Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 160 Take Revenge for the Eldest Miss
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 160 Take Revenge for the Eldest Miss

"..." The surroundings were utterly silent.

In the end, Big Guang went over and said, "Brother Tian, we didn't touch her. Who among us would dare to touch her without you allowing us to do so?"

"It's good that you know it. Keep it in your pants!"

"I know, but can you tell us where this woman came from?"

"Don't you watch the news?"


"This woman is of great background. Do you know anything about the Shen's?"

"Yes, I do, the one that the young miss of the Zeng Family is currently engaged to, right?"

"Correct!" The man slapped Big Guang's forehead heavily. "Alas, this Shen Family is as rich as a nation."

Then this woman can't be from the Shen Family, right? If that were the case, they couldn't afford to offend her. There was a wave of sighs from the people around, but no one else made a sound after that.

Big Guang continued asking, "Then what is the relationship between this woman and the Shen Family?"

"Second Young Master's new girl!"


"But you guys don't have to be nervous, that kid is a playboy. If he didn't have ten thousand women with him, then there're at least eight thousand. Who knows, he might forget about this woman someday!" The man's tone suddenly changed, as though he had deep hatred for Shen Yan, "Every time I think about it, I don't feel fucking well, who does he think he is, just a pretty boy, if it weren't because he was born in a good family, how could Eldest Miss fancy him?"

"That's right, he is inferior to Brother Tian in every aspect. Our Brother Tian is powerful in both the black and the white path. The First Miss is truly blinded by dust."

"Alright, alright, stop flattering me!"

"That's not right, isn't Eldest Miss engaged to the Eldest Young Master …"

"You dumbass, what Brother Guang says is the truth."

Very quickly, that garrulous man received a kick on the butt. After staying in Zeng Family for so many years, who didn't know that the eldest Miss liked the second young master and was engaged with the elder one? However, their Brother Guang had treated the eldest young Miss as his idol.

This relationship sounded very chaotic. The person who was kicked rubbed his butt and stepped aside.

"Hehe, then what do you plan on doing with this woman?" Ah Guang continued to ask with a smile.

The man looked again at the woman on the ground. She was wearing a tight dress, which had already been stained dirty. The sleeves and chest were torn, and half of her shoulders were exposed. She just laid there in a sorry state. She crouched there because she was tied, with her consciousness slacked.


In a half-unconscious state, Xia Yu felt a black shadow squat down in front of her, as it reached out its hand to pat her face again.

"Hey you, are you pretending to be dead?"

She was so exhausted that she could barely keep her eyes open. She struggled to move her body.

The man put one hand on his knee and hooked his fingers behind his back. "Big Guang, come over here and straighten her. I'm feeling pain in my waist when I squat down here."

The fatty came over and pulled Xia Yu up from the ground. She was turned into a sitting position on her side, with her upper body swaying unsteadily. The man in front of her raised his hand and grabbed her by the bun, Xia Yu bent her body backward, while the man in front of her leaned over, the face slowly became clearer amidst the crisscrossing lights, and was reflected in Xia Yu's eyes.

Square face, relatively dark skin, his eyes not so big, bald forehead, an obvious long scar from the chin to his Adam's apple. And at the angle that Xia Yu was sitting at, her gaze just happened to be fixed on the scar. It had already healed, but judging from the curved and protruding flesh scar, it was obvious that the wound at that time was not light.

Xia Yu could almost imagine the scene of his skin and flesh being torn apart, making her stomach begin to churn. Her fingers unconsciously clenched into a fist behind her.

"Don't be nervous!" The man called Brother Tian patted Xia Yu's face again, very gently.

Xia Yu's entire body was trembling. She was not afraid, it's a fear from the bottom of her heart. It was intuitive and uncontrollable, but she had surely never met him before.

Li Tianci laughed out loud, perhaps thinking that Xia Yu's appearance was extremely comical, like a little worm whose tail has been grabbed.

"Tsk tsk, I told you not to be nervous, did I do anything to you?" He continued to mutter to himself, patting his own head, and walked back and forth a few steps, smiling as he asked Xia Yu, "Do you know who I am?"

Xia Yu did not make a sound.

"I knew you wouldn't know, but it's ok, I invited you here just to confirm something with you!" Li Tianci adjusted his squatting posture. It was really sore on his legs, and he impatiently swiped his hand across his nose.

"Do you know Zeng Mina?"

Xia Yu's powerless eyes were immediately fixed.

Li Tianci appeared to be very impatient, he pulled Xia Yu's hair and asked: "Speak, are you dumb?"

People around: "..."

Big Guang came from behind and reminded him, "Brother Tian, her mouth is stuffed. How do you want her to speak?"

Li Tianci: "..."

He ripped off the cloth in Xia Yu's mouth, and her breathing seemed to become much smoother in an instant. Xia Yu gasped for breath, one after another.

Li Tianci waited for a little while and continued to ask: "Can you say it now? Do you know her? "

"I do!"

"Then do you know why I kidnapped you?"

Xia Yu shook her head: "I don't know!"

"You don't know? Alright, I'll tell you now!" Li Tianci moved closer to Xia Yu, "Our young Miss has been good with the Second Young Master for so many years, yet no one said anything. What makes you think you could be the rival of my eldest young Miss? Recently, she has been haggard as if she had changed into another person. It's f**king hurting me. "

Li Tianci gasped for breath as he said it in one breath.

Xia Yu understood but felt even more powerless.

Was this a sudden disaster?

She thought that since Zeng Mina and Shen Yan broke up, their story had already ended, but there was still someone like this waiting for her.

"But your young miss is Young Master Mo's fiancee."

"..." Li Tianci was startled, showing his teeth.

"But …" Xia Yu was a bit speechless, "Shouldn't you look for the secretary of Young Master Mo at least?"

"Bullshit! My young Miss doesn't like Young Master Mo; besides, his secretary is a man, why should I look for him? " Li Tianci became agitated, and Xia Yu was speechless.

"At least Zeng Mina's official fiancé is Shen Mo!"

"That's bullshit, the engagement was just a show for other people to see. As long as Shen Yan has our eldest Miss in his heart, she will be happy. We all will be happy if she is happy, understand?"

Xia Yu finally understood the man's logic. It was as if as long as Shen Yan did not fall in love with others and did not get married, Zeng Mina would feel comfortable even if she married Shen Mo. If she felt comfortable, the man in front would feel the same way. What a funny logic!

What a poor man.

"What is your relationship with Zeng Mina?" Xia Yu was suddenly curious.

"What relationship do you think? She is my Eldest Miss."

"From your tone, it sounds like you like Zeng Mina a lot, but she's with Shen Mo, and they will get married."

"Bullshit!" With one sentence, Li Tianci's violent temper rose again, and he grabbed onto Xia Yu's hair: "Don't talk nonsense with me here, tell me, did you instigate Miss Dong to mess with her in C City? And you even acted cute in front of Shen Yan, didn't you? "

Xia Yu laughed bitterly as Li Tianci pulled her back again.

"What are you laughing at?"

"It's too funny!"


"I did not instigate anyone, and no one wanted to mess with her. And there was nothing between Shen Yan and me, either. " Xia Yu explained with difficulty, but who would believe her?

"You think I'm an idiot? If nothing happened, would she hide at home and cry for a few times after she returned? "Li Tianci became more furious, he grabbed Xia Yu's hair and became almost hysteric, "Let me tell you what, I'm here today to take revenge for Eldest Miss. Listen carefully, you'd better tell me the truth so that you won't suffer physical pain. Look at you fair skin, it will be a pity if it's broken!"

Li Tianci grabbed Xia Yu's chin again. She was forced to raise her head, and when the intense light shone from the top of her head, she could not even open her eyes.

"You won't admit it, right? Fine, I want to see how stubborn Shen Yan's woman can be! " Li Tianci seemed to have lost his patience at last as he pulled Xia Yu's hair and dragged her to the side. Behind him was a machine. He let go of Xia Yu, and her head fell heavily.

His entire head was hit and dizzy. She tried to pull back her tied-up legs, but then they were pulled over by him. With a "hiss" sound, the bottom part of her dress was torn apart, and it reached to the root of her thighs.

Big Guang gulped.

Li Tianci turned his head to look at him with a grim face.

"Do you want to try out the woman that Young Master Yan has slept with?"

Big Guang did not dare to answer, but his eyes kept wandering on Xia Yu's white legs.

Xia Yu could already feel the evil gazes. Enduring the stench, she raised her head and stared at Li Tianci.

"Don't act recklessly!"

"Oh, how frightened I am! I'm acting recklessly, so what?" Li Tianci laughed, "Actually I am not afraid to tell you the truth, I am just unhappy with Shen Yan, why would he go and provoke our young Miss? I can't swallow my anger. I need to find someone to vent it out on! "

This mad man. Xia Yu faintly felt that this man did not intend to take revenge for Zeng Mina at all.

"I've told you before, I have no relationship with Shen Yan."

"I know. It's because you have nothing to do with their family that I'm so fearless. Otherwise, I would've felt a little bit afraid. What if that pretty boy really wants to get even with me?"

Li Tianci's words were in complete disarray, and the group of people behind laughed heartily.

"Brother Tian, don't waste time with her anymore. The dawn is breaking."

"That's right, do what you should do, we'll go and watch outside!"

"Watch my ass, get her into the room first, I'm going to pick up a phone!"

It just so happened that Li Tianci's phone rang, he saw that it was Zeng Mina, so he took his phone and walked out.

"Hello, Eldest Miss!"

"Li Tianci you idiot, release that woman quickly. I am on my way there, there's a police car heading your way."

"What did you say?"

"Don't you understand? Someone called the police, don't f * * king cause trouble for me! "

Li Tianci quickly put away his phone and headed back to the workshop. Before he even reached the entrance of the small room, he heard a muffled groan from inside, a few hands had just pressed Xia Yu to the ground, and then stuffed the cloth bundle back in her mouth, probably for fear that she would not obey them.

"Fuck, a bunch of useless things!" Li Tianci walked in and kicked every one of them in the back.

"Cops are coming. Get the hell out of here!"

"Cops? What cops?"

They were so scared that they crawled up from the ground, as they ran to the door, Big Guang remembered Xia Yu, he looked back, only to see her lying on the ground like a pile of mud.

"Brother Tian, what do we do with this woman?"

"Leave her here and run!"

"But what if she sues us?"

"Sue my ass, you brainless thing!" Li Tianci kicked Big Guang again, "The Zeng Family is a bunch of vegetarians? Who dares to touch me! "


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