Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 136 Why Was She So Partial
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 136 Why Was She So Partial

"Granny, what are you talking about? Elder brother will always be my elder brother. How could I abandon my elder brother and not care about him?" Shen Yan quickly smiled and said.

"Stop being so mischievous!" Old Madame slammed the table and stood up: "Where were you during the meeting of the Board?"

Old Madame was very clear about how much trickery he had. She was afraid that he did not dare to offend the shareholders for the sake of the President's position? Even if all the shareholders supported him, who has no backbone, she would still vote it down.

"Xiao Yan, how could you do this?" The one who spoke was Second Madame. Even though he was her son, that he would stand against the family at a crucial moment, as a member of the Shen Family, let alone the Old Madame, even his mother was disappointed.

"And Xiao Qiang!" Shen Yang glared at her son. How old is this brat, yet he had learned to be cunning?

Shen Qiang stuck out his tongue, shrunk his neck, and quickly forced out a smile: "Mom, we weren't absent on purpose, we were just engaged with other things, weren't we?"

"You're still talking!" Shen Yang raised her voice.

Shen Yan pulled Shen Qiang's arm, implying him to be quiet: "Grandma, Aunt, it's true that there's something today, but even if we attended the meeting of the Board, we would still vote for development."

"You … You heartless brat!" Old Madame was so angry. When they were young, that's the place their parents would often take them to. That's where the happy memories of the whole family were.

Had this kid wholly forgotten?

"I understand grandmother's meaning, of course, I want to keep some things, but whether it is from the perspective of the city's overall planning or the Shen's internal perspective, development is an inevitable trend. I did come into contact with a few shareholders before, and I listened to their opinions. They basically did not hesitate to support development. So I was thinking, rather than going against the current trend and making a ruckus with everyone, it would be better to agree to develop it and take the initiative." Even if his grandmother were angry, he would also say that he would not turn against all the shareholders just for a piece of land.

"Shen Yan, how do you think we should take the initiative?" Shen Mo sneered on the side. Supporting development was equivalent to surrendering, so he was just treating everyone like a three-year-old child.

"Well, in my opinion. Didn't the municipal leaders say that we shouldn't overdevelop excessively and should try our best to protect the ecology? And the government allowed us not to develop that land for such a long time is because of ecological problems. It would be better to work with the other families to preserve both the ecology and economic efficiency, killing countless birds with one stone. What do you think? " Shen Yan looked at his grandmother.

Old Madame had thought about developing while trying the best to preserve the ecosystem but decided to give up because of the limited scale in the end. Through working together with other families, much could be done.

Shen Yan's words had reached her heart, her anger had also dropped a lot as she asked, "Do you have a specific plan?"

Shen Yan walked around the room with his hand under his chin: "I do have an initial idea. The land on the right of our property belongs to the Ceng's, and the one in the middle is in the hands of my uncle, and the one on the left is in the hands of Mr. Dong, the former mayor, while the other is in the hands of the government. If we really do ecological development, the government will definitely support us. Xiao Qiang can go talk with uncle about it, and there won't be a big problem, the remaining are the lands of the Zeng's and Mr. Dong. As long as we can take down one of them, there's no problem, but taking down both would be even better. "

Old Madame nodded ceaselessly. Since that was the case, she could explain to the directors: "I think we can give it a try, since each of you three can be in charge of one family. Little Mo will be in responsible for persuading your future father-in-law, Xiao Qiang will negotiate with your father, and as for Xiao Yan, since you came up with the plan, you should suffer a little, so you can go and convince Mr. Dong."

Old Madame, severely, that's suffering a little? Although Second Madame was filled with anger, she was not happy with her son's noticeable loss.

"Xiao Yan, don't worry. Even if you can't convince Mr. Dong, as long as your elder brother and younger brother can convince the other two families, they can still be developed. Don't give yourself too much pressure." First Madame, who had been silent for a long while, suddenly became lively at this moment.

Old Madame shot a glance at her before standing up. "Mn, it's decided then. You guys should settle this matter as soon as possible." After saying that, she walked upstairs to her own room without looking back.

"Old Madame, this arrangement doesn't seem to be fair to Young Master Yan." Second Madame did not dare to say it, and it was inconvenient for Shen Yan to say it so only Secretary Yang could say it.

Old Madame laughed with her hand tapping the table: "Don't worry, this matter does not count as a score."

Although it was not scored, if that brat Shen Yan could really convince Mr. Dong, even if he lost in the competition, Old Madame would still ensure that he would ascend to the position of President.

Old Madame had already investigated, many people were thinking about the land of Mr. Dong. His old friends and subordinates, even his grandson-in-law, the chance of Shen Yan getting it done were basically zero.

If he was truly able to stand out among these competitors, what did it mean? It meant that there was finally a successor in Shen Family, and she could finally relax and go see their grandfather.

It was not because Old Madame was partial, but because she had her own difficulties. This time, the directors supported development with such high profile, so the Zeng Family undoubtedly did some work behind her back. Fortunately, Shen Mo had always been on the side of the Shen Family. This also made Old Madame feel a little relieved.

Young Master Mo was initially being thought highly of by Ole Madame, but now that the situation was so grim, she had no choice but to let Shen Yan suffer.

After settling down Old Madame, Secretary Yang went downstairs.

Sure enough, the whole family was waiting in the living room. When they saw Secretary Yang going downstairs, their eyes all turned to her.

"Old Madame said that this time's results will not be recorded as part of the performance assessment."

Even so, wasn't it obvious who suffered a loss?

Shen Qiang glanced at his two brothers and said: "Big brother and second brother both have company affairs to take care of, and Mr. Dong returned to C City, his hometown after he was retired. So how about this, I will trade with the second brother, and he will stay in the city to follow up on the land of Huan Yu. I will go to C City."

"Xiao Qiang, how partial you are! Your father is one of our own people, aren't we giving this credit away for free?" When Shen Qiang's words came out, both Shen Mo and First Madame were unhappy. Shen Mo did not show it, but First Madame was not so polite.

We are all relatives, why was he so partial?

"Yo, the first aunt also knows that it's a free gift!" Zeng Ziqiang is my brother's future father-in-law, what do you say about that?

"Xiao Qiang, forget about it, I'm going to C City, it's getting late, I'm afraid the promotional event has already started, Xia Yu alone might not be able to handle it, let's go back quickly." How could Shen Yan not understand what Old Madame meant? She was telling him that if he were capable enough to take Mr. Dong down, he would be singing a good song for her.

If you don't have the ability, then give up early. Shen's can't endure the torment. It's better to decide the president soon.

But to give up just like that was not Shen Yan's personality. No matter what, he had to give it a try.

Shen Qiang shot his big brother a look of victory with no honor, then followed Shen Yan and left.

This kid is showing more and more favoritism to Shen Yan, but so what? Only the result matters, First Madame turned around and said to Shen Mo: "Xiao Mo, just now, Mina called and asked you to go meet her."

Shen Mo frowned. He instinctively wanted to refuse, but when he thought about the negotiation he would have with Zeng Ziqiang tomorrow, he could only endure it and said, "Alright, I'll go right away. Secretary Xiang, contact Director Zeng and see if we can make an appointment with him tomorrow."

"Yes, Young Master Mo!" This was just a formality. Was there a question of availability between them as father and son in law?

However, now that Shen Mo had given his instruction, Xiang Hui contacted him immediately. Receiving Xiang Hui's call, Zeng Ziqiang laughed loudly, Shen Mo lowered his head to me finally.

Why I sacrificed my daughter's feelings, wasn't it for the Shen's? A brat that was still wet behind the ears actually dared to challenge him. He was genuinely overestimating his own abilities. It seemed that if he wanted this brat to listen to him in the future, it's quite necessary that he dealt with him like this in the future.

At the same time, Zeng Mina, who was at the hotel, also received a call from First Madame and a message from her father. Knowing that Shen Mo had compromised and was coming to pick her up, she couldn't help but feel proud of herself.

Doesn't that bitch Wu Shiyu just have a beautiful look? She wasn't much weaker than her, and she could do things for him and send him to the throne of the President, could Wu do the same?

Mrs. Shen could only be her, Zeng Mina.

When her mood got better, Zeng Mina found everything pleasing to the eye. She casually walked to the hotel's back garden but did not expect to coincidentally see Wu Shiyu standing in the pavilion atop the fake mountain.

This slut really came to look for trouble by herself. Don't blame me for being rude, Zeng Mina walked over in her high heels.

Usually, Wu Shiyu would definitely hide when she saw Zeng Mina, but right now, she was making a phone call. Furthermore, she did not see Zeng Mina coming over because it was dark, which resulted in Zeng Mina being able to hear part of the contents of her phone call.

"Young Master Mo, don't be too nervous, just try your best."

"I'm not optimistic. Director Zeng is only interested in profit. I'm not sure if he would agree." Shen Mo was clear about what Zeng Ziqiang was planning.

To make him cooperate, there must be a price to pay. Shen Mo really did not want to pay this price.

"Don't be too pessimistic, there will always be a way …" Although Shen Mo did not say that he did not want to marry Zeng Mina, nor did he say that it was for her, she was not an idiot either.

Wu Shiyu was so moved that even though she didn't say that she would immediately repay him with herself, she was still extremely excited.

"You slut, you are seducing my fiance!" Zeng Mina took Wu Shiyu's phone and threw it on the ground.

Shen Mo, who was on the phone with Wu Shiyu, heard the commotion coming from the other side of the phone and said hello to the phone several times, but he did not get a reply from Wu Shiyu, so he quickly hung up the call and sped up.

Seeing that it was Zeng Mina, Wu Shiyu was also shocked, and immediately explained: "Miss Zeng, you misunderstood, it's not what you think."

"Do you mean that I have to catch you in bed?" Zeng Mina did not listen to Wu Shiyu's explanation and started to beat and scold her.

Wu Shiyu could only retreat, in the end, she missed her footing, and fell down from the fake mountain.

Beneath the fake mountain were rocks of different sizes. If she fell down, even if she didn't die, she would at least be heavily injured. Zeng Mina panicked again and instinctively reached out to grab her but did not manage to do it.

Shen Yan and Shen Qiang just happened to rush over, and they could already hear the argument between Zeng Mina and Wu Shiyu in the pavilion from afar. He rushed over, and right after arriving at her side, Zeng Mina had pushed her down.

Shen Yan pushed Zeng Mina who was in front of him away and grabbed the arm of Wu Shiyu.

Shen Qiang also rushed over, seeing that the situation was not right, he pulled Wu Shiyu up together with him.


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