Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 149 Just Lucky
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 149 Just Lucky

The next day morning, Old Wang came over to invite them. He said that Mr. Dong had gone to attend a meeting in the capital and he did not have the time to greet everyone before leaving because he was in a rush. He had already sent everyone's plans to those in charge of the land, so they could directly go talk with them. Before they left, Mr. Dong also gave everyone presents, wishing them a pleasant journey.

Everyone immediately understood that Mr. Dong did not want to offend any of them and gave the ball to the representative. Liu Hai looked at Shen Yan and Jiang An, only to see them looking calm as if they didn't care, so he chuckled in his heart. In the end, they were still young so they could take anything easy.

He had hinted Mr. Dong that as long as he took that piece of land, he would definitely bring Jiang An along. Jiang An would benefit no matter what the result is, and he naturally doesn't care. The second son of the Shen's family was even more so, he had only come here to gain experience and did not want to fight with everyone. In any case, when he helped Zeng get the land, Zeng Ziqiang would bring Shen's along, and Shen Yan would be benefited as well.

In the end, he was the only one who was busy. Thinking of this, Liu Hai couldn't help cheering up. Fine, what's the point of arguing with these two young people. After lunch, he still had to go see the person in charge and to report to Zeng Ziqiang.

"Young Master Yan, Young Master Jiang, let's go together?" I'll ask Miss Zhou to book plane tickets. " Liu Hai was in a good mood and took the initiative to invite them back.

He looked like he already succeeded. Shen Yan had never liked seeing other people disappointed, so he said with a smile: "We'll probably be staying here for another day. We made an appointment with Brother Wang yesterday, We will go to his place today."

The ones they had made an appointment with were Xia Yu and Dong Qingyuan, there was none of your business, right? Jiang An was Dong Qingyuan's fiancé, so he has to stay, what are your intentions in staying? Zeng Mina was unhappy. Since Mr. Dong was not around today, she smashed her chopsticks into the ground.

Liu Hai glanced at Zeng Mina and sighed in his heart. This second young master of Shen's family sure messed up with things. This time Shen's family has lost the whole game, how could he still got the mood to play around here. No wonder Zeng Ziqiang wanted his daughter to marry Shen Mo no matter what. The difference between Shen Yan and him was really too big.

He didn't say anything, the more Shen Yan not cared of it, the more beneficial it would be for them, right? Liu Hai smiled and said, "In that case, we'll head back first, and we'll see you in S city."

"See you in S City!" Shen Yan slightly nodded and swept towards Zeng Mina with the corner of his eyes. Seeing her pale face, he lightly sighed in his heart.

After the meal, Liu Sijie left with his luggage. Of course, Shen Yan and Xia Yu stayed for lunch at Old Wang's place before rushing back to S City.

Liu Sijie was extremely quick, when they returned, Liu Sijie had already signed the contract with some leaders and sent it to Yang Weiye.

Seeing the contract, Yang Weiye was really shocked. In the morning, he called Liu Hai, and he was so adamant about it, and he told him that Shen Yan would not be back so soon for sightseeing in C City. In the afternoon, Liu Sijie brought the contract over to him.

Why was Liu Hai so careless this time? Didn't they say that his relationship with Mr. Dong was so close that he could speak freely? How could Shen Yan have snatched it away first? It had to be known that Shen's family was not related to Mr. Dong at all.

Looking at the relaxed Old Madame, Yang Weiye felt a headache. He had really underestimated this Old Madame.

"Aunt, Shen Yan signed the contract back, why don't we leave this project to him?" Yang Weiye probed the Old Madame.

"I agree in principle, but we should leave it to the directors to decide." This time, what Shen Yan had done was so perfect that even Old Madame wanted to applaud him. Not only had he taken over Mr. Dong's land, but he had also signed a contract with the Jiang's family. Even leaders of the city also praised Shen's family about this suggestion, and they also said they would help them with the best they can.

Since that was the case, the Zeng family wasn't that important to them anymore. Not only was it unimportant, if they wanted to get a share of this, but they also had to beg Shen's and look at Shen's expressions to act accordingly. Otherwise, they would lose this excellent opportunity.

This kid, Shen Yan, really didn't let me down. I hoped that he would bring more surprises, and then I would be able to withdraw in peace. The Old Madame thought about this, and subconsciously nodded her head.

It seemed that the Old Madame was delighted with Shen Yan's performance this time, Shen Mo felt differently in his heart. If you think about it carefully, how can she not be satisfied? This time, the boy had done his job so well.

"I also agree that we should give this project to Shen Yan!" It was one thing to be unhappy in your heart, but you still had to have a generous attitude.

When Shen Mo said this, the Old Madame immediately gave him an appreciative look. This child was really generous, she really did not nurture him for nothing.

But First Madame did not have such an attitude, and immediately objected: "After all, he has never followed through with such a huge project, is that alright?"

The other directors nodded, luckily Xia Yu's father was related to Mr. Dong, and Liu Hai was too careless, so he got the chance to sign the contract back, but to do business, he had to rely on his ability, not always having good luck.

Therefore, everyone naturally recommended Shen Mo, "We think that it's safer for Young Master Mo to be responsible for this project. After all, Boss Zeng has not signed a contract with us yet."

So they meant that they still need to beg Zeng's family? Old Madame immediately stood up: "Who will be following this project? Everyone, please think more about it first. Tomorrow, we will vote and decide."

The Old Madame's words sounded good, "please think about it," but the truth was that she just wanted to give this project to Shen Yan, otherwise while everyone nominated Shen Mo, and she still let everyone to think more.

Speaking of which, Shen Yan showing his face this time, so let him be responsible for this was indeed reasonable. After guessing what the Old Madame was thinking, everyone immediately got their answer and decided to vote tomorrow directly.

"Why are we waiting for tomorrow? Just let Shen Yan follow the project directly will be fine! She is so hypocritical!" When she returned to her own office, First Madame was furious.

"Mom, what's the use of getting angry? Speaking of which, Zeng Mina is indeed outrageous this time." Shen Mo didn't even need to ask, Jiang An was already saying that she was being unreasonable. He really didn't know whether she was Young Master Mo's fiancée or if she was Shen Yan's fiancée. When she was in Dong's house, she never stopped being jealous.

Jiang An gossiped everywhere without hiding anything, causing Shen Mo to lose face. It wasn't like he didn't know about whom Zeng Mina liked in her heart. He had initially wanted to make things difficult for Shen Yan, but the one who ended up in embarrassment was himself.

"Little Mo, you can't cause any more trouble with Mina now." The First Madame had to remind her son that the Old Madame had obviously leaned towards Shen Yan, and they cannot count on the board of directors, who were all fence-sitters. So they still needed Zeng's family's support while in a critical situation.

"Mom, you don't need to explain the logic to me anymore. If Zeng's family continues to act so arrogantly, I feel that it is possible for the Old Madame to keep them out of the door. " Mentioning the Zeng family, Shen Mo felt another headache.

The Old Madame was obviously on guard against them. If Shen Mo walked too close to them, the Old Madame's impression towards him would decrease significantly. But if he didn't give the Zeng's family some benefits, it would be difficult to suppress Shen Yan.

Shen Mo was in a dilemma.

"Without relying on the Zeng's family, are we going to rely on Xia Yu's father, the chef?" First Madame sneered. Did Old Madame become muddle-headed? It's not like she didn't know Zeng Ziqiang's status in the business world, how could she even wanted to keep his family out of the way, did she want a good business?

"But it was that chef who helped Shen Yan this time, wasn't it? Don't bring this up again. Shen Yan will definitely be in charge of this project if we continue arguing, then we will be narrow-minded. We better focus on other points to attack him." No matter how well Shen Yan did his mission this time, it was not included in the results of the assessment.

His performance in Tengfei was directly related to whether or not he could become a President. It was also the right time to do something to frustrate his spirit. Otherwise, that brat wouldn't even know who he was.

When Xia Yu was mentioned, First Madame clenched her teeth in hatred. She was just a secretary, what did it have to do with her? Confronting with them won't get her any benefits, right?

At this time, Xia Yu, who was being hated immensely, was visiting her cousin in the ward. Her skin injury had already healed a lot, and she originally wanted to leave the hospital. But people from Zeng Mina's side claimed if Wu Shiyu were out from the hospital, they would scratch her face to make some scars.

Since Xia Yu wasn't here, Wu Shiyu didn't dare to go out, so she had to hide in the hospital to continue recuperating.

"Sis, for people like them who bully the weak and fear the strong, the more you hide, the more arrogant they become." After seeing her cousin scared, Xia Yu's heart ached for her.

"Miss Xia is right, Miss Wu, you should stand up bravely." Ever since Wu Shiyu had been hospitalized, Li Yan had come to see her every day. Especially when he saw Zeng Mina had sent people to threaten her, he was extremely furious.

Everyone said it easily, who didn't want to stand up bravely? Ai, the critical problem was she didn't have the ability.

Li Yan had helped Wu Shiyu a lot these days, especially when Zeng Mina's men were causing a ruckus in the hospital. If he did not call the Principal over, Wu Shiyu would have already suffered an enormous loss.

But it was impossible to discuss this issue with a foreigner. Wu Shiyu only laughed, and then asked Xia Yu: "Xiao Yu, your father, and Mr. Dong's relationship seems not bad, how come I didn't know before?"

It was only when Wu Shiyu received the message from Shen Mo and found out that, to show respect to Xia Yu's father, Mr. Dong had even rejected his own grandson-in-law.

Her cousin was so well-informed in the hospital, Xia Yu laughed: "Do you really think that it's my credit? Right, I recommended them a bit to Mr. Dong, but it worked mainly because Mr. Dong appreciated Shen Yan. If he were truly willing to use someone related to him, you should know that his real grandson-in-law was there too. No way it would be our turn, right?"

This event had given Xia Yu a chance to re-evaluate Shen Yan. She had never seen such a terrifying man. From proposing the plan to go to C City, it had only been a few days, but not only he convinced the leaders of the city committee to give the nearby land to Shen's, but also he had made an accurate evaluation of Jiang An's family's shopping malls.

Operating counters in Jiang's family's malls will give Jiang's family a big business, and Tengfei will also make a profit, wasn't it? This was a win-win situation.

"That is true, but is Uncle really as close as a son to Mr. Dong?" When Wu Shiyu went to Xia Yu's parents', she sometimes heard her uncle and aunty mentioned Mr. Dong, and her uncle called him "teacher."

In fact, Mr. Dong was indeed his teacher, she just didn't mind. It was only when Shen Mo asked her again and again did she become curious.

"It is true that their relationships are good, but about the contract this time, Shen Yan has truly moved Mr. Dong." Her cousin asked repeatedly, it was probably Shen Mo who wanted to know, but Xia Yu did not point it out.


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