Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 171 I“m Responsible for This
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 171 I“m Responsible for This

After entering, everyone realized that Qi Guogang was also sitting there. He simply nodded his head to greet everyone. Seeing that everyone was present, the Old Madame did not wait for Yang Weiye to speak and started an opening speech, "Manager Qi is here today too, alright, let him listen to our discussion. Weiye, you may begin."

Yang Weiye glanced at Qi Guogang, who was sitting next to him and opened the folder, "I invited everyone here today is because of what happened to Tengfei recently. Shen Yan, you are the person in charge of Tengfei. You explain it."

Shen Yan straightened his clothes and placed his hands on the conference table, "I will bear the main responsibility for what happened this time. We are already actively contacting the old woman to try to gain her understanding. But through this incident, it also exposed that Tengfei Company had a big problem since the design of the building in the beginning. The bathrooms are all on the office floors, and many of our company's technologies must be kept secrets, so the staff can't let outsiders in, they are just following rules. To prevent such things from happening again, we will come up with a plan to deal with it when we get back. "

Yang Weiye nodded his head, "The staff is not to blame for this matter, the media are also suspected to be hyping it up. Shen Yan, your company has to strengthen its public relations work."

"Talking about public relations, I would like to talk about one more thing, Shen Yan, a few days have already passed. That old woman cries in front of the reporters every day, haven't you sent any senior managers to go and apologize? "Old Madame's face darkened, looking straight at Shen Yan, his reaction was too slow.

"When It had just happened, secretary Xia and Shen Qiang were already actively searching for the old woman, and Shen Qiang was even injured because of it. He is currently lying in the hospital. After he was injured, the other employees of our company also continued searching. "

"I'm not asking if you are looking for her, but if you have apologized or not!"

"I haven't found her yet, but we will."

"When? Do we have to wait until things get out of control?" Old Madame's face became more and more serious, "Take a look at this. This is the newspaper from this morning. Also, someone must be responsible for such a massive incident. Who was in charge of that project? Let him resign. "

"The person in charge of that project didn't do anything wrong in his job. No one wanted such an accident to happen. When we find the old woman, I will go with him to apologize. I will also let him review the matter at the staff assembly. Isn't it too much to ask him to resign?" Shen Yan was naturally unwilling to ask Shen Qiang to leave.

"What do you think?" Old Madame asked for everyone's opinion.

The one in charge of the project was Shen Qiang. Third Young Master of the family and he was injured because of this, and now that his parents are both here, who would dare to ask him to resign? Old Madame asked for a long time, but no one spoke up.

This group of snobbish, First Madame coughed and said, "What do you mean by resigning? He's just an intern. I would say that Shen Yan should take the primary responsibility for this incident, putting such a big project in the hand of an intern. "

"I am indeed responsible for this, but Shen Qiang has indeed spent a lot of effort on this case, and he had always done very well. He is indeed an intern, but he is also one of the future higher-ups of the Shen's, so I naturally cannot require him as an ordinary intern. "Shen Yan naturally understood what the First Madame meant. An explanation, he would give them one, "Although it's not a big matter, the negative impact it has on the company is unprecedented. As the person in charge, I am responsible for this matter."

"How are you going to take responsibility?" Old Madame stared straight at Shen Yan.

"How about deducting points in the assessment?" Wasn't this the result they wanted from this meeting? He gave them!

Before the Old Madame could say anything, the First Madame already said, "Shen Yan, you said it yourself."

"Yes I did, I wonder if the shareholders have any objections?" Since he had said those words, Shen Yan would naturally not speak without thinking.

"Little Yan!" Shen Yang was already very embarrassed. In the end, it was her son who caused this. The media sympathized the old woman, and it had already had an impact on the performance of Tengfei. If more points were to be deducted, it might seem that he should directly give up the position of president.

"You still have a chance to take back your words, this is no joke!" First Madame stayed at the side waiting to see a joke. He didn't try to speak nice words to please the others, now that something serious happened, it might be too late for him to try to talk kind words.

"If the directors have no objection, this matter is settled. Everyone knows Tengfei is currently in a very critical period. Just now, the company's staff sent a message saying that the reporters have arrived again, it's of no help for the senior officers sitting here. I suggest that the meeting be dismissed. What do you guys think?"Shen Yan showed everyone the message that the secretariat had sent to him. The PR Department was already working on it, but the reporters did not buy it. Somebody of importance in the company must stand out and say something.

"I think we should just leave it at that." Yang Weiye asked Old Madame for her opinion.

"I have another question. Ever since Shen Yan became the President of the branch company, there have been many accidents, and I think it is not appropriate to let him be in charge of the development zone's case again. Manager Yang, Old Madame, should we consider another person for that post? After all, this is a huge project worth tens of billions." A director stood forward under the orders of the First Madame.

They were trying to defeat him with one blow. Shen Yan smiled, "Then you guys can discuss it, take your time. I'll go handle the company's matters."

"Won't you sit down and listen?" Leaving at this time, some of the directors who still had some reservations towards him would speak whatever they want to talk about him. Why was this child so sincere? Shen Yang pulled his clothes.

"There's no need. Whatever the result is, I will accept." Shen Yan stood up and walked out, and the rest of the Tengfei followed him out.

"What happened this time clearly showed that someone was trying to frame the Third Young Master. Didn't the directors of the headquarters see this?"

"Of course they saw it, they just wouldn't say it, it was so obvious. And they even tried to hit him while he's down, and to sacrifice Young Master Yan."

"Since they don't want Young Master Yan and Third Young Master to manage the company, then directly transfer Young Master Yan to the main company and give him an insignificant position, and send Third Young Master to study abroad, why are they screwing the thousands of employees of Tengfei?"

"Keep your voices down. You don't want to work anymore?"

"If they really had the plan to deal with Young Master Yan and Third Young Master like this, it's not that they are firing me, I am firing them."

As soon as the group of people from Tengfei left the meeting room, they started to complain. They once said that the Young Master Yan did not have the ability, and was not competent enough. Fine, he increased the performance of the company by 30% with his own strength, and he had also signed the contract that they thought was impossible to get, and now they stirring up troubles behind their backs, what was this?

These people didn't have any intention of hiding what they were saying. The board members in the meeting room all heard them clearly, some of them already lowering their heads. Even the people from Tengfei could see it, how could they not?

After all, Shen Yan was still a bit inferior to Shen Mo, the assessment of the president of the company was about the overall quality, not cleverness in trial matters, so it was understandable for them to choose Shen Mo.

Of course, the people who supported Shen Yan didn't think so, the standard of the president was not age nor experiences. Otherwise, according to the logic of some people, many people were older than them, should they become the president?

"I would like to say a few words." Yang Weiye was President after all, and since someone had suggested it, it was only right for him to speak first, "This accident that happened in Tengfei, with Shen Yan's ability, he still hasn't found that old woman yet. However, the old woman would come out to meet the reporters every so often, which means that she has already been used by someone else. It is undeniable that someone is fighting against Tengfei, and more precisely, against Shen Yan, so it doesn't seem appropriate to take down his project right now. "

"Manager Yang's words are wrong. Someone is fighting against him. It's because he usually offends others. Doesn't this mean that he is still lacking in dealing with people?" The first Madame did not expect Yang Weiye to be the first one to jump out, and she immediately picked on him.

"As the person in charge of the company, who wouldn't offend people? If we're all afraid of offending people, can we do our job? About the project in the Development Zone, I think that Shen Yan has done very well. And my personal suggestion is not to change him." That was the most positive thing he had said in the past two years.

When was this old cunning fox coaxed by Shen Yan? First Madame was stunned for a moment, she even forgot to speak.

Not only her, even the Old Madame, was startled. She knew her nephew very well. He was terrified of offending people.

But today, he was different. The Old Madame asked without batting an eyelid, "Reason!"

"This is the proposal he submitted. It's very thoughtful, and even the mayor was praising it." Yang Weiye pushed the proposal to the Old Madame, "I suggested that they make further changes before I present it for you to see. Since you guys are so impatient, I'll hand it over to you guys in advance."

The Old Madame took a look at it and nodded her head, "It's quite interesting. It seems that both he and his team have put in a lot of effort."

"There are a few important points that were come up with by Shen Qiang, so Shen Yan did not keep him because of brotherhood. That child is competent." Yang Weiye marked what Shen Qiang was responsible for so that she could see clearly.

"Huh, this child, I have truly underestimated him. Guogang, Yangyang, take a look at it." Old Madame's eyes were filled with smiles. She used to say that among her three grandsons, Shen Mo was the only one who had some achievement, while the other two were much worse.

Only now did she realize that these two young grandsons of hers had caused her eyes to light up. She had no choice but to admit defeat.

The Old Madame rarely praised people, even Qi Guogang had not enjoyed this honor. He really wanted to see what this narrow-minded son of his had in mind that even the Old Madame would praise.

Taking a look at the proposal, Qi Guogang was stunned on the spot. Did a 21-year-old come up with this? It seemed that he had really missed out on his son's growth.

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Qi Guogang smiled and said, "I have no objections to this proposal."

Since even Qi Guogang had praised it, everyone became interested in reading it, and soon enough, the proposal was passed around among the entire board of directors.

"Since everyone has read it, I wonder if anyone still doubts Shen Yan's ability to work?" Seeing that no one said a word, Yang Weiye looked around and asked unhurriedly.


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