Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 147 Finish Them Up
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 147 Finish Them Up

"Zeng Mina, it's enough. Ignoring you doesn't mean that I'm afraid of you." Xia Yu had already endured her for a long time, and seeing her took the initiative to provoke her, she slammed the table and stood up, the new hatred and the old grudge welled up to her heart.

Isn't she look down on others just because of her family have got some money? She was only lucky to have a better life, having a father that could make money. If she were born in an ordinary family, then she would either starve to death or be pummeled to death.

"Of course you're not afraid of me. You're born with a whore-like appearance and an inherited servant-like looking. You're invincible, you should be afraid of no one." Zeng Mina seemed like she was about to explode at any moment. The cousins co-operated with each other, one headed for the elder brother while the other headed for the younger brother.

Even if she was sleeping with eyes wide open, it was hard for her to guard. Anger and grievance instantly filled her chest.

"I'm not an actress, so I don't know how to act! What, after finishing your food, you still want to look for some more? While you have got no energy to look for more, so you want to vent your anger on someone? Unfortunately, you found the wrong person. As for what kind of servant-like looking, don't blame me for being straightforward, If it weren't us, which you called servants, I'm afraid that you, Zeng Mina, would have already fallen down to be a beggar. You would have no time to be here showing off." Since she was courting death, Xia Yu might as well pick a fight.

In any case, she wasn't the one who was thinking about Shen Yan when she was engaged to Shen Mo. Furthermore, she relied on her own effort to live. The employers could just fire her as they pleased. She's looking forward to it.

Hearing that, Zeng Mina's entire body trembled, she shouted loudly into the phone: "Xia Yu, remember what you said just now, I'm not done with you!"

"Zeng Mina, please change a new line. I'm sick of hearing these words. If you have the ability, just come and show me some practical things. If you don't have the ability, stay at home and hide, don't come out and embarrass yourself. " Xia Yu did not wait for Zeng Mina to reply before she hung up the phone. Zeng Mina stomped her foot and smashed something again in anger.

"Mina, this is not our home." Zhou Jianmin, who was standing at the side, hugged her. It was nothing to smash Mr. Dong's antiques, but it would leave a bad impression on others, which might not be good for them to discuss the business.

"She, Xia Yu, is not afraid. What am I afraid of!" Zeng Mina took another vase.

Zhuo Jianmin quickly snatched it away. "You also say that she is a servant. How much of a loss will she suffer if she couldn't get the contract?"

Zeng Mina was about to throw another teapot when she heard Zhou Jiamin's words. That's right! Shen Yan was not familiar with Mr. Dong, it was because Xia Yu relied on his father, who used to be a servant of Dong's family, so she was able to speak a few words to Mr. Dong.

But she wasn't the same. Although her father was not close to Mr. Dong, he could be considered to be a friend to him. Liu Hai had a good relationship with Mr. Dong, and Liu Hai also said that he would take care of Jiang An, so Mr. Dong was delighted.

They would most likely sign the contract, so perhaps Xia Yu knew that she wouldn't be able to get the deal. I just bumped into her while she was looking for someone to vent her anger, did I just give her a chance to vent?

This was all Xia Yu had left to do, and she didn't want to be fooled by her. Thinking about it, Zeng Mina took a few deep breaths to calm her emotions and then placed the teapot on the tea table.

Finally, this girl calmed down. Only then did Zhuo Jianmin relax. "Mina, let that little demon play around for a few days. I promise you that I will help you vent your anger when we get back."

She reckoned that Mrs. Dong would be coming soon, and it's not like that Zeng Mina didn't know when to stop, so she nodded to show that she knew.

On the other hand, Xia Yu kept her phone and continued to do what she should do as if nothing had happened, causing Jiang An to be startled. He had long heard that the Young Master Yan doted on Xia Yu, and he was astonished by this.

Ignoring the fact that Zeng Mina was Zeng family's princess, she was also Young Master Mo's fiancée, didn't he need to explain to his brother for allowing his secretary to shout at her? Jiang An glanced at Shen Yan.

With a calm expression, Shen Yan passed over a strand of ham that he had roasted just now to Xia Yu: "Don't overeat, it's indigestible."

Not mentioning a single word about Xia Yu shouting at Zeng Mina a while ago? Jian An wasn't sure if it was because he had already gotten used to it, or for some other reason.

The corner of Jiang An's eyes twitched, and while he was giving Dong Qingyuan food, he whispered to ask while there were no one nearby "Are you sure that the Young Master Yan and Xia Yu are really just superiors and subordinates?"

It was not that Jiang An was being careless, he had seen someone who would spoil his wife or his lover, but he really had not seen anyone that pampered a subordinate like that.

Dong Qingyuan pursed her lips into a smile and said: "I'm not sure, but if Xia Yu really is Young Master Yan's girlfriend, it won't do us any harm."

Xia Yu, that damned girl, still stubbornly refused to admit that they have a relationship. She should have the ability to control her temper, now it seemed that it has been exposed.

"You're right!" Jiang An smiled and nodded. Based on the relationship between Dong's family and the Xia's family, me and Shen Yan's similar way of handling matters, working with Shen Yan would definitely be better than working with Liu Hai.

The other thing that Jiang An worried about was that Liu Hai was around the same age as his father. When the time came, he would show off in front of him and treat him like a child, making it difficult for him to say anything. So no matter how he thought, Shen Yan would be the best suitable one, just within a moment while he was taking the food, Jiang An has made up his mind.

He placed the things on the table that Dong Qingyuan had roasted, calling Shen Yan over to eat with him. "Come and have a taste of my girlfriend's cooking, you wouldn't be able to get these anywhere."

Dong Qingyuan's driving skills already surprised Shen Yan. About cooking technique, it's really not good for him to judge. However, he had no choice but to show Jiang An respect. He straightforwardly took out a few skewers and gave them to Liu Sijie: "Try it while it's still hot!"

Boss, you couldn't be like this. Liu Sijie secretly complained in his heart, but since Shen Yan had already passed over, he couldn't refuse it. Not only that he had to accept it, he even had to say thank you.

"Young Master Yan, have a try!" Jiang An called out to Shen Yan.

"It's too hot. Let's put it here to cool it down!" Dong Qingyuan had to be respected, but Shen Yan had to see Liu Sijie's reaction after eating before deciding whether to eat or not.

Boss, you're excellent. When you ask someone else to eat, it is better to have it while it's hot. But while it's your turn to eat, you said you want to wait for it to cool down. Even if you had double standards, you shouldn't be so obvious.

Liu Sijie looked at the meat skewers again and again and really didn't dare to bite.

Xia Yu reached out and took a bite out of a stick, then nodded her head and said: "Qingyuan's cooking skills improved!"

"Of course. I met Uncle Xia a while ago. With his personal guidance, can my cooking skills be bad?" Dong Qingyuan was delighted, she had been beaten up by Xia Yu many times in the past, and this was the first time she had praised her up.

Xia Yu said that, so there would be no problem. Liu Shijie put the skewers into his mouth without worrying. After putting it in his mouth, he understood that the true meaning of the sentence that if one wanted to know the taste of peaches, the one would have to eat it.

The thing that Dong Qingyuan had roasted was said to be "improved" according to Xia Yu, how bad it must have been in the past!

Liu Sijie swallowed it down with much difficulty and stuttered, "En, it's delicious!"

Xia Yu and Liu Sijie had both tried it, and Dong Qingyuan had also received guidance from Xia Yu's father, so Shen Yan thought that he should be fine and put one skewer up to his mouth.

"Why does this smell so strange?" Shen Yan spat out exaggeratedly. He picked up the water on the table and drank a few mouthfuls.

Just as he placed the cup down and raised his head to ask if the food they were eating was different, he realized that Xia Yu and Liu Sijie were winking at each other, and thus knew that they were messing with him.

"This month's full-service bonus, both of you, will be completely deducted." They even dared to fool their boss. If he didn't teach them a lesson, they would really think he was a sick cat.

"Do whatever you want, since I'm only working and not getting paid." Xia Yu really had nothing to afraid of.

She did not care, but Liu Sijie did. He didn't need to pay off any debts with his salary and bonus so it would be terrible if the salary or bonus were deducted.

Liu Sijie said with a sullen face: "Young Master Yan, I really think that the thing that Miss Dong roasted tasted special."

Saw that Liu Sijie admired her so much, she held a fork in hand and said smilingly: "I made a little innovation on the basis that Uncle Xia taught me."

Boss, did you hear that? This was an innovative dish. It's not suitable for you to deduct my bonus. Liu Sijie looked at Shen Yan pitifully, as if he had been wrongly accused.

"So, you really think that the thing made by Miss Dong suits your taste?" Shen Yan looked at the black, wrong looking object in front of him, and asked.

How could this thing suite his taste, but if he didn't say yes, he would be accused of a crime of teasing the boss? A month's bonus! That could be his savings for his future marriage. He would have to rely on it to avoid being single for the rest of his life.

This would affect his life's happiness. Liu Sijie clenched his teeth and nodded.

"I see, eat all of these." Shen Yan squinted his eyes and smiled as he handed it over. He did not forget to add another sentence: "Finish them up, then you can have your full bonus of this month."

"It's better if you deduct it." Liu Sijie was shocked. He may die if he finished this. How could he marry a wife if he lost his life?

You don't want to pretend anymore? This is nothing. I don't believe I can't deal with you! Shen Yan placed the black plate on the table with satisfaction.

"Hey, you guys can't be like this! Is my cooking really that bad?" This was the result of Dong Qingyuan's hard work for almost an hour. Even if she did not succeed, her efforts should be appreciated. They were lack of respect.

"Qingyuan, to be fair, this thing tasted a bit weird, it's normal that our customers aren't used to it, it's better to do it the traditional way." Jiang An knew that if he did not speak now, this plate of food would definitely be finished by him.

He, Young Master Jiang, was not afraid of anything, he could eat anything that flies in the sky or walks on the ground, but Dong Qingyuan's cooking was challenging for him.

"Why don't we let Xia Yu and Miss Dong cook it together?" Liu Sijie was afraid, he suggested aside.

"Xia Yu, you help me out." Dong Qingyuan waved her hand at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu stood up and looked at her own clothes. This was a new set of clothes that she had saved up for a long time just to come over to see Mr. Dong, she could not splash any dirt on it.

"Liu Sijie, help me to go to the kitchen and ask for an apron."

"Alright, I'll go now." Liu Sijie stood up and left.

"What do you think about this matter?" After they left, Jiang An handed Shen Yan a cigarette and placed one in his mouth.

He had been here for two days already, so Jiang An was able to understand a little what Mr. Dong meant. None of the people who came this time were outsiders. He really didn't want to offend any of them. At the very least, he wanted to offend as few people as possible.

He had already shown us what he wanted. So, he was now waiting to see what plan they would come up with to cooperate with him.

Shen Yan took out the lighter and helped Jiang An light up the cigarette then his own. After taking a deep breath of the cigarette, Shen Yan squinted his beautiful foxy eyes: "Do you have any suggestions?"


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