wanted to see, so he could only keep his eyes shut.

It was said that a family should fight together, but his two brothers had hidden away. How sad would Shen Mo be! Wu Shiyu was no longer in the mood to chat with Xia Yu, she found an excuse and hid aside to make a call to Shen Mo.

Xia Yu shook her head at the door thinking that her cousin really shouldn't have interfered in this mess.

She quickly took off her bathrobe and prepared to eat later. Just as she had made everything, Shen Qiang came over to ask her for a meal and knocked on the door.

Xia Yu followed him towards the dining hall. Along the way, Shen Qiang asked, "Sis, what inappropriate thing did I say?"

Without clarifying what Xia Yu had just said, Shen Qiang would probably not even be able to sleep tonight.

"You still dare to say that? I'm just chatting with my sister. How can you tell your second brother?" Xia Yu rolled her eyes at Shen Qiang several times.

For this? No wonder second brother wanted to pull her away, the second brother was such a proud person. It wasn't easy for him to take the initiative to like someone, but when he did, the girl didn't have any interest in him at all.

The second brother is quite a man, how could Xia Yu not like him? "Sis, can't you give my brother a chance?"

"What do you mean?" Give him a chance? Give what chance? What the heck has this brat told Shen Yan?

Shen Qiang chuckled. "Sis, don't look at me like that. Actually, you're too direct with your words. Not to mention my brother, even I feel awful after hearing it. "

"Xiao Qiang, I was just chatting with my big sis. It's you that saying nonsense, that's not my fault." Xia Yu really didn't know what to say to him anymore.

"It's just a chat. That's good. I'll explain it to my second brother sometime later. Oh right, by the way, when I went to get you, my second brother was already standing by your door. As for what you and Miss Wu were talking about, I really don't know." My second brother was really so careful. Shen Qiang burst out laughing, thinking, seemed like I finally got the evidence of my second brother liking Xia Yu, and I should interrogate him later on.

What? Was it Shen Yan standing outside the door? Why is it him? Xia Yu suddenly felt a headache, as if she was hit by frost, and she was dazzling.

When it was time to eat, she intentionally avoided Shen Yan, trying her best to avoid seeing him face to face.

Damn girl, am I that annoying? Since you want to keep your distance from me so much, I'll grant your wish. Thus, from the start of lunch, Shen Yan maintained a distance from Xia Yu and did not even meet her during the entire afternoon.

It's okay when Xia Yu didn't know about this. But since Shen Qiang had told her, she was afraid that seeing Shen Yan would cause embarrassment. So, Xia Yu relaxed a lot and chatted and laughed with Shen Qiang without seeing him.

However, ever since Wu Shiyu called Shen Mo, she had been worrying about something. Although she was playing with everyone, her smile was very obvious weird, and anyone who saw it would know that something had happened to her.

A few artists who were close with Wu Shiyu came over to ask her. Wu Shiyu said that she was tired from not sleeping well last night. Artists like them often participated in events, so they didn't think too much about it and only reminded her to rest, and they all walked away.

Others might not know the reason, but Xia Yu did. Her cousin was in a bad mood, so she might as well let her rest in her room. "Sis, if you're not feeling well, don't come with us this afternoon. We'll join the performance together at the party tonight."

"Alright then, I'll go back and rest." Wu Shiyu also had that intention, but since they were all in one group and the no one else was absent, she could not do anything like having a privilege. Since Xia Yu had said so, she could only greet everyone and return.

There were many scenic spots, and it would be impossible to see them all in one day. Therefore, people had different opinions. Xia Yu directly split everyone into small teams, while she, Fang Feifei, Cai Yanyan, and Shen Qiang each led a team.

Everyone was very excited when they heard this. They were all young people, so they were all playing like crazy together. Xia Yu had utterly forgotten about Shen Yan. After eating, she realized Shen Yan's absence and asked Shen Qiang about him just for politeness.

The answer was that his grandmother had called him back.

In other words, he did not escape from the Board of Directors' meeting, but was Old Madame supportive of development or not? This question only flashed through Xia Yu's mind.

She was only a little secretary that works for Tengfei, she should only care about her position, things like that had nothing to do with her, and only tonight's show was her responsibility.

Xia Yu was much busier when Shen Yan wasn't there. She didn't even have time to eat and went to arrange things.

Initially, she hoped that Shen Qiang could help her, but who knew that with just a phone call, Shen Qiang was called back as well.

Even he was called back, so things seemed to be quite complicated. Xia Yu looked at her cousin and said to the other people in the secretariat, "Young Master Yan and Third Young Master have things to deal with, so please, everyone needs to spend more effort in tonight's event."

"Xia Yu, what issues do you think they have got?" Cai Yanyan was quite curious. Today, it was nice to say that they brought the artists out to play. Actually, they just wanted to use this opportunity to spread their reputation.

Young Master Yan took today's activities very seriously. Something was not right about him leaving at such a critical time. It's really, really wrong.

Xia Yu had already experienced this woman's gossip before, and she knew what was going on, but she couldn't tell Cai Yanyan because of it. Seeing her looking at her, Xia Yu smiled faintly: "Who knows, I haven't seen him since after lunch."

When Xia Yu said this, Fang Feifei also remembered it, "That's true. Xia Yu, something did really happen, right? You are the Chief Secretary, and Young Master Yan must have informed you when he left? "

Xia Yu shook her head and said "No!"

This was strange, logically speaking, he should have explained it to Xia Yu, but Xia Yu did not look like she was lying, what was he doing? Even Fang Feifei became curious.

"The event tonight is more important. Everyone, make the arrangements first. I'll give him a call and ask him for more." To prevent everyone from guessing anymore, Xia Yu could only reply perfunctorily.

Old Madame anxiously called Shen Yan and Shen Qiang back, and it was really about the land. Although that land had been left unused for so many years, Old Madame still felt heartache if it was to be destroyed.

But she had the same thoughts as Shen Mo and felt that it was really a pity to ruin such beautiful scenery. Therefore, after considering it, again and again, she still decided to support Shen Mo.

Based on the past experience, as long as Old Madame supported, everyone would help in the end. But today was an exception. Other than the few people from their Shen's Family, even Yang Weiye had voted against it.

This was an unprecedented feat in the past, causing Old Madame was stunned on the spot. Fortunately, she was someone who had seen a lot and was able to remain calm. After the meeting, she called Shen Yan to go back.

This child had been tactful since childhood, but what day was it today, it's meaningless for him to play tricks.

Therefore, the moment Shen Yan appeared in front of Old Madame, she started to bombard him with words, "People always say that blood is thicker than water, and I am not dead yet, and you already abandon your big brother and do not care about him?"


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