Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 176 I need to thank Young Master Yan
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 176 I need to thank Young Master Yan

Thinking about that, Xia Yu laughed and said, "Young Master Yan has gone to the main company. He might be there soon."

Hearing Xia Yu's explanation, Yang Ke’er's felt good. She had already said it before. Shen Yan wouldn’t let her down at such a crucial moment.

When the boss and his wife heard this, they looked at each other and let out knowing smiles.

Yang Ke’er was still single, they were guessing that which young master was fortunate enough to be her companion today, and it turned out that he was Young Master Yan!

Just as the boss was about to speak to his wife, a magnetic voice came from the entrance, "Sorry, I am late. There was a traffic jam. Fortunately, it’s not too late. "

Everyone turned to look at that person.

Xia Yu’s eyes widened. This guy came at the right time. If this god of pests wanted to come here, why did he ask her to come? Did he want to make fun of her? Why didn't she realize how scheming he was?

“Shen Yan, I will remember this. You say that you are the secretary's companion.”

Would he die If he stopped messing with her?

Yang Ke’er looked at Shen Yan and blamed him. Because at this time, Xia Yu's companion also came, "Miss Xia, I am so sorry, I was stuck in a traffic jam!"

His excuse was almost exactly as the same as Shen Yan's, so Xia Yu hurried over and said with a smile, "It's all right, the ball hasn't begun yet."

The moment he saw Li Yan, Xia Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, she didn't make a fool of herself in public, and more importantly, not in front of Shen Yan.

Xia Yu had a companion. So, he did play with her.

He promised to be her companion!

There was no way for him to regret now!

She had already made up her mind. She would stay with him. He couldn’t chase her away, right?

She walked towards Shen Yan. "Brother Yan …"

When Shen Yan saw Li Yan, he scolded Xia Yu in his heart. Why did this girl not want to stay with him?

However, Shen Yan was not an ordinary man. If she didn't want to stay with him, she should ask his permission.

Shen Yan smiled and extended his hand out to Li Yan, Li Yan also reached out and held his hand. "Mr. Li, my cousin just returned from overseas, my girlfriend and I have some misunderstandings, can you help me lure my cousin away?"

Shen Yan understood after hearing what Shen Yan said.

He had always wondered why a capable and beautiful girl like Xia Yu would look for a companion, and it turned out that she was at odds with Young Master Yan.

Since they were both men, he naturally had to help him with such a small favor.

After greeting Xia Yu with a smile, Li Yan came to Yang Ke’er. "This beautiful lady should be Young Master Yan's cousin. I’m Li Yan, can I ask Miss Young for a dance?”

Li Yan, wasn't he a Korean superstar? Yang Ke’er was his fan. It was an honor to dance with her idol.

She walked into the dance floor with Li Yan without thinking.

Damn it, what should she do after Li Yan was sent away? Xia Yu was stunned for a moment, then suddenly she had an idea. Since he came here personally, as a substitute, it was not impolite for her to leave.

Yes, that's it! Xia Yu was prepared to sneak out!

Shen Yan smiled and nodded at the people who greeted him. He was dressed in black suits with a wine-red handkerchief in the pocket. He was so handsome and looked like a god which no one could ignore.

He seemed to have long guessed that she would do that. He came to Xia Yu and stood in front of her gracefully, raising a hand to wipe the hair on her shoulders. he put a doting expression on his face, "Still angry?"

Xia Yu was dumbstruck.

What was this?

Reject Yang Ke’er? Could you please find someone else? She was just a secretary, and she couldn’t handle it, my lord.

Bao Na was also dumbstruck.

How could it be?

How was it possible?

Even if they had an ambiguous relationship, however, this was a public place.

Furthermore, the men who greeted Xia Yu just now were handsome too. Bao Na could tell that they were familiar with each other.

No matter it was Shen Yan or Li Yan, they were both far more superior than Chen Wenxuan.

The moment they appeared; all the other men were instantly defeated!

When the ladies saw them, all they could think was: Were they from Earth?

Seeing those women's infatuated expressions, Bao Na was about to go crazy, because these two men were both related to Xia Yu, which was a fatal thing.

Shen Yan, good job!

Yang Ke’er felt even more uncomfortable. So Young Master Yan did know how to spoil a girl? If it weren't for Li Yan, she would have already rushed over. She tried so hard to prevent her elegance from collapsing.

However, the smile on her face couldn't be maintained any longer.

Shen Yan never had an office romance, that was what Yang Ke’er knew.

However, the way he looked at Xia Yu was not as simple as looking at anyone else.

Xia Yu was stunned. Shen Yan smiled dotingly as his fingers slid down her arm and grabbed her fingers naturally.

The boss and his wife were also stunned.

When she saw her husband not saying anything for a long time, she pushed him quietly.

The boss said immediately: "Young Master Yan, this way, please!"

Bao Na was unhappy these days. Her parents looked down upon Chen Wenxuan and wanted to cancel the engagement. However, Chen Wenxuan's father looked down upon her and said that she didn't know anything but showing bad temper. He asked his son to break up with her and try to get Xia Yu back.

If Chen Wenxuan didn’t pull her back, she would have rushed to Chen Wenxuan's father and teach him a lesson. His son depended on her. How could he look down upon her?

After scolding Chen Wenxuan, the hatred in her heart towards Xia Yu grew even more significant. Initially, she wanted to use Chen Wenxuan to attack Xia Yu, but the latter had someone better and didn’t even care Chen Wenxuan at all.

Standing there, she was so jealous that she was about to go crazy!


Chen Wenxuan's expression was also very ugly.

If Shen Yan was only playing around, he wouldn't have dotted her in front of so many people.

If they were serious, how could he get close to Xia Yu?

He had investigated and found out that it was Xia Yu who had helped to bring about the big project for Shen’s. In the past, he only knew that Xia Yu's parents were doorkeepers for a wealthy family; he never thought that the master was Mr. Dong.

He was very famous in the political world. Although he had retired, he still had many students. As long as he said something, Chen Wenxuan could get an official position quickly.

Initially, he had even thought of begging Xia Yu again since they had so many years of relationship. However, considering the situation, there was no hope for him.

Chen Wenxuan began to grit his teeth, feeling bad.

He dragged Bao Na away. Before he left, he looked back at Xia Yu.

Honestly speaking, the current Xia Yu was a whole new person.

In the past, Xia Yu's clothes were old, and she didn't care about dressing up.

However, now, Xia Yu had made herself refresh, proper, and dazzling.

Thinking about Xia Yu, she was kind to him.

When she was in college, she saved her money and bought an iPhone for him.

After graduating, she used her first salary to buy a suit for him.

Compared to Bao Na, Xia Yu had a prettier face, practiced thrift and was not a troublemaker, the best girlfriend that every guy was dreaming of.

However, Bao Na's family was rich, and they could buy a house in S City. Xia Yu might not even be able to buy a house with the money she saved for the entire life.

Therefore, after thinking about it, again and again, Chen Wenxuan still decided to follow Bao Na.

However, who would have known that people's calculations were always inferior to God’s!

Yang Ke’er and Li Yan couldn't find Shen Yan after the first dance. At this time, a lot of young women recognized Li Yan and wanted to take a photo with him and his signature, so they pushed Yang Ke’er to the side.

Yang Ke’er felt that if she continued to stay, she would reveal her real personality.

Stepping on her high heels, she turned around and dashed out of the banquet hall.

She wanted to vent! She wanted to vent all her anger!

She couldn't accept it!

She quickly found Xia Yu's number and sent her a message: Are you Brother Yan's girlfriend?

Moreover, Xia Yu, who was hated so much, was still in shock.

The only thought in her mind was that she was once again a shield for someone.

After receiving Yang Ke’er's message, Xia Yu subconsciously raised her head to look at Shen Yan and quickly replied: Secretary.

Xia Yu replied, very straightforwardly.

Yang Ke’er: I hate people who lie to me.

Xia Yu: There’s nothing good for me to lie to you.

Xia Yu was so angry. She could bear to be used again and again. It wasn't her personality.

Yang Ke’er immediately stopped messaging.

Isn't that obvious? Xia Yu covered Shen Yan.

In other words, he had a girl he liked.

Xia Yu knew this woman, but they were not familiar with each other, so it’s inconvenient for Yang Ke’er to ask.

Shen Yan did not stay here for long.

A ball of this level didn't match his status. If it’s not for the fact that he wanted to anger Yang Ke’er, he would just let Liu Sijie came to deliver a gift.

Now that Yang Ke’er had left, he no longer needed to stay. However, Li Yan was still here. So, when he left, he took Xia Yu with him as well. He could not let Xia Yu be his companion for the whole night.

Otherwise, they would snatch all the headlines.

The dignified Young Master Yan had never been on the headline with Xia Yu, how could Li Yan be the first one?

The boss and his wife smiled happily when sending them away.

At the entrance of the hotel, Shen Yan's fox eyes slightly narrowed, revealed a slight smile: "I believe that you also saw Bao Na's expression when she left, it was simply ugly."

Why didn't he say that when Miss Yang left, she almost cried?

He’s so thick-skinned, what else could Xia Yu say? She leaned against the wall and smiled faintly, "So, I need to thank Young Master Yan?"

Shen Yan supported himself against the wall with one hand, pressing Xia Yu against the wall.

Xia Yu had to stick close to the wall to increase the distance between them.

Of course, it was useless.

"How are you going to thank me?" Shen Yan's fox eyes softened as the corner of his eyes curved. His eyes revealed a hint of ridicule, and also a trace of hope.

Ah? Xia Yu couldn't react for a moment.

What a thick-skinned man, Xia Yu was speechless, "Li Yan is still inside. He came for me, and I can't just leave like this."

What did Xia Yu mean was that even if Shen Yan didn't come, she would still completely defeat Bao Na. Moreover, Li Yan was even more charming than Shen Yan. When he appeared, all the women went crazy for him.

Damn woman, could you just stop talking about other men? After Shen Yan gnashed his teeth for a while, he smiled and said, "Please don't misunderstand me. If you don't want to be eaten by Li Yan's female fans, why not try to get in? Ah, if you get in, would those women lift you directly and thrown you out of the window? That's the thirteenth floor!"


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