Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 141 I Came for the Fun
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 141 I Came for the Fun

When Liu Sijie came in, he didn't close the door, so Xia Yu and Shen Yan's fight just happened to fall into the eyes of Old Wang who had come to pass a message for Mr. Dong.

Last night, he had already noticed that the two of them had a special relationship, but Young Master Yan said that they were just friends, so he didn't say much. He then truthfully reported the relationship between the two of them to Mr. Dong.

The feeling of Mr. Dong towards Xia Yu and her father was no less than that towards his daughter and grandson. Although Dong Qingyuan and Jiang An arrived a day before them, Old Wang could still clearly feel the interest Mr. Dong had in Shen Yan.

However, the rule of "first come first served" applied in business, but as for who would win in the end? It all depended on who had the highest number of chips in their hands. Being able to stay by Mr. Dong's side for so many years, he was naturally no ordinary person.

He didn't know anything that he shouldn't say, shouldn't ask and shouldn't see.

After he knocked twice, the room quieted down. He then smiled and greeted them, "Good morning, everyone!"

"Brother Wang, please come in!" Shen Yan immediately smiled as he came over.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Old Wang guided these several people to Mr. Dong's residence. On the way, he said: "Young Master Yan, Xiao Yu, Mr. Dong is waiting for you guys to have breakfast together. Assistant Liu and I will be downstairs. If you have any need, just call me."

Shen Yan smiled and said, "Alright, We'll go by ourselves."

Liu Sijie gave the tea in his hand to Xia Yu.

Xia Yu accepted it and went up to the second floor with Shen Yan.

A servant was leading the way on the second floor. The servant knocked on the door, telling the person inside that the guests had arrived, and a voice came from inside the room: "Let them in."

Xia Yu was a little nervous. Firstly, she hadn't seen Mr. Dong for many years, and secondly, she was worried that she would not know how to answer if she was asked about her father. Actually, Xia Yu had already wanted to go back and see her father a long time ago, but back then, when she had left, she had said it all out, and now that she had accomplished nothing. And the thing that embarrassed her most was that Chen Wenxuan was really trash of a man, how could she have the face to return?

She was thinking about such things the whole time as they walked forward. Behind the door the room was very spacious, it was decorated in a Chinese style, a large painting of mountains and rivers was hung on the wall, and on the left side was a large round table. At this time, some people were already seated at the table, and when they saw Shen Yan and Xia Yu enter, the old man sitting in the main seat took the lead and laughed: "You guys are coming."

After he finished speaking, he slowly stood up. When he stood up, the others at the table also stood up.

There was a dazzling smile on Shen Yan's face. While saying "Long time no see, Mr. Dong.", he walked forward and let the old man take a close look of him.

Mr. Dong was already over seventy years old this year, his hair was completely white, but the wrinkles on his face were not as numerous as those of the same age. With one hand on his walking stick and the other hand on Shen Yan's arm, he smiled and said: "Young lad, you are becoming more and more promising. You had grown even taller compared to when I met you a few years ago."

Mr. Dong was still talking about what happened a dozen years ago. At that time, Shen Yan was still a teenager, how could he not be taller now?

Shen Yan said with a smile, "Mr. Dong is still the same as before."

No old people liked to hear other people say that they are old, Mr. Dong was no exception. After hearing Shen Yan's words, he laughed: "I'm a useless old man now!"

When the two of them were talking, Xia Yu was standing quietly by the side, smiling. When Mr. Dong's gaze fell on her, Shen Yan said: "Mr. Dong, look who I have brought to see you?"

Of course, Mr. Dong saw Xia Yu long time ago, and he was also excited. He had watched her growing up. If not for the fact that Xia Yu's father insisted on working in the food business, he really wanted to keep his family by his side.

The moment Shen Yan opened his mouth, Mr. Dong couldn't care about anything else anymore and hastily waved towards Xia Yu: "Girl, come over here and let Grandpa have a look. Look at this thin little face. It must be because you don't eat properly. "

Xia Yu smiled, threw herself in front of Mr. Dong, hugged his neck, and said coquettishly: "Of course not! Grandpa, I missed you so much! "As she spoke, her eyes became moist.

"How could you not come to visit me if you missed me? Liar!" Mr. Dong dotingly patted Xia Yu's back and said with emotion: "Now that you are both grown, you are no longer pestering little girl by Grandpa's side."

"Grandpa, no matter how old I am, I am still your granddaughter, right?" Xia Yu continued to act like a spoiled child.

Xia Yu's words made Mr. Dong smile, and he nodded: "I like hearing those words, how is everything going in S City?"

"It's not bad!" Xia Yu answered with a smile, and out of the corner of her eyes, she saw that there were other people by her side. Everyone's expressions were different, and only then did she loosen her grip, not waiting for Mr. Dong to ask anything else, she took the initiative and said: "Grandpa, please sit first."

Mr. Dong was still holding Xia Yu's hand, and anybody with discerning eyes could see that Xia Yu had an unusual background. As expected, Mr. Dong pointed to the closest seat on the right side and said to Xia Yu: "Xiao Yu, sit here!"


In this short while of just over a minute, the way Mr. Dong treated Xia Yu made everyone's hearts thump loudly, wondering what kind of background Xia Yu had.

After taking his seat, Mr. Dong introduced the people at the table to each other. First, he looked across the table, where a middle-aged man dressed in simple white clothes was sitting, who had an appearance above the average, with a well-educated manner.

Mr. Dong introduced Xia Yu to everyone: "Xiao Yu, my granddaughter."

He then introduced the others, "This is the Yang Fan Group's President, Chief Liu Hai. According to seniority, you should call him uncle."

Liu Hai, Xia Yu had seen him at other times, so naturally, she had to be courteous with him here in Mr. Dong's place. She immediately stood up, and politely smiled and nodded in Liu Hai's direction, saying: "Uncle Hai, hello."

Liu Hai had also heard of Xia Yu long ago, the sudden appearance of an arrogant and despotic secretary beside Young Master Yan naturally attracted his attention. At first, Liu Hai thought that she was able to do this because she was young and beautiful.

It is until now that he realized that Xia Yu had this special relationship. Liu Hai had a kind smile on his face, he did not get up, and only raised his hand to greet her: "OK OK OK, I've heard that the secretary of the Young Master Yan is quite capable, and I wanted to find an opportunity to get to know her, and she turns out to be my little niece!"

Xia Yu liberally replied: "I wanted to learn from you a long time ago."

Liu Hai laughed: "I am old, Young Master Yan is the young and talented one!"

As Shen Yan was the subject of this conversation, he naturally followed up: "Chief Liu, what are you saying? I heard that you were coming, so no matter what, I had to come and join in on the fun."

Liu Hai laughed and joked: "That means Young Master Yan is coming here for my face?"

This is a tricky question. If Shen Yan's answer were not right, then it would be easy for him to flatter Liu Hai and ruin the face of Mr. Dong. The secret battle had begun so quickly upon meeting each other, Xia Yu's heart couldn't help but rise nervously.

After hearing that, Shen Yan's smile did not change as he replied: "Of course, all the people Mr. Dong invited must be big figures. I came here for learning, and in the future, I hope that Chief Liu can give me some guidance."

Liu Hai replied with a laugh: "Young Master Yan is too polite, the current waves are pushing forward, so it's me who wants to learn from you young people."

The two of them exchanged a couple of pleasantries in a seemingly polite manner, but in reality, both of them were secretly competing with each other.

Xia Yu could hear it, and Mr. Dong naturally could hear it too. It was just that everyone pretended to be ignorant, and after the two exchanged greetings, Mr. Dong was going to introduce the others to Xia Yu.

The girl who was about Xia Yu's age stood up and said: "Grandfather, there's no need to introduce us, we had a close relationship long ago, and there's also Miss Zeng, she's the future sister-in-law of Young Master Yan, how can we not know her?"

"Today, my two granddaughters have returned. I am so happy. Hahaha, aren't you all acquaintances?" Mr. Dong laughed loudly, and everyone else followed suit.

Only Zeng Mina had a forced smile, and it could even be said that it was uglier than crying.

Only now, no one was paying attention to her, everybody was looking at Xia Yu.

At this time, Xia Yu and Dong Qingyuan both stood up and gave each other a big hug. Dong Qingyuan exaggeratedly hugged Xia Yu and spun around, and said: "Naughty girl, call me elder sister!"

Xia Yu was instantly speechless. The two were of the same age, yet Dong Qingyuan was one month older than her. No, to be exact, it was twenty-seven days. However, Dong Qingyuan had always insisted that Xia Yu should call her elder sister. In the beginning, it didn't matter much, Xia Yu just call her elder sister. But when the two girls had grown up, Xia Yu was taller than Dong Qingyuan, and she wasn't so willing to call her elder sister anymore."

At first, Dong Qingyuan didn't think anything of it, but when she found out that secret of Xia Yu, she began to tease her intentionally. Seeing that she had not changed her attitude even after so many years, Xia Yu could only snort: "Don't spin, my back hurts … …"

Dong Qingyuan's actions were too big and caused her to suffer from the injury she had last night, and she couldn't help but frown.

"What's wrong?" Dong Qingyuan hurriedly put her down and ask with concern.

Shen Yan hurried over to support Xia Yu. "Sit down!"

Why are you being so attentive now? How could something like this happen if you gave me the bed last night? Xia Yu did not appreciate the look, and fiercely glared at Shen Yan, and then smiled at Dong Qingyuan and said: "It's nothing, I just bumped into something!"

Xia Yu herself didn't mind this glare so much, but everyone present saw it and had their own interpretations right there, Xia Yu's back pain was related to Shen Yan.

They were both adults, right? Young people were full of vigor, and everyone knew that, so they just laughed it off.

Other people didn't matter, but two people were different. The first was Mr. Dong. He had always admired this second young master of the Shen Family, and now, it was as if he was a grandpa looking at his grandson-in-law.

And the other was Zeng Mina. She and Xia Yu had always been enemies. Although she had hurt Xia Yu everywhere, saying that she and Shen Yan were together, but when found that they really had some relationship, she did not feel the same way. Primarily since Xia Yu was related to the Dong Family, and from the way Mr. Dong treated her, she could tell that Xia Yu was a treasure to Mr. Dong, no less than Dong Qingyuan. She felt so uncomfortable that it's shown in her behavior right there.

Seeing that Zeng Mina was jealous, Zhou Jiamin quickly pulled on her clothes. They came to help Liu Hai with essential matters, they could not do things recklessly.

But she would not be Zeng Mina if she would listen, since the moment Shen Yan entered the room, she had been sneakily peeking at him. Because of the presence of many people, she didn't dare to talk to him. But to Xia Yu, she could speak. She gazed at Xia Yu and laughed: "Miss Xia is just Young Master Yan's secretary in Tengfei, not a private secretary. Why did you follow him to handle the parent company's business this time?"

I wanted to come over, none of your business. Xia Yu was furious whenever she thought of how she had pushed her cousin, and yet, due to the face of Mr. Dong, she did not argue with her. Now that she had taken the initiative to come over, Xia Yu didn't need to be polite anymore: "Of course I do not have the right to ask about the matters of the parent company. But can't I take a ride from Young Master Yan to visit my Grandpa? You have a problem with that? "


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