Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 153 Call Me If You Need Anything
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 153 Call Me If You Need Anything

As the saying went, you should never try to rake up other's faults. People like Jiang Yayan were indeed despicable, but Bai Hong went too far by saying such words in front of their kid. Furthermore, Jiang Yayan and Shen Yan's story should not be revealed to the public.

Since lookers-on were about to surround them, they should stop it from deteriorating. Xia Yu gave Zhang Peng a meaningful glance, indicating him to persuade Bai Hong to leave.

It would not benefit anyone to cause a ruckus. Zhang Peng knew it as well, but how could he persuade Bai Hong? Without hesitation, he chose Jiang Yayan as he reached out, carried Jiangjiang, and walked out with giant strides.

"He actually left with the shameless woman in front of me!" Bai Hong could hardly swallow her anger. She pushed Xia Yu, who was blocking in front of her and wanted to chase after him.

Xia Yu meant for Zhang Peng to take away Bai Hong, but he took Jiang Yayan away. Wasn't this adding fuel to the fire? However, no matter what, Xia Yu could not let Bai Hong catch up with him.

"Miss Bai. Take it easy! " Xia Yu held onto Bai Hong's arm.

After all, Jiang Yayan could not bear to be exposed, so seeing Xia Yu was dealing with Bai Hong, she quickly ran out of the coffee shop.

Bai Hong saw that she could no longer catch up, and grumbled at Xia Yu for quite a while, "I say, what happened to you? How dare you help that slut to escape? Aren't you afraid that I will tell your Second Madame? "

Xia Yu laughed, then released Bai Hong. "If you really do that, you will help me out."

Was she willing to do this? Wasn't it that Shen Yan forced her so much that she had no other way?

Anyway, Xia Yu's words were reasonable. Bai Hong sighed, and followed Xia Yu out: "I was angered and insane that I made a faux pas and even got Young Master Yan involved into it. I hope no one spread what happened just now."

"I hope so." Since she had already said it, Xia Yu could not make her take her words back. After sending Bai Hong back to the car, she went back to the company herself.

However, the moment she stepped into the office building, Xia Yu felt that something was strange. The usually talkative little sister at the front desk did not have her usual enthusiasm. When seeing Xia Yu enter, she just nodded her head and turned to peek inside.

From this, Xia Yu knew that there was something wrong. Could it be that the two young masters had gotten into a fight? This was in the company, and Liu Sijie, Xiang Hui and Shen Qiang were also there. How could they let the two conflict with each other?

Xia Yu looked to the others and found that their heads were all lowered intentionally, and they seemed busy with work. This scene told her that there must be something wrong in the company. Xia Yu's heart sank bit by bit. This kind of feeling wasn't good, but it couldn't be removed.

When she arrived at the office, she did not feel much tension. However, everyone had a serious expression. Anyone who saw this would know that something was wrong.

"Xia Yu, you're back?" Fang Feifei quickly pulled Xia Yu into the tea room, and even closed the door: "You probably haven't heard that the Sales Department's director assistant lost his money on the stock market, and secretly took over the sales payment. The customer made the payment, but they did not receive the goods, so they came to our company."

No wonder everyone had a weird expression. This man was too bold. He dared to use this kind of money. Xia Yu shook her head and asked: "How did Young Master Yan deal with this?"

"He gets bad luck. Unluckily, it happened when Young Master Mo came over to discuss things with Young Master Yan. Furthermore, the customer's words were a bit unpleasant as well. Since this matter was so terrible that even the headquarter knew about it, he had to punish him severely." Fang Feifei felt pity for the assistant. It was sure that he would be expelled because of embezzlement, but if it was not made public, it would not be difficult for him to find a job with his work experience. However, right now, it was hard to say if he could find a job.

"Yeah, his luck is too bad." Xia Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Shen Yan was going to take charge of the project of the development zone, but at this moment, the company has such an incident. It was indeed a headache: "Has Young Master Mo left?"

It didn't matter if something happened to him. She was worried that the staff would be implicated. If so, it would be inevitable for the whole company to study and rectify itself.

There was one more thing that troubled Xia Yu. Bai Hong had shouted at the coffee shop just now. Xia Yu was afraid that there would be people trying to cause trouble and uploading the video online. She had to tell Shen Yan to take precautions.

"He left, so did Young Master Yan." Shen Yan had a call and left with a gloomy expression.

Did he leave too? Xia Yu frowned: "Did he say anything before he left? And where is Shen Qiang? Is he here? "

"Shen Qiang also left a few minutes before you came back. The company only has Assistant Liu now." Fang Feifei was an old employer of the company and did not tell Xia Yu all these until she sensed that the atmosphere was different, which made her mentally prepare herself.

Even Shen Qiang had left. Could it be that Old Madame was angry? Every company had a few villains. If something went wrong, wouldn't it be fine to think of a way to remedy it? What was the meaning of calling everyone back?

When Xia Yu returned to her own office, she immediately sent a message to Shen Yan, asking about how it was going on now.

Shen Yan replied with nothing but a word "troublesome".

The headquarter just wanted to nominate Shen Yan to oversee the development zone. There was corruption and an affair here. It didn't seem like a coincidence! The more Xia Yu thought about it, the more she felt that something was amiss. She picked up the phone and called Liu Sijie: "Put aside what you are doing and come to my office."

"I'm afraid I can't. The order to clean up Tengfei is from Old Madame." Liu Sijie was currently in a meeting with a few mid-level managers, so even if Xia Yu had an important thing, she still needed to wait.

"Will Tengfei close up if you do not clean up today? Get everyone back to work. You must come over now. " As expected, Old Madame was involved, there were people who did not let Shen Yan take charge of the development zone's project.

In terms of position, Liu Sijie was higher than Xia Yu. Furthermore, Xia Yu had always been a well-behaved person and was very respectful to Liu Sijie. Now she talked to him in such a commanding tone. It indicated that she really got a severe issue.

Liu Sijie stood up without hesitation. "That's it for today's meeting. Do what you have to do."

Right now, every one in the company was in a panic, and no one wanted to make a mistake and make himself in danger. They didn't know what they should do, but Liu Sijie didn't even give them time to ask a question before he left.

Everyone had a very gloomy expression as they watched Liu Sijie leave the conference room. They were all guessing that something might have happened.

"Do you think if Old Madame will be too angry and hand over the development zone projects to Young Master Mo?"

"It seems possible."

"Young Master Yan was really unlucky. He has finally signed the contract with such difficulty, and yet such a thing happened. All his efforts are in vain."

"You are right. His luck is just too bad. "

They were discussing, while on the other side, Liu Sijie pushed open the door to Xia Yu's office: "What happened?"

"This might be a trap set up by someone. Don't hurry to deal with the company's thing. Hurry and contact the media to stop Jiang Yayan's story from spreading." Right now, Xia Yu was sure that someone was setting up a trap. The video about Jiang Yayan and Bai Hong's quarreling could not be put on the internet.

Was there something else? Liu Sijie was frightened to the point that he broke out in cold sweat. He turned around and walked out, "I'll go right now. You will be handling the company."

With such a significant incident, everyone was busy. Xia Yu naturally could not stay in the company. The moment Liu Sijie left, she called Fang Feifei in. "Something has happened to the company. Everyone should be careful. Don't let anyone else enter the company, especially the media. "

"Don't worry about that. I've already talked about it with the security department." Fang Feifei said.

Xia Yu nodded her head: "You are a responsible person, so you should spend more time on the company. I'm going out for a while and will be back soon. Call me if you need anything."

"Don't worry." Fang Feifei said and walked out.

After Fang Feifei left, Xia Yu picked up the phone and called to Second Madame, requesting her to meet her. She said she had a crucial thing to talk with her.

Second Madame had already known about the critical thing that Xia Yu mentioned? She was Shen Yan's mother. How could she not think for her son? The problem was that this child was too unreliable. He became complacent just because he made a small achievement.

He began to feel complacent even before getting the project and was late in the morning with his assistant secretary. With his management way, how could the company not get into trouble?

"Do you think it's useful to talk with me at this point?" Second Madame said in an unpleased tone. If it weren't for the fact that Xia Yu had contributed, Second Madame would not be so courteous to her.

"Second Madame, we have to do something no matter it's useful or not. It's not convenient to talk on the phone. Let's talk in person." Xia Yu said anxiously.

"I'm in the headquarter right now. Come over here." Since her son had made it to this step with great difficulty, and Xia Yu had many ideas, why not listen to what she would say?

"I'll be right there." Xia Yu didn't even say goodbye before she immediately hung up. She grabbed her bag and rushed into the elevator.

"What happened again? Look at how anxious Xia Yu is. "

"Yeah. Xia Yu usually keeps to the rules, but today, to save time, she actually took the President's private elevator."

"Do you think something happened to Young Master Yan?"

"Don't say this. What could happen to him?"

As Xia Yu left, everyone began to discuss once again.

Of course, Xia Yu couldn't hear that. She quickly got on a taxi and directly went to the headquarter. After she got out of the car, she ran into the building. She almost bumped into Zeng Mina.

"Sorry!" Xia Yu didn't even clearly see who the one was, and subconsciously said with "thank you" before she continued running inside.

"Isn't this Young Master Yan's mistress? Why are you so rushing? What happened to Young Master Yan? " Zeng Mina looked at Xia Yu proudly, so what was the use that she had signed the contract. She was helping others to take the project at the end.

Unfortunately, Xia Yu really had something on her mind. She ignored her and continued to run inside.

"Rushing to death?" Being ignored by Xia Yu, Zeng Mina's anger immediately rose.

Xia Yu did not care whether she was angry or not, immediately rushing into Second Madame's office. Her secretary tried to stop her but failed. "Second Madame, quickly, go find Old Madame. Only she can settle this matter."

Xia Yu directly barged into the office and gave Second Madame a big shock. She then spoke some strange words, which made Second Madame even more shocked. She immediately stood up. "What's the matter? Don't worry. Speak slowly."

After that, she waved to the secretary at the door, signaling her to close the door and leave.

"Probably someone instigated Bai Hong. Bai Hong went to find trouble with Jiang Yayan. In front of everyone, she revealed the affair about Jiang Yayan and Shen Yan." Xia Yu briefly described what happened in the coffee shop to Second Madame.

What a shrewd woman Second Madame was. She immediately understood that her son had been tricked again.

His affair with Jiang Yayan was even brought out. The guy must be trying to exterminate him. Since you all were so ruthless and wanted to kill him, then she must ask Old Madame if Shen Yan was her grandson.

"Come with me to see Old Madame!"


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