Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 166 “Why Don“t You Call the Police?“
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 166 “Why Don“t You Call the Police?“

It was already early in the morning when Zeng Mina was dragged by force to the Shen Family by Zhou Jiamin. "First Madame, look at Mina's face. Right, She hasn't married Young Master Mo yet, and she shouldn't have come to bother you. Yet we wouldn't overthink if other people beat her, but Xia Yu was Young Master Yan's person, we didn't dare to act rashly, so we could only come and ask First Madame for your opinion."

It's Xia Yu who beat Zeng Mina this hard? When the First Madame heard that, she became furious and grabbed Zeng Mina's hand and took her in front of the Old Madame, she wanted to see how the Old Madame would protect Xia Yu.

After all, Zeng Mina was guilty. She hid behind Zhou Jianmin and the First Madame and did not dare to come out to see the Old Madame. Seeing this, Zhou Jiamin grasped the opportunity and criticized Xia Yu right in front of the Old Madame, "Look how scared Mina is!"

Old Madame didn't really like Zeng Mina's domineering look, but she was shocked by how she looked now. Now that Zhou Jianmin had come looking for her, no matter how unhappy she was, she had to ask, "Mina, was the injury on your face caused by Xia Yu?"

"Yes, yes …" the look in Zeng Mina's eyes twinkled, but since the Old Madame asked, she had to answer.

"Mina, don't be afraid. Old Madame will give you justice." Zhou Jianmin pulled Zeng Mina in front of Old Madame.

Her face was indeed red and swollen, but Old Madame did not say anything.

If she could even kidnap people, what's wrong about being slapped twice? It was because the kid Xia Yu had seen through the situation and did not make any trouble, if not, even if there was no evidence, when the scandal spread, where should you, the Zeng Family put your face?

Generally, at this point, they would know how to restrain themselves, but instead of that, they were even taking off their gloves now.

"Old Madame, how do you think we should settle this?" Zhuo Jia Min had never let anyone go if she was on the right side, and this was for Zeng Mina's sake, with Zeng Ziqiang backing her, she was even more confident.

"Mom, Xia Yu is too presumptuous, I think we should fire her!" Seeing that the Old Madame did not speak, the First Madame beside her opened her mouth.

She had long since disliked Xia Yu. Not only was she arrogant and despotic, but she was also an enemy to Shen Mo at all times. How could such a person be kept?

"Sister-in-law, what reason do we have to fire Xia Yu? Why don't you explain it clearly?" Seeing that Zeng Mina was about to make a ruckus again, the Second Madame became angry right off.

Wasn't Xia Yu born by her mother? She actually sent people to kidnap and rape her? If it wasn't for Shen Yan who accidentally saw it and called the police after bad things really happened, would they still ride the high horse?.

"Sister-in-law, are you protecting your daughter-in-law?" First Madame sneered, her tone wasn't as courteous as before when she spoke to Second Madame.

Zeng Mina was the young mistress of the Shen Family, not only did she and Shen Mo lose face by being bullied by a servant, even her, as her aunt, lost face as well. If she still had to support Xia Yu in this way, it would only mean that the Second Madame treated Xia Yu as her daughter-in-law. Since that's the case, then say it in front of the Old Madame.

"Sister-in-law, what do you mean? When did Xia Yu become my daughter-in-law? " Second Madame was severely irritated, she was just speaking a few fair words, and First Madame was already overanalyzing it.

"If she isn't the daughter-in-law of the Shen Family, then what makes her think she can show her strength in the Shen Family?" First Madame was determined to speak of it today, a master of the Shen Family suppressed by a servant, what the hell was that?

"Sister-in-law, Xia Yu is an employee of the Shen's. She works in it, and as the leader of the company, this is how you treat your own employees?" Old Madame could not bear to listen any longer. It was no wonder that many of the employees were leaving recently. As a significant shareholder, First Madame did not behave herself at all wouldn't it make the employees bitterly disappointed?

"Mom, Mina was beaten so hard, are we going to do nothing about it?" First Madame didn't think that even Old Madame would say something like this, and she was so angry that she almost couldn't say anything for a short while

"Do something with it? Tell me, what should I do? Since this is a society ruled by law and Mina has solid evidence, why don't we just call the police and let the police deal with this matter. Or are you intending to punish her by yourself?" Old Madame looked at First Madame with a serious face, "Also, about Xia Yu's being kidnapped, there must be a thorough investigation. She is one of the employees of the Shen's, if something happens to her, and the company does not help her seek justice, how will other people think of the Shen's? How will the employees think of us?" The more Old Madame spoke, the more excited she became; finally, she slammed the table and stood up.

After kidnapping a member of the Shen's, they even came to show off, what the hell does Zeng Ziqiang think he is? What allows him to be so arrogant? Does he really believe that there is no one left in the Shen's? Fine, let's give it a try.

"Mom, Xia Yu's case has already been reported to the police. The police said that there was no evidence." Although Zeng Ziqiang suppressed the matter of Xia Yu being kidnapped by the security team leader of the Zeng Family, the First Madame still felt guilty.

"Is that so? Do you mean that this matter should just end like this? " Old Madame growled, as she stared at the First Madame majestically.

"It's not me who can decide this. Don't we have to listen to the police?" First Madame quickly covered it up.

"Well said. Listen to the police. Secretary Yang, help Miss Mina call the police, and let the police handle this." Old Madame sat down and said to her secretary.

"Yes, Old Madame!" Recently, First Madame was too nonsensical. The Old Madame was still alive, and she was already treating other people of the Shen's with contempt, wasn't she disappointing the Old Madame?

"Grandma, there's no need to call the police. It's just a small misunderstanding. I've already talked about it with Xia Yu, I was a little impulsive too." How could Zeng Mina dare call the police? Xia Yu was still holding evidence in her hands, and if she spouted nonsense in front of the police, let alone Shen Mo, even the First Madame, who was fighting here, would ignore her from then on.

"Why don't we call the police? It's an indisputable fact that she beat you." Seeing that the Old Madame was going to deal with it like that, Zhou Jianmin was angered in her heart. If she was treating Zeng Mina like this now, how would she be able to stay in the Shen Family in the future?

"Auntie Zhou, if the media finds out about this, it would be big news." Ever since Wanru started spouting nonsense the other day, many fans had begun scolding her.

It was all thanks to Zhang Hanyu that it was partially redeemed. But this time, if she really got into a fight with Xia Yu, it would be different, because Xia Yu had always been a vicious woman with Shen Yan as her backing, and if something really happened, it would be her who would be in trouble.

Zeng Mina was not stupid, and she knew clearly what was going on.

After leaving the Shen Family despondently, Zeng Mina couldn't help but grumble to Zhou Jianmin, "Aunt Zhou, why do you think Li Tianci is so stupid? He actually dared to kidnap Xia Yu in the streets."

"You can't blame Li Tianci for being impulsive. Our Zeng Family is a reputable family in S City, if we're bullied by the daughter of a chef to such an extent, how would your father face other people outside in the future?" Zhuo Jianmin said indignantly.

Talking about Xia Yu, Zeng Mina became terribly angry, "I know that he is doing it for my own good, but the situation now is that we have indeed gotten into trouble, and even the Old Madame is expressing her displeasure towards us. We'd better restrain ourselves a little."

How could such words come out from the mouth of the great young miss of the Zeng Family? Zhou Jianmin sneered inside her heart. Are they going to stop playing just because she said so? If they don't, how would they be able to provoke the conflict between the Shen family and the Zeng Family?

Without a conflict, how could she fish in troubled waters?

"Alas, since you said so, alright then, Aunt Zhou will listen to you." Zhuo Jianmin pretended that she was feeling injustice for Zeng Mina.

Not long after Zeng Mina left with Zhou Jianmin, Shen Yan came back home with Liu Sijie. Seeing that the Old Madame and the others were all there, he reported the project for the development zone to them.

"I have no objections. Don't worry, just do what you think is right." Since the Old Madame had said that she would let Shen Yan do it himself, she wouldn't interfere too much.

"Then Liu Sijie and I will go discuss it with Big Brother." With that said, Shen Yan stood up.

"Shen Yan, is your wife alright?" Just as Shen Yan was about to leave, the First Madame asked in a weird voice.

My wife? Shen Yan frowned slightly, but still turned around and smiled, "Is aunt asking about Xia Yu? She's much better, thank you for your concern. "

"She could even hit someone, how can she not be good?" First Madame stood up and headed upstairs.

Shen Yan and Liu Sijie looked at each other, did Zeng Mina stir things up again?

Liu Sijie nodded, and the two of them walked outside.

Last night, Shen Yan was not at home, but Liu Sijie was there. She was even chasing Xia Yu to the doorway, and the First Madame was still defending her, they're going too far.

"Mom, nothing is going on between Little Yan and Xia Yu." What do you mean by saying that bullshit in front of the Old Madame? The Second Madame was so angry, but her son fell into the trap, so she had to explain it to the Old Madame.

"I think Xia Yu is pretty good, she can really be Little Yan's wife, you can rest easy as a mother." The Old Madame stood up and returned to her room with the support of Secretary Yang.

The Old Madame meant that she was in favor of their relationship? What about Ke'er? She was the granddaughter of the Old Madame's brother. Second Madame was stupefied by the Old Madame's words and only reacted after staring at her for a long time.

Zeng Mina stirred up troubles repeatedly, and Shen Yan couldn't help worrying. And Liu Sijie said that Xia Yu was sent back by a therapist, that's making him even more nervous. After personally talking with Zhou Yan, he decided to give Xia Yu ten days of leave to properly receiving the doctor's treatment.

Xia Yu was unable to turn Shen Yan around, and because there was no one taking care of Wanru in the hospital, she agreed to it in the end

Without the assistance of Xia Yu, and with Shen Qiang busy with his press conference, the cooperation with the Jiang's and the project of the Development Zone both fell on the shoulder of Shen Yan and Liu Sijie.

After the agreement between Tengfei and the Jiang's was officially signed, Shen Yan became even busier. He had already worked overtime for a week, and today was no exception. He held a meeting at the head office in the afternoon about the project of the Development Zone, and it lasted for a good five hours. As for the later parts expansion and a few projects that were about to start, it was still the same as before, whenever Shen Yan propose something, people with Shen Mo would always oppose.

It was already after nine o'clock when the meeting ended, and after Liu Sijie finished the meeting, he directly collapsed in Shen Yan's office.

"I feel like my body is hollow. Why does it feel like a war whenever I attend this kind of meetings?!"

Seeing that he was moaning on the sofa, Shen Yan walked over and threw a document on his body.

"Get up. I will ask them to send the meeting summary to you tomorrow. Make a plan and give it to me as soon as possible."

"As soon as possible? No, I will die!"

"Are you so weak?"

"Of course, look at me, I leave the office every day after 9, and I feel like I'm more tired than doing it seven times a night. Besides, I'm not the same as you, you have nothing else to amuse yourself besides work, but I can't do it, I have other activities, so could you give me a few more days. Next week, can I do it next week?"

Shen Yan glanced at Liu Sijie while he shamelessly bargained.

"Get up! Fuck off!"


Liu Sijie immediately got up and walked out of the room. When he reached the door, he turned around and saw that Shen Yan had already switched on the computer again, and asked: "Aren't you leaving?"

"I can't. There will be a video conference later." Shen Yan was not made of iron, he also wanted to rest, but he needed to have the time first.

"What video conference is arranged this late?" Liu Sijie frowned, couldn't they choose a better time?

"Foreign clients, time difference!"


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