Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 148 He Likes Her Being Hypocritical
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 148 He Likes Her Being Hypocritical

“Qingyuan said that the relationship between Liu Hai and Mr. Dong is profound. With him around, I’m afraid neither of us will be able to take that land.” Jiang An wanted to see what attitude Shen Yan had before he continued to discuss further. Thus, he had displayed his sincerity from the start, but not too much.

Shen Yan nodded, anyone here had a bad relationship with Mr. Dong? The critical point was still the strength, “I believe you had heard of this. The main purpose of my trip here is to find a partner for my family’s land, and the more, the better.”

Shen Yan’s intentions could not be more precise. Let alone Jiang An, even Liu Hai wanted to cooperate, it’s possible. As long as he agreed with the development method proposed by Shen’s, everything could be discussed.

Jiang An was a wise man, Shen’s wanted to make a big cake, and wasn’t afraid of being shared. The idea of the Shen’s family was similar to that of Mr. Dong and the current city committee team. Cooperation with Shen Yan could be considered to be what Mr. Dong wanted. Furthermore, ever since Jiang An had taken over the company, he did not have a lot of achievements. If he can cooperate with Shen’s this time, he could shut other’s mouth up.

“Shen’s is really a big company, how generous!” Jiang An was not an unreasonable person, so he picked up the beer on the table and clinked it with Shen Yan’s. “How about we find the time to discuss the details?”

“Any time you want!” Shen Yan also cheered with him, and the two of them laughed and drank it all in one go.

“Yo, it’s pretty lively here.” Mrs. Dong was too old to sit for too long, so she went back to rest after singing for a while. Zeng Mina had something on her mind, so she couldn’t fall asleep and came over to take a look.

“Miss Zeng, come over and have a taste of Qingyuan’s cooking.” Seeing that Shen Yan did not say anything, Dong Qingyuan was busy cooking with Xia Yu, no matter what, he was still a grand-son-in-law of the Dong family, so naturally he had to shoulder the burden of being a host.

“I never eat kebabs or anything like that. It’s not good for the skin.” Zeng Mina looked at the black food that was being roasted and felt like vomit, and she showed an expression of hatred.

Zeng Mina’s words were too straightforward, causing Dong Qingyuan to frown. If you don’t want to eat, then don’t come and ruin everyone’s fun. It’s not like anyone is asking you to come. No wonder Xia Yu could not be bothered with her, this woman was so hypocritical.

“Xia Yu, what do you think Young Master Mo had set his eyes on her?” Dong Qingyuan whispered into Xia Yu’s ear.

“Your question really stunned me. I wasn’t Young Master Mo, so I really wouldn’t know what he liked her of. According to my guess, he liked her because she is hypocritical.” Xia Yu curled her lips and said disdainfully.

“I think so!” Dong Qingyuan didn’t have a good impression of Zeng Mina anyway, she had vomited all over her car in the morning, and she didn’t take the initiative to clean it and said that it was dirty. Now that she’s moving in here of her own volition, it is really hard to tell what was going on in her head.

Both ladies didn’t like her, and the two men here weren’t much better off. Shen Yan directly ignored her, and Jiang An didn’t know what to say after hearing her judgment on the food.

The atmosphere became a little awkward. Zeng Mina could also feel that, and she didn’t know what to do while standing at her original position. She wanted to sit with the two men, but they didn’t invite her.

After thinking about it, she still decided to go over to Dong Qingyuan’s side. “Miss Dong, I’ll help you.”

“Don’t, it’s better not, Miss Zeng’s hands are really priceless, if you get scalded, then my crime will be huge.” Dong Qingyuan immediately rejected her.

Zeng Mina thought that as of right, it won’t be good if she really got scalded. She saw many chicken wings placed aside, so she volunteered to walk over and said. “I’ll help you with this!”

She picked up the fork clumsily and offered to help put it on.

“Put it on and gives those a few scratches.” Xia Yu saw that she was already doing it so it won’t be nice to stop it, so she let her go.

Who knew that after hearing Xia Yu’s words, this woman didn’t react for a long time. She was instantly stupefied and started to think about what exactly “scratches” meant.

“Just a few cuts on the back of the chicken wings.” Xia Yu really couldn’t bear this person anymore and handed the blade over to her.

“You, what are you doing? There are so many people here, dare you to touch me?” Zeng Mina was so frightened that her beautiful face immediately lost calm, and her chicken wings fell to the ground. She was pointing at with such a large blade, and especially it’s Xia Yu who was holding it.

Here, Dong’s house was her place. Even if she didn’t stab her in essential organs, just a few random stabs on her body, it wouldn’t feel right.

“Zeng Mina, are you alright? Qingyuan told you not to touch this, but you still want to mess it up. How do you plan to do the work in the kitchen without a knife?” Xia Yu dropped the blade in front of her, and simply turned her head to the side and did not look at her.

“My father wasn’t a chef and didn’t educate me to be a chef either, so how would I know what to do?” Zeng Mina glanced at Xia Yu sarcastically. Servants would only know how to do these tough things that crude people did.

“So what’s wrong with being a chef? A chef can live on his skills, it’s better than some people who know nothing about living or cooking.” Zeng Mina immediately made trouble with Xia Yu. Shen Yan didn’t need to guess, he knew what she wanted to do.

This was Dong’s house. If she was going to vent her anger, wouldn’t she go somewhere else?

“Shen Yan, what do you mean?” Zeng Mina threw the things in her hands and was immediately enraged.

All this while, she could get anything she wanted in front of Shen Yan. Ever since she knew that there was a woman called Xia Yu in this world, everything had been changed. It was one thing THAT Shen Yan was not passionate towards her, but he was even scolding her for this woman’s sake.

“What I mean is, there’s too much smoke here for you, so you should go back and rest earlier.” Shen Yan was not joking around with her, he just called Zhou Jiamin to come and pick her up.

“Shen Yan, you are treating me like this!” Zeng Mina was so angry that tears were flowing out of her eyes, but she still followed Zhou Jianmin, and the hatred she had for Xia Yu increased.

Xia Yu really didn’t care about whether she hated her, she only knew that her ears had felt much better after she left.

But in Dong Qingyuan’s eyes, these things unavoidably made her sweat for Xia Yu, “Xia Yu, you’ve offended Zeng Mina terrible this time, aren’t you afraid that she will take revenge on you?”

Xia Yu was amused: “What do you mean by ‘really bad’? We have even plenty more severe matters than this time, don’t worry, it’s OK.”

“What do you mean? You often quarrel with the future Lady Boss? “Dong Qingyuan was stunned while hearing what Xia Yu said. This was simply courting death, yet this girl was so smug about what she had said.

“You would also say that she’s the future lady boss. Once she becomes the current lady boss, I might not even be working for them anymore.” Since her temper was like this, there was no way to change it now even if she wanted to.

Xia Yu just gave up on changing her personality.

After Zeng Mina left, they didn’t sit for long before dispersed. Mr. Dong waited until everyone’s room was lit, and then called Xia Yu.

These two days, Zeng Mina and Xia Yu had always been at loggerheads, so he wanted to understand more about it.

“The relationship between Shen’s Family and Zeng’s family is very subtle. I can’t say for sure, either.” She naturally could not hide it from Mr. Dong while he asked about this, but she could not say too much either since it was an apparent relationship between the two families.

Mr. Dong was really an intelligent person. Although Xia Yu had only pointed a few things out, he already understood what the whole thing was going on. It seemed like the Zeng’s family had sent Liu Hai here for a specific purpose. Mr. Dong was not a merchant and was not willing to interfere in their battle.

“Then what do you think about the matter of Old Madame Shen sending Shen Yan over?” Mr. Dong cared about who could bring out a higher and better value of the land.

“Old Madame naturally hopes that Shen Yan can sign the contract with you. The reason that Shen’s family’s land has not been developed for so long is that they do not want to ruin the environment, now that Shen Yan has talked with the leaders of City S about it, and they have already expressed their support. Director Qi also supports ecological development as well, so it all depends on you now.” Mr. Dong directly asked her because he did not treat Xia Yu as an outsider, so Xia Yu was straightforward too.

Mr. Dong nodded his head, pondered for a while, and said: “I wonder if Shen Mo or Shen Yan will be in charge of this land if I hand over the land to Shen’s family.”

Shen Mo was Zeng Ziqiang’s future son-in-law, and with his relationship with Zeng’s Family, Mr. Dong was still a little worried.

“Young Master Mo’s prestige in the Shen’s family is obviously higher than Shen Yan’s. The possibility of him obtaining this project is also very high, and right now, he is supporting ecological development. As for whether he would be convinced by Director Zeng, I can’t make any prediction right now.” Based on Xia Yu’s understanding of the Shen’s brothers, neither of them liked girls like Zeng Mina, but the two of them had surrounded Zeng Mina for so many years.

In the end, it was still the cool President Shen Mo engaged to Zeng Mina. This showed that the influence that the Zeng’s family had over the Shen’s family was enormous. She was not sure if Shen Mo would compromise under Zeng Ziqiang’s pressure.

“If we were to leave the project to Shen Yan, would he compromise with the Zeng’ s family?” Mr. Dong asked differently.

Xia Yu laughed: “Definitely not.”

“Why so sure?” Mr. Dong’s eyes lit up.

“I’m his secretary. If I don’t understand this, how can I be his secretary?” Xia Yu nodded affirmatively: “He might even stop Zeng Family to join the project, and he will definitely not compromise with him.”

“Then that’s it. Didn’t you say that you are going to your uncle Wang’s house tomorrow? Rest early!” Mr. Dong did not ask any further.

“Then I’ll be going back. Grandfather, you should go to sleep early as well.” After Xia Yu said goodnight to Mr. Dong, she then left.

When she returned to the room, Liu Sijie was there as well. He stood up when he saw Xia Yu walking in: “How was your discussion with Mr. Dong?”

Xia Yu made an OK gesture and sat on the sofa: “It’s not too far off from success. Young Master Yan should sign the contract with Jiang An earlier. Then we can go back.”

With Xia Yu’s words, the two of them heaved a sigh of relief at the same time. Shen Yan had long prepared the contract, and not only about cooperating in the development, but Shen Yan had also given them a gift that Tengfei would sell their cosmetics at all the shopping malls of the Jiang’s family. He was just waiting for Mr. Dong’s agreement

“I’ll go to meet young master Jiang to sign the contract right now.” Only Shen Qiang was in the company now, and he was still a student with little management experience after all so it would be better for him to go back as soon as possible.

With regards to Shen Yan’s generosity, Jiang An was also thrilled. This time, those old fogeys won’t still blabber when he returned, and in satisfaction, he fiercely praised Shen Yan in front of Dong Qingyuan.

Since her fiancé was able to be respected in front of her family, of course, Dong Qingyuan would be very happy and wanted to tell her grandfather immediately.

He was a person who should deal with significant issues. Xia Yu had just left, and the contract was signed soon. Mr. Dong was delighted with Shen Yan’s performance.

“Well, I’ll have to report to Grandmother, so that she won’t worry.” After Liu Sijie left, Shen Yan sent a message to the old Madam’s secretary. Although she looked calm on the face, Shen Yan knew that she was more anxious than anyone else. This was a major matter that decided if Shen’s family member could control Shen’s in their hands.


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