Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 161 What Do You Mean, Young Master Yan?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 161 What Do You Mean, Young Master Yan?

Xia Yu lay on the cold ground. Her body and soul began to separate as she heard the scurrying footsteps fading into the distance.

Something seemed to be draining out of her. Were those people all gone? However, they left the filth and the sin behind.

Xia Yu closed her eyes, the light went out, and in the darkness, all she could hear was her breathing. The sounds that came out of her chest were like cries and howls, but they were all blocked by the cloth stuffed into her mouth.

Gradually, she heard the siren of the police car outside, from far and near. It stopped outside, and the iron gate of the workshop was opened. Someone ran in and called her name.

"Xia Yu!"

"Xia Yu!"

Shen Yanan almost ran into the workshop in one breath. There were lights inside. A long string of incandescent bulbs was installed on the ceiling, lighting up the entire space, but not even a ghost could be seen.

The police searched the workshop.

"No one?"

"They might have run away, but there's no car at the entrance!"

"Should we chase them?"

"How? We don't even know which direction they ran in! "

"Then …"

"Let's go back first!" Several police officers were discussing to withdraw.

"Wait a minute!" Shen Yan suddenly saw a little silver color exposed in the corner of the dyeing machine, and it was a high-heeled shoe, he recognized that shoe, Xia Yu wore it to the celebratory dinner tonight.

"Inside! She's inside! "

Shen Yan ran inside. The workshop was partitioned in the middle, behind it was a row of tatty cabins surrounded by boards, probably it's used as offices previously.

There was no light inside. He smashed open the doors one by one, but other than a few abandoned desks and some cardboard boxes, there was no one else inside.

Xia Yu felt the air become thinner and thinner.

She used to be most afraid of the feeling of being left alone. Like a scene of people having fun, there were varieties of actors and audiences and sceneries, and finally, after the delirious joy, the drama would come to an end, and everyone would clean up and leave, while she was the prop that was casually discarded. However, she survived and struggled out of that place again and again.

As her consciousness blurred, the door was burst open and the light of flashlights flooded in. She closed her eyes.

"Found her!"

"She's here!"

Someone shouted. Someone ran in. In the chaos, Xia Yu saw someone charging in the front.

She was untied and picked up from the ground. Her face was pale under the flashlight, her eyes closed, and her forehead was covered with sweat.

"Xia Yu!"

Shen Yan took away the cloth in her mouth. She was panting heavily, like a fish that had been stranded on the shore and was about to suffocate.

"Wake up!"

She felt a pair of cold hands slapping her face, fingers testing her breath and pulse, smelled the familiar smell of smoke, which made her feel an inexplicable sense of calm. However, she was gasping for breath. She felt that there was a mountain lying on her chest, and she was convulsing.

"Young Master Yan, save her first!" Liu Sijie reminded him from behind.

The police officer had called an ambulance, but Shen Yan couldn't wait. He carried Xia Yu and ran out.

Liu Sijie was driving the car, and Shen Yan sat in the back with Xia Yu. The atmosphere was very depressing. The quiet carriage was filled with Xia Yu's wheezing sounds.

Along the way, Shen Yan carried Xia Yu and wrapped her tightly in his coat. Xia Yu leaned against his chest, gasping for breath. When she was panting heavily, Shen Yan wrapped his hands around her head, but in fact, he knew it was useless.

Xia Yu was trembling, and so was his heart.

Xia Yu grabbed his clothes on his chest with all her strength, and he held her hands tightly.

Liu Sijie saw all of this, and he could probably know Shen Yan's current mood.

The Third Hospital was not too far from the workshop where the incident had occurred, and by the time they got there, the doctor had already waited at the door.

When Shen Yan was about to follow her in, the doctor stopped him outside the door, "Wait outside!"

After about 20 minutes, the doctor came out.

Shen Yan quickly walked over and asked, "How was it?"

"She's fine physically, just some soft tissue contusions and abrasions."

"But her injuries looked very scary." Shen Yan still remembered what Xia Yu looked like when he found her in the office of the workshop, and he was shocked. She was lying on the floor as if she had lost her breath, and then when he carried her into the car, she started to spasm and gasp. He was even afraid that she would stop breathing in the car.

Shen Yan recalled her appearance at that time. Her dress had almost been torn, and it was hard to imagine what she had gone through in that little room.

"Doctor, you just said that there was nothing wrong with her body, which means that there is something else abnormal? Like her spirit or …"

"More or less. The patient must have suffered from some huge stimulus; Excessive stress would cause her brain to become anoxic easily. I gave her an injection, so she should be fine now."

"Thank you." Shen Yan also let out a sigh of relief.

"It should be, if there's anything wrong, please contact us at any time. After all, after this kind of thing, when the patient wakes up, it should be hard for her to accept it immediately." When the doctor examined Xia Yu, he could roughly guess what had happened. The clothes were not able to cover her body, and there were also several red marks on her body and legs. He guessed that she must have encountered that kind of thing...

"Also, you must pay more attention to the patient's mood during this period. If necessary, find a psychologist to advise her."

"All right!"

Shen Yan entered the ward, the woman on the bed was indeed asleep, with an infusion bag connecting to her arm; it should be something like a sedative.

Liu Sijie also walked in. He glanced at Xia Yu and asked, "How is she?"

"she had an injection and just fell asleep."

"Is she okay?"

Shen Yan didn't say anything for a moment. He turned around and continued to look out of the window. Outside the window, it was pitch dark. The wind was strong tonight, and the rustling of bamboo leaves could be heard.

"I don't know."

"Don't know what?"

"I don't know if anything will happen to her." Shen Yan felt a little irritable. He stood at the window for a while longer, habitually reaching out his hand to take out a cigarette, but stopped himself from lighting it.

He walked over to the bed with the unlit cigarette in his mouth. The girl on the bed was still sleeping soundly due to the injection, but her face was so pale, it made his heartache.

In the darkness, the memory was always particularly sharp. He clearly remembered how she looked like when he saw Xia Yu in the small room.

Her hands and feet were tied, her skirt was torn, her snow-white legs were even more dazzling in the darkness, but she just lay there quietly. There were no lights in the room, and she looked like a body buried in the dark silently. How could she be so silent?

To be honest, Shen Yan still left things to luck until he picked her up. He saw that her mouth was stuffed with cloth strips, her face was covered in sweat, and her eyes seemed to be half open and were filled with despair.

"Tell me first, who are they?"

Liu Sijie replied, "Does Li Tianci know?"

"Li Tianci?" Shen Yan frowned, "Zeng Family?"


Shen Yan swept his cold gaze over, "Was Zeng Ziqiang planning to take revenge?"

See his sullen face, Liu Sijie kept silence for a while. Xia Yu, as a young girl, did not have any enemies in S City. If she had to name an enemy, it would be the Zeng family. After the Zeng family's bodyguard captain personally took her away, even Liu Sijie suspected Zeng Ziqiang, not to mention Shen Yan.

"It's still hard to say." After all, they didn't have any proof, and the Zeng Family's power could not be underestimated, even Liu Sijie did not dare to stick labels on them casually.

Shen Yan sighed, rubbing his forehead: "What did the police say?"

"What else can they say? They just called and said that no one was found and there were no security cameras around the factory. Without any proof, we can only let it go!"

Shen Yan lowered his head and took a deep breath. Although he was furious at the thought of Xia Yu lying on the ground in dirty clothes, he didn't expect that the police would give him any results.

"In the past few years, Li Tianci's power in S City has been getting bigger and bigger, and he has a strong backer, Zeng Ziqiang. I'm afraid the police will take the matter perfunctorily."

"In the past, the Lee family did well in every aspect when they were seeking living in the underworld. Now that they have decent jobs from Zeng Ziqiang, I'm afraid it will be difficult to incriminate them."

"There will be the next time. I don't believe that they will always be so lucky." Shen Yan didn't even notice that he had already crushed the cigarette in his hand.

"Yes, I will send more people to keep an eye on them." Not to mention Shen Yan, even Liu Sijie couldn't accept it. Were they still humans when they did such things to a girl?

This time, even if Shen Yan didn't instruct him, Liu Sijie would still investigate thoroughly.

"Although I am unable to declare their crimes, I cannot let them get away with it so easily." Shen Yan sneered. Those who dared to touch his person, even if it were Zeng Ziqiang, he would make him suffer.

"We should give them a warning. It's just that, Xia Yu, she …" When they found Xia Yu, she was in such a situation. Liu Sijie was somewhat worried.

Shen Yan also had the same worry. They looked at each other and walked towards the doctor's office.

"Doctor, we are sorry to bother you so late."

The doctor smiled. "I'm on duty to help the patient out of trouble."

"I want to verify something with you." After a few words, Shen Yan said.

"You want to know about the situation of that girl, right?"

Shen Yan rubbed his forehead, "Yes. When you examined her, did you notice anything strange?"

"I've told you about the physical injuries. There are several scratches and bruises on her body, and bruises on her legs and chest vary from different levels. As for more problems, such as whether she's been assaulted sexually or not, we'll recheck her in the morning."

The doctor sighed. It was painful to be in such a situation.

Shen Yan nodded. However, no matter what happened in that small room a few hours ago, it was already irreparable. Nothing could be changed even if it is verified.

"That's fine, thank you. Excuse me!"

"Young Master Yan, maybe things aren't as bad as we thought." Liu Sijie didn't know whether he was comforting Shen Yan or himself. In short, he was also in a bad mood.

During the time they worked together, Liu Sijie had long since treated this determined and cheerful girl as a friend and relative. After such an incident happened, he even had the desire to kill.

"Hopefully." Shen Yan let out a long breath, punching the table heavily.

Xia Yu was a very traditional girl, and he was afraid that she couldn't accept it.

Feeling upset, Shen Yan took out his phone and called Zhang Hanyu, "President Zhang, I don't need to remind you how Xia Yu treated you and your family. How could you do this to such a good friend?"

"Young Master Yan, what do you mean?"


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