Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 157 We Have Underestimated Him
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 157 We Have Underestimated Him

After being reproved by Shen Yan, Zeng Mina was not in the mood to eat. Instead, she went back to her bed and cried incessantly.

She often got angry, and Zeng Ziqiang was already used to that, but it was scarce for her to come back and lock herself up without breaking things, so he couldn't help but frown.

How astute was Zhou Jiamin! She hurriedly went over and began comforting her: "Mina, what's going on? Can you tell me?"

"Shen Yan was going too far. I just went over to greet them because I saw Chief Yang and Director Zhou Kai were there, but he kicked me out." Shen Yan had changed a lot recently, which scared Zeng Mina.

How well he treated her before! She thought Shen Yan would treat her well for her whole life. It's only been a short time; he was already so disgusted with her that he didn't even want to look at her anymore.

Yang Weiye was with Shen Yan? That was not a good omen. Zhou Jianmin did not have the time to comfort her and quickly reported the situation to Zeng Ziqiang.

Little Shen Yan, alright, you want to snatch the Lin Family's land from me? I let you take advantage of us due to my carelessness in C City. Will I give you a second chance? Without saying a word, Zeng Ziqiang picked up the phone and called the secretary: "Tell the Deputy General Manager that no matter how big the price is, I am willing to pay. We must make Chief Lin sign tonight."

In just half an hour, the Deputy General Manager called to inform him that the contract had been signed, but the cost was high.

It wasn't that the Deputy General Manager was stingy, but the losses they had suffered this time were not small. Even Chief Lin was embarrassed to raise the price. If they couldn't get the lead on the development project, they would lose out this time.

"Don't worry. We can make it back." Zeng Ziqiang said while gnashing his teeth. Now that he had his land, Yang Hai's property, and just bought another property, he believed that Shen Yan would come and beg him.

How dare a rounder to challenge him? Even Shen Mo did not dare to do that in front of him. Who did he think he was?

Shen Yan went back to his villa after sending Yang Weiye back home in person. However, he received a call from Old Madame's secretary on the way, telling him to go back immediately because there was something significant to discuss with him.

"It's already late. Old Madame hasn't slept. Is there something wrong? "Shen Yan told the driver to turn around and go to the old house.

All family, including Shen Qiang, were present. Seeing that Shen Yan had returned, Shen Qiang hurriedly approached him and said, "Second brother, bad news. The Lin Family has sold the land to the Zeng Family, and the contract has already been signed."

Shen Qiang was sorry for his second brother. Why did terrible luck always follow him? The grandmother had just regained a little bit of confidence in him, but in the blink of an eye, he was sent to hell again.

Since the land was in the hands of Zeng Ziqiang, he would surely seize the opportunity to play with Second Brother. At worst, his responsibility for the project would pass to someone else.

"It's signed? Are you sure?" Shen Yan lifted his head and glanced at Shen Mo. If it's true, he would know.

Shen Mo nodded with certainty: "It' signed. Looks like he's pushing us to give up power."

He had contacts with Zeng Ziqiang many times and had long known his intentions. Although Shen Yan was his opponent, for the sake of their common interests, he still needed to remind him.

"And we'll do as he wishes? I have already talked with the President tonight. He will negotiate with Zeng Ziqiang personally. "They two were old rivals. It would not be easy for Zeng Ziqiang to take advantage of Yang Weiye.

Old Madame nodded. It's good that Yang Weiye was willing to help Shen Yan with all his heart, "but he has three pieces of land now. I'm afraid it won't work if we do not make any concession. Two seats, that's the bottom line. Little Mo, talk to him. "

"We'd better have uncle come back and at least counterbalance him a bit." Shen Mo would talk with Zeng Ziqiang, but if he enters the board of directors, their coming days would not be peaceful.

Yang Weiye could control everything when he had Old Madame's support, but he was a fence-sitter. If Zeng Ziqiang had a lot of supporters in the future, he might not stand on their side anymore. Now, the best option was to have Qi Guogang back.

"I have no objections to my uncle coming back, but I do not agree to give Zeng Ziqiang two seats." Shen Yan would never let a wolf into a house, nor would he allow others to do so.

"If it wasn't because you lost that piece of land of the Lin Family, would we have to make any concession?" Now First Madame got angry at the sight of Shen Yan. Why did he compete for everything? He had to be capable.

"Mom, why are you saying that? What's the use of these words?" Shen Mo interrupted his mother. She should have known that Old Madame hated internal strife the most. Shen Mo looked up at Shen Yan and said, "No one wants to make a concession. What's your opinion? Share it with us, and let's discuss it."

On the surface, Shen Mo was asking for Shen Yan's advice, but in fact, he was giving him a difficult problem. Right now, Zeng Ziqiang had forced the Shen's into a corner, almost to the point that they had no other choice but to say yes. Even Old Madame didn't know what to do. If Shen Yan could think of a solution at this moment, Shen Mo would admire him.

"If he is like everyone else and only wants to cooperate with us, we welcome him. However, if it comes with other conditions, don't even think about it." This time, the Zeng's was not the only consortium. If they all have the same idea, the Shen's would be carved up.

"Little Yan, do your angry words work? If we don't let him enter the board, will he cooperate with us?" This time, Zeng Ziqiang bought the land of the Lin Family at such a high cost. Shen Yan was supposed to know the reason behind. What's the use in saying such angry words? He'd better say something useful.

"Then we don't cooperate with him. We have the support of the government, our land, and those of the Jiang Family, Uncle, and the Yang Family. It should be enough." If he thought we couldn't live without him, he was wrong.

"Yang Family? How could they cooperate with us? Are you kidding? "First Madame asked in ridicule. Who didn't know that Yang Hai and Zeng Ziqiang were sworn brothers and they had a good relationship?

Old Madame's eyes lit up as she looked at Shen Yan.

Just as the Zeng Family was signing the contract with the Lin Family, Xia Yu and Chief Yang had reached an agreement and signed the contract. Zeng Ziqiang was busy, and Shen Yan was not idle either.

Xia Yu? Why did we forget about her? Yang Hai also had a good relationship with Mr. Dong. Furthermore, Xia Yu and the Dong Family were very close. She could get things done if they let her handle the problems.

"That's great. In this way, do we still need to cooperate with the Zeng Family? The land he just bought doesn’t adjoin his original land, and it would be challenging to develop. Let's wait and see. Would he beg us?" After all, Shen Qiang was still a child. He burst into laughter.

"Do we have to cooperate with him as he wishes? Now that they have bet all his money on the land, I don't think he will pose much of a threat to us in the next ten years. With these ten years, we can take this opportunity to grow stronger." the Zeng Family was never a part of Shen Yan's original plan, but they did not see through it.

"Well said!" The brows of Old Madame finally relaxed, "Little Yan, go ahead and do whatever you think is right. Come to me if you have any problems."

She was happier than anyone that the trouble of Zeng Ziqiang was over.

"Yes, I suggest that Xiao Qiang join the project as well. Give him a chance to learn." Shen Yan advised Old Madame while she was delighted.

"But Little Qiang is still a student after all. He needs to go to school." Shen Yang was happy that Shen Yan wanted Shen Qiang to participate, but other people would be unhappy. Shen Yang had to consider the unity of the whole family.

"Yeah, currently, Shen Qiang needs to focus on his study. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future for him. What do you think? "First Madame didn't miss the chance to interrupt. Didn't she know what Shen Yan was thinking?

The two of them were just like one person. By asking Shen Qiang to join the project, Shen Yan wanted that they would have the final voice in everything.

"Of course, he needs to focus on his study right now. But if he joins the project, he can learn more and get more experience for the future." Shen Yan patted Shen Qiang's shoulder and said with a smile.

"What you have said makes sense. Let's talk about it later. It's time to go to bed. Little Yan, you stay. "Old Madame knew that First Madame was dissatisfied, so she didn't agree on the spot.

They had underestimated Shen Yan who quietly coaxed the entire family over to his side, and even managed to get his hands on such a large project. It looked like if no actions were taken, this brat was going to ride on everyone's head.

First Madame glared at Shen Yan fiercely before she turned around and walked upstairs. On the halfway, she turned her head and said to Shen Mo, "It's late. Stay here tonight."

Knowing that his mother wanted to complain to him, Shen Mo agreed. He also wanted to take this opportunity to remind her of something.

"Little Qiang, nobody knows how long your grandma would talk to your second brother. You might as well stay at home." In the beginning, Shen Yang was a little worried that her son had chosen to be with Shen Yan. In a short time, he had grown a lot, which was quite a delight to her.

"OK!" Shen Qiang took his mother's arm and left.

Second Madame turned around and glanced at Shen Yan, then silently went upstairs. As a mother, she could not help her son but only cheer for him in her heart.

"Little Yan, I can understand that you want to let Little Qiang get started earlier, but we can't act with undue haste." Old Madame felt that it was necessary to remind Shen Yan to be careful when using people.

"Grandma, my aunt and uncle are both arrogant. Neither of them will lower their heads to the other. However, they don't want to let each other go. As family members, are we just going to watch like that? Now this project is an opportunity. If they have more contact, maybe they will get back together in the future." Shen Yan knew that Shen Qiang could not help much in work. But isn't family as crucial as work?

"Good boy, you have thought further." Old Madame didn't say anything about her daughter, but it had always been a sore point with her. She had also tried to persuade her daughter before, but she was too arrogant to put down her pride to find Qi Guogang.

It was indeed a good idea to bring them together in a smart way.

"Ever since grandfather, uncle, and father passed away, only we know what kind of a life our family has been living. The dead are beyond redemption. We try to save what we can, OK? Grandma." Shen Yan had always known how bitter his aunt's life was. He wanted to do what he could to help her.

"Alright. Just do as you said. I'm sure you can do it well." Old Madame's eyes were wet. She lost her husband and sons in one night, and she knew better than anyone else that life was not easy. Her daughter couldn't go on like this forever. It's time that they get back together.


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