Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 142 Each with Their Own Axe to Grind
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 142 Each with Their Own Axe to Grind

After the meal, everyone was trying to guess the relationship between the Xia Family and the Dong Family. Jiang An had impatiently called Dong Qingyuan to his room.

"What do you want to ask? I'm still waiting to talk about the old days with Xia Yu." Dong Qingyuan said impatiently. She had never been interested in business, and this time, if Jiang An had not used all tactics to persuade her, she would definitely not have brought him here.

Even if she came, she had made clear beforehand that Jiang An talk with her grandfather by himself, and she would not intervene, whether he succeeded or not would be his own business and have nothing to do with her.

Previously, Jiang An had agreed to it. As long as she brought him here, wasn't that obvious? If Dong Qingyuan, Mr. Dong's only grandchild brought her husband home, how could the old man give the land to others?

But ever since Xia Yu came, the care and love Mr. Dong had for her was not one whit inferior to that for Dong Qingyuan. And he also took into consideration the Shen Family's position in the business world. Jiang An could clearly see the appreciation Esteemed Mr. Dong had for Shen Yan.

That look was the look of a grandfather looking at his grandson-in-law. While the way he looked at Jiang An didn't feel like that. What kind of person was Jiang An? He smelled the crisis immediately.

"Judging from the way you talked, Xia Yu seems to be very familiar with you. Why have I not heard you mention her before?" He was just about to ask her about Xia Yu when Dong Qingyuan took the initiative to mention her, so Jiang An naturally asked about her as well.

"You didn't ask, and I don't know that you two know each other either. Why would I mention her?" Dong Qingyuan answered straightforwardly.

Just a few simple words made Jiang An a little angry. At the table just now, the grandfather and granddaughter were calling Xia Yu 'granddaughter' and 'little sister.' No matter what, he was her boyfriend. Since he had already met her parents, he deserved to know the basic situation of her family.

However, the anger inside could not be expressed. Jiang An could only smile and say: "No, before I only knew that your mother was the only child of the Dong Family. And I have only prepared to meet your grandfather this time, how should I prepare the gift for Xia Yu's family?"

"So that's what you mean. Her family doesn't live here, you don't need to prepare anything." Dong Qingyuan said carelessly.

"From your tone, your families are very close. What I mean is, although I didn't meet her family this time, if I do meet them next time, I should at least give a present. There should be a standard for that, right?" Jiang An continued to ask without batting an eyelid.

"Just follow the standard of my parents." Seeing that he was serious, Dong Qingyuan wanted to laugh but was afraid that he would get angry, so she held it in.

This standard is too high, Jiang An was immediately shocked: "Why, Qing Yuan, what is the relationship between Xia Yu's family and your family?

So that's what you wanted to ask this whole time? Why not just ask directly? After beating around the bush a lot, you are finally asking this.

"Xia Yu's father is my grandfather's student, so the relationship between the two of them started from when my grandfather was still a middle school teacher. Xia Yu's father was an outstanding student, so my grandfather had high expectations for him as well, and he was kind of giving him focused training. After that, my grandfather brought his students to participate in the Olympiad, and got into a car accident midway, causing my grandfather to be severely injured and unconscious. Xia Yu's father carried him on his back for tens of kilometers on the mountain road, and escorted my grandfather to the hospital."

Speaking of that, Mr. Dong was still deeply moved. If not for Xia Yu's father, he would already be dead. Therefore, the whole Dong Family treated Xia Yu's father as a benefactor.

So that was how it was. Jiang An had often heard people talking about how Mr. Dong cares about ties of friendship. It was usual for him to care for the Xia family since her father saved his life before and was one of his favorite students.

With the big tree of Mr. Dong, and Dong Qingyuan saying that Xia Yu's father was an outstanding student in the past, under the guidance of Mr. Dong, he guessed that his position must be quite high now. Xia Yu was actually a second generation of an official, no wonder she dared to challenge Zeng Mina.

"Then, where does Uncle Xia work? You know I have business all over the country. I'll pay him a visit when I'm free." Jiang An's way of addressing him had subconsciously changed.

"It's really hard for you to meet him. Recently, Uncle Xia has been fascinated with folk snacks and is looking for delicacies all over the country. He's planning to write a complete collection of delicacies." Dong Qingyuan also heard about this from her mother.

"Qingyuan, from what you said, Uncle Xia sounds like a chef!" Jiang An looked at Dong Qingyuan doubtfully.

"He is. Back then, when he graduated from university, my grandfather was already working in the municipal Party Committee of S City, so he recommended him to the city leaders. It just so happened that Xia Yu's grandfather was so sick, so he could only go back to his hometown to continue his father's work and become a chef! "

"Become a chef?" Entering the city committee, what an excellent opportunity, he didn't want it and decided to be a chef?

"I heard that their cooking skills are passed down in generations in his family, Xia Yu's grandfather was extremely stubborn, he insisted that Xia Yu's father should learn cooking from him." For this matter, Mr. Dong almost fell out with Xia Yu's grandfather. But after talking to Xia Yu's father, he respected his choice.

Although Xia Yu's father wasn't able to follow Mr. Dong, their relationship had always been, and they often meet.

It's a favor of saving a life! And furthermore, for so many years, the Xia Family had never begged Mr. Dong for anything. This was the first time Xia Yu came over to say something. It was tough to say whether Mr. Dong would hand over the land to Dong Qingyuan or Xia Yu.

Jiang An subconsciously already excluded Liu Hai.

At the same time, Liu Hai was also thinking of ways to investigate the relationship between Xia Yu and the Dong Family. Before he came, he had already found out through his link that Mr. Dong did not like Jiang An, and had opposed their relationship many times in front of Dong Qingyuan's parents.

But Dong Qingyuan insisted on it, and Mr. Dong could not force them to separate. But he had made it clear that he would not use any of his connections to help Jiang An. With Liu Hai's understanding of Mr. Dong, he would do what he said.

As for Shen Yan, he looked down on him even more. According to his understanding, the Shen Family and the Dong Family did not have a deep friendship. Furthermore, Shen Yan's position in the Shen Family was just so so. The reason he had brought Shen Mo's fiancée over was to tell Mr. Dong that the Shen Family did not hold that land in high regard. With his relationship with Mr. Dong, it would be a piece of cake for him to get the land.

It just so happened that Xia Yu appeared right at this time, and Mr. Dong did not hide his pampered love at all, making Liu Hai have to be cautious.

"At most, Xia Yu's father is just a chef in the Dong Family. He was lucky that Mr. Dong liked him and gave him some wealth for him to go back hometown to enjoy his retired life, it could be said that their relationship of master and servant ended happily. Would Mr. Dong give such a big face to Xia Yu as to give them the land?" The person who was the angriest today was Zeng Mina. That little bitch Xia Yu was her nemesis, it seemed to be her destiny to meet her wherever she went.

"Alas, if only that's the case!" Liu Hai was not as simple as Zeng Mina. He had been in contact with Mr. Dong for so many years, he naturally understood his temper.

He was approachable to the people around him, but his control of balance was always right. However, the attitude he had towards Xia Yu today was utterly the attitude of an old man towards the junior, "Mina, you are familiar with Young Master Yan, go and find out about the relationship between Xia Yu and Mr. Dong."

"I'm not going!" The moment Shen Yan was mentioned, she became even angrier.

He didn't even greet her when he saw her, what is it? Putting aside her status as the future sister-in-law, she was also Shen Yan's classmate and childhood playmate.

With so many connections between them, he treated her as if she was transparent. Now, he wanted her to take the initiative to go over and express her goodwill, do not even think about it.

"Mina, don't act like a child. Listen to Uncle Liu." Shen Mo had already had a talk with Zeng Ziqiang, and Zeng Ziqiang could not accept his suggestion.

But he also understood that the shareholders of the Shen's could accept this. It meant they could make money without offending the Shen Family. But Zeng Ziqiang was different, what he wanted was not only to earn money but also to have a voice in Shen's.

By making Shen Yan's plan be approved by the Board of Directors, his reputation would increase by more than a little. How much benefit could it bring to the Zeng Family if he took power? No matter what, he could not let Shen Yan succeed. To stop Shen Yan, he would hesitate to give away two points of benefits to Liu Hai.

"Aunt Zhou, it's not like you don't know that Xia Yu is hateful!" Zeng Mina was a delicate person, but she was able to understand the severity of the situation. After getting scolded by Zhou Jianmin, she had some complaints, but she listened to what Zhou Jianmin told her and went to find Shen Yan.

But before meeting Shen Yan, she called Shen Mo and told him about the relationship between Xia Yu and Mr. Dong.

Shen Mo immediately frowned. How come he didn't know that Xia Yu had this kind of relationship with the Dong Family? If he let them get the land like this, his future days would not be so good.

It seemed that he could only let Wu Shiyu step out. Shen Mo only said that he understood, and told Zeng Mina to be careful, and then hung up the phone.

What does this guy mean? Zeng Mina was speechless. Initially, she wanted to nag more, but Shen Mo didn't give her a chance. He directly turned off his phone.

Zeng Mina stomped her feet in anger, just in time, Dong Qingyuan walked out of Jiang An's room and planned to look for Xia Yu. Seeing that Zeng Mina had a temper, she consoled her: "Miss Zeng, maybe Young Master Mo is in a meeting right now, it is not convenient for him to pick up the phone?"

Even so, couldn't he send a message? He obviously hung up on purpose. Thinking like this, now that Dong Qingyuan gave her a way out, she could only go down: "He is indeed swamped, but he still needs to pay attention to his health, I was just worried about him."

Dong Qingyuan took her arm and said: "Men are always like this, it's not worth getting angry over such a small thing. Where is Miss Zeng going? I'll accompany you! "

No matter what, Dong Qingyuan was still the hostess, so it was her duty to treat guests well, although she really wanted to look for Xia Yu rather than accompany her.

"I'm just strolling around." After all, Dong Qingyuan was Mr. Dong's granddaughter, and since Dong Qingyuan was so passionate, she found it difficult to say that she had things to do.

"Although the place of my grandfather is far away from the city, it has the advantage of good environment. If Miss Zeng doesn't mind, May I show you around?" As expected, Zeng Mina had nothing better to do, so Dong Qingyuan had to take a walk around with her.

"We can't see the scenery here in S city. It's rare to get such a good opportunity to experience it. Thank you, Miss Dong." The members of the Dong Family were obviously most familiar with the relationship between Xia Yu and their Family, and it would be the same if she could ask Dong Qingyuan about it.

Thinking about this, Zeng Mina followed Dong Qingyuan down to the garden.

Dong Qingyuan really liked watching Zeng Mina acting, and during the walk, she had a good chat with her. Very soon, she was already treating her as a friend, so when Zeng Mina asked her about Xia Yu's relationship with the Dong Family, she did not hide anything and told her all about it.

In her opinion, there was nothing to hide.

But Zeng Mina did not think so. Xia Yu was just the daughter of a chef, with such a deep background, yet she was able to suppress a young miss like her?

Furthermore, in her opinion, Xia Yu and Dong Qingyuan were master and servant, Dong Qingyuan had shown her kindness in front of people, so she called Xia Yu a sister, but privately, she might not think the same.

She showed her disdain on the spot and blurted out, "This kind of small family is hazardous. They are all social climbers."


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