Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 162 A Pile of Rubbish
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 162 A Pile of Rubbish

Zeng Mina found Li Tianci in a parking lot behind a school. She walked over and kicked his stomach twice. At that time, she was still wearing the high-heeled shoes for the banquet, so it could be imagined how painful Li Tianci was. He almost fell onto the ground with his body bent forward. His face was flushed red as he continued to shout.

Da Guang behind him was infuriated. He stepped forward and wanted to stop Zeng Mina.

Li Tianci grabbed Da Guang's arm: "How dare you touch her! All of you get out of here! "

Da Guang could do nothing but retreat to more than ten meters away with the few subordinates.

"Li Tianci, was your brain eaten by a dog? Why do you always cause troubles? " Zeng Mina scolded fiercely. Li Tianci kept bowing and tried to fawn on her: "Miss Zeng, I should go to die. I was foolish. I have realized my fault. Please forgive me." As he said that, he tried to pull Zeng Mina's hand. Zeng Mina shook her hand from him and retreated, as she glanced at him angrily.

"What's the use by telling me these? Her damn cousin always covets Shen Mo, and yet you are causing troubles for me. What if Shen Mo breaks off the engagement? Ah!" She could hardly imagine that this bastard dared to speak nonsense in front of Xia Yu. That woman was not someone easy to deal with, who dared to say and do whatever she wanted. If what she said reached the ears of Shen Family, Shen Mo would not probably accept her, and even her reputation would be tarnished.

"Miss Zeng, I just wanted to show my support for you when seeing you are unhappy. I didn't think too much about it."

"It's all your fault. It's all your fault! If the media expose it, how can I meet others in the future? "

Zeng Mina raised her hand and punched onto Li Tianci's body. Li Tianci did not retreat, and in the end, he took the chance to hold onto her arm, pulling her into his embrace.

"Wu, let go of me, you bastard!" Zeng Mina struggled to get away with great difficulty.

Li Tianci held her and gasped, holding her face lewdly: "Whom are you scolding? Since I have kissed you before, if it does be exposed, it'll be good. I'll marry you!" After saying that, he dragged Zeng Mina to the side of the car and opened the door. He crushed Zeng Mina into the back of the vehicle, and very quickly, the car started to shake. The woman's cat-like voice came out, wave after wave.

Not far away, Li Tianci's subordinates were still watching. Their mouths were parched when they heard the voice, and they all rubbed their hands, not knowing what to do.

After a long time, Zeng Mina finally got off the car exhaustedly. When she left, she did not forget to warn him not to be nosy, or else her father and Shen Mo would not let him go.

Li Tianci seemed to agree to it. However, after Zeng Mina's car drove away, he sat heavily onto the ground. Wealthy or not, they were utterly a pile of rubbish.

"Shen Mo was nothing special. His woman was still played by me. Right now, I'm going to play Zeng Ziqiang's woman." Li Tianci picked up the phone and called Zhou Jiamin, "Sister Min, I have done what you asked me to do. Yes, Zeng Mina does not have any suspicions. I'll come over to meet you right now."

After hanging up the phone, Li Tianci waved his hand and led his subordinates majestically went to Zhou Jiamin's private house.

After receiving the call from Shen Yan, Zhang Hanyu's face went gloomy. He suspected that Wan Ru would harm Xia Yu, but Shen Yan would not tell it without evidence, so he still went home.

Wan Ru was much calmer than Zhang Hanyu had imagined. She patiently listened to what Zhang Hanyu said before answering indifferently, "Young Master Yan is right. I did participate in tonight's kidnapping as well. If you want to take revenge for your young lover, then call the police."

"What? Xia Yu has always treated you as a friend. How can you treat her like this?" After entering the door, Zhang Hanyu saw her calm expression. He had a bad feeling about it. As Wan Ru telling everything like talking about the weather, he was finally furious.

"A friend? A friend who steals my husband. Shouldn't I repay her well? " Wan Ru couldn't help but laugh out loudly. "Well, she was fucked. Do you feel sorry for her, or do you feel that she isn't worthy for you?"

"You are truly unreasonable." Zhang Hanyu gasped, "I really should have divorced you earlier."

"All right. We'll settle the paperwork tomorrow morning. If you don't mind that woman is dirty, you can marry her. Congratulate you in advance." Wan Ru was laughing sinisterly. She returned to her bedroom without glancing at Zhang Hanyu.

She had already given Xia Yu a chance. As long as she admitted that she had an affair with Zhang Hanyu, she would forgive Xia Yu and even divorce Zhang Hanyu to make them happy.

Wan Ru was resentful. As they had said, Xia Yu had been by her side for the past few years after all. No matter what Xia Yu's motive was, she had helped her a lot. She would distinguish gratitude from resentment, so she would like to do her a favor.

However, that woman was so stubborn, and she totally denied it. With such a calculating bitch, why should she be polite to her? Wiping her tears, Wan Ru took her phone to call Zhou Jiamin, "Miss Zhou, just now Zhang Hanyu came to me. Now he will only blame Zeng Mina for everything."

"That's good then. Miss Wan Ru has taken revenge successfully. You must be happy." The corner of ZhouJiamin's lips curled up in a smile.

Be happy? Wan Ru wasn't. She silently hung up the phone without saying more.

Zhang Hanyu stood in the living room dumbfoundedly for a while. Then he turned and walked out of the house. He wandered around the streets like a zombie. What did he do wrong? Even if he was wrong, just punish him but not Xia Yu.

Shen Yan didn't sleep at all last night. After breakfast, he went to take a shower, and when he finished it, he saw that Xia Yu's phone was ringing. The words "President Zhang" appeared on the phone screen. Shen Yan thought for a moment, then took the phone and went out. He saw Xia Yu standing alone in the courtyard.

The courtyard was huge. Its north was a vast bamboo forest surrounded by fences, and its south was a small pond with goldfish swimming in it. Beside the pond were fake mountains and wooden tables and chairs.

Xia Yu was standing in front of the pond, with her side facing Shen Yan. She was wearing a blue woolen sweater and a knit skirt. She might feel a little cold, so she habitually held her arm with one hand.

That scene was quite familiar to Shen Yan. Long before, somebody liked to stand in the yard leisurely for an hour. However, Xia Yu's calm reaction made him very surprised. About what happened yesterday, no matter whether there was an accident or not, a deep negative shadow would be left in one's heart, but this woman in front of him, other than her pale face and slightly wounded body, seemed to be the same as usual. She was standing in front of that pond, and the water mirrored her cold face.

Shen Yan walked towards her with his hands in pockets, passing the phone to her.

"It's your call."

Xia Yu was stunned before she took it and clicked on the screen. There were all missed calls from Zhang Hanyu. She did not want to reply. She only said "thank you" to Shen Yan.

"For what?"


"From last night to now, you have to thank me too much."

All right. Xia Yu had to admit that this man saved her again. It was extraordinary. Why was it always him who saved her every time? Why was it him?

Xia Yu was speechless and raised her head to look at Shen Yan.

"I want to drink."

"You're wounded."

"The wound doesn't matter." She said indifferently.

Shen Yan suddenly became less agitated, "Then what happened last night?"

"It's simple. I was robbed on my way home."

"Robbery?" Shen Yan snorted, "Or do you plan to hide from me?"


"Okay, then let me ask you, do you know who took you away last night?"

Xia Yu did not say anything. Shen Yan continued: "Li Tianci, Zeng Family's chief bodyguard!"

"So what?" In other words, she was just an ordinary secretary, one of the most ordinary persons in this city.

"It seems that you still don't understand. Li Tianci is Zeng Ziqiang's chief bodyguard. Both government officials and their illegal counterparts would show due respect for his feelings. In fact, they cooperate in many of their businesses. why do you always provoke troublesome people?"

"Troublesome people? Does it include you, Young Master Yan? " Xia Yu replied quickly and deliberately emphasize the words "Young Master Yan".

Shen Yan smiled bitterly, thinking that she was sharp-tongued at critical times.

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

Shen Yan rubbed his forehead, "No. Probably I'm even more troublesome than them."


"There's no reason. Since you've already entered Shen's Headquarters, you will know sooner or later."

"Are you sure I won't resign after what happened yesterday?"

Shen Yan laughed: "If not for what happened yesterday, you might have resigned, but now you won't."

"Why are you so sure?"

"Because you offended the Zeng Family."

Xia Yu crossed her arms and sneered: "Since I have offended someone from Zeng Family, and Zeng Mina is Shen Family's future daughter-in-law, why would Young Master Yan still keep me?"

"It's Old Madame who wants to keep you here. Of course, I won't let you go."

"Old Madame? I think I understand. " Xia Yu turned and walked inside.

However, one of her wrists was grabbed by Shen Yan. She unwittingly let out a "hiss" sound. There was a wound on her wrist, and Shen Yan's pinching made her a little painful.

Only then did Shen Yan realize her wound, and immediately let go of her hand, and went over to face Xia Yu.

"What do you understand?"

"Nothing." She lowered her head and avoided looking at him.

Shen Yan felt as if a cool breeze blew past, making him extremely unhappy in his heart. "It's not what you think."

"What's it?"

"You may think that Old Madame does not like Zeng Mina and wants to take this opportunity and force her to break off the engagement." Shen Yan frowned, "It's not that. It's far more complicated than you think."

Complicated? Xia Yu felt a little dizzy. A thought seemed to flash through her mind, but it was too fast for her to grasp.

Shen Yan laughed: "Old Madame is very open-minded. My aunt and my mother are not from wealthy families either. She doesn't even care about her sons' marriages. Why would she care about the marriage of her grandson?"

Xia Yu was immediately disillusioned. "But it's also a fact that your Shen Family does not accept Jiangjiang."

"You know that I have no feeling for Jiang Yayan. If she were willing to hand over Jiangjiang to Shen Family, this matter would have been resolved long ago, but she did not agree. She even threatened me from time to time. Old Madame must be unhappy about that.

Wan Ru had told Xia Yu that Jiang Yayan was not willing to threaten Shen Yan. Someone forced Jiang Yayan to do that. Wan Ru also told her to be careful of Zeng Mina. At that time, Xia Yu did not think much about it. After what happened last night, Xia Yu once again felt Wan Ru's words were not entirely false.


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