Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 173 The Despicable Mean
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 173 The Despicable Mean

Shen Qiang was so speechless he was about to laugh, and he glanced at her and asked: "What can I do to repay you?"

Xia Yu puffed her lips, and she looked up and replied: "When you are recovered, at least, you should treat me the breakfast for a month."

Seeing that she was eating in a hurry, he said, "Slow down. I've already eaten, and no one will scramble for the food with you."

"I have to hurry up. Someone might come over later. I don't want to be a third wheel." Xia Yu thought of the girl that came yesterday, she was quite beautiful, and Xia Yu could tell that the girl was very interested in Shen Qiang.

"Who are you talking about? Sister, I'm warning you, you can eat whatever you want, but you shouldn't talk nonsense." As he said that, he offered Xia Yu some food with chopsticks.

"Xiao Qiang, I'm not talking nonsense, that girl is really not bad, you can try to date with her." Xia Yu and Shen Qiang had known each other for a while, but she had never seen him dating with any girl before.

This was rare for a rich boy, but it might be not good to be too self-disciplined. Xia Yu tried to encourage him.

"My second brother is also not bad, why don't you try dating him?" Shen Qiang moved closer, "Sister, if you date my second brother, I will try to date with Han Meimei, how about that?"

"I didn't say anything." Xia Yu immediately pushed his head to the side. "You could say anything except that. My injuries have just recovered, and do you want me to suffer new injuries because of your second brother?"

He didn't even take a good look of his second brother, does an ordinary girl dare to date with him? Xia Yu still wanted to live for a few more years.

"Sister, don't refuse in a hurry. My second brother is actually quite good." Shen Qiang continued to persuade Xia Yu.

Xia Yu laughed, "Your second brother isn't just not bad, he's perfect. Many girls want to date with him, it's not my turn, and he can look for someone else."


"If you keep saying this, I will fall out with you. Come here and wash your hands!"

After eating, Xia Yu prepared a pot of water for Shen Qiang.

"Let's play a couple of ducks in the water." Shen Qiang put Xia Yu's hands into the pot, "Like me, imagine you were a small fish."

Xia Yu laughed, "You child, you're not young, and yet you're playing such a babyish game."

"It's so funny. Come quickly, let's play it!"

The two were playing happily when the door suddenly opened from the outside. Shen Yan walked in with a dark face, seeing the two of them playing the water, he found it both funny and annoying.

"Say how old you guys are? Still play this game?"

"It has nothing to do with age, this is innocence." Shen Qiang wiped his hands clean with a towel and sat on the bed with Xia Yu's support. Shen Qiang raised his head and looked at Shen Yan, he asked, "Brother, hasn't everything already been settled? Why do you still look so frustrated?"

"The company's affairs have been settled, but Yang Ke'er comes back, do you know?" Shen Yan sighed and lay on the sofa at the side.

Xia Yu winked at Shen Qiang, she was trying to say That your second brother never lacked women. Don't talk nonsense in the future.

"You guys chat, I'll go wash the dishes!" Whenever Shen Yan talked about women, Xia Yu would instinctively try to escape. She was afraid of this thick-skinned guy, and she might fall into his trap if she wasn't careful.

"Damn woman, you ran so fast, do you think that it will have nothing to do with you after running away?" Shen Yan shouted behind her, "Xia Yu, there's a banquet that I want you to attend tomorrow night."

"Can I refuse?" Xia Yu hated that kind of dull occasion.

"I'm afraid you must attend, I have something else to deal with, Liu Sijie is busy too, and Xiao Qiang is injured, only you can go. If you don't like that occasion, you can just leave early. " Shen Yan brought the invitation letter to Xia Yu.

In other words, she couldn't refuse him. Xia Yu could only take the letter and put it into her bag. Then, she picked up the bowl she had been eating and left.

"Brother, don't bully sister Xia. If you scare her away, you won't have any chance at all." Shen Qiang kindly reminded Shen Yan.

"Am I bullying her? It's obviously Yang Ke'er, alright. The parents of a classmate of her celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. It's said that they were going to have a ballroom dance party, and every guest would have to bring their own companion. " Yang Ke'er had invited Shen Yan, so how could he agree?

"But you can't let Sister Xia go over there. You know she doesn't have a companion, and my leg is injured. Otherwise, I could be her companion." Shen Qiang and Xia Yu had known each other for so long, other than the scum Chen Wenxuan, he had not seen Xia Yu dating with any other men.

Thinking about Chen Wenxuan, ShenQiang remembered that time when his father was injured. Xia Yu had helped pay for it. How long had it been since then? Why didn't he mention repaying the money?

"Who said she didn't have a companion? Am I not?" Shen Yan turned around, looked at the direction of the door and said softly.

"Then you just said …You're afraid that sister Xia won't go after knowing the truth, right? " Shen Qiang started laughing, a dignified Young Master Yan would chase a girl with such a despicable mean. Sigh, it was too despicable!

"One more thing, after the assistant to the sales director embezzling incident, we posted a recruitment advertisement. It's time to recruit a few new people. " The incident with the old woman was initially a small matter. If she wanted to go to the toilet, then just let her come in. However, such a trivial matter had escalated to a big one. It meant that some people wanted to stir up trouble.

"Brother, leave this to me." Shen Qiang's leg was injured at the moment, so he could not do anything else. Recruitment was what he could do.

"Fine, let's start with the Sales Department. The Sales Director is an old cunning fox, let Xia Yu accompany you. Of course, I should also attend." Shen Yan decided right away.

"Well, let's go!" Shen Qiang stood up.

"Where to go?"

"Discharge me from the hospital. Am I going to go recruiting from the hospital tomorrow?" To be frank, this hospital was not a place for human beings, Shen Qiang had long been eager to leave.

"You, alright, let's wait for Xia Yu to come back and go together." Shen Yan understood this little brother well. Since he had no other problems, he could still recover at home.

The next day, when Xia Yu finished packing up, she found that Shen Qiang was the only one waiting for her. She asked and was told that Shen Yan had left early.

Xia Yu did not talk any nonsense and sat in Shen Qiang's car, and the two of them went to the company together.

Everyone was talking about the 30th wedding anniversary of the boss of Jia Mei.

"All participants, single or married, must bring a male or female companion!" When Xia Yu stepped into the company, the front desk girl revealed this big news.

Damned Shen Yan, he had known that requirement and still asked me to come, he was sincerely making me embarrassed.

Xia Yu saw Shen Yan was right in front of her and wanted to say that she did not have a male companion directly, but she was afraid that he would laugh at her. She decided to ask whether there was some acquaintance to invite.

"Xia Yu, Shen Qiang, get prepared. The interview is starting soon." With that said, Shen Yan walked towards the conference room of the Sales Department.

"Sister Xia, let's hurry up!" Seeing that second brother had already left, Shen Qiang cleaned up a bit and urged Xia Yu to go.

With Shen Yan and the sales director controlling the recruitment, Xia Yu and Shen Qiang was just a foil to the recruitment. Why were they so nervous?

Xia Yu didn't know that the two brothers had already discussed this matter, and thought that Shen Qiang was just here to get experience. She patted Shen Qiang's shoulders and said, "Don't be so anxious, it hasn't formally begun yet."

Outside the conference room, four young girls were seated side by side. They were interviewed in a group of four, that was the first group to be interviewed. Holding the interview notice in their hands, from their expressions, it seemed that they were very nervous.

Seeing Xia Yu and Shen Qiang coming over, they all looked up at them.

Xia Yu smiled and nodded to them, then continued to walk inside.

By the corner of her eyes, she observed the ladies on the sofa. They were all young and pretty, dressed up all famous brands. Among them, one was wearing a low-cut V-neck work skirt. Seeing her cleavage, even Xia Yu couldn't help but gulp down saliva, and she wondered what exactly had nourished that lady.

Another girl was slender and petite, with a Korean-style face. She was sitting on the sofa with a makeup mirror in hand, continually mending her makeup.

The lady sitting beside the slender girl had maintained an arrogant and disdainful attitude towards the people around her. Sometimes she would lower her head to play with her crystal nails, and occasionally she would glance at the people beside her with disdain in her eyes.

The girl seated in the inner side was pure and clean, looking scholarly.

When Xia Yu came over, outside and inside the corridor were all interviewees. Tengfei's salary and welfare were well-known, it was either the top or the second in the peer enterprises. Otherwise, there would not be so many people coming to interview.

The interviewees thought that Xia Yu and Shen Qiang were here for an interview as well, when they saw they directly went in, they could not help but let out a sound of surprise.

Not long after they entered, Shen Yan announced the beginning of the interview.

When the people outside entered, they saw Xia Yu and Shen Qiang seated in the interview table.

Admiration and envy could be seen on their faces. They seemed to be at the same age as the two, and they were already higher-ups of the company. Meanwhile, they were only here as applicants.

Whether they could get a job, and whether they could pass through the internship was still unknown.

This was the difference between humans.

"Anyone who has done the plastic surgeries, get out of here." A few of them were thinking about something, Shen Yan pushed the documents in front of him and said.

After saying that, Xia Yu's eyes couldn't help but twitch, doubting her hearing ability.

She looked up at the interviewees.

None of the four interviewees spoke a word, and after a few seconds, Shen Yan once again talked with impatience and laziness. "Tian Meifen, get out!"

The Korean-looking lady stood still with her eyes widely open. A few seconds later, she raised her voice and said, "How do you know about my surgery?"

Shen Yan said: "Now you come to my company for an interview, it's natural for me to get your basic information."

Tian Meifen became angry and shouted, "What's wrong with surgery? It doesn't violate the law, you are discriminating against me. If you don't give me an explanation today, do you believe that I'll sue you? "

Shen Yan's handsome face revealed a disdainful smile, and only a low voice which was on the edge of impatience and laziness could be heard, "Secretary Xia, can you explain it to them?"

When did the company make such a rule? Zhang Yuan suspiciously shot a glance at Xia Yu, only to see that she was looking straight at Shen Yan, with a look in her eyes, "What do you want me to say?"

Zhang Yuan was a brilliant man, he immediately understood what was going on and quickly lowered his head, pretending to watch the documents.

Shen Yan, on the other hand, remained calm and composed.

Xia Yu took in a deep breath and cursed him "bastard" in her heart.

Would Tengfei have such a rule? A few of the interviewees looked at Xia Yu at the same time.

Tian Meifen looked at Xia Yu provocatively, "Please explain it to everyone, Secretary Xia!"


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