Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 177 Their Relationship
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 177 Their Relationship

Xia Yu felt that her legs were benumbed. Shen Yan's words made sense. Even Yang Ke’er was pushed away by the crazy women inside, and she won’t be excluded.

"But, after all, I was the one who invited him here. It doesn't seem right for me not even to tell him when I leave." Xia Yu's tone was not as confident as before.

"Never mind, I'll help you one more time." Shen Yan took out his phone and sent a message to Li Yan, telling him that there would be a meeting for him and Xia Yu soon. Shen Yan thanked him for coming over today and told Liu Shijie to come over later to pick him up.

"Thank you!" Xia Yu said as she walked forward.

However, Shen Yan did not let it go, "You can't just let me do it for nothing, treating me to a meal is fine, right?"

"I... I don't have any money. " She was not used to such a short distance. She could not help but feel nervous as she stammered, "Just take whatever you want."

Shen Yan immediately laughed. Raising his right hand, he lightly tapped on Xia Yu's forehead with his forefinger and middle finger before letting her gong. "Go home and cook for me."

Speaking of which, he hadn't eaten Xia Yu’s cooking for a long time, and he missed it.

"Oh!" This was acceptable. Xia Yu hurriedly nodded.

He looked so tall and handsome under the orange light, which showed a sense of security.

A strange feeling arose from the bottom of her heart. It covered her entire body with a slight electrical current.

Crazy! How could he be related to the sense of security?

He was just a big problem, a big scoundrel, a big bomb that might explode one day and blow her to bits.

After walking two steps, he realized that Xia Yu was not following him. He turned his head and smiled at her: "Not following?"


What a smile, so beautiful. Xia Yu was a little dazzled by it, and answered: "Oh."

Returning to the villa, Shen Qiang welcomed them when they entered the door: "You're finally back. The second brother, old home called us to go back for dinner next Sunday."

Xia Yu subconsciously glanced at Shen Yan. It must be that Yang Ke’er had complained after being stood up during the ball today.

A dance wouldn’t kill you, right?

"I'll go cook." Xia Yu quickly wore the apron.

Shen Yan did not say anything and directly sat down on the sofa. However, from his expression, he did not care about the invitation.

"Sis, you should go too!" Shen Qiang added.

"Why?" Xia Yu was shocked.

She was not someone of the Shen family, so it would not be appropriate for her to go.

"Yang Ke’er's decision." While saying that, Shen Qiang looked at Xia Yu carefully. Tonight, she had fun with Second Brother, but she would have to pay the price. If Xia Yu provoked Yang Ke’er, there would be some small problems.

Xia Yu turned to look at Shen Yan. This bastard knew how to cause trouble for her.

She didn't know how that young miss would treat her.

Shen Yan, on the other hand, had a very calm look on his face. He took out a cigarette and lit it up. Before he could finish smoking, there came a call.

He put out the cigarette into the ashtray, but it fell to the floor. He did not care about the cigarette butt, and took out his phone, asked Shen Qiang to turn the volume of the TV down as he sat down to answer the call.

After answering the call, he threw his phone onto the tea table and reached out for the fruit beside him, but there was nothing!

"What?" Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu.

"Clean the floor!" Xia Yu looked at the cigarette butt on the ground as she spoke to Shen Yan.

Once she returned, she immediately changed her face. Shen Yan had no choice but to listen to her. Shen Qiang, who was watching from the side, laughed. He was wondering what Yang Ke’er would think if she saw this.

Xia Yu looked at him, but she could not find any problem, so she went to the kitchen angrily.

"Second Brother, is my sister angry?" The obedient Second Brother made Shen Qiang feel very unfamiliar.

Shen Yan laughed: "Women are narrow-minded."

A good man would not fight with the woman. Xia Yu wanted to make trouble with him, so he should avoid her fire. He was not an idiot!

"So, you pissed her off?" Shen Qiang thought that since two girls had bumped into each other, there would be a problem.

"Who pissed her off?" Shen Yan looked at the kitchen and thought about Xia Yu bringing Li Yan as her dancing partner. He could not help but grumble, "Xiao Qiang, what are you doing? Why did Xia Yu have a dance partner since you stayed with her? You used to be a smart boy!”

"Bro, you're accusing me unjustly. I've notified all the male employees, if anyone dares to go with my sister, he'll lose wages." Shen Qiang felt wronged, and he did what he could.

“Then why didn't you tell Li Yan?” Shen Yan would rather see a staff with her. She brought such a handsome guy there, so it became a showing off.

"My sister brought a celebrity?" Shen Qiang was amused; he could imagine Second Brother's expression at that time, "I'll go and see if my Sis has finished cooking."

Shen Qiang needed more gossip; he stood up and walked out.

"Come back. You still haven't told me when Xia Yu and Li Yan have been so close?" Li Yan’s appearance and the other aspects were quite good. There was no way that Shen Yan was not worrying about it. Taking advantage of that Xia Yu wasn't around, he kept asking Shen Qiang.

Ah…. It seemed like his second brother was a little man as well. Shen Qiang had to stop, "Brother, you know that there are many men who like my sister, you still act sloppy. If something happened, would it still be useful for you to ask me?"

Did she have many admirers? Shen Yan was unconvinced, "I'm just asking. She's already over twenty years old but still single. Don't think too much. I care about her as her superior."

“Speaking of admirers, I have more.” Shen Yan defended himself.

“Fine, just be stubborn and don't regret it when it happens.”

"Are you relieved now? She has admirer, and he is a prince charming. " Shen Qiang was always enjoying frustrating his Second Brother.

"Brat, what nonsense are you spouting? Who's your big brother? Don't go and make it clear!" Shen Yan raised his hand and pretended to teach Shen Qiang a lesson, but Shen Qiang was already heading to the kitchen, so he gave up.

"You haven't eaten, have you?" Seeing Shen Qiang coming in, Xia Yu did not turn her head back and asked.

"Sis, Yang Ke’er didn't make things difficult for you, right?" Shen Qiang was concerned about her. Considering Xia Yu's methods to deal with Zeng Mina, she did not suffer. He just wanted to know the process.

"I’m fine. Oh right, Xiao Qiang, tell me what happened between your brother and her?" Shen Yan avoided Yang Ke’er; it was unusual. Xia Yu was also very curious about what happened between the two of them.

"There are still many troubles between them. This time, the second brother is in real trouble." Shen Qiang glanced outside and said when he saw his second brother was watching TV.

Xia Yu was interested in this. Someone like Shen Yan needed to be controlled. She turned around and said, "Tell me about it."

“That’s just things about the relationship. The second brother has a crush on Zeng Mina, and Yang Ke’er has a crush on my second brother. Many years ago, she had announced that she wanted him. " Shen Qiang felt that it was better to let Xia Yu know these things.

Their relationship was complicated!

"He has a crush on Zeng Mina? Is there something wrong with your second brother's eyes? I suggest that he should get a pair of glasses." Xia Yu shook her head. How could a girl like Zeng Mina worth it?

"Sis, Yang Ke’er is not better than Zeng Mina." Xia Yu's tone showed that she disdained Zeng Mina more or less, and Shen Qiang knew the reason.

Zeng Mina couldn't even compare to the gentle and generous Wu Shiyu, but compared to Yang Ke’er, they were equal, no significant difference.

Yang Ke’er had a gentle and lovely appearance. However, in terms of viciousness, she was much more vicious than Zeng Mina.

This was also why Shen Yan didn't like her.

"Now, your second brother is in big trouble." Xia Yu's tone was filled with schadenfreude.

Yang Ke’er liked Shen Yan, but Shen Yan didn't like her. Xia Yu wished that she could be more powerful, pestering Shen Yan everyday and annoying him to death!

"That's right, my second brother doesn't like Yang Ke’er, but my grandmother and second aunt treat her like a treasure, especially my second aunt, who thinks of Yang Ke Er as their daughter-in-law. As long as my second brother saw her, he would escape.”

"Considering what you said, does your second brother have a tough time?" Xia Yu could even imagine the scene that Shen Yan was arranged by his mother to meet Yang Ke’er.

She tried to think about Shen Yan’s perspective. If her parents forced her to be with someone she didn't like, she would have long escaped away.

Thinking about how pitiful he was, Xia Yu's good mood gradually disappeared.

However, in the next few days, Xia Yu carefully kept a distance from Shen Yan. She was afraid that she would be used by Shen Yan and Yang Ke’er would have the chance to make difficulties for her.

She was different from Zeng Mina. Her uncle was President of Shen’s, and Shen Yan heeded his support. If this young miss felt unhappy and told her family, Shen Yan’s hard works throughout these years would be wasted.

Fortunately, this young miss was different from Zeng Mina and did not come to the company to inspect, which made Xia Yu feel relieved, but she did not dare to let her guard down.

Time passed, and just after a short time, it was time to go to the Shen family. Xia Yu felt having a headache.

"Sis, you'll be fine with me when we get home." Yang Ke’er only wanted to confirm whether Xia Yu was related to Shen Yan. As long as she thought that Xia Yu was not a threat to her, Xia Yu would be safe.

However, Xia Yu looked like she was facing a great enemy. Shen Qiang thought it’s funny.

Xia Yu didn't want to go!

Although she knew it’s dangerous, she still forced herself to go. She was making trouble for herself!

In the morning, when Shen Qiang came to Xia Yu, she was worried about what clothes she should wear.

Although she had been there once before, it was at night, and there was a reason for it. However, this time, it was different. If she looked too casual, it would be a bit rude.

"Sis, what are you doing?"

"Xiao Qiang, help me decide what clothes I should wear today?"

Shen Qiang came at the right time. Xia Yu immediately asked for his opinion.

Shen Qiang laughed: "In this area, my second brother is an expert. He has already invited a stylist for you, don't worry, you will be fine."

What stylist? Bullshit!

She was just a secretary. The reason for her being there was mainly because Yang Ke’er had misunderstood her. If Shen Yan did this, wasn't it mean that she did not misunderstand?


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