Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 151 Poor Observation
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 151 Poor Observation

They had a pleasant meal without anyone annoying present. After dinner, they went home without a stroll. Shen Yan was watching TV in the living room which was quite rare before. They were all tired and just greeted him and went to their bedrooms.

Shen Yan turned off the TV and walked towards Xia Yu's room. As she was about to close the door, Shen Yan squeezed in and closed the door behind him.

Seeing Shen Yan entering Xia Yu's room, Shen Qiang recalled that Mina had looked for the trouble of Xia Yu during the dinner. He thought that Shen Yan had heard some bad words from Mina, so he intended to help Xia Yu.

"Qiang, what are you doing?" Liu Sijie pulled him back and shook head to tell him not to go.

Shen Qiang believed that he had to go help because it was not Xin Yu's fault, so he insisted, "Brother Sijie, it was Mina's fault."

Liu Sijie still pulled him tightly. With his eyes glancing at Xia Yu's room, he lowered his voice, "I know, your brother won't question Xia Yu for Mina. I think it's because of something else."

"What else? What is it?" Shen Qiang looked at Liu Sijie in doubt. Why didn't he know anything about it?

"None of your business, kid." Liu Sijie released Shen Qiang, warning him again not to disturb them, and planned to return to his room.

Shen Qiang felt that there must be something important they were hiding from him. That's nonsense; he was one of them and should know about it!.

He pulled Liu Sijie back, "Tell me what's happening before you leave."

Liu Sijie could do nothing but tell him more, "Haven't you noticed that your brother and Xia Yu were different from the past after returning from C City? Kid, you really have a poor observation."

Different? Shen Qiang took another look at Xia Yu's room and turned back to find that Liu Sijie had already entered his room, so he quickly followed, "What's the difference?"

Seeing Shen Yan following in, Xia Yu asked, "What's the matter?"

Shen Yan passed a card to Xia Yu, "That woman wants money again, and she wants cash only. You withdraw 500,000 RMB from bank tomorrow and send it to her."

Send money to that woman again? Xia Yu was speechless, she looked at the card with her lips twitching. If her father knew this was her work, he would laugh at her.

"Mr. Shen, can't you think of other methods?" The only way to deal with Jiang Yayan was giving her money. It was true that Shen Family had plenty of money, but as Shen Yan's status rose in his family, Jiang Yayan would threat him more and more. Shen Yan would eventually be unable to satisfy her any more.

Shen Yan exhaled and said, "What's your idea?"

Xia Yu snatched the card. She had no idea at all and decided to give Jiang Yayan the money. "I'll send the money tomorrow morning."

"Mm, alright. As for your money, I will transfer it to your card." Then Shen Yan walked out of Xia Yu's room.

To my card? It sounded like I was a pimp. Xia Yu put her tongue out towards Shen Yan, then threw the card onto the bed and went to take a shower.

She slept the whole night soundly. When she woke up, it was still early. Meanwhile, she was in a good mood, so she prepared breakfast by herself.

When all of them woke up, she had brought breakfast to the table and was waiting for them.

"It's great to have breakfast!" Shen Qiang smelled the food and was about to eat. He had not brushed his teeth and washed his face yet.

Xia Yu tapped the back of his hand: "Go wash your face."

"Sister-in-law, let me have a taste. I haven't enjoyed a breakfast prepared by you for a long time." Shen Qiang looked at Xia Yu with a pitiful expression.

Sister-in-law? Xia Yu was stunned, what was he calling me? Subconsciously, she raised her head and saw Shen Yan was also filled with confusion. Seeing that Xia Yu was looking at him, he shrugged his shoulders, indicating that it had nothing to do with him.

"Stop disguising it! Brother Sijie had already told me." Before Xia Yu could say anything, Shen Qiang started shouting again. It was just dating. No need to keep it a secret.

Xia Yu and Shen Yan looked at Liu Sijie at the same time. What exactly were they disguising? Mr. Liu must give an answer.

Liu Sijie laughed awkwardly. He glanced at Xia Yu's breakfast, then quickly ran over: "It's not early anymore. Have breakfast and go to work."

A nonsense guy wanted to eat? Xia Yu decisively took the food away.

Liu Sijie looked at Shen Qiang helplessly. It was all because of his big mouth.

"Sister-in-law, as the saying goes, an ugly wife will meet her parents-in-law sooner or later. I may possibly praise you in front of your parents-in-law." Seeing Liu Sijie was punished by Xia Yu, Shen Qiang felt unfair for him.

"Don't you want to eat anymore?" Xia Yu glared at Shen Qiang fiercely. This kid was not so talkative before. Was he allergic to something he ate last night and had his brain damaged?

"Sister-in-law, now that you two have slept together, why do you keep it a secret? Being afraid that my second aunt will oppose? Don't worry, I'll plead for you. " Shen Qiang showed his passion for helping them.

What the hell did Liu Sijie tell Shen Qiang, so the kid had spoken such nonsense in the morning? Shen Yan glanced at Liu Sijie and asked him to come over.

In fact, he was also inquisitive, "Assistant Liu, Did I sleep with Xia Yu?"

Of course! Everyone of Dong Family knew that. However, Liu Sijie dared not to say it, he was afraid that his salary would be deducted, so he smiled and said, "Xia Yu's waist was hurt by you, and everyone in the Dong Family knew about it."

Oh, Shen Yan understood. He couldn't help bursting into a laugh. Would she fight against me for a bed next time? That's the consequence.

What an imagination! Xia Yu was also speechless; when she saw Shen Yan laughing shamelessly, she became even angrier. "How dare you laugh, Shen Yan?"

"Sorry, I'm not laughing, I'm not laughing…" Shen Yan apologized. He dared not to offend Xia Yu for the moment. But when he thought about Esteemed Mr. Dong would treat him as his grand-son-in-law and Xin Yu would have to explain it awkwardly, he couldn't help but laugh loudly.

Was it funny? Then you guys wouldn't have to eat. Xia Yu was so angry that she poured all the breakfast into the trash can.

"Brother Yan, can't you laugh later? I'm going to work with an empty stomach now." The breakfast was much better than those of many restaurants. Shen Qiang looked at the trash can and almost drooled.

Shen Yan glanced at him. "I want to eat the breakfast, too. I just can't help. Then Shen Yan started laughing again. He had rarely had an advantage over Xia Yu; he felt so happy to see Xia Yu being shy this time.

"Brother, think about how to explain to your grandma." Shen Qiang could tell from Shen Yan's happiness that his brother fell in love indeed. However, he had to remind his brother that this was only the first step of the long journey, and there was still a long way to go.

"Didn't you say that you could deal with them?" Hearing Shen Qiang's words, Shen Yan suddenly became severe.

Did I say that? Shen Qiang pointed at his own nose. That's right, I think I said it before, "I'll do it, I'll do it!"

Shen Qiang was not confident either. However, it was not easy for Brother Yan to like a girl. So, he neglected possible scolds of his elders. He proudly agreed.

How embarrassing it is! Xia Yu stomped her feet and went back to her room to grab her bag.

They arrived at the company a few minutes late. It was quite often for Shen Yan to be late, the employees of the Tengfei also didn't take it seriously. Besides, he had just signed a big contract, and the Old Madame thought highly of him. The employees of the company were all his fans and greeted him smilingly.

Shen Yan nodded to everyone and went into the elevator. As they walked, he said, "Xia Yu, let's change the meeting to the afternoon."

"Alright!" Xia Yu got his meaning. She would have to send money to Jiang Yayan. This man could really find good excuses, Xia Yu thought.

When they reached the office, Shen Mo and Xiang Hui had been waiting there for a long time. Shen Mo raised his arm to look at his watch. Shen Yan was five minutes late. Was he always like this?

"Elder brother, you're here?" Shen Yan noticed his movement but chose to ignore it. Then he asked the secretary at the side: "Why didn't you invite Master Mo to my office?"

Cai Yanyan was an experienced secretary. She had politely invited Shen Mo when he arrived, but Shen Mo insisted on waiting at the door till Shen Yan' coming.

"Sorry, I was just about to invite Master Mo in, and you came." Cai Yanyan concealed the truth.

Shen Yan know his brother's temper well. He did not ask more. Xia Yu had already opened the door while they were talking, she smiled and said to Shen Mo, "Please!"

With a cold expression, Shen Mo followed Shen Yan into office.

Shen Mo was not challenging Shen Yan intentionally. His attitude was barely acceptable for running a subsidiary company, but Old Madame put him in charge of such a large project, the construction of the development zone. Was he capable of doing it?

But Shen Yan was lucky enough to sign the contract, and the Old Madame insisted again and again. What else could Shen Mo do? When thought of this, Shen Mo's mood became worse. He glanced at Xia Yu, who was calm and composed, and thought of another thing. Why didn't Zhang Hanyu take any action?

"Xia Yu, you still have something else to do. Cai Yanyan is enough here." Just as they had sat down in the office, Xia Yu immediately brought over tea. Holding a teacup, Shen Yan said to her.

"Ok!" Xia Yu replied and left Shen Yan's office.

"Sister, what does my elder brother come for?" When Xia Yu came out, Shen Qiang pulled her to the side.

To others, Shen Mo's face seems like a thousand-year-ice-blade without any change, but his families could tell the differences. For example, Shen Qiang could tell that Shen Mo was very unhappy today.


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