Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 152 Someone Else
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 152 Someone Else

Xia Yu knew nothing about what Shen Qiang asked about. However, recently, Shen Mo was indeed angry. "I'm going out now. You keep an eye on them."

Shen Qiang could do nothing but nodded. However, he repeatedly told Xia Yu to return as soon as possible because he was afraid that he could not handle the situation by himself. Xia Yu nodded in agreement. She called Jiang Yayan as she got on the taxi.

Hearing it was Xia Yu, Jiang Yayan was very polite and told Xia Yu she was waiting for her at the coffee shop. Xia Yu directly withdrew the money and went to see Jiang Yayan.

"Jiangjiang, don't drink too much coffee." Seeing Jiangjiang holding a large cup of coffee and eagerly drinking it, Xia Yu touched his head and tried to persuade him with a smile.

"I told him before, but he wouldn't listen." Jiang Yayan shook her head: "He's just like his father."

Like his father? Xia Yu had never seen his father drinking coffee. Jiang Yayan went too far. Anything she said would involve Shen Yan. However, she could not blame her. Until now, Shen Yan still did not intend to accept them, so it was inevitable for Jiang Yayan to be anxious.

Anyway, this was their family matter. Xia Yu was the one who ran errands for Shen Yan, so it was inconvenient for her to comment: "Madame Jiang, I've brought the money. Count it and see if it's right. If there is no problem, I'll leave first. I still have work to do in the company."

"No problem. How would I dare to ask more?" Jiang Yayan had suffered losses a few times from Xia Yu, so naturally, she didn't dare to say anything in front of her.

Furthermore, she was not an innocent woman. She knew how much money was in that bag. Although there was not as much as she wanted, it was still a good number that she could accept.

"Madame Jiang, he has his troubles. Give him more time." Xia Yu knew what Jiang Yayan was thinking about, and Shen Yan should have come to see their child.

Xia Yu had been getting along with Shen Yan for a long time. She didn't think he was a heartless man. However, he indeed owed the child much. Xia Yu wondered if he had other reasons.

"As his girlfriend, Miss Xia, I should thank you for being so generous. No matter how you say about me, selfish or greedy, I'll accept that. After all, I'm just an ordinary woman, and I cannot control myself. I'll have to ask Miss Xia to deliver a message for me. If he is still like this, I can't guarantee not to take his child to his home. " Jiang Yayan's eyes turned red. Shen Yan's position in the Shen Family was getting higher and higher. Even if he didn't want to see them, why not give them more money?

However, the truth was, he never wanted to give them money if Jiang Yayan didn't ask. Jiang Yayan's heart had been wholly hurt.

"Miss Jiang, I don't know how do you know that I'm his girlfriend, but I must tell you seriously that you're mistaken. As for whether to bring your child to his home, you may decide it. You are a reasonable woman so that I won't say much more. " Hearing the word "girlfriend", Xia Yu felt a headache.

"Miss Xia, don't try to hide it from me. I heard the argument between you and Miss Zeng at Ruyi Restaurant yesterday. " Hearing Xia Yu's denial, Jiang Yayan's expression also turned gloomy.

Shen Yan hid from her, while Xia Yu tried to deny her relationship with him. Then whom should Jiang Yayan reason with?

Was she also there yesterday? It seemed that her life was quite comfortable. Xia Yu laughed: "Madame Jiang, since you were with him for so many years, you should know about the women around him. You know Zeng Mina so well that I don't need to tell much about her. She intended to trouble me unreasonably, can't I deny it? However, I can tell you responsibly that I am not his girlfriend. "

Jiang Yayan knew well about Zeng Mina. However, Xia Yu dared to argue with Zeng Mina, which meant she did not care about her at all. So, Jiang Yayan supposed that Xia Yu should not care about her either whom Shen Yan never accepted, and she had no reason to lie to her.

Could it be true that Xia Yu was not his girlfriend? Jiang Yayan pondered for a while, then said: "Since I heard what you said and he trusted you so much, I thought you were truly his girlfriend. However, think about this, the Shen Family is such a family that they could hardly accept a girl like us who is from an ordinary family."

"I don't think so. If Sister Xia says yes to my proposal, I'll immediately marry her." The giggling Zhang Peng sat down next to Jiangjiang and pretended to be affectionate when he looked at Xia Yu.

"Fair enough. If your fiancée hears this, I will be in danger." Zhang Peng liked to talk nonsense. Xia Yu was used to it, so she made a joke about it.

Ever since the last unpleasant meal, Xia Yu hadn't seen Zhang Peng for a while. She wondered if he was scolded when he returned home.

"If she disrespects you, I will not let her go." Zhang Peng's face turned ashen when he heard Xia Yu mentioned Bai Hong. From his expression, she knew he must have suffered a significant loss at that time.

"Xia Yu didn't provoke me. Why would I trouble her?" When they talked of Bai Hong, Bai Hong appeared. In a second, there was a quite familiar face appearing opposite to Zhang Peng.

They two didn't look good. Xia Yu was worried in her heart. Since she wasn't familiar with them, she should not interfere with their private affair. She was here to deliver the money for Shen Yan, now her mission was completed, and it was time to leave.

Xia Yu stood up and said with a smile: "Everyone, I have something to deal with in the company. Excuse me!"

Jiang Yayan was not a fool. She stood up, too: "Jiangjiang should go to kindergarten now."

"Wait! Xia Yu should leave. That's ok. Jiang Yayan, if you leave like this, how should I stay in S city in the future?" Bai Hong stood up and pulled Jiang Yayan back.

Jiangjiang, who had been eating and did not say a word all the time, was so scared that he stopped eating. He looked up at Bai Hong and involuntarily leaned towards Jiang Yayan.

"Mom, I'm scared!"

"Jiangjiang, don't be afraid. I'm here." Jiang Yayan shook off Bai Hong's hands, bent over and hugged Jiangjiang, consoling him continuously.

"Bai Hong, are you crazy? You scared the kid." Zhang Peng could not bear it anymore, as he slammed the table and stood up.

Xia Yu, who was about to leave, saw they were going to get worse. She had to turn around and persuaded them: "It is a public place here. You guys are celebrities. It won't be good if someone recognizes you."

"Since they are shameless, why should I keep their grace?" Seeing Zhang Peng protecting Jiang Yayan in public, Bai Hong was so angry that she lost her mind. She said frankly without thinking: "This little bastard, he doesn't look like Young Master Yan at all. I think his father must be someone else."

Heard those words, Jiang Yayan's face immediately became deathly pale as if she was struck by the thunderbolt. She held Jiang Jiang, and her arms trembled terribly.

Zhang Peng and Xia Yu were also extremely confused. The affair of Shen Yan and Jiang Yayan was an essential thing in the Shen Family. It was a forbidden topic. No one could talk about it in public. How could Bai Hong talk about it everywhere?

Zhang Peng reacted first. He raised his hand and slapped her, "You crazy woman, if you keep spouting nonsense, you'll be prisoned in the mental hospital."

Bai Hong also realized she did something wrong. She was just regretting, but Zhang Peng's slap had come already.

This slap irritated Bai Hong. Did she say something wrong? He did it, and this bastard was already several years old. Why not allow others to talk about it?

Bai Hong slapped Zhang Peng in return: "Zhang Peng, whom do you think you are? You dare to slap me?!"

Of course, Zhang Peng was not a man who would take a beating. He was about to rush over.

If they were to fight, Bai Hong would suffer. Xia Yu didn't have a good impression of Bai Hong who even lowered herself to stay with Luo Jiancheng, and sympathized with Zhang Peng, but she couldn't watch Zhang Peng to beat Bai Hong.

She quickly took a step forward and hugged Zhang Peng's waist: "Young Master Zhang, Jiangjiang was scared. Calm down."

Zhang Peng needed to respect Xia Yu. Moreover, since he was hugged by Xia Yu, he could only give up rushing. However, his eyes were glaring at Bai Hong angrily, as if to tell Bai Hong it was not over yet.

Bai Hong was not a weak lady either. Zhang Peng could not move, but she could. She didn't forget why she was here. She rolled up her sleeves and rushed to Jiang Yayan.

"You shameless vixen. Don't you know how you look like? You already have your man, but you still want other's man. Such an appetite? Aren't you afraid of eating to death?" While speaking, she had already pulled Jiang Yayan over and slapped her on her left face and right face continuously. Jiang Yayan's face instantly turned red and swollen.

Bai Hong slapped so hard that Jiang Yayan's head was buzzing for a long while. The pain was nothing. What was important was Bai Hong's words.

"You already have your man but still want other's man." It was apparent that Bai Hong had discovered their affair. Could it be that the person who appeared on the roof that night was not Xia Yu whom they suspected of, but Bai Hong?

At that time, Bai Hong kept it a secret because they had promised each other that they wouldn't interfere with each other's private things. Now she revealed it, probably because the affair of she and Luo Jiancheng influenced her too much. Luo Jiancheng's wife did not stop bothering her, and Zhang Peng wanted to take this opportunity to end the engagement with her. It provoked her, so she came over to make trouble.

This woman was crazy, and no one could stop her. If the news went to Shen Yan's ears, he would never forgive Zhang Peng. Zhang Peng's anger was immediately suppressed. He lowered his head and refused to look at the two women opposite to him.

Since Bai Hong knew his weakness, Zhang Peng dared not to beat her anymore. So, Xia Yu let go of him and went to persuade Bai Hong.

"Miss Bai, if you have something to say, find a quiet place to talk about it frankly. Why are you agitated." Xia Yu tried to pull the two women apart.

Although Jiang Yayan and Zhang Peng had a guilty relationship, no evidence could prove their guilt. Furthermore, Jiang Yayan was still relying on Shen Yan. If Xia Yu told Shen Yan what happened just now, it would be big trouble.

Therefore, Jiang Yayan would try everything she could and not let Bai Hong get any evidence. Immediately, she started to sob, "Miss Bai, you couple are in conflict, so you are unhappy, but you should not vent your anger on others. Without any evidence, you harmed my innocence in front of my children. You need to give me an explanation."

"Fuck you! How can an unmarried woman having a child say she's innocent? This the first time I heard it." This was the most interesting joke Bai Hong had ever heard. She was provoked to laugh.

"Is this what I want? It's because his family disagrees with our relationship. " Jiang Yayan began to cry in a grievance.

So that was it. Bai Hong sneered, "Tell me, why should they agree? Do you have a good relationship with him?"


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