Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 158 You have been Cheating on Me for a Long Time
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 158 You have been Cheating on Me for a Long Time

"Look a Shen Yan, Little Mo, you really need to pay some attention!" Shen Yan and the Old Madame had been talking for an hour already, and First Madame couldn't help but go out to look several times. She wasn't too sure what exactly they were talking about, but laughter was coming from time to time, making her feel very unhappy.

"Mom, leave this matter to me." Shen Mo had never felt as much pressure as he did right now as well. Shen Yan was able to get the Zeng Family trapped without batting an eyelid, he really didn't have this kind of capacity.

Shen Yan, from today onwards, you are really my opponent.

"It's not that Mom is wordy, but that brat has too many sly ideas. You have to be careful."In a real fight, ten Shen Yan couldn't be a match for her son, but that brat knew how to coax people, First Madame had already experienced enough.

"I got it. It's very late, I am going back to my room. Don't go out and look again." The Old Madame was sensitive, especially at this time, so they'd better not annoy her.

The First Madame nodded and sent her son to the door. She knew that her son would definitely not sleep even if he returned to his room, and would instead look for his subordinates to discuss things with. Recently, he had really gotten skinnier, making the First Madame feel heartache.

Shen Mo returned to his room and immediately called Zhang Hanyu. By whatever means, he had to get Xia Yu away as soon as possible, the moment she joined the project of the Development Zone, she had persuaded Yang Hai in, she was not as simple as just a secretary.

But the phone rang for a long time, and Zhang Hanyu still didn't answer. Shen Mo frowned even more. This was Zhang Hanyu's private phone number, there was no reason for him not to answer his call. What on earth had happened?

Shen Mo could only send him a message, and then called a few of the directors of different companies, there was no reason to let Shen Yan go through so smoothly, at least they needed to restrict him, and cause him to be unable to take care of Tengfei and the project at the same time.

Today was Wanru's birthday. The words that she had said last time when she had followed him to the Japanese restaurant made Zhang Hanyu feel a little touched. Furthermore, she had been very quiet recently, so he had the intention to celebrate her birthday.

However, Wanru didn't arrive until the dishes on the table had turned cold, the flowers had withered, and the cake was almost melted.

Zhang Hanyu stood by the table and started to light up the candles on the cake one by one with a match. There was a breeze blowing in from the courtyard, making the flames sway about, his face, reflected by the flame, was dark and gloomy, but the light in his eyes was unusually calm, like a dead sea.

Wanru stood in front of the table and said while she was trembling, "I'm sorry, It's my fault!"

"What's your fault?" He was lighting the second candle and did not look up at her.

"I shouldn't have come back so late. I thought you were busy, so I went out for dinner with a friend to celebrate my birthday."

"A friend?"


"What friend?"He was already lighting the third one.

"Just …"Wanru was hesitating, she forced a smile. "Just an ordinary friend."

"Do I know him?"

"No, you don't, but I can introduce him to you when we have a chance."

As she said that, Zhang Hanyu had already almost lit up all the candles on the cake. The orange light created a bright area in the dark living room.

Wanru was in joy: "Is the cake for me? Shall I make a wish? "

How many years had it been since he last celebrated her birthday? She would be lying to say that she wasn't moved. She clasped her hands together and walked over to make a wish.

However, with a wave of Zhang Hanyu's arm, the entire cake and the plates on the table were all thrown to the ground by him.

Wanru was frightened by the big noise, tears filled her eyes. "What are you doing?"

"What am I doing? I'm asking you, what were you doing tonight?"

Zhang Hanyu turned his head in front of the table. His eyes shone with a cold light within the darkness.

"Friend? Do you really think I don't know where you were tonight? "

"No, no, listen to me."Wanru seemed to have realized something and wanted to pull his arm with tears in her eyes, but she was flung away.

"Don't touch me, you're dirty!"

"What did you say?"

"Don't you understand? I think you're dirty! " He said it word by word.

With her eyes widely open, Wanru shook her head in extreme pain. "That's what you think I am? I admit that I lied to you, but I didn't do anything with Dr. Zhou. Today is my birthday, and he just took me out for a meal. "

"Just a meal?" Zhang Hanyu laughed coldly, "A meal, you were eating till midnight?"

"It's a little far away, and …"It's getting difficult for Wanru to explain, her voice was vague and hoarse. In the end, she simply stepped on the floor, "Why do I need to explain it to you? Didn't you always want sue to the court for a divorce? Does it have anything to do with you who I was with? "

Zhang Hanyu looked at her coldly, "This must be the reason why you agreed to divorce me. Wanru, I never thought that you would be so scheming, you've been cheating on me for a long time, and you still want to put the blame on me."

"Nonsense, I'm not!" Wanru was getting hysteric, she had always valued her reputation, Zhang Hanyu could say anything about her, but he just couldn't insult her like that. "I'll ask you one last time. Do you trust me?"

Zhang Hanyu did not make a sound.

Wanru smiled, "Alright, if you don't even want to give me the least bit of trust, then I don't think there's any point in staying any longer. I am going, take care of yourself!"

She turned and walked away, her voice sounded hoarse, as if she was crying.

Zhang Hanyu sat there, tightly holding onto the matchbox in his hand.

She ran across the courtyard and the bamboo forest. The starry sky above her head was also exceptionally dim.

Zhang Hanyu sat on the sofa for a while and ran out to chase after her. At the end of the bamboo forest, Wanru was already lying on the ground.

"What's wrong? Say something, what's going on? "

He was almost shouting, but Wanru's pupils were already beginning to dilate. He gripped her waist like a mad man and dug his finger into her mouth.

"Did you eat something?"

"Say it, did you f * * king eat something?"

Wanru didn't reply, tears rolling down her face and fell onto his shoulders.

"You owe me this entire life... I hate you, so I want you to live with sin! "

She said it with great difficulty, the veins on her forehead popped out as her fingers painfully pinched Zhang Hanyu's wrist. Her face was in strangely deep red.

"I want you to remember what I look like now, remember it for the rest of your life, for your next life, and for all lives to come …" She fell down onto Zhang Hanyu's chest, and as their bodies pressed together, she gasped for breath, trembled, and had a sinister look on her face. However, she was still holding her last breath.

"No, Wanru!"

Zhang Hanyu anxiously roared out, his entire body swaying.

Fortunately, seeing that something had gone wrong, the staff of the Japanese restaurant had already called 120, and the ambulance of the nearest hospital arrived in 20 minutes.

Zhang Hanyu was anxiously waiting outside the door of the emergency room. He raised his head and saw a figure standing in front of him.

Xia Yu was really shocked, the thing in her hand dropped onto the ground, was this still the Zhang Hanyu who was always in high spirits?

"I …" Just as she was about to speak, Zhang Hanyu extended his arms and pulled her into his embrace.

Xia Yu's back was stiff, but Zhang Hanyu's arms were wrapped tighter and tighter, and finally, they were almost wrapping her whole body to his chest. Her face was close to his ear, and she could hear his heavy breathing, as though it was fear before death.

Xia Yu was hugged by him so tightly that she almost couldn't breathe. She tried to move a little, but Zhang Hanyu held her back.

"Don't move." His voice was hoarse and bleak. He really didn't know that would happen, really.

Xia Yu patted his shoulder, "I can't breathe."

He did not care and still hugged her tightly as if Xia Yu would disappear if he let her go.

Xia Yu had no choice but to maintain her position without moving, and he kept hugging her and didn't let go until his breath gradually recovered and slowed.

As soon as he let go, Xia Yu escaped. Once she was half a meter away from him, Xia Yu said, "Don't be too worried, Wanru will be fine."

Xia Yu was still discussing things with Liu Sijie, but Wanru suddenly sent her a text message, saying that she already had nothing to live for anymore.

Feeling worried, Xia Yu immediately called her back, but she didn't answer the call. She kept calling until the phone was turned off, there was finally nothing she could do but to call Zhang Hanyu.

Before she could say anything, Zhang Hanyu said in a sobbing tone that something had happened to Wanru. The moment she rushed over, she saw Zhang Hanyu like this.

By now, Zhang Hanyu's thoughts had slowly returned to normal, he regained his senses and pressed his temple, "I am sorry!"

He was being rude just now.

"There's no need to apologize. You've really misunderstood Wanru. She has a mental illness and has been treated for a long time. Doctor Zhou is her attending physician."

"What?" Zhang Hanyu was startled. He didn't know anything about it.

"She won't let me tell you because you're busy with work."

Zhang Hanyu painfully pressed his temple again.

"Don't blame yourself too much. Wanru will recover." Xia Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Her heart was clogged up. This pitiful woman only had Xia Yu, the only person she was familiar with. These past few years, she had always spent her birthdays with Xia Yu, but unfortunately, Xia Yu had to sign the contract with Liu Hai today and draft a plan with Liu Sijie, all things were happening at the same time.

"Hopefully." He murmured and smiled bitterly.

After that, the two of them did not speak anymore. Two hours later, the door of the emergency room finally opened. Xia Yu and Zhang Hanyu quickly went up to it.

"She is out of danger now, don't worry." The doctor left.

Zhang Hanyu was exhausted, he leaned on the wall and gasped for air.

While Xia Yu followed the nurse into the ward, "Nurse, when will my friend wake up?"

"Don't worry, she will wake up tomorrow morning. The reason why she hasn't woken up yet is that the doctor added sleeping medicines so that she can rest well." The nurse adjusted the bottle and went out.

It was only now that Xia Yu was utterly relieved. Let her have a good rest, then. When Xia Yu came out of the ward with the door closed, Zhang Hanyu was no longer in the corridor.

Later, Xia Yu found him in the small garden of the hospital. He was standing in front of the bamboo forest smoking, and when he heard a sound, he turned around and saw Xia Yu walking over.

"It's a little cold." She unconsciously crossed her arms.

Zhang Hanyu smiled as he held his cigarette, "Let's go inside the house then. I'm going to go buy breakfast. We'll have a talk after breakfast."

"..." No wonder Wanru got depression. Isn't this a working machine?

Xia Yu went back and sat in front of the bed of Wanru for a few minutes before she woke up. She was still frail, and upon seeing Xia Yu, she forced a smile. "I'm sorry to trouble you again."

"What are you talking about? We're friends!" Xia Yu raised the bed a little and let her lean on it.

"Yes, friends!" All these years, if she did not have Xia Yu to accompany her, Wanru's life would be even more difficult, she raised her thin and weak hand to grab Xia Yu's hand, and looked at her with hope in her eyes: "Xia Yu, if you really consider me as a friend, can you answer a question truthfully?"


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