Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 154 Only Old Madame Can Settle I
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 154 Only Old Madame Can Settle I

In Old Madame's office, the situation was severe. The three brothers of the Shen family and Yang Weiye did not dare to move, as they lowered their heads to listen to Old Madame's reprimand.

Old Madame had always thought that Shen Yan was just a bit talkative, and he was good at work. However, the company was in a mess.

This child might be a little smart, but he still lacked management. Looks like she still can't ask too much of him. Especially the project in the development zone, since it was the most significant investment of Shen's in the past ten years, it was indeed risky to give it to him.

"Weiye, the manager of the development zone project needs to listen to everyone's opinions. There's no need to decide so quickly. How do you think?" This project was related to the future of the entire Shen's, so she had to be cautious.

Did grandmother want another manager? How could she do it? Shen Qiang was the first to refuse: "Grandma, this is not fair, Second Brother got the contract, he should be in charge."

"Did I say that I want him to leave?" Old Madame glanced at Shen Qiang. Previously, when First Madame said that this child was Shen Yan's buddy, she thought that First Madame was just envious and ignored her.

Now it seemed that it was true. As soon as she spoke up, he immediately spoke for Shen Yan. They were not working hard but did quite well in playing tricks.

So, she was even more worried about giving the project to Shen Yan.

"Grandma, what Xiao Qiang said was reasonable. We just decided to put Xiao Yan in charge of this project, but later, we want to discuss it again. What do you expect the other shareholders to think?" Shen Mo looked at Yang Weiye, seeing that he had no intention to speak, and was afraid that Shen Qiang would make Old Madame angry, so he spoke.

Listening to the big brother's words! This was the demeanor of a general. Old Madame looked at Shen Mo with praise and pointed at Shen Qiang. Out of the corner of her eyes, she shot a glance at Shen Yan, only to see him looking at his phone with a calm expression.

Shouldn't he say something right now? How come he was still in the mood to play his phone? She wanted to see what he was doing exactly. Old Madame walked over and took his phone.

Shen Yan was sending two words to Xia Yu: Very troublesome!

"Shen Yan, who gave Xia Yu the right to interfere with the main company's matters?" Shen Yan brought Xia Yu to C City. Since there were special reasons, so Old Madame could let it go. Did she think that she could do anything just because she did something right?

This woman was genuinely scheming, but she forgot whom she was playing with! Old Madame's expression instantly turned cold.

"Grandmother, you should know what she was talking about before you lose your temper!" Shen Yan calmly raised his head and smiled at Old Madame.

It seemed that Zeng Mina's report was finally useful. At that time, Old Madame did not say anything because she did not want to affect the work, and now she was going to settle this matter.

With Shen Yan's reminder, Old Madame checked the messages that Xia Yu sent over previously. She couldn't find any words about the development zone project, so she coughed dryly and didn't say anything else.

"Shen Yan, grandma is afraid of the other board members saying that Xia Yu has overstepped the line, it will affect her future." Old Madame didn't know what to say for a long time, so Shen Mo had to be the peacemaker again.

Shen Yan's expression did not change at all, "Don't worry, grandmother and big brother. According to Zeng Mina, a person like Xia Yu, who was born in a servant's family, is good at guessing what the master is thinking. She will not make any mistakes like this. "

Shen Yan's seemingly casual words revealed the critical point of this matter. The Zeng Family was the persecutors and the troublemaker, why did you not question them but make difficulties for the hero?

The truth was, the decision makers were afraid of the Zeng's family. If they wanted to compromise with the Zeng family, why would he waste so much effort to make the deal? They could just let the Zeng Family show it off with the contract. In that way, at least the Shen family could have an excuse to step down since the Zeng family was compelling.

"Xiao Yan, what are you saying? Why are you bringing up Miss Zeng when we're talking about your problem?" Old Madame handed the phone over to Shen Yan: "This time, the problem has nothing to do with others."

"I admit that I am responsible. However, the matter is still under investigation. I will give everyone an explanation." In the end, it's his fault. Shen Yan sighed.

He suddenly became a slave rather than the prince only with one incident. He should listen to Liu Sijie and fire those guys, and then there might not be this problem.

"What are you investigating? It's so obvious!" It's not that Old Madame didn't want him to delay it, but the customers would not allow it? Now the most important thing was to make the customers calm down. Was he aware of it?

"Grandma, Xiao Yan is the president of the company. He knows what should be done." Seeing that Old Madame was still in a hurry, Shen Mo hurriedly helped her to sit in a chair. After all, she was too old to stand for a long time.

"Yes, you're the big brother. You have to spend more time on these two little brothers from now on." Old Madame was truly tired, not only her body but also her heart. She wanted to take a good rest, but these children didn't give her a chance.

What an actor! Shen Qiang humphed, and looked at the chandelier on the ceiling.

Shen Yan continued to play with his phone, and Yang Weiye was remaining silence. What could he say? Back then, he had told Old Madame to let Shen Mo take over this project to prevent the possible troubles. Old Madame didn't listen to him, and now the problem had come.

It would be much easier if Shen Yan did not take over anything in the beginning. But now, if he was kicked out, even there was a reason, what would happen to his reputation? He could barely stay in Shen's for any longer, what would those shareholders think of him?

Thus, Yang Weiye was unable to open his mouth.

The silence in the room was suffocating, and it became more and more awkward.

At this time, Second Madame had already brought Xia Yu to Old Madame's door and extended her hand out to knock.

The secretary quickly reported it to First Madame when she saw this.

Second Madame's appearing must not be a good thing. Of course, First Madame would not allow her son to handle so many people by himself. She looked at Zeng Mina and said, "Let's go and take a look."

This was what Zeng Mina was waiting for. When she was downstairs, she saw Xia Yu rushing over anxiously, and already guessed a bit, she also wanted to know what this woman said to Second Madame. She stood up and followed First Madame.

"Second Madame, didn't Old Madame say that no one could disturb while she was discussing business? What are you doing? " First Madame knew what happened today. Her son had the upper hand, so she naturally would not let Second Madame cause any trouble.

Without waiting for Second Madame to speak, Xia Yu spoke up aside: "There is one matter which is related about Young Master Yan's reputation, and even the reputation of the entire Shen family, Liu Sijie has dealt it already. However, the matter is too severe, and we do not dare to make the decision, so we could only come over to report to Old Madame. "

First Madame was startled, and quickly asked: "Does Young Master Yan know?"

"He still doesn't know. When it happened, he was already in the main company, which was why I had to come to Second Madame. She didn't dare make the decision either, which was why we came to Old Madame." Xia Yu reported truthfully.

Zeng Mina finally understood why Xia Yu was so flustered earlier. Sigh! Shen Yan had many problems to deal with.

First Madame had the same thoughts as Zeng Mina. She had said that the kid didn't know how to act appropriately long ago, and only Old Madame trusted him. Now there was a big problem. A problem could only be settled by Old Madame.

What kind of problem was this? If they had known that this child was such a troublemaker earlier, why would they spend so much time and effort? How good would it be to watch aside?

First Madame's mood immediately improved, but on the surface, she pretended to be very concerned. "Since it's so important, what are we waiting for? Quickly go in and report!"

Saying that, she took the lead and knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Although Old Madame had told people to wait for them to come out no matter how big the issue might be, she let them come in since the door was knocked so hurriedly, "What is it?"

When she saw First Madame, Second Madame, Zeng Mina, and Xia Yu, Old Madame was displeased, did they treat her words as trash? Did they want to rebel?

"Old Madame, something big has happened. Xia Yu will tell you." First Madame knocked on the door, but she didn't know what exactly happened, so she had to hand over the initiative to Xia Yu.

Something big again? Old Madame wanted to know how big it was. Raising her head, Old Madame's sharp gaze fell upon Xia Yu. "Speak!"

"The affair between Young Master Yan and Jiang Yayan might be exposed. We want to know what to do." Xia Yu said.

It's that thing! Shen Yan's expression immediately changed.

"What?" Old Madame stood up immediately: "What do you mean by might be exposed? Explain it."

"In the morning, Jiang Yayan and Zhang Peng angered Bai Hong in the coffee shop, and during the argument, she revealed the affair between Jiang Yayan and Young Master Yan. At that time, there were many people in the coffee shop, and Zhang Peng and Bai Hong were famous people, so Liu Sijie and I were worried that some people would take photos and hand them over to the media. Liu Sijie went to the media to control the situation. However, he just texted me that there were already a few media guys who said that their bosses had made the decisions to expose it, and they could do nothing." Xia Yu told them everything that had happened previously. If the affair were to be exposed, it would affect the reputation of the Shen family. It depended on Old Madame's decision.

Even Liu Sijie could not control it. Something that even Shen Yan could not solve; it seemed like it was not that simple.

Old Madame's gaze landed on Shen Yan. The shocking expression on his face had not receded. She exhaled, and pick up the phone on the table: "Speak, what are those media?"

Xia Yu told her the name of the media.

Old Madame called every single one of them, and only her voice could be heard in the office. Everyone else was standing there quietly.

Only First Madame kept glancing at Zeng Mina. Didn't she say that Bai Hong's target was Xia Yu? Why did it end in the fighting between Bai Hong and Jiang Yayan, and this significant matter was revealed?

Zeng Mina also wanted to know why. Not long ago, Bai Hong argued with Wu Qing in the restaurant because of Shen Yan. She told Bai Hong that Xia Yu and Shen Yan were already living together. With Bai Hong's personality, she should go to find Xia Yu. How come she argued with Jiang Yayan?

They looked at each other. Other people might not pay attention, but Old Madame had seen it. After the calls were done, she looked at the people in the room and said: "Since both Xiao Mo and Xiao Qiang disagree with the change, Xiao Yan, you could go back and get prepared. Rest of you, return to your work. Xia Yu stays. "


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