Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 146 Try My Bes
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 146 Try My Bes

Shen Yan didn't look right. Xia Yu kept all of this in her eyes. When they went back, Mr. Dong, Liu Hai, Zhou Jianmin, and Zeng Mina were in a car without a driver, it seemed that they had something to discuss.

Xia Yu, Shen Yan, and Liu Sijie were in a car. Before Xia Yu could ask, Liu Sijie retold the words of the secretary of the Old Madame to Xia Yu.

"Secretary Yang meant that Zeng Ziqiang is serious."

"He wants to enter the Shen Family?" It seemed the battle was very intense, and that's why Shen Yan was so unhappy.

Xia Yu was so smart that he needn't explain more. Liu Sijie nodded, "Zeng Ziqiang is ambitious, if Liu Hai's get the land this time, we'll be quite passive."

"I don't think so." Xia Yu said that she would not participate, but she was looking with her eyes.

Zeng Ziqiang had sent both his daughter and lover over, so he must want this land very much. But everyone is with a desire to win. Everyone was of equal strength. Until the final step, no one would dare say that they could win.

"You can persuade Mr. Dong?" Old Madame even mentioned that she had agreed Xia Yu being Shen Yan's secretary, so she was definitely in the hope that Xia Yu was able to solve this problem.

Old Madame's thought was somehow a little risky, and that's why Liu Sijie felt the problem was severe.

"It's not a question of whether or not I can do it, but that Mr. Dong himself appreciates the proposal that the Young Master Yan has put forward." Xia Yu was more optimistic than them.

Shen Yan laughed bitterly: "Mr. Dong didn't even mention it, how do you know he appreciated it?"

"Yesterday and today, Mr. Dong was indicating something through the places he arranged us to stay and to go. You are smart, so you should have comprehended his idea, right? The leader of the city asked him to be in charge just because he was an upright man. But, he is old and has high expectation on Dong Qingyuan, his only granddaughter. Jiang An is also considered the best among the youths, Mr. Dong's requirements for him are even higher. If you were to help him a little, the land would most likely be ours. " Xia Yu understood the situation and Mr. Dong better than Shen Yan.

The Jiang family's business was extensive, and there are many opportunities to cooperate with the Shen Family, so it is undoubtedly viable. Shen Yan could not help nodding his head.

"Xia Yu, this is a method. But what if Liuhai gets that land, will you be able to get it back?" It's not that Liu Sijie was too cautious, but Liu Hai must be talking something with Mr. Dong on their way back.

"Don't worry, even if I can't get it back, I'll go begging my father." Xia Yu understood the importance of this land so she would try her best.

Since she had already said that, Liu Sijie finally smiled.

"Xia Yu, before the meal, you told Old Wang that you would visit his house. Why not ask Jiang An to go with us?" Shen Yan also felt that Xia Yu's words were reasonable. Mr. Dong wanted to give the land to Jiang An the most.

However, Mr. Dong wanted to avoid the suspicion that he's looking for benefits for his relatives, but giving land to Shen Yan was different. The Shen Family's reputation was well-known, and his plans coincided with the city's plans. With his involvement, Jiang An would benefit, and Mr. Dong would not have to worry about others talking about it.

"That works!" This was an opportunity for Liu Hai to contact Mr. Dong alone so they could try their best to persuade Mr. Dong. Xia Yu immediately called Dong Qingyuan: "Qingyuan, I've told Uncle Wang that we will go to dinner tomorrow. Young Master Yan will also go, will Master Jiang be free? "

"Yes. I'm going to tell you about this if you didn't call me. We'll go together tomorrow." Dong Qingyuan immediately agreed on his behalf without asking Jiang An.

After Dong Qingyuan hung up the phone, Jiang An said: "Qingyuan, didn't you say that Xia Yu isn't related to Young Master Yan in that way? Why would the Young Master Yan suddenly want to go with you? "

Dong Qingyuan laughed, leaned on the back of the chair, and said: "Isn't that obvious? The land will lead to criticism if given to you, but it's no criticism if given to Shen Yan. "

"Liu Hai has already suggested to me that we would also benefit much if he gets that land." Jiang An originally wanted to get that land alone, but Qingyuan's detailed analysis of the situation makes him give up that idea.

Liu Hai or Zeng Ziqiang was both decision makers, they are more reliable than Shen Yan. Shen Family was stronger than the other two, but Shen Yan was only a second young master.

Dong Qingyuan shook her head: "Believe me, grandfather definitely favors Young Master Yan."

"Because of Xia Yu?" Previously, Jiang An had also asked around and found that Mr. Dong didn't have a deep relation with Shen Family. He had also chatted with Zeng Mina before, and she directly said that Shen Yan's coming was just a mere formality. Otherwise, she wouldn't have come.

Jiang An believed that Mina would not lie to him, but Mr. Dong's attitude towards Xia Yu made him somewhat uncertain.

Dong Qingyuan shook her head and nodded: "It's because of Xia Yu, grandpa believes in Xia Yu, and therefore, thinks highly of Shen Yan. You'd better have a good talk with Shen Yan. In your words, he's the young master of Shen Family, there will be many opportunities for you to cooperate even if he was only the second young master."

Jiang An laughed: "Who said that you only know how to teach, I think you have a good sense of business. How about you resign and join my company?"

"Never mind, if my mom knows you're tricking me, she will find trouble with you." Dong Qingyuan laughed.

Grandfather didn't directly say who he wanted them to work with, but he clearly expressed to Dong Qingyuan that he wanted them to work with someone. Dong Qingyuan originally wanted to see before determining whom to cooperate with, but after interacting with Zeng Mina, she found that she was too overbearing and arrogant. She did not like this kind of person, and working with someone that she did not like was a very uncomfortable thing. Therefore, she encouraged Jiang An to cooperate with Shen Yan.

Jiang An and Shen Yan did not have a close relationship, but they knew each other. Honestly speaking, he did not think highly of Shen Yan. However, as Dong Qingyuan said, he was the second young master of the Shen Family. Zeng Ziqiang and Liu Hai wanted the land so they could negotiate with the Shen Family. He could directly negotiate with Shen Family, in which way he could avoid to owe them a favor.

After making up his mind, Jiang An decided to talk with Shen Yan at night to try his attitude.

After dinner, Mr. Dong invited them to play chess. Shen Yan's chess was pretty good, yet he lost two of three fights with Mr. Dong, so Mr. Dong knew that Shen Yan was deliberately letting him win.

Mr. Dong didn't point it out. It was rare for a young person to hide the bright sides, which was what he admired with.

Mr. Dong was happy and chatted a little more with Shen Yan. Liu Hai was a bit anxious by the side. When they returned in the afternoon, Liu Hai had initially wanted to set down the land, but Mr. Dong hardly let it go. Now Shen Yan had a pleasant chat with him, Liu Hai felt a little worried.

"Mr. Dong, your chess skills have improved so much. Let's have a try?" Liu Hai seemed eager to play.

"It's been years since we've played chess, right? Have your chess skills declined in these years?" Mr. Dong raised his head and smiled at Liu Hai.

Shen Yan quickly stood up to give him a seat.

Liu Hai sat down without courtesy. "You'll know after two rounds."

Jiang An had waited for Shen Yan for a while, when he saw Shen come over he smiled and said: "Just now, assistant Liu said that two girls want to roast skewers, everyone here is invited."

That kind of food, Shen Yan was not that into it. But since Jiang An was so interested, he could not ruin their interest, so he said goodbye to Mr. Dong and followed Jiang An out.

When he passed by the opera room, Zeng Mina had already dressed up and was adjusting her voice.

"Miss Zeng is really talented, she even knows Beijing Opera." Jiang An's eyes swept into the room a few times.

Shen Yan only laughed and did not reply, but Zeng Mina saw Shen Yan and Jiang An walking out and asked: "Are you here to watch the show? Isn't opera what makes Shen feel sleepy?

Jiang An laughed: "You didn't say anything when I mentioned Beijing Opera, I get the answer."

"Maybe I don't have any artistic talent. They are still waiting for us. Let's go." Seeing Mrs. Dong had not come yet, Shen Yan wanted to escape early, in case she invites them to stay, it would be embarrassing to leave then.

Shen Yan's reaction was typical. When Zeng Mina wanted to trick Shen Yan, she would immediately sing Beijing opera for him, and Shen Yan will be wilted. However, when he heard that they had arrangements, he became curious, "Where are you guys going?"

"Qingyuan invited us to roast skewers." Jiang An originally wanted to invite Zeng Mina, but thinking she would talk opera with Mrs. Dong, he did not mention it anymore.

Zeng Mina wanted to bake skewers and did not want to play with the Old Madame. But, this was something she had volunteered. She was embarrassed to refuse, so she could only watch them leaving.

"Mina, your Uncle Liu is playing chess with Mr. Dong. If you make Mrs. Dong's pleased, the land is settled. For the sake of the Zeng family, bear with it." Zhou Jiamin knew Zeng Mina wanted to play with them, but this was the best chance, isn't it?

"Auntie Zhou, don't worry. I certainly wouldn't stand Mrs. Dong up. I was just wondering, will that bitch Xia Yu go roasting? " Dong Qingyuan had even invited Shen Yan, so Xia Yu was sure there as well. Thinking about Xia Yu and Shen Yan, Zeng Mina felt a bit unhappiness in her heart.

Mentioning Xia Yu, Zhou Jiamin remembered something that she felt necessary to tell Zeng Mina, "Mina, you should put Young Master Yan aside and keep an eye on Master Mo carefully. There's intelligence from S City, saying that Young Master Mo is accompanying Wu Shiyu at the hospital these two days. They are so intimate. "

It was true that Shen Mo had been to the hospital, but it was definitely not because he was intimate with Wu Shiyu. After heard about the relationship between Xia Yu and the Dong Family, he wanted to seek Wu Shiyu for confirmation.

But, Wu Shiyu was not very clear about the relationship between her uncle and Mr. Dong, nor did she provide anything valuable to Shen Mo. Just chatting for a while, Zhou Jiamin would consider them as being intimate.

She had only left for two days, Shen Mo had already been hooked by that fox. Zeng Mina could never endure it. She immediately took out her phone and called Wu Shiyu, scolding her on the phone for a long time.

After cursing Wu Shiyu, she called Xia Yu with a grievance. Today, she was played by Xia Yu and vomit all the way, so it was time to settle that with her. "Xia Yu, You are the most shameless woman I have ever met."


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