Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 179 On Purpose
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 179 On Purpose

Xia Yu could not help shivering. She glared at Shen Yan fiercely: "Are you satisfied?"

Shen Yan's handsome face was filled with smile, and the corners of his mouth curled up. "Don't forget that we have an agreement. I won't let you do it for nothing. The payment will satisfy you."

"I'm afraid that I will have to cost my life to earn money, so put me down. "Xia Yu struggled and finally got down. Then she quickly escaped from Shen Yan's embrace.

Seeing this, Shen Yan instantly narrowed his beautiful foxy eyes.

"This woman really wants to escape from me all the time. This doesn't make sense. Anyway, I am a super Prince Charming. Is she testing me?"

It seemed that this was the only reasonable explanation. Shen Yan was somewhat narcissistic.

Otherwise, how to explain this phenomenon? Shen Yan had always been hot in the upper class. So many women tried to allure him, but he had never seen a girl that would try everything she could to escape from him.

It was fine to comfort himself. However, Shen Yan knew that she didn't have a feeling for him, so he felt frustrated.

Xia Yu was forced to do so.

Her heart was beating so fast.

The moment Shen Yan carried her; her heart seemed to be captured in an instant.

That extreme attraction made her heart beat uncontrollably.

This feeling was not good at all.

She would not let this kind of thing that was out of control go on.

Seeing her back as she run away in a hurry, Shen Yan couldn't help but raise his eyebrows.

Subconsciously, Shen Yan asked Shen Qiang: "Do I smell strange?"

Shen Qiang shook his head.

Was he joking? His brother was a clean freak, and he was always clean and tidy.

"Then, do I look terrible?" Shen Yan continued to ask.

Shen Qiang shook his head again.

It was not that he was flattering his brother. His brother was one of the most desirable husbands in the world. So, the word "terrible" had nothing to do with his brother!

"Then why is she so eager to escape?" Shen Yan asked.

"You're too popular in women. She's afraid of being suffocated by these women's fragrance." Shen Qiang pouted his lips as he pointed in the direction of Yang Ke'er and Zeng Mina. Then he gave a glance at his brother before he quickly lowered his eyebrows.

"Xiao Qiang, I can deal with Yang Ke'er and can end up with angering her away. However, Zeng Mina is also involved in. What should we do about this?" Every time these two ladies encountered; it would cause a ruckus.

Shen Yan got headaches.

Seeing his brother was looking at him with expectation, Shen Qiang sighed in his heart.

If you couldn't deal with it yourself, what could I do? He really couldn't answer this question!

Before they came here, Shen Qiang had promised Xia Yu that he would protect her. Now, since Yang Ke'er covetously tried to do something to Xia Yu, he would not allow her tricks to succeed.

Xia Yu was waiting for Shen Yan at the door. Until Shen Yan and Shen Qiang came over, they walked in together.

Shen Yan intentionally got closer to Xia Yu, but as he expected, in the next second, Xia Yu moved a distance away from him.

Just like this, Shen Yan took one step closer, and Xia Yu took one step away. Shen Yan took two steps closer, and Xia Yu took two steps away.

Shen Qiang, who was watching from the side, had the urge to laugh.

When had Shen Yan been ignored like this?

Shen Yan's competitive spirit was aroused. He grabbed Xia Yu's fingers before she could move away.

Xia Yu was shocked. Instinctively she tried to pull her finger away, but suddenly, Shen Yan's voice came above her head: "This reward is very generous. Do you want to give it up?"

Looking back at him, Xia Yu saw that his face writing, "you know that".

"Fine, I still owe him a huge sum of money." Xia Yu thought.

As expected, Xia Yu stopped moving and obediently let him grab her fingers.

The warmth of Shen Yan came from the center of her palm, straightly spreading to the bottom of her heart.

Shen Yan's fingers interlocked hers with their hands palm-to-palm, so the temperature of the warmth was unusually hot.

Xia Yu's ears were slightly red. Under the sunlight, her crystal earlobes were so beautiful that it made people want to take a bite of them.

Xia Yu was shy and timid, so was Shen Yan.

Although he was not as timid as Xia Yu, his heart was beating very fast.

And with a hint of pleasure.

It was a feeling he had never had before, but it was good.

"Do you really think I'm a pushover?" Yang Ke'er instantly lost her mind, clenched her fists, and wanted to rush to them.

"Cousin, what are you doing?" Shen Qiang grabbed Yang Ke'er. "Don't let Zeng Mina laugh at you."

She had seen enough jokes today. Yang Ke'er did not care about this: "Xiao Qiang, now that you call me cousin, why haven't you told me about the affair between Brother Yan and this fox spirit?"

"Cousin, was it necessary to tell you that Second Brother recruited a secretary?" Shen Qiang said with an obsequious smile, but he still held Yang Ke'er tightly.

"Just a secretary?"

"How complicated do you think it is? If it's really complicated, can she get through with my second aunt? "

"That's right. Why do I forget about that? This is the Shen Family's house. Shen Yan swaggered around with this woman, and no one in the family was surprised. Isn't it strange?"

"But just now Zeng Mina clearly said …” Seeing the backs of Shen Yan and Xia Yu, Yang Ke'er still felt that there was something wrong.

"Cousin! How can you believe in Zeng Mina's words? I must tell you that Second Brother showing off his love for Sister Xia is that he tries to infuriate you. "Shen Qiang was really straight forward.

Yang Ke'er knew that. He had done that a few times before, but he stopped where it should stop. However, this time, it seemed like he was risking everything doing so. There must be something very wrong. "Tell me, does he have a girlfriend?"

Yang Ke’er could tell from Xia Yu's expression that she seemed to be rejecting Shen Yan, so Yang Ke'er would temporarily believe it. However, she was not sure why Shen Yan made so much effort to do it.

Shen Qiang curled his lips: "Cousin, it has been reported in the newspaper. Why do you still ask me about it?"

"It's Wu Qing? Will aunt agree? "Yang Ke'er had read the news, but she couldn't believe it.

Shen Yan's was famous for his affairs. It was possible for him to play with Qing Qing, but if they said that they really started a relationship, she didn't believe it at all.

"You already know that it's impossible, yet you still ask me? However, that woman, you know, is not a good woman. My second brother has been avoiding her, but sigh! "Shen Qiang pretended to be angry at the side, while his eyes secretly observed her expression.

It was not that he was mean, and he was not going against Qingqing. It was just that the woman deserved to be taught a lesson.

Ever since their family's relationship had alleviated, the woman seemed to be mad. She said evil words about Shen Qiang everywhere. Furthermore, there were a few times his father invited them to dinner, but the woman pretended to be uncomfortable and insisted on his father's company.

This kind of woman like she really needed to be taught a lesson by someone like Yang Ke'er; otherwise, she would not even know her surname.

Moreover, if Qingqing were confessed out, then Xia Yu would be safe. He promised to protect Xia Yu, and he couldn't break his words.

"Brother Yan goes too far this time." Yang Ke'er stomped her feet, "How sad will grandaunt be when she knows it?"

"As long as you know what to do." Just as they were about to enter the living room, Shen Qiang tugged on her sleeves.

Yang Ke'er raised her head, only to see Shen Yan and Xia Yu holding hands in hands as they walked to the front of Old Madame.

Old Madame's gaze fell on the hands of them, and she showed a bit of strange expression for an instant.

"Grandmother, we're back." Shen Yan said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you, Old Madame, First Madame, and Second Madame." Xia Yu greeted them one by one politely.

Old Madame looked at Xia Yu meaningfully for a long time before slowly saying: "Xiao Yu's also here? My grandson is a bit mischievous. Does he ever bully you?"

Xia Yu subconsciously looked to Shen Yan, and said in her heart: "Since you know what a person your grandson is, why do you still ask?"

How could she answer that question in front of them? Xia Yu held back her feelings for a while before she replied, "He's pretty good."

Old Madame suddenly laughed with an unknown meaning, and said: "That's good."

"Mom, what are you saying? Little Yan is the President now. Do you think he's still a kid? A few days ago, he led Xiao Qiang, Xia Yu, and Zhang Yuan to select talents for the company. "The reason that the First Madame called Zeng Mina over was to create troubles for Shen Yan.

The First Madame was just considering how to start, but who knew that Shen Yan would be so disappointing. He had irritated Old Madame and Yang Ke’er right from the start. It was the best time now. She glanced at Zeng Mina casually.

The First Madame made the first show, leaving the rest to Zeng Mina. Zeng Mina had always been a smart woman. Furthermore, this time, Yang Ke'er, Xia Yu, and the others were involved. She disliked them all. So, she took advantage of this opportunity to make them attack each other, and she would just watch a joke by the side.

Zeng Mina smiled at the side and said: "I also heard from Tengfei that Young Master Yan was extremely bossy. At the beginning of the interview, he announced that those who used to have cosmetic surgeries went out. Xia Yu, the great secretary Xia, on the other hand, was smarter. She said that our company was not recruiting a spokeswoman of plastic surgery but cosmetics sale-women. Moreover, I can't help mentioning Xiao Qiang. Although he's still a student, he's not any worse than his second brother. When Young Master Yan was called away by Miss Ke’er, he took the place of Young Master Yan and continued the interview. He directly pointed at one of the interviewers and said, we didn't want a woman who used to be a mistress, please went back! The girl blushed as she turned around and ran even faster than a rabbit. "

Zeng Mina's words had concluded all of them. Shen Yan, as the President, spoke frivolously during the interview, and what was more outrageous was that he even dropped his work and went away. Xia Yu, as Shen Yan's secretary, did not stop Shen Yan when he spoke and behaved improperly. She even helped to cover it up.

Shen Qiang, as the Third Young Master of the Shen Family, was an intern in the Tengfei. He did not learn how to manage businesses but was messing around. And Miss Yang, even though she knew that Shen Yan was working, she still called him out.

When she said that, Shen Yan and the other two did not mind because what she said was basically the truth. That's what they did, and they were not afraid of being commented.

Yang Ke'er felt wronged. She had indeed called Shen Yan, but Shen Yan told her that he was busy with work. It only took a minute or two. How did she delay his work?

She could never let her talk nonsense here. As she was just about to explain, Shen Qiang pulled her back. "Cousin, can't you understand? She's trying to slander my second brother. You will fall in her tricks if you stand out to explain."

"But we can't let her lie! Xiao Qiang, you guys are too preposterous. "Thinking of the interview Shen Yan held, Yang Ke'er had her opinions as well. She wanted to take this opportunity to suggest to the Old Madame that she wanted to join Tengfei. Since Shen Yan was too unreliable, she needed to keep an eye on him.

However, Zeng Mina took the chance first. The meaning was completely different if Zeng Mina spoke it out instead of Yang Ke’er. Old Madame's expression was a good proof.

"Cousin, you're a smart woman. Can't you tell that Second Brother and I are doing this on purpose?" Shen Qiang said in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

"What do you mean?" Yang Ke'er was slightly startled.


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