Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 145 You Are No Superior to Anyone
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 145 You Are No Superior to Anyone

Now that, Dong Qingyuan did not have much to say, she immediately called Uncle Wang, knowing they were not far away, and when Dong Qingyuan saw their car, she pulled Xia Yu on her car and left, ignoring Zeng Mina.

When Mina got into Old Wang's car, Zhou Jiamin asked her what had happened, since Mina did not look well. Zeng Mina didn't dare to say anything wrong about Dong Qingyuan, but blaming all on Xia Yu.

Watching Mina's expression, Old Wang understood she was scared by Dong Qingyuan's driving speed. However, she kept blaming Xia Yu, it seemed like there were some grudges between them.

Mina was filled with anger, considering old Wang was beside, Zhou Jiamin didn't ask more. They reached the hotel in a while, so JiaMin pulled Zeng Mina to a corner.

"Mina, tell me, what happened?"

"Nothing much to say, Xia Yu was instigating Dong Qingyuan to embarrass me." Zeng Mina was more and more sure about her thought. Xia Yu knew Dong Qingyuan liked driving fast, so she should have clearly reminded her, meanwhile, when Mina threw away the carsickness pills, Xia should have picked it up. On the half way, Xia Yu was even joking about the pills, it's couldn't be more visible.

"As you know, that woman has always been vicious. She is more familiar with this place. What's more, we have a request for Mr. Dong, so we can only forget about it and let it go. You tell Young Master Yan and let him deal with it. " Zhou Jiamin also felt that Xia Yu was even purposely embarrassing Mina. If it were in S City, she would be furious and raging.

However, their mission this time was critical, related to Zeng Ziqiang's authority in Shen Family. Therefore Jiamin asked Mina to calm down and pay back the embarrassment after returning

Not only Shen Yan but also the First Madame should be informed about this matter. What is his purpose of bringing a secretary to mess up?

As she told the First Madame the unfounded and exaggerated story, the First Madame, who was looking for trouble of Shen Yan, immediately retold the story to the Old Madame.

Ziqiang sent Zeng Mina there for business, apparently. Shen Yan, who allowed his subordinate to make trouble, was messing things up.

Liu Hai came because Zeng Ziqiang asked him for this favor, so the Old Madame wanted to take further observation, especially at this extraordinary time. After the words of the First Madame, Old Madame said, "Xiao Yan has talked to me about that after Fang Yuan left, he wanted Xia Yu to be his private secretary. I didn't oppose that."

Did she mean that it was reasonable for Shen Yan to bring Xia Yu over? This is in favor of Shen Yan. As she was about to speak something more, old Madame had already gone upstairs.

First Madame stomped her feet with anger, but she could only comfort Zeng Mina, to look the big picture.

As long as the First Madame delivered the news to the Old Madame, Xia Yu won't live a good life in the future. Thinking about that, Zeng Mina started to hum a little tune with pleasure.

Xia Yu found something abnormal and sat down far away from her. Jiang An followed by and smiled, then he asked Xia Yu: "Were you feeling well in Qingyuan's car?"

"Not bad." Xia Yu was much better, compared with someone. Too many expectations for Dong Qingyuan would only make trouble for herself.

Jiang An laughed, looking at Dong Qingyuan and said: "Xia Yu indeed has a mighty heart, how long does it take to reach her realm?"

"What? Am I that bad as you said?" Dong Qingyuan was not convinced and pleased.

Old Wang smiled and said, "Qingyuan, your skills aren't that bad, it's rather bad!"

"Uncle Wang, even you are laughing at me?" Dong Qingyuan stood up and said. She was brought up by Old Wang, and their relationship was as a father and daughter, so she behaved more naturally in front of him.

"Uncle Wang wasn't mocking you, it is the truth!" Xia Yu also teased her on the side.

"Even you are teasing me!" Dong Qingyuan blamed Xia Yu, "Where's Young Master Yan? He is too indulgent with his secretary.".

Jiang An smiled and said: "He's answering the phone, seems like it's from his family."

Although Zeng Mina was not sitting together with them, she heard what they talked about clearly. The call was from his family, so it definitely was the Old Madame, who was unhappy about Shen Yan, calling to reprimand him. It would be best if Old Madame could call the damned girl back.

Zeng Mina's face was full of pride, which was telling everyone the call had something to do with her. Old Wang thought of that Zeng Mina had complained a lot about Xia Yu on the way. Xia Yu was working in the Shen family, and he felt that it was necessary to remind Xia Yu keeping a good relationship with them.

Just then, Zeng Mina came over, she also wanted to know the follow-up of that call.

Xia Yu found an excuse and left when she saw Zeng Mina's coming. Old Wang thought that this was an opportunity, so he followed her out.

"Xiao Yu, are you used to working there?" Old Wang asked with a smile.

Xia Yu turned around and glanced at Old Wang with her hand on the balcony's railing, she looked into somewhere far away and said: "Not bad!"

"I am very confident about your capability, but you need to control your temper." Old Wang watched Xia Yu growing up and understood her well. Her fiery personality was prone to offend people.

Xia Yu knew that Old Wang was concerned about her, so she accepted and said, "I got it, Uncle Wang. I've changed a lot now."

This girl, Old Wang smiled: "Alright. You seldom come here, and your aunt would scold me if I said too much."

"How is Auntie? I talked about her with Qingyuan just now and planned to visit her together." Old Wang's wife was working in a hospital, and she had not retired yet. She was working, so Xia Yu did not see her.

"When? I'll call her and ask her to prepare something tasty for you." Old Wang regarded these two girls like family, so he was serious about their visit.

"How about tomorrow? Qingyuan and I are free then." Xia Yu set the date.

"Sure, I'll tell her later." Old Wang immediately sent a message to his wife.

A gust of breeze brought a slight coolness, Xia Yu squinted his eyes, enjoying the cool moment. She casually chatted with Old Wang.

Shen Yan and Liu Sijie walked over, their expressions were gloomy. When they passed by Xia Yu and Old Wang, they stopped.

"Why are you standing here?" Liu Sijie asked with a smile.

"Come out for fresh air!" Xia Yu turned and looked at Shen Yan, only to see his dark face, then her look stopped on Liu Sijie.

They talked and entered the restaurant together.

Seeing Shen Yan was back, Zeng Mina walked past him after just a glance at him.

It seems like there's a problem, Xia Yu found an opportunity to ask Shen Yan in a low voice: "You got scolded again?"

"With this woman here, it's something in expectations." Shen Yan did not care about this, he calmly picked up the teapot and poured tea for everyone and himself the last.

When everyone was present, Mr. Dong smiled and asked if everyone was enjoying themselves. Everyone nodded, but Zeng Mina was muttering to herself, she just could not say it.

"Everyone was tired climbing the mountain and time to relax tonight. How about drinking tea and playing chess?" These people were executives who enjoyed air-conditioning in offices. They seldom took outdoor activities like this, Mr. Dong knew that they wouldn't get used to it.

No one showed objections. After all, they were all here for the land. They had been here for two days, it was time to get down to business.

Liu Hai thanked Mr. Dong's hospitality and took the opportunity to tell the communication of Beijing Opera between Zeng Mina and Mrs. Dong, " Mrs. Dong heard that Miss Zeng also likes Beijing Opera, they were eager to communicate for a while."

Mr. Dong smiled and nodded: "That's good. Miss Zeng is a famous star. My wife was lucky to have her here."

Jiang An also flattered Zeng Mina, Zeng Mina couldn't help showing some pride.

Xia Yu touched Shen Yan's arm, and said softly: "Your Mina is about to shine."

Shen Yan rolled his eyes in annoyance, "Not mine."

Xia Yu curled her lips and no longer said a word. She lowered her head and continued eating. Whether Shen Yan was taking revenge on Zeng Mina purposely or showing off in front of Mr. Dong was unknown, but throughout the meal, he was serving Xia Yu, Zeng Mina almost lifted the table with envy.

It was free time after the meal. Zeng Mina seized an opportunity to stop Shen Yan at a corner and said directly, "Shen Yan, are you dreaming about getting the land back by a servant's daughter alone? Let me tell you, it's impossible, don't even think about it."

Shen Yan frowned and said: "Mina, it's not ancient times now, ok? You are still talking about master and servant. It was fine when we were just kidding, but you should know that you are no superior to anybody."

It was the first time that Shen Yan talked to Zeng Mina in such a straightforward manner. His belief has always been that girls were to be spoiled, not scolded. That's why he seldom speaks to women with such attitude.

Jiang Yayan was the first exception. She had already crossed the line. When Zeng Mina was his friend, he had endured her with all his might. And he was hoping that the day when she became his sister-in-law, there would be no conflicts. He didn't expect that she would become even more outrageous, to the point that he was unable to endure it any longer.

"Shen Yan, what do you mean? Am I wrong about her? She flattered Mr. Dong by calling grandpa, and I don't think she ever called her grandfather in this way. Dong Qingyuan was the granddaughter of Mr. Dong. People said that Qingqing was shameless to have snatched Shen Qiang's father, and Xia Yu stole Qingyuan's grandfather too." Recently, Shen Yan's attitude to Zeng Mina was worse and worse, Zeng Mina also felt that. In her opinion, this was all because of Xia Yu's provocation, so her words were very aggressive to Xia Yu.

"Mina, you should be reasonable. Xia Yu didn't try to get Mr. Dong's property nor rely on Mr. Dong's support. Didn't you call Mr. Dong grandfather just now? By your logic, you were stealing Qingyuan's grandfather as well? " Zeng Mina's words completely infuriated Shen Yan, and regardless of whether she could accept it or not, he scolded her.

"Shen Yan!" Zeng Mina raised her voice. He even compared her with Xia Yu. I was just showing my respect for Mr. Dong, that's different from Xia Yu.

"Don't look at me like that, I'm just telling the truth." Shen Yan said coldly and left without hesitation.


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