Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 155 Bold Enough
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 155 Bold Enough

"What happened? Why did Bai Hong say it out?" Once she returned to her own office, First Madame immediately asked Zeng Mina.

"Could it be that Xia Yu was making things up?" Zeng Mina really couldn't understand, there was no reason.

First Madame shook her head. "Impossible, even if she has the guts, she won't dare to say this thing in front of Old Madame."

As the two were talking, Shen Mo also came in, "It's Bai Hong who expose that thing."

It was not that Liu Sijie couldn't handle it; he could resolve it at a bigger price. Why Xia Yu told it to Old Madame was to let her know that someone was scheming against Shen Yan.

At this time, Tengfei's sales department had got problems, and Old Madame had already suspected that someone was up to no good. Shen Yan did make mistakes in management. However, If Xia Yu and Bai Hong fight with each other for Shen Yan, Old Madame would be furious and change the person in charge of the development zone project. How come this accident would happen, and this bold woman, Xia Yu, seized the opportunity immediately.

Old Madame could accept healthy competition, even some tricks. However, if anyone has some conspiracy trick which might lead to big problems, Old Madame would never agree.

"So, what should we do now?" Zeng Mina panicked. If Shen Yan was in charge of the construction, the Zeng family could not even merely join in, let alone the discourse power.

"What should we do? Just cooperate with Shen Yan." After Shen Mo finished speaking, he turned around and walked out. No matter what, Xia Yu could not work for Shen Yan anymore. This woman was too smart. She was a big problem.

When Xia Yu came out of Old Madame's office, it was an hour later. Second Madame was so anxious. No matter what, Xia Yu was helping Shen Yan. Second Madame felt terrible for her being punished by Old Madame.

"Xia Yu, good child, you have suffered." Second Madame pulled her hand and felt sorrowful.

In all these years, they never saw Old Madame talking with anyone for so long. Could it be that Old Madame wanted Xia Yu to resign? Second Madame didn't want her to go now. She was her son's lucky star.

"I'm fine. Old Madame just asked me a few questions about the cooperation between Tengfei and Jiang's. What she meant was that problems had just occurred in the Sales Department, so we need to make the deal as soon as possible. It would be helpful to the reputation of Tengfei." Xia Yu explained with a smile. Of course, Old Madame told her many other things after keeping her stay for so long.

Xia Yu understood the rules. She would not say anything that she should not say.

So Old Madame did not force Xia Yu to resign. Second Madame could not help but heave a sigh of relief. "You must be careful this time. Don't allow others to take advantage of you."

Unknowingly, Second Madame had already treated Xia Yu as one of her people.

"I will. There are still many things to deal with in the company. I must go. I'll report to you if there's anything new." After all, this was the headquarters' office. If Xia Yu stayed in Second Madame's room for too long, someone would probably make trouble again.

Very quickly, Xia Yu left Second Madame's office and headed downstairs.

Shen Yan did not leave. He was still waiting for her at the door. When he saw her coming out, he opened the car door. Xia Yu get in, and they drove away.

"What do you think of Xia Yu?" Old Madame stood at the window and asked secretary Yang, looking at the car as it went away.

"She's talented and brilliant." There was one thing that Secretary Yang didn't dare to say: She was bold.

The matter of Jiang Yayan was a forbidden zone in the Shen family, and even Shen Mo didn't dare to mention it. How dare she talked about it in front of Old Madame. Secretary Yang was still sweating.

"Yeah, she is quite bold. I've already talked to her, and give her a position in the main company. She will stay with Shen Yan, and join in the development zone project in the future." Old Madame told Secretary Yang.

"Yes, I'll inform the HR Department right away." Secretary Yang was stunned at first but quickly recovered.

Xia Yu had significantly contributed to the contract, so it was understandable that Old Madame made such arrangements.

"Secretary Yang, where are you going?" When Zeng Mina saw her coming out from Old Madame's office, she went to her with a smile. Old Madame and Xia Yu talked for an hour, and Zeng Mina was very curious about what they talked about.

Although Zeng Mina thought that Xia Yu must have been scolded, she still wanted to know some details.

"Miss Zeng didn't go back with Young Master Mo?" Secretary Yang smiled and greeted her before saying: "Old Madame gave Xia Yu the position of vice director of the Planning Department of the main company. She will still work for Young Master Yan. Old Madame asked me to report this to Director Yang for approval before asking the HR Department to make the announcement."

What? Old Madame didn't scold her, but to give her a promotion. How was this possible? Zeng Mina was stunned. She did not even hear Secretary Yang calling her.

Secretary Yang shook her head when she saw her in a daze, then said goodbye and went to do her own business.

It took a long time for Zeng Mina to regain her sense. She had to tell her father this critical news immediately. So, she left quickly even without telling First Madame.

"We were too careless!" Zeng Ziqiang, who was still hoping things would change, went silent for a long time after hearing her daughter's words. Looks like he had to cooperate with Shen Yan this time. All right then, let's see what that wastrel could do.

"Dad, I've told you that Shen Yan is not simple, you just did not believe me, and now you know that I am right." Zeng Mina pouted, with her face filled with unhappiness.

Back then, when she begged her father more than once to support Shen Yan, he had only said that Shen Yan was not good enough. She wondered what he would feel when he had to beg that "wastrel".

"It is undeniable that he won entirely this time. However, I still have to say that Shen Mo is someone that Old Madame has personally groomed, so Shen Yan still can't compare to him. "How could a father not know his daughter's thoughts? He only had this daughter, so he couldn't let her down.

All the young people cared about love, but they couldn't let her down so easily and just asked her to marry someone. She could only marry the leader of Shen.

He did all this for his daughter's good. She couldn't understand it now, but he believed that one day she would understand.

Undeniably, Shen Mo was very outstanding, but when she was with him, Zeng Mina was not as relaxed as when she was with Shen Yan. Her family was already wealthy. She didn't know why her father asked her to choose Shen Mo.

"Keep your words to yourself. One day, when you realize that Shen Yan is much stronger than Shen Mo, you will know how wrong you are to say such words today."

Zeng Mina was too lazy to argue with her father over this matter. She shook off her high heels and went up to her room alone. She lay down on the bed, and her eyes were glued to the chandelier on the ceiling.

In the eyes of outsiders, she was just a brainless rich second-generation. Besides eating, drinking, and playing all day long, she would always throw a tantrum. However, who knew the bitterness in her heart? Her father was a playboy, and her mother went abroad in a fit of anger.

After his father found out, not only did he not hold back at all, he even brought his lover home and showed in public. How could Zeng Mina not be angry? However, what could she do? According to her father, she would starve to death if she left him.

Although she usually challenged Xia Yu, she admired and was jealous of Xia Yu. She relied on no one and stood by her own. Thinking about her, Zeng Mina couldn't help but let out a long sigh.

"Mina, what's the matter? Why sigh? How about telling me about this?" Zhou Jiamin opened the door and saw her lying listlessly on the bed. She reached out her hand to pull her up.

"Aunt Zhou, tell me, why did Old Madame give Xia Yu a promotion after she caused such a disaster?" Seeing that it was Zhou Jiamin, Zeng Mina did not want to kick her out, so she sat on the bed and talked to her.

"On the surface, it looks like Xia Yu violated Shen family's taboo, but she saved their face. Think about it, if this matter was publicized, where would Old Madame's dignity rest? " Zhou Jiamin laughed and helped smooth out a few hairs on Zeng Mina's face.

In her heart, she respected Xia Yu. She really knew how to seize opportunities, so not only did Second Madame and Shen Yan express their gratitude to her, she also successfully attracted Old Madame's attention.

She had been in Shen's for three years only, and now she had already entered the main branch. Sigh, she indeed had some skills, how could a rich wastrel like Zeng Mina play against her?

"But even so, Old Madame still might not allow Shen Yan to marry her." Zeng Mina had always focused on this, but she was no longer so sure that the Shen family would not let her in.

With the two wives' experiences from the past and Old Madame's catchphrase: it was not necessary for Shen family's daughter-in-law to have a strong social status but great talent, it was not impossible if Xia Yu became their daughter-in-law.

However, Zeng Mina honestly did not want Xia Yu to get along with Shen Yan. Thinking of it, she became extremely annoyed.

"That's true, and Xia Yu might not even marry Shen Yan. Everyone knew that Xia Yu cared so much about loyalty in a relationship, and there are numerous rumors about Shen Yan that Xia Yu must help him to deal with continuously. I heard that Xia Yu mocked and ridiculed Shen Yan more than once, so the possibility of marrying him is not high. " How could Zhou Jiamin not know about Zeng Mina's thoughts? Naturally, she said what the latter liked to hear.

What Zhuo Jiaming said was somewhat reasonable, Zeng Mina had indeed seen Xia Yu gobbling down Shen Yan a few times. At that time, she thought that Xia Yu was being spoiled, but with some careful thought, she realized that it was not necessarily true, "She doesn't want to be the Young Mistress of Shen family, then why is she so hardworking?"

"Didn't you already see what she was looking for? Getting promotion and increasing her value." How could Zeng Mina, a wastrel who only knew how to play, could understand Xia Yu's thoughts?

They were not the same!

"But Mina, she is helping Shen Yan, which is very bad for us."

Seeing that Zeng Mina was deep in thought, Zhou Jiamin realized that something terrible was about to happen. The reason why this girl caused trouble for Xia Yu was that she was jealous of her having Shen Yan. Now she discovered the truth, so she won't come to her anymore.

Zhou Jiamin knew that even if Zeng Mina kept causing troubles, it would not affect Xia Yu a lot. However, it was trouble, and it could make her less happy.

"Why can't we have peace with Shen Yan? There's no point arguing about it." Now that Shen Yan had ignored her, Zeng Mina did not feel good.

"Mina, you can't be foolish at this time. Why don't you ask Shen Yan if he's willing to seek peace with us? Is he willing to give the position of president to Shen Mo? " Zeng Mina's words shocked Zhou Jiamin.


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