Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 164 Will You Feel at Ease?“
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 164 Will You Feel at Ease?“

"Zhou Jianmin, you dare to utilize me!" Wanru was angry. If it were really because of Zhang Hanyu's having another woman, she would have nothing to say. However, the reality was that she had lost her husband because of her foolishness.

"Sis, you shouldn't have told her." She knew Wanru's temper. When she went out, she would cause a huge ruckus. According to her cousin, those people were barbarians, and now, Wanru was just one person. There wasn't even a single person to protect her.

"So you're going to be muttered by her at this point?" Wu Shiyu knew that her cousin was stubborn and soft-hearted, but some people should not be treated soft-heartedly.

Zhang Hanyu, who was standing at the door, was dumbstruck when he heard the conversation in the room. Zeng Mina actually wanted to cheat on Shen Mo. Did Shen Mo know that?

Seeing that Wanru had come out, he immediately hid himself aside. After she left, he did not have the mood to see Xia Yu and drove away. He needed some time to process what he had just heard.

"Young Master Yan, Zhang Hanyu has left." The moment he left the district, Liu Sijie received the news and quickly reported it to Shen Yan.

"Alright, keep your eyes on them." Shen Yan's voice did not have a trace of warmth.

Wanru rushed straight to Zeng Mina's company, introduced herself as a member of Shen Mo's company, and said that it was Shen Mo who sent her here and looked for Zeng Mina for something important.

Everyone knew the relationship between Zeng Mina and Shen Mo, and Wanru looked like a big company's white-collar employee. The security didn't care though, and directly let her in.

Wanru wanted to pounce at Zeng Mina once she went in, "You shameless woman, you are still pestering Shen Yan even after getting engaged to Shen Mo, whenever you see a woman beside Shen Yan, you wanted to take revenge on her."

When the reporters heard this, they all felt that the news could be hot, so they quickly abandoned Zeng Mina and went to interview Wanru, "Madam, how did you know that? Can you tell us more?"

"My ex-husband was a subordinate of Shen Mo, and not long ago, Shen Yan had hired a new female secretary, who was also my ex-husband's ex-secretary. This woman was jealous of that girl who was pretty and smart, so she tried to persuade me time and time saying that the secretary was tainted with my husband, causing me and my husband to get divorced. I found all these things are nonsense now, the truth is that this woman tried to utilize me, she is the one who likes Shen Yan but was engaged with Shen Mo because she thought Shen Mo has the biggest chance to be the president of Shen's." Wanru pointed at Zeng Mina and gritted her teeth while saying.

"You're talking nonsense, that's not the case." Zeng Mina almost fainted on the spot, where did this woman come from? "She's crazy. Get her out of here!"

The person in charge of the company was also shocked, Zeng Mina's new TV series was just about to be promoted, if this news were to spread, then the series would be down, "Security, quick!"

Very quickly, the security guards came over and controlled Wanru, but the reporters had already set their sights on Wanru, it involved the two young masters of Shen's family, as well as a high ranking manager, plus Zeng Mina, the famous star and the young miss of Zeng's family, how could the reporters let it go?

They all followed along like a swarm of bees, surrounded Wanru, and kept asking questions. Wanru did not hide anything for sure and told them everything she knew. Meanwhile, Zeng Mina became the target of public criticism on the internet.

Even though Zeng Ziqiang had used all tactics he could to suppress the situation, he still failed to deal with it and had no choice but to meet Shen Mo.

Shen Mo was also annoyed. No matter how much he disliked Zeng Mina, she was still his fiancée. How can he let this kind of rumor to spread? He had long contacted Zhang Hanyu.

On this matter, Zhang Hanyu was extremely disgusted with Zeng Mina, but on account of Shen Mo, he had no choice but to say that since Wanru always suspected that his previous secretary had unique relationships with him, so his secretary was forced to resign and go to Shen Yan's place. However, she did not let her go, so he was helpless that he had to divorce with Wanru. Wanru was not convinced, so she intended to spread this rumor to make him lose his job.

With Zhang Hanyu's clarification, the reporters immediately thought of Xia Yu. Wasn't that obvious? She was the only one who has been Zhang Hanyu's secretary and Shen Yan's secretary, so the reporters came knocking on her door very quickly.

Xia Yu did not expect Zhang Hanyu would say this for Shen Mo and Zeng Mina. Her cousin was still here, she was afraid the reporters would find this as another piece of breaking news, so she did not open the door but gave Zhang Hanyu a call.

"President Zhang, I have always respected you. However, on this matter, I am truly disappointed in you. Wanru was wrong this time, and you know she was sick. But did she say something wrong? "

"Xia Yu, what can I do now given the fact that things have reached such a stage?" Zhang Hanyu was also very angry, but it was the kind of anger that couldn't be vented.

"President Zhang, if you say so, I will inform the reporters later."

"Xia Yu, what do you want to say?"

"The reason for my resignation is not Wanru, and you knew it. If you don't want things to get more complicated, you should settle this matter. Also, Wanru was your ex-wife after all. I think you should be responsible for her even you two have divorced. If she does something crazy because of what you just said, would you feel at ease for the rest of your life?"

Xia Yu frowned. She had fought with Zeng Mina no matter what and had the guts to speak bluntly with Jiang Yayan, but she could not do that to Wanru, because she dared not to provoke her sickness.

Would something bad really happen? Zhang Hanyu immediately panicked. After hanging up the phone, he ran towards Wanru's home, but halfway through, he saw an ambulance had carried Wanru away. He felt his head had exploded, and he almost fell to the ground.

What have I done! He slapped himself twice and sat on the floor.

When Xia Yu came out of the hospital, it was already very late. Due to the rain, the night was freezing, and the wind caused her to feel muddle-headed. There were very few pedestrians and vehicles, let alone taxis.

She did not remember how far she had walked, and finally, she saw a crossroad in front of her. There were many cars gathered, red and green lights mixed together with the traffic flow. Everything had turned into colorful stripes in her eyes, and she was practically dragging her feet to walk over, but she did not notice the car that was driving past, and after she heard a whistle, an ear-piercing sound of brakes sounded out, and an intense light shone over, causing Xia Yu to close her eyes.

Zhou Yan didn't expect that someone would rush out when the green light was on. He immediately braked, and because of inertia, his forehead hit the steering wheel. When he raised his head, he saw a woman standing in the middle of the road.

With the car light, she just stood there, completely unresponsive, as if she had lost her soul.

"Hey, what's going on? Do you want to leave or not? "

Other cars were honking their horns behind him, Zhou Yan looked at the woman again, Xia Yu?

He immediately got off the car and walked to Xia Yu's side.

"Miss Xia?"

Xia Yu's body shook, she turned around, her face under the light became even paler, her eyes devoid of light.

"You know me?"

"I'm Zhou Yan, the psychiatrist of Wanru."

Xia Yu forced out a smile, "I heard Wanru mentioned about you, thank you for taking care of Wanru all this time."

"Miss Xia, to be honest, I respect you. You actually went to visit her after she mistreated you." Zhou Yan always heard about Xia Yu while he was talking to Wanru, and she was a tricky woman according to Wanru's words. Zhou Yan believed it. How could a simple girl stay by Shen Yan's side?

But when he saw Xia Yu, he was slightly shocked.

Zhou Yan felt that she was about to lose her footing and could only hold her up. There were cars drove by one and another. The wind was so strong that half of Xia Yu's face was covered by her messy hair.

"It's too dangerous to stand here. Let's get in the car."

Xia Yu still did not react, Zhou Yan could only bring her in the car on his own, she was cooperative, but after they got in the car, she just sat there still.

Zhou Yan pulled up the car aside. After waiting for a while, Xia Yu sat quietly beside him. Her face was pale because of the coldness, and her eyes were empty, but her back was upright.

"I was kidnapped two days ago, so when the car suddenly stopped in front of me, wasn't my reaction a bit too extreme?" Zhou Yan was a therapist, Xia Yu did not want to hide it from him.

No wonder she had that look. "You shouldn't have gone back so late."

"Wanru has got no friends here, so I don't feel at ease. Especially President Zhang's words were too much of a shock to her. "

Zhou Yan also knew a little bit about the news. Ever since he was young, he understood the horrible nature of public opinions. It could lift people up to the sky, and could also drive them into hell.

Zhou Yan looked at his watch, "Why don't we go to my clinic?"

Turning around to glance at Zhou Yan, she silently nodded her head. Perhaps she really needs a psychiatrist.

Zhou Yan smiled. "Then that's it!" He then took out his cell phone and made a call. He spoke Japanese as if he was giving a very brief explanation. After that, he started the car and drove back to the clinic.

Zhou Yan intentionally lowered his speed and observed Xia Yu's facial expression. She seemed unusually quiet as she looked out the window coldly and clearly. Zhou Yan even suspected that if he continued to drive, she would forever remain in this position.

After arriving at the clinic, Zhou Yan parked his car and opened the door for Xia Yu.

"Get off please."

Xia Yu stayed in her position for a few more seconds before she reacted and got off the car.

They went into the clinic, respectively. At this point, the staff were already off work. Zhou Yan walked in front and turned on the lights. First the hall, then the corridor was lit up one by one. The circular lights on the ceiling and the decorative lights on the walls made the moss and green plants on both sides even brighter.

Finally, at the end of the corridor, Zhou Yan took out his key and opened the door to the treatment room.

"Come in!" Zhou Yan said as he walked in to turn on the lights, he took off his jacket, and after doing all that, he turned to look at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu was already standing in the middle of the room, her expression still did not look good, but she was no longer as panicked as she was on the streets.

Zhou Yan smiled and put his hands in his pockets. He asked in a very casual manner, "Let's have a talk?"

Xia Yu naturally nodded her head: "Okay."

"Then take a seat."

Xia Yu walked to the sofa and sat down.

Zhou Yan poured her a glass of water and bent down to take her hand.

The sudden body contact caused Xia Yu to retract her hand subconsciously, but Zhou Yan just kept it tightly clenched. Finally, he forcefully held her hand and let her hold the cup.

Zhou Yan: "Hold it."

Xia Yu was speechless as she took the cup.

Zhou Yan smiled. Without a word, he turned around and lit an incense stick.

There was a wooden cabinet at the corner of the treatment room. There were many small drawers, and every drawer contained different spices. Zhou Yan took some from it and threw it into a nearby incense burner and lighted it up. Soon, smoke came out from the incense burner, which smells very pure.


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