Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 150 The Mistress Family
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 150 The Mistress Family

Xia Yu insisted that it was Shen Yan's credit, and there was a Li Yan in the room, so Wu Shiyu could not ask too much. She smiled and asked about the scenic spots in C City, then talked about what Xia Yu had seen and heard here.

Li Yan had been to C City before, and from time to time, he interjected them, so it seemed that they chatted happily. After a while, Li Yan's assistant came over, then Li Yan said to Wu Shiyu, "I'll come and see you tomorrow," then left.

"Sis, this superstar is really good to you, you can consider him!" Xia Yu had long noticed that Li Yan was acting unusually towards her sister, hence she started to interrogate her as soon as he left.

"Don't spout nonsense. He thinks that I'm very suitable for the female lead of his next movie. He came over to ask if I was interested in. We can't even be considered as friends." Wu Shiyu hurriedly explained. She and Li Yan were both actors, if they walked a little closer, they would be misunderstood. If there were rumors from her people, it would be so terrible.

"Why are you so anxious? I was just casually saying it." How could Xia Yu not know what her cousin was thinking about! She hadn't forgotten Shen Mo yet. But is that Shen Mo her style? She wanted to persuade her with a few words, but she was afraid that she would feel sad, so she didn't say anything more.

"There are some jokes that cannot be made. Xiao Yu, help me complete the discharge formalities. I want to leave the hospital." Xia Yu was back, and Wu Shiyu had the courage to leave the hospital.

Besides, she couldn't afford to waste time in the hospital. There were still several words to be finished.

Xia Yu shook her head. "Sis, it's already very late, let's leave it tomorrow. I'll come to pick you up early tomorrow."

Wu Shiyu thought that it was right, there was no need to rush tonight, and she did not persist either.

After visiting her cousin, Xia Yu went back to the company. Most people left now, but Shen Qiang and Liu Sijie were definitely still here, so she had to go to take a look.

"Sis, you're finally back." The moment Xia Yu entered the office, Shen Qiang welcomed her and pulled her along by the arm impatiently, pulling her into Liu Sijie's office.

"It seems like you have something in your mind?" Xia Yu glanced at Shen Qiang as he walked.

"The thing is that I want to run an event at the company and invite some lucky regular customers to join us. Sijie thinks it's feasible, so you should give us some advice too." Shen Qiang really did something while he was in S City. Not only did he sign the contract with his father, he even thought of a good idea.

"Liu Sijie said it would be good, presumably not be bad. I really didn't discover that our Xiao Qiang had some tricks up his sleeve." Xia Yu had to look at him differently.

She had heard that the collaboration between him and his father was not going smoothly this time. Wu Qing's mother was extremely against it. And with sufficient reason, Director Qi also hesitated, but in the end, he made it.

The child was not complacent, and the matter of the company was not left behind. He deserved to be praised.

After hearing Xia Yu's words, Shen Qiang became displeased. "Sis, how could you praise me like this?"

"You're not satisfied with that? Let me think of a few more fancy words." Xia Yu acted priggishly as if she was cudgeling her mind.

"Don't be so hypocritical, hurry up, Brother Sijie is still waiting for us." Shen Qiang laughed and dragged Xia Yu into Liu Sijie's office.

"Xia Yu, is Miss Wu better now?" Liu Sijie was looking through the documents, and he stood up when he saw Xia Yu walking in.

Xia Yu followed Shen Qiang and walked in, while replying, "There's nothing serious, she wants to leave the hospital, asking me to go pick her up tomorrow morning."

"It's good that everything is fine. Xiao Qiang's plan is pretty good, I think it can be held. Take a look at whether there are things that still need to be changed and submit them to Young Master Yan tomorrow." Liu Sijie passed the plan to Xia Yu.

"Can I read it tomorrow?" It's very late now, let's go eat first. " Xia Yu was really hungry because she was so busy as soon as she came back. Besides, it is not urgent to read the plan, why would she work overtime?

It was not a problem for Liu Sijie to agree with Xia Yu, but Shen Qiang could definitely not accept it. It wasn't easy for him to make a proposal that even Liu Sijie agreed on, so how could he let go of this opportunity to show off in front of Xia Yu?

With Shen Qiang's importuning, they had to work overtime to modify their plans, then got off work.

"Xiao Qiang, shouldn't you treat us to dinner?" It was so late that Xia Yu didn't want to go back to cook.

"This is a must. Ruyi Restaurant, I have already reserved seats for you. The second brother will pay for it." What kind of person Shen Qiang was, this time, Second Brother showed himself so brilliantly, in front of the board of directors, Old Madame had rejected the nomination for the first time, letting Second Brother replace Big Brother to follow up on important projects. Shen Qiang wouldn't let go of such a chance.

Oh, she understood. It turned out that there was a reason behind this child's actions. Xia Yu laughed: "The most expensive kind?"

"Of course!" Shen Qiang's eyes were already half-closed from laughter. It would be so foolish for him to miss the opportunity under this circumstance.

They chatted and laughed as they left for Ruyi Restaurant. As soon as they entered the lobby, the manager came over. Young Master Yan had already ordered that Third Young Master could eat whatever he wanted. This was a glutton, serving him well could be more profitably than serving ten tables of ordinary customers.

"Third Young Master, please come in. The snacks have already been served. They are all made just now, so we can guarantee their freshness."

"Alright, the dishes can be served now. I want the most expensive ones as well as those I have never tasted before." Shen Qiang had already enquired clearly, Ruyi's boss had recently released new dishes, he had to taste it.

"Third Young Master, you're here, that's a must!" The lobby manager personally led them into the private room and served them for a while before leaving.

"Xiao Qiang, your taste has been improved." Xia Yu and Liu Sijie teased him on the side.

"What kind of taste do you have if you spend all day with the servants?" The door to the private room was pushed open, and Zeng Mina leaned on the door frame with a face full of ridicule.

During this trip to C City, not only had she suffered grievance, even the contract had been robbed by Xia Yu. When she returned, her father was angry with her for such a while. She had planned to come over to relax but unexpectedly encountered her enemies.

"Zeng Mina, do you know what you are saying? You're not welcome here, go do whatever you need to do." Shen Qiang forced himself not to stand up and push her away, but the words he said were not very pleasant to hear.

"Am I wrong? You, as the Shen Family's Third Young Master, spent money inviting a secretary and an assistant to eat and drink extravagantly. You are too absurd!" Zeng Mina gave Xia Yu a hostile glance. This woman was competent, to the point where the two Shen Family brothers were dazzled and addicted.

Unfortunately, no matter what she did, she was just a servant. It was fine to be Shen Yan's secret mistress, but if she wants to be his wife, there is no way.

"What Third Young Master, I have a name. Listen carefully, my name is Shen Qiang. Also, they are my friends!" Shen Qiang contradicted her without a trace of politeness.

"Xiao Qiang, I remind you only for the sake of your big brother. Some seductresses from Mistress Family are doomed to be mistresses. As you are with your second brother every day, you should remind him, in case it disturbed Old Madame, and it would make no one live in peace." The reason why Zeng Mina pushed the door to come in was to cause trouble. Everyone here is accomplices who had helped Shen Yan win the project.

Since Shen Qiang was a member of the Shen Family, she didn't dare to quarrel with him brazenly. As Shen Yan's assistant, Liu Sijie had long clearly stated his position that he would unconditionally support Shen Yan, so the retaliation didn't work for him.

There was only Xia Yu left, it was neither because Xia Yu's attitude was unclear, nor was it because Xia Yu was easy to be bullied. Zeng Mina just could not bear to see her following around Shen Yan all day. Furthermore, her sister Wu Shiyu, with whom Shen Mo had already stated very clearly that he would not be with; however, she was still haunting him.

In Zeng Mina's eyes, neither of these two cousins was a good person, if she could not hold her head high in front of people like them, then what was the use of her being the big miss of Zeng Family?

Since Zeng Mina appeared at the door, Xia Yu could no longer hold herself back. It was bearable to be bullied by her in C City, but it was going too far that she sent someone to threaten her cousin. How stupid she is! Wasn't it because she was Zeng Ziqiang's daughter that Shen Mo was betrothed with her? Shen Mo had never batted her eye. How could she mention it without embarrassment?

Xia Yu had wanted to fight back in the first place, and she took the initiative, then don't blame Xia Yu: "Zeng Mina, clearly explain what seductress is."

"Am I not clear enough? Xia Yu, don't think that the Old Madame will let you in the Shen Family even if you are the great benefactor of the Shen Family, which was caused by your fathers' serving Mr. Dong and by acquiring the land from him. Some women even had babies, aren't they still being mistress? Calling you mistress was praising you, who knows what you might be." Zeng Mina's words were always extremely harsh, just one sentence was enough to strike the crowd.

"Zeng Mina, I do not dare to accept the name as the benefactor, as for mistress, and the women you mentioned, aren't they all Shen Yan's women? As for the two of us, he admitted that he had me in his heart. Whether we are happy or not is the only thing that matters. However, some people would never have the slightest bit of relationship with him. That would be truly annoying." It wasn't like Xia Yu didn't know how to pick up nasty words to say.

In any case, the relationship between she and Shen Yan was aboveboard, unlike some people who were dark and evil.,

"You admit that you have an affair with Shen Yan, and became his mistress?" Zeng Mina had initially prepared a bellyful of words, but now, she was thrown into astonishment by Xia Yu's words, saying that they were all Shen Yan's women.

She had seen many mistresses, but she had never seen someone like Xia Yu, who acted as a mistress so frankly and righteously.

"Admitting it or not doesn't have anything to do with you, Zeng Mina. You're not his wife, do you have the right to catch adultery?" Xia Yu glanced at her in disdain. She didn't even have the qualifications to ask.

Aiyo! This is …

Zeng Mina was angered to the point that she did not know what to do, with her finger pointing at her, unable to say a word.

Xia Yu looked at her calmly!

Neither of the two men in the room spoke. If someone came over to look for abuse, what else could they say?

Time stood still in the room, which is so quiet that they could even hear each other's breath.

"Miss Zeng, please excuse me. I have to serve the dishes." The waiter looked apologetically at Zeng Mina, as she was blocking his way.

Zeng Mina regained her senses, raised her head, and looked at the waiter, and shifted to the side. The waiter thanked her and carried the tray into the room.

Xia Yu's gaze was still on Zeng Mina. Seeing that she was still there, she squinted her eyes, with a glance which means "Refuse to leave? You wouldn't be waiting for us to invite u to eat with us, right?"

You're good! Zeng Mina clenched her teeth and sneered, she then pointed at Xia Yu and shot her a glance which meant "it was not over" as well. Then she turned around and disappeared at the end of the corridor.


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