Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 143 Dirty Mind
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 143 Dirty Mind

"Small family, what does this mean?" Dong Qingyuan looked at Zeng Mina with a somewhat shocked expression. She obviously did not expect her to say this. After being stunned for a while, Dong thought that it may be impolite, so she smiled and said, "Um, Miss Zeng, I suddenly remember that grandfather has something to discuss with me, so I can't accompany you for a stroll."

Since Mr. Dong was looking for Dong Qingyuan, Zeng Mina naturally wouldn't keep her here. In any case, she had already finished her task to figure out the relationship between Xia Yu and the Dong Family. After Dong Qingyuan left, she turned and walked back toward their room.

Halfway on the road, Zeng Mina met Liu Sijie and looked at him in disdain.

Liu Sijie could only step forward and greet her: "Miss Zeng is strolling in the garden? The scenery in Mr. Dong's garden is not bad. "

"I know." Zeng Mina replied coldly. No matter how capable he was, Liu Sijie was still just an assistant. She was the future eldest Young Mistress, there was no need for her to be courteous to him.

Zeng Mina replied indifferently, as she walked past Liu Sijie.

Angry again? Liu Sijie looked at her back view, he did not come to himself for a while as he thought carefully. He realized he had not offended her. As he could not think of anything else, so he went straight to the room where Shen Yan and the others were.

During dinner, he had heard from Old Wang some information about the relationship between Mr. Dong and the Xia Family. He felt that if he wanted to succeed, he would need to rely on Xia Yu to mediate.

When he came to the door, he knocked twice while Shen Yan's voice came from inside: "Come in, the door isn't locked!"

Liu Sijie pushed the door and entered. Xia Yu was leaning against the window and enjoying the plum that Liu Sijie had brought over in the morning as she appreciated the scenery in the garden. Shen Yan was sitting on the sofa, leisurely reading a book.

Liu Sijie sat down beside Shen Yan, smiling as he asked: "How was your discussion with Mr. Dong?"

"During the meal, we chatted about some everyday things, but it didn't touch on the real issue." Shen Yan laughed as well. He put down the book in his hand, picked up the pack of cigarette that was placed on the table, and offered Liu Sijie a cigarette. He then lit up a cigarette and drag on it.

Although he did not talk about the substantive issues, Shen Yan was much more confident than before, especially after living in the garden. Mr. Dong attached great importance to environmental protection, so he would definitely pay attention to his plan.

"How about letting Xia Yu and Mr. Dong have a talk?" Liu Sijie glanced at Xia Yu and smiled.

Without waiting for Xia Yu to speak, Shen Yan spoke first: "This is against the rules, I will talk to him."

Zeng Mina wanted to stir up trouble during the meal. He did not want to create unnecessary trouble as it was disgraceful to cause uproar here.

Since Shen Yan said so, Liu Sijie did not say much. He exchanged views with Shen Yan on the details of the plan. Seeing that they were talking about work, Xia Yu left the room.

It had been a long time since she last saw Dong Qingyuan, so she went to find her to talk.

Coincidentally, Dong Qingyuan also had a lot of things she wanted to ask Xia Yu. After the two of them fighting in jest for a while, Dong Qingyuan brought up the topic of Xia Yu's romance: "Xia Yu, to be honest, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Er, don't mention it. I dated Chen Wenxuan earlier, you know? My dad disagreed and even got angry with me. We broke up." I am still recovering from the injuries.

Dong Qingyuan hugged Xia Yu: "That Chen Wenxuan, not to mention your father, even my mother doesn't like him. She mentioned a few times at home, which also made me want to go over and see how terrible he is. It is not wrong to break with him. We would not talk about him anymore. After separating with him, you didn't meet anyone you like? "

Chen Wenxuan was so unpopular among the elders? Even Aunt Dong gave him a bad evaluation. So she really made a grave mistake this time. Xia Yu sighed: "Do you think that it's so easy to find a man that suits your heart?"

Dong Qingyuan did not go along with what Xia Yu said. Not to mention other things, Xia Yu's appearance was enough to charm any man in a minute as long as she was willing.

Rolling her eyes, Dong Qingyuan laughed and said: "I see that Young Master Yan and assistant Liu are both not bad, choose one!"

"My sister, was it as simple as choosing vegetables? Just Choose as you please?" Xia Yu was amused by Dong Qingyuan's words.

In terms of those two men, although Xia Yu had been discouraging Shen Yan all days and looked down upon him, in the eyes of other women, he was extremely popular.

And Liu Sijie, he was a typical scholar. How could she think of her choosing one of them?

Seeing that Xia Yu was still being held back, Dong Qingyuan was unhappy. At dinner today, she saw Shen Yan's attitude towards Xia Yu. Even his grandfather was already aware of it, yet she was still pretending to know nothing of it.

"Little Xia Yu, what do you mean? Grandpa even prepared a red packet, why are you still so pretentious? " Dong Qingyuan pushed Xia Yu onto the sofa, her hands on her hips and her eyes wide and round.

"Stop joking, that was for you. It has nothing to do with me." She and Jiang An were betrothed so they would be meeting her parents as well as doing business this time. Maybe they will also discuss the date for their wedding.

Mr. Dong had been looking forward to being grand-grandfather, so preparing red packets was a must.

Stupid girl, she wanted others to speak straightly. "Don't turn aside from the topic. You have already lived with Young Master Yan for so long. If you don't say something about your marriage, grandfather will be angry. He hates people who are not responsible for their relationships."

Xia Yu made a gesture of 'pause,' "Miss Dong Qingyuan, please mind your words. Firstly, those who live with me are not only Shen Yan but also Shen Qiang and Liu Sijie. To be more accurate, the few of us work at the same company and live in the same house together for the sake of convenience. Therefore, the idea of living together is simply because of your dirty mind. "

"Is that for real? Then how come the pain in your waist?" Seeing that Xia Yu did not look like to be pretending, Dong Qingyuan's mouth opened widely in thought, but she still found it suspicious.

"That guy is not a good sport. I asked him to sleep in the small bed, yet he fought over the big bed with me, and I got my waist injured in the fighting." Xia Yu was immediately enraged, mentioning her waist.

If he still dared to fight over the big bed with her tonight, she would throw the blanket downstairs. Then, no one would be able to sleep.

"How old you are!" Dong Qingyuan looked at Xia Yu as if she were a monster. She twisted her waist fighting for the bed. Dong Qingyuan could only surrender.

"This has nothing to do with age. The point is that some men are not really gentlemen." Xia Yu just laid on the sofa. The injury last night was not light, and it still hurt.

"Oh my god, he's your boss. Aren't you afraid that he'll kick your ass if you treat him like that?" Dong Qingyuan shook her head on the side: "You, ah, I don't know why you are so lucky to have such a good boss."

Jiang An, who was actually her fiancé, she had not seen him be so chivalrous. Xia Yu actually dared to make such an unreasonable request of him, it looked like Shen Yan was a good person.

"It was because I was so unlucky that I got on his pirate ship." When Xia Yu thought of the high car repair fees, her rage ran out. She kept complaining to Dong Qingyuan. Of course, she also deprecated Shen Yan.

"I have heard some rumors about the Young Master Yan before. Although there were varying opinions, most of them were positive. It's not as exaggerated as you make it out to be." Even though Dong Qingyuan was someone already engaged, her eyes still shone when she mentioned Shen Yan.

"Little girl Dong, I remind you. You are engaged, do you know that you can't think about other men?" Xia Yu had long since seen through Dong Qingyuan's mind.

Not to mention Dong Qingyuan had already being engaged, even if she weren't, Xia Yu wouldn't stand for them to get along. Shen Yan was a playboy, and Dong Qingyuan was a girl with pure thoughts. She wasn't suitable to date with him. Xia Yu had to remind her.

"I know that. I'm just curious. Why would a Mr. Dreamy like him be worthless in your mouth? " Dong Qingyuan's words were definitely from the bottom of her heart. If there was nothing wrong with Xia Yu's brain, it was just that this girl's words were too harsh.

"I have to draw a clear line with him. It's just that this guy is too fickle in love. Furthermore, women with him are all abnormal. I'm just an employee. I am not hindering them. All day long, they are pondering that I have something to do with him. I am about to have a nervous breakdown." It's hard to be a secretary.

Dong Qingyuan believed what she said. She would interact closely with Mr. Dreamy every day. With such an excellent opportunity, even Dong Qingyuan herself would be envious of her. "How about exchanging our positions, I will be the secretary for Young Master Yan, and you go teach at a university."

"You are crazy again. Aren't you afraid that I'll go and complain to young master Jiang?" Xia Yu's face was filled with scorn. She used to think that this girl was not bad, but she never thought that after not seeing her for a few years, she had become so vulgar, so low.

"You wicked girl, you dare to laugh at me?" Dong Qingyuan pressed Xia Yu down onto the sofa to itch her.

How could Xia Yu let her easily do it? The two of them quickly rolled on the sofa. They didn't even know that someone had come in.

Zhou Jianmin stood at the door for a while before clearing her throat to remind them, "well, it's so lively here!"

She also heard from Zeng Mina that Xia Yu was the daughter of Mr. Dong's Chef, and she had nothing to do with the Dong Family. Feeling a little uneasy, she wanted to come back and find out more news.

After all, at the dining table, the doting expression Mr. Dong had towards Xia Yu was not like an ordinary relationship between master and servant. The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. Thus, she decided to come over to take a look personally.

Noticing someone came, the two of them stopped fighting and stood up.

Xia Yu and Zhou Jianmin had a conflict because of Zeng Mina, and Xia Yu indeed looked down on a woman like Zhou Jianmin, who was the mistress for others. Zeng Ziqiang had a wife, and she was a celebrity to some extent. She was so shameless to the point that she didn't feel ashamed at all. And there was also Zeng Mina, Zhou Jiamin fooled around with her father all day long, and she could actually sit and eat with her at the same table.

In short, Xia Yu was unhealthily clean toward relationships, so she felt uncomfortable standing together with this kind of person. Thus, she said to Dong Qingyuan: "You have something on, you go do it now. When the sun sets, I'll look for you to play outside."

"Alright, let's go out and roast some Barbeques together." Dong Qingyuan also did not know what Zhou Jianmin was up to, nor did she kept Xia Yu here.

On the other hand, Zhou Jianmin was a bit embarrassed. After all, she had interrupted their conversation. Furthermore, she had a misunderstanding with Xia Yu previously, and now that she knew that she had a relationship with the Dong family, no matter their relationship was deep or not.

However, this was still in the Dong family. Xia Yu may not be that powerful to make things succeed, but she definitely can ruin things. Luckily, she was much better at dealing with people than Zeng Mina, so she quickly smiled and said, "Miss Xia, don't be in such a hurry to leave. Sit a while longer."

"No, you guys have something to talk about. I'll go to see grandma. I didn't see her last night because I arrived too late, so if I don't go today, she must be angry." Xia Yu smiled and walked out of Dong Qingyuan's room.


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