Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 169 He Really Was Cheeky
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 169 He Really Was Cheeky

After thanking the lady, Shen Qiang was in a hurry to find the old woman. However, he accidentally stepped on the sewer and sprained his ankle. With his personality, Shen Qiang would continue to search, but Xia Yu insisted on sending him to the hospital no matter what.

Fortunately, Xia Yu had sent him to the hospital. With such a severe fracture, he had to stay in the hospital for at least ten days. Xia Yu accompanied him in the hospital for a long time and only left after Shen Yang arrived.

With Shen Qiang injured, Xia Yu had to take care of many things in the company, especially the event that Shen Qiang was organizing.

"Xia Yu, it's good that you're back. Deal with these documents first." Shen Yan was extremely busy, he directly cut the formalities with Xia Yu, and threw her a few documents. He was rushing it.

Xia Yu kept working until midnight before she returned. On the next morning, she went to visit Shen Qiang with a basket of fruits, but she did not see him. Instead, she met Li Tianci, who kidnapped her the other day.

Xia Yu knew that he was the one who did it, but there was no solid evidence. And she knew that even if she called the police, the police would just routinely ask him some questions and release him. So Xia Yu did not want to cause any trouble for herself, but was it just like the old saying goes, "you can never avoid your enemies"?

Originally, she wanted to pretend that she didn't see him, but Li Tianci took the initiative and called out, "Secretary Xia!"

Xia Yu could only stop and look at him.

Li Tianci was wearing a shirt with a round collar, and the two of them looked at each other, but Xia Yu did not speak. Li Tianci put his hands in his pockets, slightly raised his chin, and sneered: "It's only been a few days since we last met, how come your eyes have grown to the top of your head? Can't you see me? "

Not wanting to waste any more time talking with him, Xia Yu turned around and wanted to leave. The moment the two passed each other, Li Tianci suddenly said in a low voice: "Do you still dare to sleep with Young Master Yan recently?"

A dog could never spit out ivory from its mouth, she stopped almost subconsciously.

Slowly turning around, Li Tianci looked at Xia Yu's back and said: "I'm warning you, if you dare to displease my young miss again, the good show has yet to come."

Xia Yu resisted the anger in her heart and turned around. She looked at Li Tianci with ice-cold eyes, and taunted: "Those who committed many injustices are doomed to destruction, and the villains will be brought to justice by God."

Staring at Xia Yu's face, he gritted his teeth and said: "Don't think that everything will be fine just because Shen Yan treasures you. He is a fickle man, he might like you now, but when he has a new lover, let's see if you would still be so arrogant."

Ever since he kidnapped Xia Yu, even Zeng Ziqiang had warned him, so he had no choice but to restrain himself. Shen Yan had also advised him to be careful.

Although he said he didn't fear Shen Yan in front of his subordinates, if they were really to confront each other, he would definitely be scared to death. So he had been hiding in his home these days, and he only dares to come out when he heard that something had happened in Shen Yan's company.

He was afraid of Shen Yan, yet he wasn't scared of Xia Yu, so he would say whatever he felt like to say.

After all, this was a hospital, and there had been too much negative news recently. Xia Yu was really afraid that Shen Qiang would cause a ruckus after he heard about it, so she decided to ignore him and leave.

However … …


Suddenly, she heard a call from behind her, she turned her head to take a look, and her heart immediately got cold. As the saying goes, whatever you are afraid of will definitely come. Shen Qiang was walking towards her with a leg covered in gypsum.

He stood beside Xia Yu and softly asked: "What's wrong?"

She was terrified that Shen Qiang would explode, so her heart was beating erratically. She pretended to be calm and replied: "Nothing, I was just about to go see you."

As she spoke, she lifted the fruit basket.

Shen Qiang had already recognized Li Tianci long ago, if it were him in the past, he would have already punched him. But after his mother had spoken to him about it yesterday, he also felt that he could not cause the second brother any more trouble at this critical time.

Those reporters had their eyes in every corner, so who could guarantee that no reporter would see him losing his temper? So he chose to endure it, extended his hand and took the fruit basket from Xia Yu, and then directly said to her without even looking at him: "I was just about to call you and ask why you are not coming to see me. Let's go in, and peel an apple for me."

Xia Yu had the same thoughts as Shen Qiang did, and didn't want to keep fighting, so she planned to follow Shen Qiang. However, Li Tianci suddenly said in a weird tone: "Oh, your new boyfriend?"

When these words came out, Xia Yu and Shen Qiang both looked towards him. The former had eyes full of warning, while the latter had eyes full of ill intent.

Li Tianci was exactly looking for trouble today, so he went around Xia Yu and asked Shen Qiang, "Brother, what's wrong with this leg?"

Brother? Who was his brother? He really was cheeky!

Shen Qiang felt that he could explode at any moment. He had endured it so hard until now, so he replied expressionlessly: "What does it have to do with you?"

Li Tianci immediately ignored his expression, and laughed: "Huh, and your face, was it also slapped by someone?"

Shen Qiang frowned, Xia Yu spoke before him: "Li Tianci, don't look for trouble, if you don't want your face, don't blame others for not giving you face!"

She was warning him not to anger the people of the Shen Family.

However, Li Tianci was here just to cause trouble, Zhou Jianmin had told him that it would be the best if he could make Shen Qiang hit him so that they could record it and then post it on the internet. So he replied without thinking, "I'm provoking him, so what? A f**king cripple dares to challenge me? "

"Who are you talking about?" With Shen Qiang's temper, he was already on fire, what's more, he had been furious these past few days.

Before Xia Yu could react, he had already grabbed Li Tianci's collar and pulled him in front of him.

Seeing that he had achieved his goal, Li Tianci grabbed onto Shen Qiang's clothes, and the two of them were just about to fight.

Xia Yu was worried about Shen Qiang's leg, and without saying a word, she immediately stepped forward to stop him, being afraid that Shen Qiang would suffer, she naturally pulled Li Tian's arm.

Li Tianci swung his arm, and Xia Yu fell backward. In a split-second, she thought that she was definitely going to make a fool of herself, but in the end, she staggered two steps back and did not fall to the ground. Instead, she crashed into a sturdy object and felt no pain at all.

It was seven or eight o'clock in the morning, there were not many people in the Inpatient Department. At this moment, there were only the three of them, and Xia Yu knocked against something, instinctively, she turned her head to look once she stabilized herself.

The first thing she saw was a black shirt. The buttons at the collar were naturally loose, showing obviously the Adam's apple that symbolized a male character. Above it was the sharp yet somehow soft curve of the jaw, thin lips, a straight nose bridge, a pair of black pupils that were so beautiful that make the eyes unforgettable, how soul-stirring were this pair of foxy eyes!

Just like that, Xia Yu stared straight at him. After three or four seconds, she suddenly realized that Shen Yan had arrived.

She bounced out of his embrace, took a few steps back and looked straight at him, seeing that Liu Sijie was behind him, with a fruit basket and some nutrition supplements in his hands, it is evident that they were here to visit the patient.

While Xia Yu's scalp was numb, Shen Yan had already walked past her and arrived in front of the dumbstruck Li Tianci. He opened his lips, and said with a voice that was not too loud: "Isn't this Mr. bodyguard Li? Who are you trying to kidnap this time? "

Li Tianci's face instantly turned as pale as paper, he stuttered and explained, "Young Master Yan, you sure know how to joke around, I'm here to look for someone, I'm not here to look for …"

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Shen Yan interrupted him without leaving a trace, "You even dared to touch my little brother, who gave you the guts, Zeng Ziqiang?"

Calling his boss directly by name, was he going to start a war with his boss?

This time, things got out of hand. Li Tianci mustered up his courage and raised his head and glanced at Shen Yan's face. In a few seconds, he was drenched in cold sweat.

Zeng Ziqiang had said that he still needed help from Shen Yan right now and that they could not have a conflict with him directly. He thought that he was too busy to come to the hospital now, look what had happened!

"Li Tianci, I realized that you enjoy messing with me. Tell me, is there any misunderstanding between us? Or is your boss unhappy with me in any way? "

Shen Yan's expression remained normal the entire time, he did not even raise his voice, but the simple sentence "your boss is unhappy with me" made Li Tianci's dead face turn pale immediately out of fear. With his eyes wide open, Li Tianci could only hurriedly reply after a few seconds, "Young Master Yan, I really came to look for someone else. I saw the Third Young Master was injured, and I came over to greet him."

"Greeting? Are you qualified to greet us? I thought that I had already made it clear last time, it looks like you didn't listen carefully, how about I let Liu Sijie talk to you about it? "

"Young Master Yan, I …" Li Tianci was truly flustered. As such a big man, he was actually at a total loss.

That would be enough. Xia Yu hissed from the side: "Other people are resting, don't disturb them."

Shen Yan glanced at Xia Yu, and walked towards Shen Qiang's ward. Shen Qiang also followed along, and as Xia Yu was about to walk, Liu Sijie passed the things in his hands to her, letting her go first.

With empty hands, Liu Sijie walked towards Li Tianci and raised an arm, placing it on Li Tianci's shoulder. Li Tianci trembled all over, and Liu Sijie hugged him, half forcing him to walk out.

Shen Yan asked Xia Yu in concern after they entered the ward, "Are you alright?" After all, Li Tianci had kidnapped her before, and Zhou Yan had also said that Xia Yu had a shadow over it. Although her self-control was strong, this was only a short time ago.

"I'm fine, why are you here?"Negative news about Tengfei had been overspreading on the internet and in newspapers and magazines. Xia Yu was worried about the company, and she was worried that the Old Madame would punish Shen Yan.

"Exactly, the second brother, you shouldn't have come." Shen Qiang blamed himself in his heart. If it weren't for him, things wouldn't have ended up like this, "They're right, I'm just a good-for-nothing. Not only couldn't I share your pressure, but I am also even causing troubles for you."

"Idiot, who is born omniscient? Others might not know, but don't you know how many troubles I caused to Grandma, what did Grandma say? "saying that, he looked at Shen Qiang and smiled, "She said that if you don't make any mistakes, how can you grow up? If I couldn't even handle my grandson's little errors, I would be a useless grandma. Similarly, if I couldn't even handle such a small incident, I really should leave in a hurry. "

"Second Brother, do you really have a solution?" Shen Qiang hadn't eaten anything yesterday. He was worried that the current situation would affect the second brother's future and that this would cause their grandma to take down the project that he had just acquired.

"You don't believe what Second Brother tells you? It's a piece of cake. The second brother will take care of everything. You have my word. You just try to have some good rest so that you can recover soon. Your sister will follow up on your work during this period. You can come back to the company when you recover." Shen Yan patted Shen Qiang's shoulder.


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