Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 178 Going to Shen“s House
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 178 Going to Shen“s House

Shen Yan was too cunning.

"Did I tell him to do it?" Xia Yu protested.

However, her protest didn't work. Shen Qiang pulled her into the dressing room unquestionably: "My second brother did this for your good."

"Let him keep his good intentions. I don't need them." Xia Yu refused to go in.

In the end, she failed in resisting Shen Qiang's coaxing.

After entering, Xia Yu found that Shen Yan was sitting there. She was irritated immediately and held onto her waist with her hands. Just as she was about to shout at him, the stylist came over.

"Please wait a moment!" Xia Yu smiled at the stylist, then went over to Shen Yan's side and pulled him up, pushing him to the side and whispering, "What's the meaning of this?"

"Nothing. We'll go home for dinner." Shen Yan said casually with his hands in his pockets as if he was talking about today's weather.

"This is not the first time I go to visit your family. Is there a need to go through all these troubles?" Since Shen Yan pretended that he knew nothing, Xia Yu gritted her teeth.

"But this is the first time that you visit my house since Yang Ke'er was back." Shen Yan's smile did not change.

The fox's tail was finally exposed. Wasn't he still thinking of using her as a weapon? At this moment, Xia Yu really wanted to strangle him to death.

"Remember to pay!"

"Got it!" Shen Yan's answer was straightforward, and he was even more straightforward. Very quickly, he placed a card in her hand.

Xia Yu was very angry. She glared at him fiercely and walked inside.

"Miss Xia, this way, please." The stylist smiled and bowed, gesturing with his hand.

In his heart, however, he was wondering who exactly this Miss Xia was. She even dared to shout at Young Master Yan.

It was not the first time that this stylist dressed up Young Master Yan's girlfriends. Whether those girls were famous ladies or celebrities, they all behaved obediently in front of Young Master Yan.

However, this Miss Xia was special. The stylist could not help but peep at Xia Yu.

The stylist's gaze was clearly saying that this bastard had something to do with Xia Yu. Xia Yu was unavoidably anxious and wanted to explain, but was afraid that her words would only get worse. She could not help but be distracted for a moment.

"Miss Xia?" Seeing that Xia Yu did not move, the stylist lightly called out.

"Thank you!" Xia Yu regained her senses, awkwardly laughed, and then sat down in front of the makeup table.

Those stylists were skilled. They quickly made a new design for Xia Yu's figure and temperament, as well as her standard oriental face.

With a few 'Kacha-kacha' sounds, the stylist gave Xia Yu a new hairstyle.

The makeup artist's finger was like a magic wand, instantly turning her pure and exquisite face into a dignified and graceful one.

The dresser picked out a light purple dress according to Xia Yu's temperament, making her look exquisite yet noble.

After the whole work was done, Xia Yu looked at herself in the mirror. She could not believe that the person in the mirror was herself. Anxiously standing in front of Shen Yan, she whispered: "Is this all right?"

When Shen Yan raised his head, he was shocked as he widened his eyes and looked straight at her.

She was so beautiful.

It was just like his best imagination of Xia Yu.

She should have been like this.

"Doesn't it look good?" Xia Yu was a little nervous. As for why she was nervous, she didn't have time to think.

Shen Yan's beautiful foxy eyes became darker, and his voice became a little lower: "Very good."

After that, Shen Yan suddenly changed his words and said, "It's not bad, isn't it?"

Xia Yu was a little confused. Was this good, or not good?

Shen Qiang couldn't help but laugh as he looked at his second brother's arrogant and lovable appearance. He originally wanted to praise her but then changed his words halfway. He was as adorable as a child.

"Oh, My God! To think that there is such a beauty in the world and that I have the honor of knowing her, I should say thanks to Buddha, to Yahweh, to Queen Mother, and to Sister Xia's parents! "Shen Qiang overacted, and he even made bows again and again!

Everyone was amused by his comical look and couldn't stop laughing.

"Damn it. Can't you be more serious?" Xia Yu wanted to kick him, but when she lifted one of her legs, she realized that the dress was too tight. If she were to lift her leg, the dress would probably split into pieces.

She had to change it to a fist and hit him on his back.

"Sis, I'm sincerely praising you. Why are you hitting me!" Shen Qiang had an aggrieved expression, but it was quickly replaced by a serious one. "Today, in front of everyone, I solemnly declare that Sister Xia will be my goddess from now on!"

"You really dare to say!" Seeing Shen Qiang's serious look, Xia Yu also laughed. After fiddling with the dress for a while, no matter how she looked at it, she still felt uncomfortable. Then, she said to the stylist, "This dress is a bit tight. Let's change it."

"It's pretty good!" The dress seemed to be specifically made for Xia Yu. The stylist thought it was a pity to change it.

"No, it's really tight. I can't even breathe." She was not used to wearing clothes like the one Xia Yu was normally comfortable with.

"This …" The stylist looked at Shen Yan and asked for his opinion.

Shen Yan stood up and said: "All right, let's leave it at that. Changing again was too troublesome! Let's go. We should go now."

So, it was not you who had to wear it. Originally Xia Yu wanted to continue resisting, but Shen Yan had already left the room.

She could only accept the bag that the stylist team had given her and quickly followed.

She, who was wearing high heels, was not walking fast. So, she was simply unable to keep up with the speed of the two of them.

Shen Qiang seemed to have detected her nervousness and uneasiness and subconsciously slowed down his pace, waiting for her to catch up before he continued to walk forward.

"Sis, don't be afraid. Although my second brother is a little dishonest and he likes to utilize people around him, don't worry, he won't let you be bullied."

Furthermore, no matter how to judge it, his Second Brother did not seem to be using Xia Yu. Shen Qiang was sure about it, but he could not make it clear to Xia Yu.

"Didn't you say that you would protect me? With you here, what do I have to be afraid of? "Xia Yu was not scared. She had never worn such a kind of dress before, so she felt a little awkward.

Because the dress was too close-fitting, Xia Yu was unable to move her legs. When she was getting into the car, Shen Qiang helped her for a while before she could finally be able to do it.

When she was getting out of the car, Shen Yan saw that she was about to pull up her skirt. He frowned.

Everyone around them was watching. Shen Yan suddenly didn't want others to see her snow-white thighs.

He stepped forward and hugged Xia Yu, then directly carried her off the car.

Xia Yu wasn't prepared for this at all. Now she was suddenly carried. She screamed out in a low voice, "Ah!"

"Silly." Shen Yan unrestrainedly judged her: "When getting into the car, you need someone to help you, and when getting off the car, you don't even know how to do it. You are truly silly."

Xia Yu's face immediately blushed. She did not want it either! Why was this dress so tight?

Her arms subconsciously wrapped around Shen Yan's neck with her head knocking against his chest, causing her to feel pain!

Who did this to her? She had already said that she wouldn't wear this dress, but he didn't want to listen. If she weren't slender enough, she probably wouldn't fit in this dress!

Moreover, the most important thing was if it weren't for that she was framed by him, would she have to suffer this?

The surrounding people all lowered their heads, holding back their laughter.

"Yang Ke'er, Shen Yan has never carried you like this before, right? Wow, how do you feel by personally seeing your beloved man carries another woman?" Zeng Mina laughed as if she was blossoming.

Yang Ke'er glared at Zeng Mina fiercely. Initially, she wanted to ask her aunt not to invite Zeng Mina today, but now she came here like a ghost that was lingering around her. It was really a narrow path for enemies to cross.

About Yang Ke'er and Zeng Mina, they both were daughters of wealthy families. They shared social circles. In the past, when they were in their own country, there were some parties where all the children of the wealthy and powerful families would show up. Of course, some of them volunteered to take part in those parties, while some of them, like Yang Ke’er, did not want, but her father and her uncle always forced her to go to the parties.

They wanted her to make a few more friends, but in the end, she did not make any friend. Instead, she made one enemy.

For some reason, Yang Ke'er realized that Zeng Mina was always targeting her, intentionally or unintentionally.

She would snatch anything Yang Ke'er liked.

After snatching the stuff, she then tried to snatch her man!

It didn't matter whether she loved him or not. She did not want Yang Ke'er to have him as if they were enemies in their previous lives.

She remembered that at an auction some years ago, there was a set of tea set which used to be owned by the Royal Family of the Qing Dynasty. Yang Ke’er knew that Shen Yan liked it, so she wanted to buy it and gave it to him as a gift.

She didn't expect that Zeng Mina would fight with her over it. Both raised their cards for at least five times. In the end, for some reason, Zeng Mina suddenly gave up and just left the matter at that.

After a long time had passed, someone finally told Yang Ke'er the truth about the auction. The fact was that someone told Zeng Mina that the Yang family was stronger than the Zeng family, and offending Yang Ke’er was equivalent to offending the Yang Family. She might even implicate the Zeng Family because of it. That was why Zeng Mina gritted her teeth and gave up what she liked.

Yang Ke'er did not think much about it. There were always a few people who liked to spread rumors. It would exhaust her if she really wanted to argue with them.

However, Zeng Mina kept this in mind and felt that Yang Ke'er was intentionally suppressing her. Since then, she took Yang Ke’er as an enemy.

Later, the Zeng Family had developed their business better and better so that even the Old Madame of Shen Family had to look up to them. Now, the Zeng family and the Yang family were on the same level. When Zeng Mina thought about the humiliation she had suffered back then, she naturally wanted to take it back bit by bit.

Right now, they came into inevitable confrontation, and Zeng Mina said those treacherous words.

If it were in the past and Zeng Mina ridiculed Yang Ke'er at the Shen Family's Main Courtyard, Yang Ke’er would have already made a ruckus. However, now, Zeng Mina held the title as the future Great Young Mistress of Shen Family, while Yang Ke’er was just a relative.

Although both the Second Madame and the Old Madame wanted her to be the second Young Mistress, she and Shen Yan were not formally engaged yet.

Even if the Old Madame doted on her, in terms of status, Zeng Mina was indeed higher than her.

Yang Ke'er suppressed her displeasure from being provoked and replied with a smile: "Xia Yu is only his secretary."

Zeng Mina laughed contemptuously: "Yang Ke'er, you have been abroad for many years. Why have you not improved at all? Secretary? How about this? You take the position as Shen Yan's secretary and let's see if he'll carry you or not. "

Why was this damned girl so vicious?

Raising her head, Yang Ke’er saw that Shen Yan had a doting look as he carried Xia Yu. She couldn't help but sigh again, and her expression instantly became extremely gloomy.

She couldn't fight against Zeng Mina today, but couldn't she even fight against Xia Yu? Yang Ke'er quickly thought of what happened at the ball. Xia Yu had clearly brought a partner, but Shen Yan still forcefully drove her partner away.

If someone said that Shen Yan had no feeling towards Xia Yu, Yang Ke'er wouldn't believe it even if she was beaten to death.

Yang Ke'er was not a narrow-minded woman. Xia Yu was really an influential person because she was even able to invite Li Yan to be her dancing partner, which meant that she was very talented. Yang Ke'er originally wanted to be friends with her, but since Xia Yu tried to steal her man, then she should not blame her for what she would do.


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