Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 159 Let Her Make a Sound
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 159 Let Her Make a Sound

"Tell me." Xia Yu said with a smile.

"If I divorce with Hanyu, will you be with him?" Wanru held Xia Yu's hands more tightly.

"No way!" A very definite answer.

"Xia Yu, I'm serious." Wanru looked into Xia Yu's eyes, hoping to see what she wanted to see.

"I'm serious, too, don't you think that my temper is very similar to President Zhang's? Two people like that are impossible to be together." Xia Yu held her hand, "Wanru, you might not believe it, but Chief Zhang really doesn't have any women outside."

"Not a single one? Then you …" Wanru always thought that the reason why Xia Yu did not accept Zhang Hanyu was that Xia Yu knew that he had other women outside.

"Not as far as I know." Xia Yu nodded with certainty, "Did you know that while you were unconscious, he was so scared that it seemed that his soul left his body? But when the doctor said that you were ok, do you know what the first thing he said to me was? 'I'll go buy breakfast. we'll have a talk later. "

"Really?" Wanru shook her head, "I thought... Forget about it! "

Just as they were talking, Zhang Hanyu was back with breakfast. Unexpectedly, it was sushi, Wanru took two bites, and then put it down.

Zhang Hanyu asked: "Doesn't taste good?"

"I don't like these."

"Don't you like it? Then why did you order this last time?"

Wanru was speechless. So, he still remembered it.

"On a whim."


"Alright, I don't eat breakfast anyway. If you have something to do, go and do it."

Zhang Hanyu stuffed the last sushi into his mouth and wiped his fingers with a tissue. He took a glance at Xia Yu. She slowly finished her sushi and took another sip of water.

"Xia Yu!"


Xia Yu put down the cup and looked up.

"Come to my place, I will double the salary Tengfei gives you."

"I think that Young Master Mo has yet to tell you. Yesterday, Old Madame suggested that I become the Deputy Director of the Business Department of Shen's, as well as the secretary of Young Master Yan. Today, I think the HR Department will make the announcement."

The company that Zhang Hanyu was in was established by Shen Mo, so it went without saying that it was Shen Mo's intention to invite her. Since she was working for Shen Family anyway, Xia Yu felt that there was no need to change her job again.

"Congratulations, the Old Madame has nominated you personally." What else could Zhang Hanyu say? Even if it's Shen Mo, he couldn't possibly snatch her away from the Old Madame, right?" But you will attend the evening party at our company, won't you?"

"I'll go for sure." Xia Yu said with a smile.

"Alright, I have a meeting." Zhang Hanyu stood up and said, "How about I give you a ride?"

"Xia Yu and I still have things to talk about, you go first." Without waiting for Xia Yu to speak, Wanru had spoken first.

Zhang Hanyu glanced at them and walked out of the ward.

"Xia Yu, listen to me. You must be careful of Young Master Mo, Zeng Mina and the others." As soon as Zhang Hanyu left, Wanru asked Xiayu to close the door.

"What's wrong?" There had always been conflicts between her and Zeng Mina, but it was quite a surprise to Xia Yu that Wanru would tell her this so solemnly.

"Xia Yu, I don't know how to explain it to you specifically. Didn't Zeng Mina mislead me to find trouble with you many times before? Later on, I did find a private detective to investigate you. Once, when a private detective was following you, he accidentally discovered that Zeng Mina was contacting Jiang Yayan. Afterward, I met Jiang Yayan at Doctor Zhou's clinic. From her looks, she did not seem to want to provoke Young Master Yan, but someone forced her to do so. You should be careful. "It was just a guess of Wanru, and she talked about it vaguely.

"It's true that the Shen Family is a vat of dye, I will be careful." Xia Yu more or less understood what Wanru meant, she wanted her to avoid getting too much involved in the internal strife of the Shen Family.

Xia Yu could understand that Shen Mo and Zeng Mina used Jiang Yayan to strike Shen Yan, but what did she mean by saying that Jiang Yayan did not seem to want to provoke Shen Yan?

"You're so smart, I trust you." Wanru smiled, "There's another thing I want to discuss with you, Doctor Zhou's clinic is looking for a secretary. I'm bored at home anyway, so I want to go to his place. What do you think?"

"Very good, I'll support you." If there were things to do, she would have something to rely on mentally, thus would stop having a bee in her head, Xia Yu couldn't agree more.

"If you support me, I have more confidence." Wanru happily smiled. Dr. Zhou had already invited her a few times, but she didn't agree because she was afraid that she might not be able to do it well. Xia Yu's encouragement made her more confident.

After chatting for a while with Wanru, Liu Sijie called her. She told Wanru to rest well, and that she would come to revisit her later and then she left. Not long after she left, Wanru called Dr. Zhou, telling him that she would like to go to work with him.

Dr. Zhou was also pleased to hear that and told her to begin work whenever she wanted. Seeing that the job had been decided, Wanru was happy and paid the bill and left the hospital. Of course, she also sent Xia Yu a text message so that she wouldn't come and visit her in the hospital again.

Seeing that she had already left the hospital, Xia Yu could only let her go. In the evening, she attended the party of Zhang Hanyu's company.

The evening party was held on a yacht, and both Shen Mo and Zeng Mina were present. To avoid arousing suspicion, Shen Mo only stood there for a while before he left, but Zeng Mina was there the whole time, acting as if she was the wife of the boss.

Xia Yu also left when it's almost the end.

Zeng Mina originally wanted to teach her a lesson, but Shen Mo repeatedly reminded her not to cause trouble, so she managed to hold it in. However, she was still an eyesore for her. Only after Xia Yu left did she feel happy. Zeng Mina called a few familiar men and women to play on the deck. It was already past 1am by then, and most of the reporters had already left, so Zeng Mina was able to relax and play around freely. She was drinking wine and rolling dice when her phone rang. She took a glance at the name on the screen, what the heck!

She did not pick up the call, but the person kept on calling. In the end, she was really annoyed and reluctantly picked up the phone.

"Hey, didn't I told you not to call me if there's nothing important?" Zeng Mina changed her usual sweet and gentle voice as if she was talking to some people she enormously detested.

But some people just never knew chalk from cheese, soon, a fawning voice came from the other side.

"Mina, don't be angry. Of course, I am calling you because I have something to discuss with you!"

"What is it?"

"A surprise!"

"Surprise?" Zeng Mina did not think so. Things had not been going well recently, there was no surprise at all, she just hoped that it wouldn't be a fright.

The voice on the other end paused, "I've brought that woman over."

"What woman?" Zeng Mina didn't care about that at the moment.

"That woman with the surname Xia."

"What?" Zeng Mina heard it clearly this time, but she felt that it was not very credible, "Are you serious? This kind of thing cannot be used as a joke! "

"Do I need to joke with you? Just wait! "A few steps could be heard on the other end of the phone.

"Big Guang, let that woman make some sound!"

Then, she heard a "smack" sound, and the phone seemed to be put closer. Zeng Mina heard a few groans and was stunned for a few seconds before reacting.

"Damn, Li Tianci, there must be something wrong with you! What are you doing with her? "

"... No, this woman has been making you unhappy recently. I just can't stand watching her do it." Li Tianci was the leader of the bodyguards of the Zeng Family, He worshipped Zeng Mina so much that he couldn't bear to see her unhappy the most.

"Stupid thing, you're going to kill me. Where is she?"

Xia Yu laid on the dirty ground, her hands and feet tied up, her mouth full of cloth strips. She looked around, it should be an abandoned workshop in a dusty environment, there were a few rusted machines, and a lot of rolled up cloth on the ground.

A few men were surrounding her, standing in twos and threes. They were dressed in a mess, and with one look, one could tell that they were not good people. She did have some conflicts with Zeng Mina and Bao Na, but it was unbelievable that they would kidnap her. But other than them, Xia Yu really couldn't think of anybody that she had offended so seriously that they would want to get her here like this?

"This girl's is pretty bold!"

"I can see it. She did not even make a sound after we got her here."

"Interesting. Where did she come from?"

"Who knows, it's the woman that Brother Tian has his eyes on!"

"Impossible, Brother Tian's mind is full of that girl, how could he possibly have his eyes on any other woman!"

The men in front of her pointed their fingers as they discussed her, she was entirely focused on capturing the useful information in their words.

Brother Tian?

The one who brought her here?

But Xia Yu didn't remember knowing this person!

"This girl actually looks quite beautiful!"

"The key point is she has fair skin!"

"The skin is also tender, look at the legs …" One of them, a fatty came over and pinched Xia Yu's leg, and laughed, showing a mouthful of yellow teeth.

"Brother Guang, how does it feel?"

"Tender, as if it has water inside!" He twirled his fingers in a way that made people feel nauseous.

The people around him seemed to be attracted and gathered around him.

"Why don't we try?"

"Brother Tian's girl, are you not afraid?"

"What are you afraid of!" That fatty called Brother Guang smacked him on the head, "Useless thing, if it's really Brother Tian's girl, would he be willing to throw her here, it's ok, just touching a bit, nothing serious!"

The others were bewitched to come closer to Xia Yu Touched her, her arms, chest, and even the exposed roots of her legs, those coarse fingers were like blades, and a layer of her skin seemed to be peeled off every time they touched her.

Xia Yu's entire body was curled up on the ground, but her hands and feet were tied up, and there was nowhere to hide, and struggling and shivering only made them more brutish.

Maybe they really just wanted to get their hands on her at first, but once they did, they couldn't stop. Xia Yu was wearing a sexy red dress that day, and the fair skin beneath that, and the way she was curling up on the ground and shivering, when the man touched her, she could only twist her body left and right like a little bug, twisting her waist and making her butt even more attractive. However, no matter how hard she tried, she could not escape, wherever her body went, hands were waiting, she was entirely surrounded by their evil claws with no escape.

"Stinking bitch, you dared to bite me? Fuck you, tie her up!"

"You still dare to kick? I'll break your legs, why aren't you kicking anymore? Bitch!"

"Good girl, you look pretty good now, Hum? Hahaha..."

"Hey, hey, hey, what are you all doing!"

Hearing that, the people surrounding Xia Yu immediately scattered.

"Brother Tian!"

"Brother Tian!"

Everyone retreated obediently, the light in front of Xia Yu became brighter, and she could vaguely see a figure moving towards her. The first thing she saw was a pair of men's shoes that were stained with dust, he stopped in front of her, and then raised his leg and kicked her in the stomach.

Xia Yu did not react to it.

"Who did this to her?"

The surrounding people all lowered their heads. No one dared to make a sound.

That person didn't seem to be very angry, but his voice sounded somewhat mocking, "You've been following me for so long, why are you still acting like a bunch of hungry dogs? At least you should think about it before making any move. How dare you touch any woman?"


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