Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 174 Did he bribe you?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 174 Did he bribe you?

Xia Yu secretly let out a sigh of relief, then she looked up at Tian Meifen and said: "Miss Tian, you are applying for the sales of cosmetics companies, you should believe that cosmetics can bring beauty and confidence to us. However, you have done plastic surgeries, which means you believe in surgical knives more than cosmetics. If you were the President of my company, would you hire someone who has no confidence in cosmetics? "

"I …" Tian Meifen was speechless.

"Now that you come to apply, you have to comply with our recruitment criteria. We are looking for cosmetics sales, not a plastic surgery spokesperson, please close the door on your way out. " Xia Yu said indifferently.

Tian Meifen's face changed between red and white, but she could do nothing, so she only turned around and angrily walked out.

This was too strict, and the hearts of the remaining applicants were all beating in intension.

Just as Shen Yan was about to speak, his phone rang.

Shen Yan looked at the phone for a while, then frowned and unwillingly picked it up.

He turned on the loudspeaker by mistake, and Yang ke'er's voice came out clearly from the phone: "Brother Yan, I'm back. Shall we have a meal together?"

Shen Yan's gaze immediately fell on Xia Yu.

Xia Yu was also looking at him, no wonder he gave the invitation card to her, it was because he had a date with a girl.

"I'm afraid I can't. I have to go to the main company for a meeting. After that, I still have to join a chamber of commerce organized by the city government." When Shen Yan said this, he even raised his head to look at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu felt that Shen Yan was talking to her? He's so busy, Xia Yu was on his behalf to take part in the banquet, it's nothing much at all.

Seeing Shen Yan looking at her, Xia Yu quickly moved away her gaze, pretending that she did not hear anything.

Shen Yan covered his phone with his hand, indicating them to continue the interview, then he took his phone and walked out.

As he walked away, he glanced at Xia Yu again. The emotion in his eyes was something that others could not understand.

He had finally left. If he kept interviewing, who knew what kind of weird words he would say.

Luckily, Xia Yu was smart enough to cover just now, he had explicitly asked her to explain, if she did not answer correctly, she would have offended him with no doubt.

After the leaving of Shen Yan, Zhang Yuan felt a sense of relief.

Now that Shen Yan had left, the Sales Department was recruiting. Zhang Yuan was the supervisor, and he was the boss now.

Clearing his throat, he stood up and just as he was about to sit on Shen Yan's position, he caught sight of Shen Qiang from the corner of his eyes. He politely asked, "The third young master, you host the recruitment."

Zhang Yuan was just being polite, even Shen Qiang was the Third Young Master, he was still an intern.

He thought that Shen Qiang would understand his modesty, so he very naturally packed up the documents on the desk and prepared to take Shen Yan's seat.

But he was wrong. Shen Qiang opened his mouth without restraint, and his shocking words did not stop, "Those who have been a mistress should go out."

Xia Yu gasped, her scalp going numb.

The two brothers really were a perfect match.

Zhang Yuan was also startled, he had no time to care about the prior awkward situation and directly fell down on the chair.

Employing a salesman would require checking up the private life of the applicants? He had never heard about that.

Being messed up by these two brothers, would the Sales Department recruit anyone this time?

As he was the young master, whatever he said was right.

Seeing that the remaining three ladies had not moved nor made a sound, Shen Qiang tried to ask, "Wang Liya!"

Just as he finished speaking, the woman with a cleavage turned around and walked out, her footsteps were like someone was chasing after her.

Hearing the sound of the door closing again, the remaining two people squeezed their hands, their palms became so slippery. This weird method of recruitment was truly too exciting.

The only ones left in the room were the pure girl and the woman with an arrogant face.

Judging from their expressions, they were all very nervous, because they didn't know what kind of explosive questions the interviewer would ask. If they were asked about private things, wouldn't they …

"Congratulations to the two of you. There are too few women in this world who haven't done plastic surgeries and have no problems with their private life. Our company needs people like you. " Shen Qiang nodded his head in satisfaction.

Xia Yu was stunned, she was usually quite good at talking, but now she did not know what to say.

Zhang Yuan heaved a sigh of relief. Shen Qiang finally stopped messing around.

The arrogant woman standing to the left laughed and said, "Tengfei is indeed the leader of the cosmetics in S City. I thought that it won't let any motley crowd join in. Anyway working together with those people will lower my level."

Shen Qiang let out a light laugh. Xia Yu wasn't sure, because she didn't know whether she had heard correctly.

After a few seconds, Shen Qiang's beautiful voice came out. There was indeed a hint of a smile: "For Miss Jiang giving such an evaluation, it seems you're your aunt Director Qin is excellent at teaching. Please be trouble to inform her when you go back, I'll treat her for dinner another day."

The moment he finished speaking, the girl beside the arrogant lady couldn't help but take a glance at her.

It was no wonder she didn't place any importance on others due to her nepotism.

A look of panic and guilt flashed across the arrogant woman's face, then she reluctantly said, "So, Third Young Master is rather familiar with my young aunt!"

"Every day, we come and go to the same company. No one would believe I didn't know her. However, inserting a trusted aide to the company was not so great. I would like to ask Miss Jiang to call your aunt after you leave, and to determine whether you or she should leave." The only one who could make things so difficult was the Third Young Master.

Zhang Yuan glanced at Xia Yu, only to see that she had fallen into an indifferent state. Sighing in his heart, he imitated Xia Yu's actions and allowed Shen Qiang to continue messing around.

If something did happen, Shen Qiang was here to take the responsibility, and there's nothing to be afraid of.

The remaining girl could only watch helplessly. In such an instant, the three girls who came to apply this job had left, leaving her alone.

The moment she heard the door shut down, her heart skipped a beat. She instinctively tried to recall that if she had done anything shameful in her twenty-three years.

You?" Shen Qiang pointed to the girl.

"Hao Qing!"

The girl looked up at the desk a few meters away.

"Go to the HR Department." Shen Qiang said formally.

Half of Hao Qing's brain was empty, while the other half was rapidly operating. After a few seconds, she finally reacted. "Am I hired?"

"Yes!" Hao Qing's heart felt a bit of excitement. She thought that she would be passed, this result was really unexpected.

Recruitment continued. The next four people who came in were two men and two women.

Shen Qiang fixed his gaze on one of the women's face: "Lv Wushuang, you're here to apply for an intern?"

"As soon as I graduated, I came to Tengfei to work. I have a special feeling for this place. I am willing to start from the beginning and hope that Third Young Master can give me a chance. "

With the principle that one should stand up from where he or she fell down, Lv Wushuang didn't mind starting from the beginning. Her courage and determination moved Zhang Yuan's heart a lot.

He looked at Xia Yu because on the day when Lv Wushuang was expelled, Xia Yu had pleaded for her.

Of course, Xia Yu loved talented people, and Zhang Yuan was the same. "Miss Lv, if you become an intern, the salary will be much less, do you really not mind that?"

"I don't mind. When I came here, I said to myself that I was a freshman here." Lv Wushuang answered very straightforwardly.

Shen Qiang nodded his head: "Your words are indeed touching, but my second brother said we will never accept those who had ever been disloyal, please go back."

She was willing to start from the beginning, and they still pass me out? Lv Wushuang was stunned for a moment.

She quickly turned around and subconsciously clenched her fists.

Shen Yan, I will remember your words!

The interview did not stop because of Lv Wushuang. It continued for a whole day, and in the end, Shen Qiang had decided to hire six people before he announced the end of the interview.

"What does Secretary Xia think of these people?" Just as Xia Yu was about to leave, Zhang Yuan asked her.

Xia Yu laughed and said: "It's hard to say right now, judging from the appearance alone, they look quite shrewd."

Everyone knew that Zhang Yuan thought in disdain.

After leaving the conference room, seeing Shen Qiang wandering around in the corridor, he quickly walked to his side and whispered: "Third Young Master, there's one applicant called Li Hui here. Her uncle is the director of the main company."

Zhang Yuan delivered the document to Shen Qiang in fawn.

But Shen Qiang did not accept it, and even didn't bat an eyelid: "Did he talk to you?"

"No!" Zhang Yuan was startled, not understanding why Shen Qiang asked such a question.

"Don't tell me you would persecute Li Hui because her uncle didn't talk to you about this in advance? I have warned you, her uncle is the director of the main company. A branch manager wants to challenge him?" Shen Qiang's tone was full of disdain.

"I …" Earlier, who had just rejected the nepotism? What kind of temper was this now?

This third young master's temper was too weird, he was even more difficult to please than the Young Master Yan.

"Weren't you pretty good at talking? Why stuttering now?"

"Supervisor Zhang, I'm sure you have heard the saying that arms are no rivals of legs. Her uncle is the director of the Main Company, and his niece comes to interview through official channels. Even if he doesn't like you, you can only leave, can't you understand?"

Shen Qiang lifted the corner of his lips and then walked away.

Zhang Yuan was left gasping on the spot.

"Forget it, he is the Third Young Master!" Director Qin had initially been asked Zhang Yuan to think of a way to accept his niece. He could only withdraw that idea.

Zhang Yuan was furious at Shen Qiang, and only after a long time did he regain his senses, and kept complaining to Director Qin: "You don't know how ridiculous these brothers are. Young Master Yan could not answer why rejecting the applicants with plastic surgeries, he immediately threw the question to Xia Yu. Fortunately, Xia Yu was smart enough to cover the question. But when the interview started, Miss Yang called him, and he disappeared immediately, leaving the recruitment to the unreliable Third Young Master. "

His niece had also mentioned something about recruitment. In the beginning, he thought that she was unhappy for being passed and intentionally defamed the Third Young Master. However, after seeing how Shen Qiang treated Zhang Yuan, he believed in it.

Young Master Yan had said that in a few days, the Business Department would also reform, and a part of the staff would have to be cut down. However, Director Qin did not care and wanted to take this opportunity to drive away from the people he hated and recruit a few of his people.

But now, it seemed that it was impossible. These two brothers would do whatever they thought of if they were unhappy, nobody knew what they would do next.


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