Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 167 You“ve Gone Too Far
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 167 You“ve Gone Too Far

Liu Sijie was speechless. As soon as he graduated from university, he came to the Shen's, and had been working with Shen Yan the whole time; therefore, he knew what he had gone through in the company. Almost every step he took was like a fight at close quarters, and he could work an average of fourteen hours a day. He had fought his way to his current position, and with his responsibilities becoming larger and larger, his ambition seemed to have no limit.

Liu Sijie could not help but sigh.

Shen Yan looked up from his computer: "Anything else?"

"Xia Yu hasn't been working these days, didn't you call her?"

Shen Yan was baffled by his question. He thought for a while and answered: "I think so, I've been very busy with the company these days. What's wrong?"

"Nothing much, I'm just reminding you to make a call, don't focus only on work all day, work can't be your wife!"

Wife? It didn't matter if his aunt said so, why was he saying the same?

After Liu Sijie left, Shen Yan was startled for a moment, but he finally took out his phone and called her. Xia Yu answered the call quickly as if she was holding onto her phone anytime and anywhere, waiting for him to call.

"Hey, why are you calling me so late at night?"

"I just finished my work. Are you already in bed?"

"No, no, not yet." Xia Yu's voice was hoarse, and she sniffed.

"What's wrong with your voice?"

"I have a cold."

"Is it serious? Have you taken any medicines? "

Xia Yu immediately burst into laughter: "Look how anxious you are, I'm not a child, of course, I have taken medicines. Don't worry, by the way, it's so late now, are you still working in the company?"

In these few days when Xia Yu was resting, Wu Shiyu brought her to her home. She was also a patient, alright? How could she go take care of Wanru in spite of her own illness?

Moreover, it was Zhang Hanyu who caused her to be sick, so he's the one who should go.

Xia Yu also knew that her cousin was doing this for her own good, so she could only agree to rest well at home. Of course, she still insisted on visiting Wanru in the hospital once a day.

Wanru was moved, and a bit guilty, especially after hearing what Zhou Yan said, that Xia Yu was having an issue too, she felt even sorrier.

Fortunately, she had Zhou Yan's psychological guidance. Besides, she was completely disappointed in Zhang Hanyu. For those reasons, she recovered fast and had left the hospital. Since then, Xia Yu had not visited her again and just took a rest at her cousin's home.

Shen Yan rubbed his forehead: "No, I'm already home."

"Oh, so there's no one else around?"

Shen Yan looked at the empty office: "No one, what's wrong?"

"Liar, if you're at home, either Liu Sijie or Xiao Qiang would be there, right?"

Shen Yan couldn't help but laugh. He really couldn't hide anything from her. After talking with Xia Yu for around 20 minutes, his mood improved a lot. After hanging up, he was about to continue working, but his phone rang again, he took a look, it was Yang Ke'er!

"Brother Shen Yan, I'll come back to China the day after tomorrow. You have to pick me up at the airport." Yang Ke'er seemed very excited.

While Yang Ke'er was excited, Shen Yan was muttering in his heart, but he still maintained a smile, "I might not be free the day after tomorrow, how about I send Liu Sijie over to pick you up?"

"Then forget it, I'll come back by myself." Yang Ke'er just wanted Shen Yan to pick her up, so that she could show people how different their relationship was, if he sends Liu Sijie, then doesn't bother.

"Alright, I'll invite you to dinner when you are back." Shen Yan was waiting for this sentence. Since Xia Yu hadn't returned to work, Liu Sijie was rather busy.

"We'll talk about it later. I didn't even ask you to pick me up, so you must give me some compensation. The day after tomorrow is my classmate Wan Yiyi's parents' 30th anniversary, I will attend on behalf of Yiyi, I want you to be my male partner. "Wan Yiyi could not come back in time, so she could only ask Yang Ke'er for help.

The two of them got along pretty well overseas, so how could Yang ke'er refuse to such a simple thing. However, since Wan Yiyi's parents were celebrating the 30th anniversary, they specifically requested for the guests to be paired up. Since she had just come back and hadn't contacted her old friends, naturally, this partner must be him.

"I... We'll talk about it later. " Shen Yan hesitated, but still did not directly refuse.

Wan Yiyi's parents owned a listed company called Jia Mei, and they also sent an invitation to Shen Yan for their 30th anniversary. So he had to go, but he didn't want to be Yang Ke'er's partner.

His mother was really good at causing troubles for him. Zeng Mina was already annoying him a lot, and now she just got another one for him. The corner of Shen Yan's lips twitched a few times, and he was no longer in the mood to work. He stood up, walked to the window, and lit up a cigarette.

When he returned, Shen Qiang was still awake and was still searching for information. His activities at the company were being set up, and this was the most significant event he was personally responsible for. Although he had participated in auditions for the spokesperson, he was, after all, only a deputy.

This time, he was the one who indeed had the final say. Adding on his identity as the Third Young Master, some of the company's lackeys would definitely follow behind him and flatter him. Even though Shen Qiang was not completely confused, he still enjoyed it, and that made Shen Qiang even more hardworking.

Seeing that his second brother's expression wasn't right, he looked up at him and said, "If you miss my sister, just bring her back, do you need to show me your long face all day along? Besides, it's not me who agreed to let her go. "

In the past few days since Xia Yu left, there had only been a few men left at the cold and cheerless home. Shen Qiang was also not used to it. He had already called Xia Yu a few times, in the beginning, he politely asked her to come back, now he directly asked her when she would be back.

She would go back to work in just a few days, Xia Yu also felt that it's convenient to go to work with them. However, Wu Shiyu didn't agree, saying that it was not safe there.

Hearing this, Shen Qiang was exasperated, but he couldn't find any words to refute. Zeng Mina did kidnap her first and then come to their doorsteps to make a scene. It was usual for her family members to be worried.

Right now, he just wanted Second Brother to come out and bring Xia Yu back personally, so he would intentionally or unintentionally mention this several times a day in front of him.

"Did I show you long face?" Shen Yan sat down beside him, "Talking about that, you better hurry up and bring Xia Yu back, and occupy all the rooms, or else when Yang Ke'er returns, everyone will be annoyed."

"Is she coming back? When?" Shen Qiang understood in an instant that his second brother's biggest trouble had returned. No wonder his face looked so bad.

"In two days, as soon as she gets back, she wants me to accompany her to a banquet." Shen Yan was extremely annoyed.

"Alright, before Yang Ke'er comes back, even if I have to tie her up, I will bring my sister back." If she came to stay, Shen Qiang would instead go back home. The problem was that he didn't want to go home.

After chatting for a while, the two brothers went back to sleep. The next morning, Shen Qiang went to the company. The employees who were arranging the space gathered around, "Third Young Master, do you think this arrangement will work?"

After Young Master Yan gained his footing, the Third Young Master naturally rose in status. Especially after the father and son had recognized each other recently, the ass-kissers of the company all fought to curry favor with him.

"Not bad, you guys take your time, and I have something to talk to the second brother about." Shen Qiang looked at it and felt that it was satisfactory, so he walked towards Shen Yan's office.

That old woman who picked up trash almost came over to see Shen Qiang every day after tasting the sweetness the other day.

Shen Qiang had treated her quite well, but the rest of the employees all disliked her. She was filthy and stinky, like a beggar, so as long as Shen Qiang was not around, they would not let the old woman in.

"I'm looking for the young man who just entered." There were a lot of cardboard boxes inside, and the old woman's eyes were burning with desire as she looked at them. She really wanted to rush in.

"Sorry, our company has a rule that outsiders are not allowed to enter." the staff who were arranging the exhibition hall gave a look to the security guards at the side, telling them to drive away from the old woman.

The client representatives they invited were coming over soon. This trash woman was too unsightly to go in, so they definitely wouldn't agree.

The old woman knew that these people were snobbish, so she didn't force her way in. Since Shen Qiang would be back before long, she decided just to wait outside.

Not long after, the customer representatives entered one after another. The staff also began showing them around. The old woman had waited for a long time but still hadn't seen Shen Qiang come out. With the sudden arrival of so many handsome men and beautiful, well-dressed women, she knew that there wouldn't be any results if she waited any longer.

As she was about to leave with her cart, she suddenly felt a stomachache. She forced herself to walk a few steps while enduring the pain, but the pain only grew worse and worse. She left the cart and ran to the public toilet, clutching her stomach.

After running a few steps, she gave up. The public toilet was really too far. She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to hold it before she could reach the bathroom. She turned around and took a look at the entrance of Tengfei, she had to go to the toilet in their office now, so she turned around and ran back towards Tengfei.

"Hey, why did you come in? Get out, this is not a place you can come." The security guards quickly stopped her.

"Lad, I'm begging you, please allow me to use the toilet. I can't hold it anymore. " The old woman clutched her stomach, with a suffering expression on her face.

It wasn't the first time that this old woman had wanted to intrude. The security guard glanced at the storage room and guessed that the old woman was probably thinking about those boxes. But now that the clients were here, it wasn't proper for her to go in and move the cartons.

"Grandma, I'm sorry. Please don't make things difficult for us, okay?" Although they despised the smell of the old woman, they had all gone through vocational training, so they didn't show much disdain on their faces.

"Young men, could you just let me use your toilet? I really can't hold it anymore." The old woman's face was red and purple. She was even struggling when she spoke.

"That's even more impossible. Our company has a rule that outsiders are not allowed to enter." The toilets were all in the office area, where there were business secrets, so how could this old woman enter? The security guards refused without even thinking.

"I, I …" The old woman clutched her stomach, her expression turning more and more unsightly.

There was a squelch, and then a stench.

The security guards quickly pinched their noses and retreated several steps back. They looked at the pool of yellow liquid flowing out of the old woman's pants with disdain.

"You've gone too far. I just wanted to use your toilet, and yet you are humiliating me like this." The old woman's eyes became reddened, and large tears flowed down her face.

Soon, the stench spread everywhere. All of the customer representatives on the side looked this way. Some of them even took out their phones to take photos and post on the internet.

The old woman was ashamed and angry. She staggered out, leaving behind her footprints with the stench

"Everyone, we are terribly sorry for our negligence." The security manager rushed over upon hearing the news. Seeing that the exhibition hall had been messed up by the old woman, he hurriedly guided the security guards to clean it up.

At this time, Shen Mo was looking through the documents in his office when the door suddenly opened from the outside. Xiang Hui walked in with a tablet in his hands, "Young Master Mo, take a look at this video."

He showed the video of the old woman being humiliated to Shen Mo, "Young Master Yan must be doomed this time."

Shen Mo's gaze stayed on the video for a few seconds, then decisively said, "Find this old woman, immediately!"


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