Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 175 Where“s your male companion?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 175 Where“s your male companion?

Xia Yu sat in her office as her mind spun. Since the other party had such a rule, it would not be polite for her to go alone, so she might as well ask a colleague to accompany.

After searching among male employees who had no girlfriends, Xia Yu quickly picked out a few candidates. She first called Jiang, who was in the HR department and looked to be a sincere, kind person. She would like to check with him first, so she made a call, "Hello, HR department? Have Jiang to take the phone please, thank you! "

The HR Department staff knew that it was Xia Yu's voice, he did not dare to neglect it and immediately called Jiang.

"Secretary Xia, what do you want me to do?" Jiang was surprised. He never had any connections with Xia Yu before, although he admired Xia Yu a lot. She was someone close to the President, he wouldn't dare to have any presumptuous thoughts about her. Now that his goddess had personally called, his heart couldn't help but beat wildly.

"Jiang, there's a banquet tonight, and our company needs two people to attend it. If you're free tonight, we'll go together." Xia Yu explained it briefly.

"Yes, I'm free!" Although it was a company's mission, Secretary Xia called him personally. What did this mean? It meant that he performed well in the company; otherwise, Secretary Xia would not have called him. So, Jiang accepted it immediately.

Now, Shen Qiang was hanging around the HR department. Upon hearing Jiang's reply, he immediately realized that Xia Yu was looking for a male companion. If Jiang had become her male companion, what would happen to my second brother?

No, I can't let her find a partner. Shen Qiang crooked his finger at Jiang, telling him to come over, "Did my sister call you just now? Tell her that you are not free tonight."

"But I already promised her." Jiang really didn't want to give up this opportunity.

"Just do what I told you. No bullshit!" Shen Qiang glared at him fiercely. Dare to compete with the big boss for a girl? Brat, do you really have such guts?

Jiang was shocked. Just now, Third Young Master had infuriated both directors of the sales and marketing departments. Wasn't it suicidal for a small employee like him to go against the young master?

Without a second word, Jiang hurriedly called Xia Yu, making a sincere apology.

Seeing Jiang had done what he asked for, Shen Qiang was delighted. He then took out his phone and sent a message to all the male employees of the company. As long as it was an invitation from Secretary Xia, they all rejected it.

Just like this, even until Xia Yu got off work, she had not found a single male companion.

Helplessly, she could only call her cousin, "Sis, there's an emergency - find me a male companion to attend the banquet."

Wu Shiyu was amused, "My little Yu, did I tell you not only to focus on your work but also make some male friends? You just didn't listen, and now you know it's urgent?"

"I know, I know. I'll fix it in the future. I still need to rely on you to find a partner for me. The price is not a problem." Xia Yu had to have said a load of kind words.

"No need for money. It just so happens that I have a friend here. You know Li Yan too, how about letting him accompany you?" Wu Shiyu teased Xia Yu for a while and then introduced Li Yan to her.

Recently, Li Yan and Wu Shiyu had gotten along quite well. He also had a very positive impression on Xin Yu. Coincidentally, he was right by Wu Shiyu's side and agreed to it.

Xia Yu was delighted that Li Yan could accompany her. He was a superstar. It was too proud to have him be with her. So, she happily decided and agreed to wait at the entrance of the banquet to meet up. Then Xia Yu ended the call.

After work, Xia Yu changed into the rented small attire and went to the banquet location to wait for Li Yan.

She waited for quite a while, but Li Yan did not show up.

Just as she was starting to get anxious from waiting, Li Yan suddenly called in. "Miss Xia, I'm terribly sorry. There is a severe traffic jam. I'm afraid I have to keep you waiting for a while."

A traffic jam was something that no one expected. It was understandable!

Xia Yu immediately said, "It's fine, it's fine."

But just as she hung up the phone, Bao Na's cold voice came out from behind: "Yo, isn't this Xia Yu, Secretary Xia? Why are you standing here alone? Don't you have a partner, do you? If you dare to enter the banquet alone, you will offend Boss and Madam of Jia Mei. I am looking forward to what you will do! Hahaha!"

How could she meet Bao Na everywhere?

Xia Yu was annoyed, but she didn't have time to bother with her right now.

Seeing Xia Yu's stupefied expression, Bao Na immediately laughed even more heartily. "Boss of Jia Mei and his wife said that everyone must be in pairs. See, those who have arrived all have their partners. Do you have one? "

Xia Yu was at a loss for words: "I …"

"The fact that Young Master Yan wants you to come shows that he values his relationship with Jia Mei. If you screw up, you won't be able to bear the consequences. I'll see you later!" Bao Na arrogantly pulled Chen Wenxuan's arm and swaggered away from Xia Yu.

Chen Wenxuan greedily stole a few glances at Xia Yu.

Wearing a small attire and drawing of flawless makeup, Xia Yu looked even more sweet and delicious than before.

What a mistake to leave her! It would be a lie to say that he didn't regret it.

After all, there weren't many pretty girls that were so devoted to him.

Seeing that Chen Wenxuan was secretly watching Xia Yu, Bao Na could not help but cough heavily, then he finally regained his senses and coaxed Bao Na to leave.

Pairs and pairs of guests had all entered, leaving only Xia Yu alone, standing at the door. No one was paying attention to her.

Time slowly approached the start of the banquet, but Li Yan was not there yet, so Xia Yu could only go in first.

She went straight into the elevator and then walked to the reception desk and silently handed in her invitation card.

The girl behind the desk looked around and asked, "Where's your partner?"

"I... I... I'm sorry, there is a traffic jam. He might be late." Xia Yu explained with a smile.

"What? You didn't come together?" The girl stared at her in shock.

"We all have work to do, and we agreed to meet at the door. But he called me just now and said he might be late."

The girl smiled as she registered for Xia Yu, then she asked enthusiastically, "May I know the name of your partner? When he arrives later, I'll let him find you!"

Xia Yu laughed and said: "His name is Li Yan, thank you."

Taking a deep breath, stepping on the soft carpet, she entered the venue.

Xia Yu found her seat; it was Shen Yan's seat. Looking at the empty seat beside her, she could only shake her head and smile bitterly.

She turned to look at the others, each of them had a partner.

Only she was alone.

She could not blame others but Shen Yan.

Xia Yu swore to herself that this would be the last time she would attend this kind of boring and awkward banquet on Shen Yan's behalf.

Just as she was thinking, the commotion abruptly stopped.

The boss of Jia Mei and his wife walked onto the stage hand in hand. The boss gave a speech, and then his wife said with a smile, "I hope all the young boys and girls who have a partner can get married early. I hope that the little guys who are still single can get rid of their singles as soon as possible! "

The moment she said those words, thunderous applause sounded from the crowd below.

Many men even took the opportunity to confess to their partners. Their hearts were filled with joy and bliss.

Xia Yu sat there, not daring to move, afraid that the boss and his wife would notice. In the end, she was the only one who had an empty seat beside. She really couldn't guarantee that Li Yan would be able to make it there before the banquet ended.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly. The speeches were followed by the dinner party.

Everyone brought their own male or female partner, and they chatted and ate together. Only Xia Yu was left alone.

The boss and his wife walked over hand in hand. By their side was Yang Ke’er, the noble and elegant elder daughter of Yang's family.

As Yang Ke’er chatted with the boss and his wife, she kept looking at the watch on her wrist.

Shen Yan said that there was a critical date, but he did not say that he wouldn't come.

It was very likely that he would come, and she was very confident of that, so she waited in peace.

Suddenly, Yang Ke’er's gaze fell onto Xia Yu.

When she saw that Xia Yu was alone, a flash of astonishment appeared in her eyes.

Just then, the boss' wife also saw Xia Yu and walked towards her.

Bao Na, who was at the side, had long been waiting for this moment.

It was not that she had an evil conscience, it was just that Chen Wenxuan's gaze would always, intentionally or unintentionally, chased after Xia Yu tonight, causing her to be unable to take it anymore.

It was said that a former girlfriend was a thorn in the heart of every current girlfriend.

Bao Na was no exception.

Especially Xia Yu, who was very pure and beautiful, was a fortune that Chen Wenxuan had never been able to possess.

She was afraid that their old relationship would rise again, so she tried everything she could to attack Xia Yu, wanting nothing more but her to disappear right away.

When Jia Mei's boss and his wife walked over, Bao Na suddenly raised her voice, pretending to be surprised as she shouted, "Hey, isn't this Xia Yu? Didn't you get a partner?"

With Bao Na's words, all the gazes in the room concentrated on Xia Yu.

Xia Yu?!

This name sounded very familiar, Yang Ke’er thought.

As expected, the boss and his wife frowned and were clearly unhappy.

"Xia Yu?" The Madam asked slowly, "Where is your partner?"

Bao Na's face was full of satisfaction.

She had endured for so many days. Finally, she had come to this day!

Hehehe, she was so happy!

"Ya, Xia Yu actually broke the rule. She really has guts!"

When Bao Na said this, the boss and his wife's expressions became worse.

"I …" Xia Yu paused, then smiled and said: "My partner was blocked by a traffic jam, I saw that the banquet started, so I came in first and told the staff to let him in when he arrives."

The boss and his wife's face looked much better, and seeing that she was Shen Yan's secretary, they did not make things difficult for her.

On the other hand, when Yang Ke’er saw Xia Yu coming over, she was unhappy, but she could not reveal it in front of the boss and his wife.

"Where's Shen Yan? Why didn't he come?" As long as Xia Yu dared to say that Shen Yan stood her up, she would definitely deal with him when she got back.

This must be Miss Yang. Xia Yu looked at Yang Ke’er and thought. Her appearance was good: pretty face, well educated, wealthy. She was very compatible with Shen Yan. If he had a relationship with Miss Yang, there would be no difference between him and Shen Mo.

Why did he hide like that? Just thinking about Shen Yan who made her look like a fool, Xia Yu felt unbalanced in her heart. Didn't he want not to see Yang Ke’er? Didn't he want Yang Ke’er not to bother him? Let him have a taste today.


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