Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 144 In the Same Car
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 144 In the Same Car

When Xia Yu came out of Dong Qingyuan's room, Shen Yan and Liu Sijie had already come to an agreement. Seeing that she had returned, Liu Sijie gave her the gift Shen Yan had prepared. "Didn't you want to visit Madame Dong? Take this, young Master Yan specially chose this for you. "

He also prepared a gift, so he wanted to go to visit Madame Dong with me. Since they came here together, it would be reasonable for them to visit Madame Dong together. However, Xia Yu was a little worried: "I saw Zhou Jianmin in Dong Qingyuan's room just now, so we should be more careful. If someone complains that I, an ordinary employee, meddle with the headquarters' business, it would not be good."

It was obviously not in their interest if Shen Yan achieved success here. It was unavoidable for them to play some tricks. Xia Yu was also afraid that Shen Yan would be put into a passive position.

"We're already here, what's the matter to be afraid of?" Shen Yan laughed indifferently. Since he dared to bring Xia Yu here, he was not afraid of their little tricks.

If you were not afraid, that was fine. Xia Yu looked at the presents Shen Yan had prepared, they were really all following Madame Dong's preferences.

"Then, let's go!" Xia Yu reached out to take the gift.

"Let me take it." Shen Yan took the gift first.

This man only knew how to do the superficial work, why didn't he let me use the bed at night? After Xia Yu looked down on him so much in her heart, she walked out of the room first.

On the other hand, Xia Yu seemed to be somewhat like the boss' wife. However, when did the boss descend to be such a position, obediently following behind Xia Yu. This was illogical.

What are you looking at? Why are you watching? Shen Yan saw that Liu Sijie was smiling craftily, and after Shen Yan gave him a glance, Liu Sijie quickly lowered his head in fright.

The two of them swaggered over to Madame Dong's room. Liu Hai was also there beside Madame Dong chatting with her. Seeing that Shen Yan and Xia Yu had arrived, he stood up and greeted them enthusiastically.

The moment when Madame Dong saw Xia Yu, she held her in her arms and looked at her again and again and asked her various questions, while Xia Yu answered one by one.

They chatted casually, and the two men could not chip in, so they chatted about their own things. Occasionally, if they talked about fashion or drama, they would say something.

Madame Dong was a good talker. She liked Beijing Opera in particular and hummed a few times when she was talking happily. Liu Hai was very knowledgeable about Beijing Opera and happily chatted with Madame Dong.

Anyway, Liu Hai was much experienced, and he is better at chatting with Madame Dong than Xia Yu and Shen Yan. They two looked at each other and smiled. They did not make any noise and continued to chat with the old lady about the Beijing opera, which they did not understand much about.

"Little Yu, Little Yan, do you find it boring to chat with Grandma?" Madame Dong knew that young people nowadays didn't really like Beijing Opera, so she was afraid that the two young people would feel bored.

Xia Yu quickly smiled and said: "Beijing Opera is the national essence, it's a pity that I don't understand art. But Grandma, I brought Master Liu's video for you. "

"Really? It's you who understands grandma most, knowing grandma likes Beijing opera. " Madame Dong patted Xia Yu's little face as she beamed.

She was Master Liu's fan. Xia Yu hit on what she liked.

Liu Hai laughed and said: "Old madam likes to watch opera, and it just so happens that Zeng Ziqiang's daughter can sing a few verses. She came along with me this time. When will old madam be free and let her sing for you?"

How could a video disc be as good as a real person's singing? Liu Hai also came prepared this time.

Madame Dong was overjoyed when she heard this. She had attended the Beijing Opera Training two years ago, and sometimes she would sing some verses on stage, but now she was too old to sing.

Once Liu Hai mentioned that Zeng Mina was capable of singing opera, he immediately attracted the old lady's attention: "Alright, I'm free all the time. You guys get back to business first."

"That child only comes here to broaden her horizon. What can she do? I'll go back and tell her to get ready. " Liu Hai immediately promised on behalf of Zeng Mina.

Business, what was a proper business? To be able to make the Old Madame happy, wasn't this the proper business?

Just as they were talking, Old Wang came over to invite them. He said that it was arranged by Mr. Dong, and he wanted to show them around.

Xia Yu looked at Madame Dong who patted Xia Yu's hands and said with a smile: "Go and play, the scenery here is not bad. If it weren't for grandma being old, I would also go with you."

Xia Yu quickly agreed and followed Old Wang to the front hall. Everybody was waiting there. When Dong Qingyuan saw Xia Yu coming out, she went to hold Xia Yu's arm: "I just made an agreement with Uncle Wang. We will take a car, I'll drive! Young Master Yan, Jiang An, and grandfather will be in another vehicle. Jiang An is going to drive. "

In terms of Dong Qingyuan's arrangements, Xia Yu naturally had no objections. She nodded in agreement.

Liu Sijie smiled and said, "let me drive the car, how can we let Young Master Jiang do it?"

"Miss Dong, I'll go with you." Under Zhou Jiamin's instructions, Zeng Mina asked for sharing a carriage with Dong Qingyuan and Xia Yu.

"Miss Zeng, you really want to go with us?" Xia Yu looked at Dong Qingyuan, wanting to say something but she held back.

So what? If you don't want me to go with you, say it out loud? Since you dare not, I'm going to follow you and anger you to death, Zeng Mina thought to herself and said: "Is there a problem?"

The corner of Xia Yu's mouth twitched, and she forced out a smile: "As long as Miss Zeng doesn't have any problems, neither do I."

Liu Hai smiled and said, "That's fine. Young girls have a common language."

Dong Qingyuan was an impatient person, so she took the key and left first. Xia Yu followed closely behind, and Zeng Mina followed along.

When getting on the car, Xia Yu gave a bottle of car sickness medicine to Zeng Mina: "There are many turns on the mountain road, take two to prevent car sickness."

Zeng Mina took it and had a looked at it before she threw it into the trash can: "I'm not as tender as you. I never take this stuff."

Xia Yu didn't care as she did not force Zeng Mina to eat. She then opened the car door and went in. Zeng Mina also got in the car, but before she could steady herself, Dong Qingyuan suddenly stepped on the gas pedal, and the car wheeled away.

Zeng Mina did not notice, so her head suddenly crashed into the back of the seat in front of her. She heard a boom in her brain. Just as she was about to tell Dong Qingyuan to slow down, before she could even open her mouth, Dong Qingyuan made a sharp turn, and her body leaned forward so heavily that her face was pressed against the car window.

"Miss Dong, please slow down!" Zeng Mina was screaming in the back seat as her head was hit quite hard this time.

Did this Miss Dong know how to drive? With her driving skills, how did she get her driver's license?

"Hurry and fasten your seat belt and grab the armrest." Xia Yu reminded her from the side. Just as she was speaking, Dong Qingyuan turned two corners and then Zeng Mina heavily crashed into Xia Yu's body due to inertia.

"Miss Dong, how about letting me drive the car?" Zeng Mina had already turned pale because of fright, she did not want to lose her life here.

Dong Qingyuan hadn't had such fun in a long time, how could she let Zeng Mina drive the car? She refused to say anything and just stepped on the throttle and drove at full speed, allowing the car to bounce in the mountains.

"Miss Dong, can't you stop the car for a bit, and I'll get off?" Zeng Mina could not take it anymore, she was about to cry. She did not want to die here and said: "Help help!"

Xia Yu saw that Zeng Mina's face was pale white while her lips were blue, and it seemed that she could not continue any further. She was also afraid that something terrible might happen. Therefore, she immediately said to Dong Qingyuan: "Stop, Miss Zeng is really not going to make it anymore."

"Hold on a bit longer, we're almost at Green Water Restaurant. I'll stop there." Dong Qingyuan did not stop, and instead, she increased her speed.

Dong Qingyuan had always wanted to be a racer, but her family didn't even let her touch the car. It wasn't easy to get this opportunity, she wanted to be satisfied. It was not possible to make her stop, so Zeng Mina could only endure.

Xia Yu turned around and looked at Zeng Mina, and didn't even dare to look at her directly. "Are you okay?"

Didn't you see? Zeng Mina thought to herself: I was almost dead. Before Zeng Mina could open her mouth to say something, she vomited a mouthful of dirt onto the car.

"Qingyuan, stop, Miss Zeng is vomiting." Xia Yu hurriedly covered her mouth and nose with her hands, her face full of disdain.

Even Zeng Mina herself was somewhat disdaining herself, let alone Xia Yu. She had never been in such a sorry state before.

This was really troublesome. If she can't hold on, why didn't she eat car sickness medicine? She vomited all over the place, so how should I drive this car? Dong Qingyuan parked her car beside the road while muttering to herself.

Before she successfully parked the car, Zeng Mina stumbled out of the car, squatting on the ground as she vomited, which made Xia Yu frightened.

After Zeng Mina had rested for a while, Xia Yu passed a bottle of water to her:" Rinse your mouth."

Zeng Mina silently accepted it, and only now did she realized why Xia Yu had asked her if she really wanted to be with them. Unfortunately, at that time, she only thought about fighting with Xia Yu, and did not inquire further.

If she had known what that meant, she would never have taken the car.

After two gulps of water, she stood up against the car. Her feet were already numb for a long period of squatting.

"Well, do you have any more car sickness drugs?" Zeng Mina didn't know how much longer it would take to get the destination, she didn't want to vomit anymore.

"I gave them all to you." A whole bottle, enough for a dozen people.

"None, not anymore?" Zeng Mina was exasperated. "Then I'll wait here for others. I'll be waiting for Master Wang's car."

Dong Qingyuan did not want her to continue sitting in her car, as she was so discouraging. While they were waiting for someone, they took out the car cushion and washed it with water.

After Zeng Mina saw her masterpiece, her face was burning. Seeing that Dong Qingyuan was about to make a move to do the cleaning, she quickly pulled her hand and said: "Let Xia Yu do it."

What Zeng Mina meant was, right now, Xia Yu was Shen Yan's secretary, and she was Shen Family's future young mistress. So she was half a master. And Xia Yu's father was a servant of the Dong Family, so she's the daughter of a servant. It was perfectly justified for Xia Yu to do this.

Although Zeng Mina didn't feel embarrassed, Dong Qingyuan felt awkward. She insisted on being together with them as they did not want to take her along. She didn't take the carsickness drugs and threw them away; however, she vomited in the car to such an extent. Now she didn't want to clean the car but just judge the others.

Miss Zeng, this seemed to be your masterpiece. You still had the face to ask Xia Yu to clean it. If it weren't for the fact that Zeng Mina was her grandfather's guest, Dong Qingyuan would have taunted her.

It took a long time for Dong Qingyuan to calm herself down, "Both of you, hurry up. Miss Zeng, are you sure you aren't coming with us? "

"Yeah, I will take Old Wang's car." Zeng Mina fanned herself with her hands as she said. Other than Dong Qingyuan's driving skills, Zeng Mina could not withstand the odor in the car either.


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