Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 138 I Don“t Want You to Take Advantage of Me
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 138 I Don“t Want You to Take Advantage of Me

Nothing happened in the night. On the next morning when Xia Yu came out of her bedroom, Shen Yan was already sitting in the living room. Seeing Xia Yu walking out, Liu Sijie took Shen Yan's luggage, when he saw Xia Yu carrying a box by herself, he walked over to her and said: "Xia Yu, let me do it!"

Xia Yu smiled and said: "No, thank you!"

Liu Sijie saw that she was being polite and wanted to say something else. But when he glanced at Shen Yan who was just walking out of the door, he swallowed back the words. It was better to have one less trouble to deal with than to have one more. He was not afraid that Shen Yan would misunderstand that Xia Yu liked him, but rather that Shen Yan would take this opportunity to tease him. If he dared to touch even a bit the woman that Young Master Yan liked, he would definitely die a hard death.

Of course, Xia Yu did not know what Liu Sijie was thinking. She was still wearing her comfortable T-shirt, jeans and flat shoes like she always does. She was not an effeminate lady, and she always carried her own luggage and put them in the trunk by herself.

Shen Yan was sitting in the back, while Liu Sijie needed to drive. If she had to choose among, she would definitely not want to sit in the back with Shen Yan. However, if she opened the front door, Shen Yan would most likely tease her, and that would even get Liu Sijie in trouble.

Therefore, Xia Yu unwillingly opened the back door.

On the way, the three of them remained silent. When they arrived at the airport, Liu Sijie got off the car first and went to the trunk to take out all their cases.

The boarding and take-off process went very smooth. The only thing that made Xia Yu feel uncomfortable was the fact that the person beside her was Shen Yan. She had never seen such an awkward man with such petty personality before. Even if she had wronged him a little, but didn't she offer to come with him to convince Mr. Dong?

The more Xia Yu thought about it, the more she felt that she was right, so when Shen Yan didn't take the initiative to talk to her, she would definitely ignore him. The two of them were like mutes, not saying a word.

Liu Sijie was always extremely respectful to Shen Yan, and he had long habitually followed behind Shen Yan. If Shen Yan did not call for him, he could make himself invisible.

After getting on the plane, Xia Yu couldn't help but take out a blinder from her bag. If she were to sit beside him with her eyes open during the flight of three and a half hours, she would probably go crazy.

Originally, Xia Yu only wore the blinder to avoid seeing Shen Yan, she had not thought that she was already about to fall asleep when the plane still had not taken off.

In her dream, Xia Yu saw herself when she was six or seven years old, wearing a beautiful pink dress with two princess braids, holding an ice cream in one hand and holding tightly onto his father's hand with the other hand in front of Disneyland.

Not long after, Mr. and Mrs. Dong arrived with their granddaughter. The two little girls were about the same age. As they ran and laughed, Mr. Dong's granddaughter fell and kept crying …

Xia Yu tried very hard but still couldn't comfort her, and was at a loss on what to do when she was awoken. Xia Yu heaved a sigh of relief, thinking it had been a few years since she last saw them. She didn't know how she's doing right now. It's said that she's also going back this time. She's a powerful opponent.

Just as she was deep in thought, the announcement was made on the radio that the plane would soon land at the airport of C City. Xia Yu shot a glance at Shen Yan, who was resting beside her with his eyes closed. Xia Yu knew that he had not fallen asleep, but as he wanted to pretend that he had, Xia Yu would just let him.

The three of them got out of the airplane and walked outside. There was already a man waiting at the exit, it was a middle-aged man in his fifties. On such a hot day in C City, still thirty-four or thirty-five degrees at night, the man was wearing a shirt and pants, with his buttons neatly fastened.

Seeing Shen Yan and the rest, he immediately revealed a smile and nodded in greeting, "Hello Young Master Yan, I am Old Wang, Mr. Dong's driver, Mr. Dong has sent me to pick you up."

Shen Yan raised a smile on his face and replied: "Brother Wang, sorry for troubling you. It's so late, and you came just for picking us up."

When the man heard Shen Yan call him brother, he was both terrified and overjoyed. He immediately replied politely, "It's no trouble, just call me Old Wang."

The second son of the Shen Family, a person that even Mr. Dong thought highly of, was addressing him as a big brother, what kind of honor was that?

Shen Yan smiled and said: "We can't mess up our seniority. You are so much older than me, it's only right for me to call you brother."

Then, without waiting for the man's reply, he started to introduce: "Brother Wang, this is my friend Xia Yu, and my assistant Liu Sijie!"

The man immediately revealed a happy smile towards Xia Yu. "I was wondering why this girl looked so familiar. So, you really are Old Xia's daughter, with Young Master Yan? You have a promising future. "

Old Wang knew that Xia Yu was Shen Yan's secretary, and there was a deeper meaning in Young Master Yan's introduction. Old Wang was someone who had experienced the world, he understood!

Is he great? What did he mean by having a promising future just by being with him? Xia Yu spoke inside.

She took two steps forward and intimately held his arm: "Uncle Wang, I thought you didn't remember me."

Uncle Wang, I just called him Brother Wang, and this girl called him Uncle, I seem to have improved a level. Shen Yan glanced at Xia Yu from the corner of his eye, feeling incredibly proud of himself.

Xia Yu rolled her eyes, seeing the meaning in Shen Yan's eyes, and immediately understood why Shen Yan was laughing.

This damned small-minded man, Xia Yu's awkward. She let go of Old Wang and look into his eyes.

Old Wang laughed in his heart. Nowadays, young people were bold and unrestrained, not hiding anything.

Old Wang sized up Shen Yan again with the corner of his eyes. He really was a fine-looking man, Old Xia is lucky, this is a good son-in-law.

Old Wang greeted Liu Sijie and extended his hand out, gesturing to ask them to come, telling them that the car was outside.

Shen Yan and Xia Yu walked side by side, their thoughts different.

Although she was angry at Shen Yan for taking advantage of her, she still felt that he was entirely in the track. The person he called Brother Wang was not an ordinary person. The old driver had followed Mr. Dong for more than twenty years. When Mr. Dong was the mayor, all people close to him became better off, including the driver and nannies, and many people wanted to take advantage of these people, and there were people who could not resist the temptation, so Mr. Dong changed the people around him one group after another, leaving only Old Wang.

After Mr. Dong retired, Old Wand was the only one who moved his entire family from S city to C city.

So, it wasn't a loss for Shen Yan to call him Brother Wang.

The Old Wang drove a black Phaeton, which was very low-key. Liu Sijie sat in the front seat, Shen Yan and Xia Yu sat in the back.

After the car had started, Old Wang took the initiative to speak: "It's a little late today, and Mr. Dong goes to bed right before 8: 30 in the evening for the past few years, so I was specifically instructed to send Young Master Yan a message. Please forgive me for not being able to receive you with hospitality, but from tomorrow on, Mr. Dong will definitely receive you well."

Shen Yan smiled and said: "Mr. Dong is too courteous, it was us who came over to disturb. I am pleased that Mr. Dong didn't blame us for causing so much trouble."

Old Wang smiled and said, "When Mr. Dong heard that you were coming over, he asked people to reserve a place with a good view for you to stay. Girl, you haven't come to visit Grandpa Dong since he moved over. Last year, your parents came to visit him and said that you were very busy now. Now that you're here, you can accompany him for a few days."

Did father come last year? Thinking about how long she hadn't seen her parents, Xia Yu felt a burst of guilt in her heart.

Old Wang did not say much, after he finished explaining everything that Mr. Dong said, he concentrated on driving.

They drove from the airport for at least an hour and a half. It was almost midnight when they gradually entered a private area. From the outside, the black ornamental iron fence was not tall, but inside, it was filled with lush green plants, especially on the outside, it was a dense wood, which covered up the interior. If there were no fences around, Xia Yu would not even think that this was a place to live.

Seeing Old Wang's car approaching, somebody opened the door, he drove in, and it was only then that Xia Yu saw the inner world.

The area was ridiculously large, like a private garden. The pavilion was one thing, but she even saw many small animals.

As the car went in deeper, Old Wang also explained to them which place had the best scenery, which area had fish, and which area had lotus, which is the favorite of Mr. Dong.

The car drove for another five minutes inside, then turned left and right before finally stopping at a three-story building.

Old Wang unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car with Liu Sijie at the different side. Xia Yu also opened the door and got out. When she got to the back of the car, she wanted to carry her own luggage. Suddenly, something furry crawled past her feet, causing her to shudder in fright. With a soft cry, she retreated several steps.

Shen Yan and Liu Sijie were both by her side, but the person who reached out to grab her waist was destined to be Shen Yan. He looked at her and asked softly: "Are you alright?"

Xia Yu was still recalling the sense of touch that animal and her hair was almost standing up.

Liu Sijie pointed to a small shadow on the side of the tire and said, "It's a squirrel."

Xia Yu looked at it carefully, with its brown body and furry tail, it was precisely a squirrel.

Old Wang laughed and asked: "Little girl, you were quite bold when you were young, why are you becoming more and more cowardly?"

Xia Yu shook her head and replied: "I was not afraid. I just didn't pay attention to that just now."

Shen Yan's gentle tone contained a hint of doting, and he softly said: "Girls are just like that."

Old Wang understood that this couple was flirting.

After Xia Yu heard this, goose bumps covered her body. Of course, she wouldn't believe that Shen Yan had suddenly changed his personality and treated her kindly, he was only doing that for others to see.

The few of them walked towards the building.

"There are a total of five bedrooms in this building, all cleaned up. The master bedroom on the second floor is the largest, and the scenery is also the best. Make yourself at home and call anytime if you need anything." Old Wang introduced the necessary information of the rooms.

Xia Yu thanked him, and Shen Yan said: "Sorry for the trouble, it's very late, you should go back and rest."

Liu Sijie sent Old Wang out. Xia Yu carried her luggage and wanted to find a room to stay on the first floor.

Shen Yan guessed her intention and straightforwardly said: "Sleep on the second floor."

Hearing that, Xia Yu turned her head to look at him, the expression in her eyes asking: What, you have to act even when sleeping?

Shen Yan opened his mouth and answered with certainty, "That's right."

Xia Yu could not help but ask: "Then why didn't you just say that I'm your girlfriend?"

Shen Yan's answer was exasperating: "I don't want you to take advantage of me."

After he finished speaking, without waiting for Xia Yu's reply, he strode towards the second floor.

Look at his behavior, if it were not for the fact that her cousin did owe him a favor, Xia Yu would definitely not have come to wade through this muddy water. In the end, it became a thankless task, and she was bullied and humiliated by him all the time.

When Xia Yu was silently cursing Shen Yan for his immorality and inhumanity, Liu Sijie walked in from the outside, he picked up Shen Yan's luggage and walked to her side. saying with a calm expression on his face: "Xia Yu, let me help you take it up."


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