Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 137 I Have My Purpose
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 137 I Have My Purpose

"Miss Wu, are you alright?" Looking at Wu Shiyu who was slumped on the ground with a pale face, Shen Yan asked nervously.

Wu Shiyu sat on the ground dully, without any reaction or response to Shen Yan.

"Xiao Qiang, call an ambulance." When Shen Yan passed by, Zeng Min had already made her move. He didn't know if there were any other injuries, it would be safer just to send her to the hospital.

"I didn't push her. She fell down herself." Seeing that she was saved, Zeng Mina dared to say something.

What? Can a person just fall down by herself? Xia Yu, who rushed here after hearing the news had her hair standing on end, she rushed to Zeng Mina and said: "What are you doing here?"

After all, Zeng Mina still felt guilty. Although she was determined not to admit it, when faced with Xia Yu's blade-like eyes, she still panicked a lot. "This isn't your home, why can't I come?"

"It really isn't my home, but you coincidentally appeared here, and my sister just fell at the same time?" Xia Yu approached Zeng Mina step by step.

"What's going on?" An icy cold male voice came. Following that, Shen Mo's big body appeared in front of everyone.

"Young Master Mo, they are all bullying me." Without waiting for anyone to speak, Zeng Mina ran over to Shen Mo's side and grabbed Shen Mo's arm to complain first.

Now that Shen Mo needed a favor from the Zeng Family, Zeng Mina did not believe that he would stand by Wu Shiyu's side. After saying that, she gazed at Xia Yu with a provoking look. It's like she was saying that teach me a lesson in front of Shen Mo if you could.

"It's getting late, let's go back!" Shen Mo's voice was still as cold as usual. After speaking, he turned around and left, not even sparing Wu Shiyu a glance.

"Young Master Mo, Miss Zeng cannot go with you. Just now, she pushed Miss Wu, and it was already a crime. I am the witness, and I have a video as evidence." Li Yan walked over from the side and blocked Zeng Mina's way.

He came out to find Zeng Mina to discuss the script. Unexpectedly, he saw the scene of Zeng Mina pushing another person. At that time, he was still a distance away, it was impossible for him to save anyone, but luckily Young Master Yan had hurried over and saved Wu Shiyu.

Previously, he thought that other than having a missy temper, Zeng Mina was okay in other things, but after witnessing the scene with his own eyes, he was very disappointed in this woman.

"Li Yan, you …" Zeng Mina did not expect that Li Yan would stand up and did not know what to say.

"Shen Yan, what happened just now?" Shen Mo turned and looked at Shen Yan.

"Xiao Qiang and I came over from that side and saw the two of them arguing. When we were right in front of them, Miss Wu just happened to fall down from above." Shen Yan told him what he saw.

"So, you're saying that you didn't hear what they said, and aren't sure that Zeng Mina intentionally pushed Miss Wu, right?" Shen Mo finally glanced at Wu Shiyu and continued: "Since that's the case, you can call the police. I will bring Zeng Mina back first. If necessary, the police will come to me."

After finishing speaking, Shen Mo held Zeng Mina's hand and directly walked past everyone's eyes.

What? Can this man be any colder? Xia Yu was so angry that she almost spat out blood, "He thinks we dare not to call the police? I don't believe that the Zeng Family can invert justice."

Xia Yu, who always suits the action to her word, immediately took out her phone.

"Xiao Yu, don't be like this." Wu Shiyu finally opened her mouth.

"Sis, the reason they are like this is that people like you allow them to." Xia Yu was so angry that she almost smashed her phone.

"Xia Yu, let's send Miss Wu to the hospital first. We can talk about other things later." Just then, the ambulance also arrived, there was no point in arguing any further. Shen Yan suggested a compromise.

Your old lover has committed a crime, and naturally, you do not wish to report it to the police. Xia Yu originally wanted to say more, but Wu Shiyu already got on the ambulance with the help of Shen Qiang and the others, she could only follow them onto the ambulance.

However, she already had a prejudice against Shen Yan, so she did not give him a good look along the way.

Li Yan also followed them to the hospital, after Wu Shiyu's results were out, other than some bruises, she was basically okay, knowing that, Li Yan finally felt relieved.

"Thank you, Mr... Li!" As Zeng Mina's collaborator, it was indeed not easy for him to stand up and speak, and Wu Shiyu was very much moved.

Li Yan laughed: "You are welcome, Miss Wu, this is my business card, if you need anything, just give me a call." He had accidentally pressed a button to record the entire process while he was trying to call Zeng Mina, and he hoped that would be of help to Wu Shiyu.

It was getting late, Wu Shiyu also needed some rest after being shocked, so he got up and took his leave.

"I never thought that Li Yan was truly loyal, and was much better than some cold-blooded person." Xia Yu said as she glanced at Shen Yan.

Seeing that something was wrong, Shen Qiang found an excuse and quickly escaped.

Xia Yu was evidently in a bad mood after Wu Shiyu was injured, so Shen Yan did not take it to heart. He said to Wu Shiyu who was lying in her sickbed, "Miss Wu, have a good rest, I'll come over tomorrow."

"Young Master Yan, don't say that. It's all thanks to you today." If it were not for Shen Yan, it's still hard to say if she could speak at the time or not, it was hazardous at that time. Thinking back to the situation, Wu Shiyu still felt a lingering fear.

"Sis, you should really thank Young Master Yan. He didn't even come to the hospital when his own...you know...was in hospital. And he took you to the hospital today, it's really your honor." Xia Yu was so angry that she almost blurted out the fact that Shen Yan had a son.

This girl is really out of all reason! Shen Yan's face darkened, and without saying a word, he left the ward.

"Xiao Yu, why do you say that about Young Master Yan?" After Shen Yan left the ward, Wu Shiyu complained at her in a low voice.

Shen Yan was her savior, if not for him, Wu Shiyu's life would have ended.

"Am I mistaken about him? It was clear that the bitch Zeng Mina pushed you on purpose, and he still helped her hide it. Even Li Yan, a stranger, was better than him." Xia Yu was angry again and unconsciously raised her voice.

"Xiao Yu, no, at that time, I was on the phone with Shen Mo. Zeng Mina was very excited when she heard it, she didn't push me on purpose." When Shen Mo was mentioned, the light in her eyes dimmed.

That man was truly heartless. She had just walked through the gates of hell, but he didn't even say a single word of concern.

That is to say that what Shen Yan said was the truth? Then, didn't I wrongly accuse him? Xia Yu was a little confused. But then she thought, since he had a history of shielding Zeng Mina, he was not wholly wronged.

When Xia Yu came downstairs, Shen Yan and Shen Qiang were waiting for her in the car.

"Sis, my brother said he's going to C City tomorrow. Please keep an eye on business while he is away." Shen Qiang swallowed his saliva and said carefully. Out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced at his second Brother, not understanding what he was doing.

"I will also go to C City. Mr. Dong has some connections with my father, I would like to take a ride to pay a visit to him." Anyway, Shen Yan had saved her cousin's life. Xia Yu was someone who always repays kindness, so she will just regard it as returning a favor to Shen Yan.

"Sis, is your father familiar with Mr. Dong?" Second Brother went over just to go through the formalities this time, and Shen Qiang was anxious about this matter. Xia Yu's words were undoubtedly a savior to him.

"Yes, it can be said that they are like father and son. And I grew up in the home of Mr. Dong." Xia Yu gave a general introduction to his father's relationship with Mr. Dong.

Shen Yan's foxy eyes slightly narrowed, he turned around and looked at Xia Yu: "What gifts should we bring him this time, do you have any suggestions?"

"Mr. Dong's is not in good health, bring him some tea!" Mr. Dong was not into tea, but after he found out that there was some health problem, his wife told him to quit smoking and drinking, and he gradually fell in love with the tea ceremony.

Shen Yan nodded and quickly sent a text message to Liu Sijie.

When they returned home, Liu Sijie just happened to be back as well, with an old cloth bag in his hand, looking like two palm-size tins of tea.

Xia Yu just contradicted with Shen Yan, that made her kind of embarrassed, so she hid in the kitchen and didn't come out. Hearing Liu Sijie said that he didn't eat, she took the leftover from the fridge and put into the microwave to heat it up.

Outside, Liu Sijie said to Shen Yan: "I have already arranged the flight for tomorrow morning, and I have made arrangements for the company as well."

"Book another flight ticket, Xia Yu will also go." Shen Yan said indifferently.

"Alright!" Although Liu Sijie was a little surprised that Shen Yan suddenly decided to go there with Xia Yu, he still carried out his order.

Just as the two of them were talking, they caught sight of Xia Yu walking out from the direction of the kitchen with a big bowl in her hands.

She looked at Liu Sijie and said, "There's still some leftover. I've heated it for you, eat some."

Liu Sijie said: "Thank you!"

Xia Yu placed the dishes on the table and gave him a spoon.

Liu Sijie smiled at Shen Yan and said, "You want some too?"

"No, you go ahead and eat." Shen Yan was so full of anger for Xia Yu, how could he possibly have any appetite?

"I'll help myself then!" hearing Shen Yan said that Liu Sijie walked to the dining hall to eat. He ate extremely fast, with his mouth wide open, as if a wolf was chasing him.

Xia Yu felt that she had wronged Shen Yan a little, but he was a man and that he would not be so petty and pull a face all the way, thus she was especially attentive to Liu Sijie.

It was her fault anyway. Would she die if she apologized? But this damned girl actually dared to go against him.

Shen Yan was also a person who liked to cause trouble, so he asked Xia Yu right in front of Liu Sijie, "Pleasing him for no reason?"

Before Xia Yu could react, Liu Sijie suddenly choked on his food and stopped eating. He tilted his head and covered his mouth with a tissue. He did not know much, but he knew very well what the next sentence would be.

Xia Yu glanced at Shen Yan, who had a teasing and mischievous look in his eyes, and knew that he was teasing Liu Sijie. Seeing Liu Sijie choking, Xia Yu got even angrier, and replied expressionlessly: "I am not pleasing him for no reason, I have my purpose."

Shen Yan asked with great interest: "What is your purpose?"

Xia Yu said: "One more friend, one more path, don't you see that I am making friends with a purpose?"

She described herself as a utilitarian on purpose and wasn't afraid that Shen Yan would misunderstand or look down on her. It would be better if he misunderstood, he'd better be infuriated to death.

Sure enough, Shen Yan gave a light snort with a smile that was not a smile, with disdain in his eyes. Yet he didn't have other things to say.

Liu Sijie was choked, and he did not have much left in the bowl, and he could not keep eating. He got up and took the container to the kitchen to wash, then returned to the living room only after everyone had gone to bed, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He was terrified that the two of them would continue bickering, he felt very uncomfortable in between.

After lamenting for a while, Liu Sijie realized that something was wrong with Shen Yan. When did he start to fight against Xia Yu head on? This wasn't his personality!

Oh my, it seems that Young Master Yan is quite sick, I have to stay away from him in the future.


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