Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 170 That“s My Girlfriend.
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 170 That“s My Girlfriend.

"Old Madame?"Secretary Yang at the door reminded the Old Madame if they could go in now.

Old Madame turned around and looked at Secretary Yang, she thought for a moment and said, "Go back, give Shen Yan a call later and ask him to come to the Board of Directors for a meeting."

Didn't this fellow just say it? Everything had been arranged by him, so she wanted to see how this brat would settle the matter today.

"Yes!" Secretary Yang looked inside the sickroom and saw Xia Yu opening a bowl of porridge, blowing on it to make it cooler then tried to feed Shen Qiang. Shen Qiang then opened his mouth and prepared to accept it.

"Alright, how old are you? You still need someone to feed you? Let him eat by himself." Shen Yan rolled his eyes at the two of them.

"Brother, I'm injured." Shen Qiang shouted in dissatisfaction.

"Come on, your leg is injured, not your hand. Eat it yourself, hypocritical!" Shen Yan snatched the bowl from Xia Yu's hands and gave it to Shen Qiang.

Shen Qiang could only do it himself. After eating two bites, he remembered that Li Tianci had pestered Xia Yu at the corridor, "Sis, why is that bastard pestering you?"

Xia Yu sat at the side, peeling an apple for him, replied with lowered eyes: "Maybe because I look easy to bully!"

Shen Qiang frowned, last time he said that he would not forgive that scumbag, but the second brother said that they did not have any actual evidence, so he was afraid of alerting the enemy, who knew that this bastard would become more and more arrogant, and he said: "Sis, does he often harasses you?"

Xia Yu continued to peel the apple, "This is the first time I saw him since that time."

"You should have told me right away." When Shen Qiang thought about how Li Tianci had acted arrogantly in front of him, he was so angry that his teeth started to itch.

He actually pretended not to know him and even called him brother. Who gave that bastard such courage?

Xia Yu replied indifferently: "These people are scoundrels. Even if I told you, what could you do with him? You're still injured, it's not good if you were hurt again."

Shen Qiang became anxious, "But we can't let him keep harassing you!"

Xia Yu just wanted to say that she thought that he dared not come again, but as the words reached her mouth, Shen Yan's voice came out, "Don't worry about this, Liu Sijie will take care of it."

Xia Yu's hand that was holding the fruit knife subconsciously paused. She thought, could Liu Sijie deal with thugs?

Leave it to Liu Sijie? The corner of Shen Qiang's lips twitched. He understood Liu Sijie better than Xia Yu, so he raised his head to look at his second brother and said, "Second brother, just teach him a lesson and tell him not to disturb sis in the future, but don't go too far."

What does that mean? Xia Yu subconsciously raised her head to look at Shen Yan.

He was sitting on the sofa, wearing a black shirt and black trousers, making his handsome face look like Satan.

Lifting his eyelids, he replied with a smile, "What do you mean by going too far?"

Although he was smiling, Xia Yu felt her scalp go numb. Suddenly, the ward fell into a strange silence. Xia Yu lowered her gaze, pretended to be peeling the apple, but her mind was running fast.

"After all, the Zeng Family and Big Brother are related by marriage." Shen Qiang was too clear on the second brother's methods, not many people could endure it. If things got out of hand, First Madame would make the whole family unhappy.

"Is that so? When the Zeng Family attacked our Shen Family, why didn't he think of us as relatives? " Shen Yan sneered, it was about time he taught Zeng Ziqiang a lesson so that he wouldn't grow to the point where he didn't know his limits.

"Makes sense!" Shen Qiang was just pretending, but seeing that his second brother insisted on doing it, he couldn't be more supportive.

How could the two brothers talk about this in a hospital? Just as Xia Yu was considering whether she should change the topic, she suddenly heard the sound of the door opening and a series of footsteps followed by a white figure appearing. It was accompanied by a brisk voice, "I'm coming!"

Xia Yu turned her head to look, and the first thing that entered her sight was a large bag of Dumplings and boxes of porridge of various colors. The person who came was covering her face with a bag, making her appearance indiscernible, and judging from the voice, she was a young girl.

Shen Qiang's expression immediately became extremely unsightly, and he said with a bit of not knowing whether to laugh or cry, "Han Meimei, are you feeding pigs? How can we finish so much food?"

Han Meimei was Shen Qiang's classmate, she had always been lively, and she just wanted to act cute, but after a few seconds, she found that the entire room was completely silent. She curiously took away the two bags in front of her and looked carefully, when she saw Shen Yan sitting on the sofa, she gasped for breath and almost fainted.

Shen Qiang admired Shen Yan very much and often talked about him in front of his classmates. Therefore, when she saw Shen Yan, she was subconsciously scared: "Sorry, sorry, sorry for bothering you, go on with your chat."

Saying that she turned around and was about to leave.

Xia Yu felt terrible, and hurriedly stood up, "Why not sit for a while?"

Shen Qiang's was so embarrassed, what should he say about Xia Yu? If Han Meimei wanted to leave, let her go, why did she ask her to stay? But he couldn't say it clearly, so he only stared at Xia Yu.

Han Meimei turned around and glanced at her. Xia Yu walked over and took the things from her hands. Han Meimei winked at Shen Qiang, "This beautiful sister asked me to come in."

The meaning behind her words was that she didn't really want to but was forced to come in reluctantly. Of course, she did not forget to nod her head in Shen Yan's direction timidly.

Shen Yan's handsome face did not have much change from the beginning to end, as he stood up and said to Shen Qiang, "You have some rest then, I'll be going."

Shen Qiang took the cue, and he acted as if he was going to send him off, then Shen Yan said: "Don't move." After he finished speaking, he looked at Xia Yu, "Let's go."

"Alright!" Xia Yu replied, she then handed the peeled apple to Shen Qiang and said, "I'll come and see you later!"

As she finished, she picked up her purse and smiled at Han Meimei before she left.

This girl was beautiful, and she seemed to be interested in Shen Qiang!

After Xia Yu left the room, Han Meimei went up to Shen Qiang, "Is this girl your second brother's girlfriend? How beautiful she is! "

"My second brother's girlfriend? She's my girlfriend, alright?" Shen Qiang pushed her a little, "Don't be so close to me, it would be bad if my girlfriend sees and misunderstands."

"Shen Qiang, liar!" Han Meimei shouted unhappily, "If she is your girlfriend, why was she leaving with your second brother?"

"She works at my second brother's company, can't she go to work now?" Shen Qiang shouted back at her.

Xia Yu shook her head and walked out the door after Shen Yan. They stepped forward, and there was still a person's distance between the two of them. After walking a distance, Shen Yan looked ahead and asked with a low voice, "What did Li Tianci say in front of Little Qiang just now?"

Xia Yu knew that he was going to ask this, so she replied: "He came to make trouble. He just wanted to anger Little Qiang!"

She thought things would be beautiful after she explained it clearly, unexpectedly, Shen Yan suddenly ridiculed, "If you don't have the proper tool, don't make a promise on the job!"

Xia Yu was a beat too slow to react. What he meant was, don't provoke those she cannot handle.

Meeting Li Tianci so early in the morning, she was still feeling unlucky, but now Shen Yan was actually ridiculing her, did she want to provoke him?

She tried to restrain herself, but she couldn't help but retort in a low voice, "He's just like a dog. If a dog bites me, can I bite the dog back?"

While talking, the two of them walked to the elevator. Shen Yan pressed the button, and suddenly turned to look at her: "Why don't you think about it, why is the dog always bothering you? Because of your fragrance? "

With a ding sound, the elevator door opened. Shen Yan walked in with long strides, the two of them went in and out of the door. Shen Yan completely ignored her, and only Xia Yu stared at his face.

She was so angry that she even wanted to laugh. What was the meaning of this?

She really didn't understand what kind of logic Shen Yan had, was he male chauvinist?

Nuts! Without any sympathy, I wish him alone forever!

Xia Yu snorted towards the elevator for a few seconds, then Shen Yan spoke again: "Are you still not coming in?"

Giving him a hard stare, Xia Yu walked in with large strides. She honestly couldn't understand why he would suddenly go crazy. Even in the elevator, she turned her head away from him and wouldn't look at nor speak to him.

Shen Yan did not care about her either, the two of them continued like this, and soon after, they got off the elevator.

Just as they reached the main hall of the hospital, Shen Yan's phone rang. It was Secretary Yang, telling him to go to the headquarters for a meeting.

"Then I'll go look for the old woman's family again." That old woman was being controlled, if she wanted to find her, she had to get her family to come forward. Xia Yu looked at Shen Yan and asked for his opinion.

"I'm afraid not. You have to go too. Not just you, all members of the company above the level of the director will have to go. " Shen Yan heaved a sigh, he was afraid that this time, it would not end right.

What happened this time was out of the expectation of everyone. Yesterday, even Jiang An called Xia Yu to ask what was going on. But luckily, the Jiang family did not intend to stop the cooperation. On the contrary, they said that if there were anything that they could help with, they would do their best. This made Xia Yu feel more gratified.

"Did Liu Sijie find out where the old woman was brought to?" Xia Yu asked.

"He has found some clue. She was taken to a house, and they have been feeding her well. However, she is not allowed to contact the outside world." They wouldn't let her leave when she still had some value, and Shen Yan couldn't just barge in and bring her out.

It was indeed a headache, Shen Yan heaved a sigh.

"Seems like we can only ask her daughter to stand out and ask that group of people for her." Xia Yu was anxious too. The old woman would cry once every a few hours in front of the reporters, it could not go on like this.

"Mm, you don't need to worry about finding her daughter. Now, come with me to the meeting. I think after the meeting, there will be some result." As Shen Yan spoke, he already opened the door of the car, and Xia Yu followed him inside, they directly went to the headquarters.

"Little Yan, it's not that I wanted to criticize you, but we have meeting for you every few days, of course, I don't have any objections about this, but how would the other directors think?" At the door of the conference room, Shen Yan coincidentally met with the First Madame.

Shen Yan smiled and did not say a word. First Madame sneered, she glanced at Xia Yu behind Shen Yan, and turned to enter the conference room. Wasn't Xia Yu good at stirring up troubles? Let's see how she's going to deal with it this time.

"Little Yan, I'm so sorry. It's all because of Little Qiang." Shen Yang was really sorry. This nephew of her had gone through many troubles in his career, and her son was even adding fuel to the fire for him.

"It's nothing, aunt. It's no big deal. Please trust me." Shen Yan smiled and said to his aunt.

Even at this time, he was still holding on. This son! Alas!

The second Madame walked over, but she did not talk to her son, and only grabbed the hands of her sister-in-law and said, "Shen Yang, you can't blame Little Qiang. After all, Shen Yan is the person in charge of the company, if there are any problems, he should take responsibility."

"Sis, I …" The more Shen Yan and the Second Madame said this, the worse Shen Yang felt.


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