Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 140 Women Are So Hard to Please
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 140 Women Are So Hard to Please

"You!" Xia Yu was so angry that she wanted to kick him off the bed, but she was probably too weak to do it. With her waist injured, she could not make big movements.

Thinking about it, Xia Yu laid on the bed. So this bed is mine, come up if you have got the goods.

Who doesn't know how to be a scoundrel? Shen Yan's smile became even wilder. Today, he had got the goods. He jumped onto the bed and lay down next to Xia Yu.

In any case, this bed was big enough. Even when shared by two people, it was more comfortable than the child's bed.

"Shen Yan!" Xia Yu instantly gritted her teeth.

"Yes, I'm here. Is it because you can't move because of the pain in your waist? And you want me to carry you to the suite?" Shen Yan propped up his chin and smiled at Xia Yu. If that was the case, he was willing to serve.

"Don't even think about it!" You want me to go? You must be dreaming!

Xia Yu grabbed the book that Shen Yan was reading and pretended to read. Shen Yan's expression was as indifferent as usual, and he did not respond or stop her, as if he did not hear anything. The most important thing was that he did not have any intention to get off the bed.

Xia Yu threw the book down and tried to sleep! Even though she looked calm on the outside, she was actually mad with rage inside.

Wasn't this obvious that he was taking advantage of her?

She wanted to argue with him, but when the words reached her mouth, she suddenly became silent. That's her temper, if people follow her temper, everything would be fine. If anyone fought with her, it would only end up in mutual destruction.

Let me read if you don't want to. Shen Yan took the book from her.

There was a big overhead light in the guestroom, and on the bedside table, there was a lamp giving out warm yellow light. Shen Yan was dressed in black silk pajamas, leisurely leaning on the bed and reading a book.

Xia Yu was dressed in white silk pajamas, lying on the other side of the bed without moving. Her hands were on her stomach, looking so peaceful, making people want to present flowers to her.

But if one looked carefully, under Xia Yu's tightly shut eyelids, her eyeballs were moving from time to time.

Of course, she wouldn't be able to sleep. Shen Yan was thirty centimeters away from her, so she had raised all her guard.

After all, he was still a grown man, and one with a lot of rumors.

Xia Yu was so tired from lying still, and she was too embarrassed to turn her body even though she wanted to. In the quiet room, she cocked her ears and listened for any sound of movement around her. She could only occasionally hear the sound of Shen Yan flipping a book.

She didn't dare to sleep and just let her imagination run wild. She naturally felt that Shen Yan was unfeeling and he likes to bully others. She was using all the negative expressions to describe him.

It could be supported by facts. His son almost got into a car accident. Even if he didn't have any emotional connections with that woman, at least he should have gone to see his son, yet he didn't.

There were some other things that Xia Yu would probably not be able to finish enumerating tonight if she wanted to list them all.

She was tired at last, gradually becoming sleepy, and her defense line was also weakening progressively. She used her last bit of rationality to think, should she get off the bed to sleep?

Getting off the bed would mean that it ended with her compromise. She was the one who was in the right. If she gave in, there really would be no path for her to live in the future.

Forget it, I'll just sleep. Who cares?

In fact, from the bottom of her heart, Xia Yu didn't think that Shen Yan would do anything bad to her. Don't ask her why she had that thought since it was just a woman's sixth sense.

In this way, she completely let go of her guard and fell asleep in a moment.

Shen Yan could not read the book any longer. Most of the time, this girl would see him in a cold and detached way, and when she was occasionally in a bad mood, there might be disdain, ridicule, and bare despise as well. According to these words, there was no way that she would like him.

He was the dream lover recognized by girls, but why was he so worthless to her? What was even more infuriating was that this girl's ex-boyfriend was a man that couldn't be more trash.

Even if Shen Yan were to belittle himself, he would not be worse than that man, right?

Shen Yan couldn't accept it no matter how much he thought about it. He originally wanted to wake her up and have a thorough talk, but when he remembered that he still had things to do the next day and that she had an injury on her waist, he forced himself to hold the anger and reached out to turn off the lamp.

The switch was on Xia Yu's side, so he had to pass by Xia Yu to turn it off.

Suddenly, Xia Yu felt that the sight in front of her became dark, and something scratched the tip of her nose, making her feel itchy. She frowned, raised her hand, and found that she touched something else. When she opened her eyes, she first saw darkness, and after pausing for two seconds, she realized that it was Shen Yan's pajamas. He was just about to press himself on her body.

Shocked, Xia Yu didn't care about her waist as she forcefully pushed away the person in front of her. At the same time, she sat up with all her might.

Xia Yu glared at him and said: "What are you doing?!"

She had just fallen asleep, and now that she had been roused from her stupor, she looked like an enraged cat.

Shen Yan, who was dressed in black pajamas, sat opposite to her and seemed to be shocked by her reaction. His handsome face was stunned for a moment and then was drowned in scorn and ridicule.

Looking coldly at Xia Yu, Shen Yan opened his lips, and replied with a low voice with some provocation: "Switch off the - light!"

It was only four words in total, and as he purposely spoke very slowly, word by word, Xia Yu heard it clearly.

Instinctively turning her head to look, she saw the lamp switch on her bedside table at first glance. She immediately glanced at Shen Yan's bedside, there was really no switch.

Half of her anger had vanished, and what replaced it was an embarrassment that made it impossible to raise her head. Xia Yu hated that she couldn't disappear from the spot right away. How could she be so humiliated?

Both of them were sitting on the bed in different postures. One of them had just been woken up and was still in a panic, while the other was accused innocently. Time stood still at this moment.

For the past two days, this man had been abnormal, so she was afraid that he would say something terrible. Therefore, before he could even open his mouth, she quickly admitted her mistake. She lowered her gaze and whispered, "I'm sorry, I've gone to sleep hysteria."

Shen Yan pulled over a blanket and covered himself with it, lying down, he said: "If you don't have a sense of security, then keep a distance with me. It would harm others without benefiting yourself."

Closing his eyes, he prepared to sleep.

Xia Yu's face had a burning feeling. Shen Yan's words weren't kind to hear, but they were the truth. She was at fault so she couldn't refute it.

She wanted to go sleep in the small bed, but she was afraid that this man would say something even worse, so she lay down again.

Initially, Xia Yu thought that with this disturbance, she wouldn't be able to sleep anymore. She stared blankly into the darkness for a while, and then closed her eyes subconsciously.

Hearing the regular breathing sound from Xia Yu's side, Shen Yan knew that she had fallen asleep. He turned around and used his arms to support his chin, carefully looking at Xia Yu in the darkness.

In this girl's heart, he was a big pervert, so she should be on guard against him. Yet she heartlessly fell asleep so quickly.

Was she resting assured of his personality, or was she sure that he didn't dare to do anything to her? With regards to resting assured of him, Shen Yan had already automatically eliminated it. If that's the case, she wouldn't have exploded just now.

The only possibility left was that he dared not to do anything to her. Shen Yan felt speechless.

This was a bare humiliation to him. Shen Yan ground his teeth for a while, then reached for the remote control for the air-conditioner. He turned the temperature down to the lowest and lay down beside Xia Yu.

As Xia Yu was sleeping soundly, she felt that it was a little cold and instinctively tried to grab onto her blanket, but the blanket was quietly taken away by Shen Yan. There was no other way, she could only naturally move closer to the source of the heat.

You threw yourself on me! Shen Yan smugly hugged Xia Yu in his arms and covered the two of them with the blanket. After that, he then adjusted the temperature to a suitable degree and slept soundly with satisfaction.

The early morning birds singing woke Xia Yu up. She habitually wanted to stretch her body and immediately realized that something was wrong.


"You, you barbaric woman, why are you acting so crazy early in the morning?" Without any defenses, he fell to the ground. He was puzzled. Didn't this woman's wrist ache a lot last night? Why is she still so strong?

"You, you pervert, you actually took advantage of me!" Xia Yu was fuming with rage, pointing at Shen Yan and shouting.

Shen Yan had already got up from the ground, his hands still rubbing his buttocks; probably he had a heavy fall. Hearing Xia Yu's words, it was as if his tail had been stepped on.

"Xia Yu, you have to rely on your conscience when you speak. You threw yourself on me. If I pushed you away, wouldn't you say I am narrow-minded? Women are so hard to please. "

"You're still talking!" Xia Yu threw a pillow over. What do you mean by showing off after getting the benefit? People like Shen Yan.

Shen Yan was not stupid that he knew that Xia Yu was pissed off. He didn't want to wait for the second pillow to come over, and he hurriedly said that it was better if the man did not fight with the woman, and rushed into the bathroom.

As soon as he entered, the second pillow flew out and smashed into the door.

This savage woman, whoever marries her in the future would be doomed for eight lifetimes!

Xia Yu originally wanted to rush over, but as it just so happened that someone was knocking on the door, she had no choice but to give up.

The door opened, and Liu Sijie walked in with the plums: "I picked this last night, it tastes pretty good, it's washed properly, try it!"

Liu Sijie handed the bag over to Xia Yu.

She did not hold back and immediately put one in her mouth. As she ate, she nodded. "Delicious. You want one too?"

Xia Yu called out to Liu Sijie!

"I ate it yesterday. It's delicious, but don't eat too many! Sour teeth!" Liu Sijie was indeed experienced, he ate a few more last night, and when he woke up in the morning, he felt that his teeth were very uncomfortable.

"It's fine, I'll brush my teeth after I finish eating!" Xia Yu took another one.

Just then, Shen Yan came out of the bathroom, glanced at Xia Yu and said: "Do you know what gender difference is? She's a woman, and she was born to eat this. "

Shen Yan didn't have any other meanings, it was just because he saw that the girls all liked to eat plums and other similar snacks, and he casually said those words.

However, his words did not mean the same thing to others, especially when Liu Sijie came over last night, that he happened to hear some other sounds that might cause some people to misunderstand. So when Shen Yan said that, Liu Sijie immediately lowered his head and pursed his lips into a smile.

At first, Xia Yu did not mind it so much, but after seeing Liu Sijie's ambiguous smile, she realized that something was wrong.

What nonsense is this bastard talking about? Xia Yu placed her hands on her waist and stared straight at him. If you have the guts, say it again.

She was having a stroke again. Could it be that her period is coming? Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu, who was like a rooster inviting a fight, and he was a little displeased.

However, when he glanced at Liu Sijie from the corner of his eye and saw that Liu Sijie was smiling craftily, he suddenly thought of the possibility that the customs in different places were different, could it be that there were some places where people were forbidden to say such things.

Thinking about it, Shen Yan explained further: "What I meant is more women are eating this than men. When women are pregnant, don't they like to eat this?"

"Shen Yan!" Xia Yu was utterly enraged, this bastard was definitely doing this on purpose, Xia Yu directly smashed over with the plum in her hand!


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