Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 163 Who are you showing it to?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 163 Who are you showing it to?

When Xia Yu thought about that, her face turned pale as if there was a manhole cover in front of her. The cover was flat, and she thought it would be safe to walk over it. But someone suddenly opened the cover and told her to look in. What was inside? It was a pitch-black abyss.

"You mean …" She sorted out her thoughts, "Old Madame is guarding against the Zeng Family?"

Shen Yan did not reply, but the cold smile on his face gave her the answer.

Xia Yu shook her head. She had never thought that this matter would be so complicated.

"Do you think it's scary?"

She swallowed and didn't answer.

Shen Yan laughed and turned to look at the calm water surface of the small pond.

"But don't be too stressed. Your role is no more than a preface. In the end, it is a game."

"A game?"

"Yes, a game, just like this!" He picked up a small stone from the ground and threw it into the pond. The fish that were initially swimming were frightened. Some quickly swam away, while others rapidly gathered together.

The calm was broken, and ripples began to appear on the surface of the water.

Shen Yan looked at the scene in the pond with a faint smile and said indifferently: "It's time for Shen's to reshuffle. Some will win, and some will lose. Whatever happens, there must be someone sitting in the President's seat."

Xia Yu let out a heavy sigh in her heart. Without saying a word, she hugged her arms again and turned around to look at the man beside her. He had been standing on the shore with a calm expression, watching the struggles between the fish in the water.

Around noon, Shen Yan sent Xia Yu back.

After getting off the car, Xia Yu thanked him courteously once again. Shen Yan did not say anything. Since yesterday to now, Xia Yu had been used to his fickle mood. She had no sooner turned around than she heard the car window fall.

"Wait a minute!"

Xia Yu turned her head.

Shen Yan frowned and looked embarrassed.

"anything else?"

He placed his arm against the window and thought for a moment. Then he asked, "Last night, you all right?"

She froze for a moment before understanding what Shen Yan meant, and she suddenly laughed: "Did you want to ask if those people had done anything to me?"

Shen Yan rubbed his forehead and did not directly answer. Instead, Xia Yu simply went back to the window and asked, "What do you think?"

"Probably they did nothing."

"Why are you so sure?"

"Your reaction. If something had really happened last night, you wouldn't behave like this now! "

"Then how should I behave? Go to die? Get mad? Or stab those people with a knife? "

"..." He didn't know what to say.

Xia Yu let out a heavy sigh, "You were just in time last night. They didn't succeed. But the fact that some people are calm does not mean that they're not hurt."

Shen Yan was stunned. If he knew it would be like this, he would have asked Liu Sijie to accompany her. He fell into deep self-blame.

Seeing that he had kind of overreaction, Xia Yu crossed her arms and suddenly laughed: "Just kidding. Don't look at me like that."

Shen Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

Xia Yu laughed: "But I still have to thank you, and those policemen. It's rare for them to react so quickly after receiving the report."

Shen Yan could only laugh bitterly. She did not know what happened last night. To find her as soon as possible, he had alerted the city police station. They ordered that all the surveillance videos of the road be taken and all the streets in the south of the city were searched to find Li Tianci's car. However, Xia Yu said, "It's rare for them to react so quickly after receiving the alarm call!"

"It's better to say that you're lucky. I happened to be nearby after I finished my work, and the party was about to end. I just met you, picked you up, and left together."

Shen Yan had saved her again, and of course, it also led to many things happening later. Those things were like a pair of hands that pushed Xia Yu to a specific place.

So, he was there to pick her up. If it was not like that, Xia Yu didn't dare to think further.

After returning home, she took a shower. After she changed her clothes, Wu Shiyu had come over. Seeing her pale face, Xia Yu didn't have to guess that she was frightened. The moment Wu Shiyu entered the door, she hugged Xia Yu tightly in her embrace and sobbed silently.

"Little Yu, I told you before that those people are fierce. You didn't want to listen, and you fought with them."

"Sis, I'm fine. Look, aren't I standing in front of you?" Xia Yu smiled with mock lightness.

"Don't joke around with me. Listen to me and go back. Don't let your dad and mum worry about you anymore." Wu Shiyu said while wiping her tears.

"Sis, you can't tell them." Xia Yu panicked. Her mother was in poor health. What would she do if she found out?

"So, you are finally afraid? Listen. Shen Mo said that the Zeng's family's bodyguard leader is a jerk. He did all sorts of bad things. You better not be stupid anymore, okay?" Wu Shiyu frowned. Does she want to carry on after all this?

"Sis, you talked with Shen Mo?" If Zeng Mina knew about this, wouldn't it be another mess?

"Should I not talk to him? He should be responsible for the insanity of his fiancée." Wu Shiyu was angry. Whether Xia Yu made a mistake or not, they should not have done such a thing. Were they brigands?

"Sis, don't get involved with Shen Mo. I think you should consider Li Yan. He's not bad." In the entertainment circle, which was full of rumors, there were very few people like Li Yan.

He's a superstar, but he was not arrogant at all. That was rare. Most importantly, he treated her cousin very well.

When Xia Yu mentioned Li Yan, Wu Shiyu remembered something else, "Little Yu, the leading lady of the film that Li Yan is preparing suits me well. He has repeatedly invited me. Do you think I should take it?"

Wu Shiyu was conflicted. She wanted to take the chance, but she was afraid that she might ruin the film and let Li Yan down because she had never done it before. But she didn't want to give up the opportunity, either.

"Sis, it's not that I want to belittle those so-called celebrities. How many of them are not made up? I think that's why Li Yan chose you. Although you've never been in a play, you have done so many advertisements, and Li Yan is helping you, I think it's not a problem." Xia Yu felt that her cousin had a gift for acting, so she encouraged her with all her might.

"Then, I'll agree?" Wu Shiyu's very excited about the character in the film. With Xia Yu's support, she made up her mind.

The two chatted for a while longer. When Wu Shiyu went to the kitchen to wash fruits for Xia Yu, Wanru arrived. Her red-eyes showed that she stayed up all night.

"Have you been discharged from the hospital? I thought you were in the hospital bed with Zhang Hanyu and a bunch of people of the Shen Family around you."

"Sister-in-law, you didn't come only to talk about this, did you?" Facing the pitiful and pathetic woman, Xia Yu could not lose her temper. She didn't want to argue with her, so she didn't say anything about the person who called her to meet at the entrance.

"Sister-in-law?" I have already divorced Zhang Hanyu. You can call me Wanru." Wanru laughed coldly, "I think he will come to see you in a while. Now you can be together with him publicly. There's no need to hide anymore. Are you happy?"

Divorced? Xia Yu exhaled. That's good. They didn't need to torture each other anymore. "If you came here to tell me this, I got it. If you want to see if he'll come, wait here. "

Xia Yu opened the fridge to get her a bottle of drink.

"What do you mean? Am I wrong?" Wanru grabbed the drink, and fiercely threw it onto the tea table. "Xia Yu, I didn't think you would still pretend to be innocent. Who are you showing it to? How hypocritical you are!"

"Wanru, if a person can be hypocritical for his whole life, how do you judge whether he is hypocritical or sincere?" Xia Yu sat down opposite of Wanru and asked, "Are you not regretting destroying your happiness with your own hands?"

"You mean you won't be with him even if we get divorced?" Wanru stared at Xia Yu with her eyes wide open. She was different from those ordinary mistresses.

Other mistresses were bound to dig at the original at such times, but Xia Yu did not. Was she deliberately pretending to be innocent, or did she not intend to be with Zhang Hanyu at all?

"You are Wanru, right? I've never met anyone more stupid than you. It was Zeng Mina who instigated you again and again. She said Zhang Hanyu had an affair with Xia Yu. Have you ever wondered why she did that? " Wu Shiyu came out with the fruit. When she saw Wanru was sitting in the living room, she was so angry that she wanted to slap her.

When she remembered what Xia Yu had said before about the woman's illness, she felt that she had to endure it so as not to irritate her.

"Zeng Mina said that. So what? It doesn't matter who said that. What matters is whether it is true." Wanru laughed coldly. Now that it had come to this, was there any point in her concealing it? "

"You're not stupid. If it's true, do you need Xia Yu to tell you?"

"I was careless and was deceived by her. Can't Zeng Mina remind me? If it's not true, why did she insist it was her? I know they didn't know each other before. " Wanru was trying to defend herself.

"You also said that ever since Xia Yu came to Tengfei and got to know Young Master Yan, Zeng Mina had never let go of her. It's sad that you have been exploited by others and lost your husband and friends. You don't know the truth yet. What a pity!" Wu Shiyu glanced at Wanru and shook her head.

"Are you saying that Zeng Mina likes Young Master Yan, so she used me to play against Xia Yu?" Was Zeng Mina already engaged to Shen Mo? Even in the past, Shen Yan was the one who liked Zeng Mina.

"What do you think? Do you believe that your Zhang Hanyu is more outstanding than Young Master Yan? " Wu Shiyu disdainfully curled his lips. If Xia Yu were really a gold digger, it would be much easier for her to aim at Shen Yan directly.

Wanru's face instantly turned deathly pale. How could her heart be muddled like that? It was rumored that Young Master Yan would never take the initiative with girls. Didn't she persuade Xia Yu before? The one who could take the initiative was Zeng Mina. She could only choose Shen Mo, so she didn't like the women who stood by Shen Yan's side.

Xia Yu was now Shen Yan's secretary, and the two brothers of Shen's Family were fighting with each other. Shen Mo wanted to gain Xia Yu's support, so Zhang Hanyu acted as a lobbyist. He was conscious that he had not succeeded, so he asked her to give Xia Yu the invitation. Xia Yu barely accepted it, but she didn't want to go. Then Wanru argued with Zhang Hanyu and was about to suicide. Xia Yu decided to participate in the party because of guiltiness, and she fell into the trap Zeng Mina set up for her.


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