Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 180 The Quarrel
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 180 The Quarrel

Shen Yan was dandiacal, but he was not an unreliable person. The balance of Yang Ke'er's feelings was involuntarily skewed towards him.

"Honey-trap. You should have heard that Tengfei caught the traitors and the Zeng Family kidnapped Xia Yu. Then the granny thing happened. Do you think there's no one behind these? This time, my second brother wants to take advantage of these incidents to make a huge revolution. He doesn't want to have more troublemakers after he drove some away. You know he is a playboy. Can he let that sort of a woman to stay at the company?" Shen Qiang whispered close to her ear.

These words went deep into Yang Ke'er's heart. She had been troubled by Shen Yan's being fickle in love. When she raised her head and looked at Xia Yu, she hesitated and gave up saying anything in the end.

In terms of talent or appearance, Shen Yan was the best. She needed a reason to love him.

Seeing through Yang Ke'er's thoughts, Shen Qiang continued, "Sister Xia is the public relations manager that Zhang Hanyu recommended to Shen Mo. It took Second Brother a lot of effort to get her."

"In other words, Brother Yan did not have any relationship with her in the past. Is she reliable?" Yang Ke'er frowned when she heard about "Zhang Hanyu" who had a close relationship with Shen Mo. Xia Yu was his secretary in the past, so their relationship must be good. Xia Yu was the secretary of Shen Yan now. Yang Ke'er felt a little worried about that.

If one day Xia Yu turned to Shen Mo's side, Shen Yan would suffer a significant loss. Maybe he will lose the family business.

Shen Qiang chuckled. "Sister Xia is Wu Shiyu's cousin. She'll never be Zeng Mina's friend."

"I'm almost fooled!" Yang Ke'er realized.

"Zeng Mina, you want to see me teach them a few lessons. I won't satisfy you."

Yang Ke'er took a few steps forward, squatted beside Old Madame, and said with a smile: "Grandaunt, I think they did the right thing. How can a lady with moral problems work hard? "

"Ke'er's words make sense!" Old Madame patted Yang Ke'er's hands and her brows relaxed.

"But Young Master Yan's words were clearly discriminatory, right?" Zeng Mina knew that Old Madame hated the mistresses most, but she seized on his shortcomings and kept attacking him.

"Didn't Xia Yu explain it?" Yang Ke'er ignored Zeng Mina. She didn't even raise her head.

"Miss Yang, don't you think Secretary Xia's explanation is reluctant?" Shen Qiang's attitude changed a lot after he whispered to Yang Ke'er.

"Really? I don't think so. Miss Zeng, you're the image representative of Sheng Da, but you are wearing the clothes of another company. Even if you're the fiancée of the eldest brother, I don't think he would have the cameraman to take pictures for you, right? " Yang Ke'er slightly raised her chin, and the corner of her mouth showed little disdain.

"You …" Zeng Mina didn't know what to say.

It was diamond cut diamond when they met!

Xia Yu tried not to laugh as she watched the quarrel.

"OK. You don't want to talk business on Sunday, do you? Sit down and chat with your Grandma. " Old Madame interrupted their conversation. They two were no longer young, but still quarreled every time they met. If they become a family in the future, won't they stir the whole family into a storm?

Shen Yan needed to make a change. Although First Madame and Zeng Mina had their intentions, the company was no place for him to talk casually.

Old Madame took a quick glance at Second Madame, not saying anything. Second Madame immediately understood that Old Madame was asking her to remind Shen Yan.

The questions Shen Yan asked in the interview were inappropriate. Yang Ke'er mediated for him, and Old Madame didn't want to pursue it, but would First Madame let him go smoothly?

Second Madame felt compelled to talk to her son.

First Madame saw the whole process. Although Shen Mo was spoiled by Old Madame, he needed to prove himself.

First Madame couldn't accept the matter ended like this. As she was about to say something, the chef, Nanny Zhang, walked over and handed over a menu to Old Madame. She smiled and asked, "Old Madame, this is today's menu. Please check. If it's OK, I'll start right away".

"Brother Yan likes spicy chicken. You can add it to your menu." Yang Ke'er said.

Old Madame smiled and said to Nanny Zhang, "Yes, make sure we have spicy chicken for dinner."

Nanny Zhang hurriedly replied: "Yes, Old Madame. Miss Ke'er is more proficient with that dish than me."

All the servants knew that Yang Ke'er learned to cook to satisfy Shen Yan, so they flattered her.

"Alright, I'll make this dish." Yang Ke'er stood up as she said.

Second Madame squinted her eyes and said in a pleasant manner, "Ke'er is ingenuity. How fortunate a family will be to have a daughter-in-law like you!"

A cold expression came over Shen Yan's handsome face, "I like what Xia Yu cooks."

What was wrong with him?How could he say that in front of Old Madame?

Second Madame hurriedly said, " You are lucky to have Ke'er cook for you. Don't be picky."

Yang Ke'er knew Shen Yan said that on purpose, so she did not mind. She kept a smile on her face, "Brother Yan has always been picky since young, but my spicy chicken was praised by Nanny Wang."

"But Sister Xia's spicy chicken is really delicious." In terms of cooking talents, even though Yang Ke'er had learned in earnest, she was not at the same level as Xia Yu.

"Hahaha …" Seeing Yang Ke'er was embarrassed, Zeng Mina could not help but laugh.

Unexpectedly, Yang Ke'er didn't mind. She stretched out her hands and grabbed Xia Yu's arm, then said with a smile: "I'll be your assistant."

Ke'er had been studied abroad for a few years, and she was no longer the same as before. Old Madame's eyes were full of admiration at her steady manner.

In comparison, Zeng Mina fought against everyone and had no courtesy of the eldest sister-in-law, which made Old Madame feel unhappy.

Zeng Mina could also see that. After all, Yang Ke'er was from the Old Madame's family. She would not get any advantage from her.

Just as she was going to hide in the bathroom, Yang Ke'er said to her, "Zeng Mina, why not join us to cook?"

"Are you kidding me?" Zeng Mina looked at Ke'er with a cold expression.

Just as she was about to refuse, First Madame said: "Wash your hands before you cook."

"What's First Madame thinking? She knows I'm a star, and I cared about every inch of my skin. Why did she ask me to go to the kitchen?"

"How many masks would it take to make up for my loss?"

However, Zeng Mina couldn't directly refuse First Madam's demand but followed the two girls into the kitchen.

After washing her hands, she walked into the kitchen, which was about forty to fifty square meters. When she looked around, she could only recognize the electric cooker and microwave oven. She had no idea what the other things were.

Yang Ke'er, who was wearing an apron, instructed her like her mother: "Wash the chicken over there!"

First Madame and Second Madame followed and watched them at the door.

Xia Yu saw all this quietly and put on her apron, assisting Nanny Wang.

Miss Yang and Miss Zeng were on par with each other in background, appearance, and education. They were both the candidates of the Shen Family's Young Daughter-in-law.

Who would be the winner? The answer would be released after the competition.

Zeng Mina felt little confidence in herself when she got into the kitchen.

How could she do such a shameful thing as being Yang Ke'er's assistant?

When Zeng Mina glanced at the kitchen, she found that Xia Yu was lowering her head to help Nanny Wang crack the garlic. It seemed she did not know what was happening here.

Nanny Wang had washed the chicken wings and was putting them on the chopping board.

"Zeng Mina, don't just stand there! Do something!" Yang Ke'er instructed her again.

Nanny Wang thought it was all her job, and the ladies only did it for fun, so she said, "Let me do it!"

Zeng Mina did not say a word, and Second Madame who stood behind her became prouder of Yang Ke'er.

"What is a good wife? A standard daughter-in-law should be able to deal with the affairs inside and outside the kitchen."

It was true that Zeng Mina was worse than Yang Ke'er at cooking. First Madame felt that she needed to remind Zeng Mina to make progress, but now the priority was to mediate for her.

Glancing at Xia Yu, First Madame said, "Xia Yu, Xiao Qiang said that your cooking skills were amazing. So, you can make dinner for us today."

Xia Yu couldn't turn a deaf ear to First Madame's words. She stood up, walked towards Zeng Mina, took the chicken from her hands, and put it on the chopping board.

Xia Yu displayed her cutting skills in front of them. Not only the madams and the young ladies were stunned, but also Nanny Wang cheered for her.

"Miss Xia, you must have practiced for more than ten years to have such a great skill. " Nanny Wang knew many chefs were not so good as Xia Yu.

She could tell that she had been specially trained.

"My grandfather and father were both chefs. When I was five, my father asked me to practice cutting." Xia Yu smiled while her hands continued working. After a while, the chicken was sliced and marinated.

"Xia Yu, your cutting skills are excellent!" Only then did Yang Ke'er completely believe Shen Qiang's words. Xia Yu was such a good cook, so it was reasonable for Shen Yan to keep her at home. Ke'er's master had told her that cutting skill was a crucial part of a chef's skills. Even her master was not comparable to Xia Yu. Ke'er admired her wholeheartedly, and she didn't forget to tell Zeng Mina: "Uncle and Aunt have spoilt you. One day, when you get married, how heartbreaking will you be."

She sighed as she spoke. Zeng Mina couldn't accept her mockery, so she asked in Ke'er's tone, "Does your dad ask you to cook every day? You don't even have a nanny in your house?"

Yang Ke'er didn't know what to say as if she was bitten on the throat.

"Why don't you go on talking nonsense?" Zeng Mina glanced at Yang Ke'er in disdain, and her gaze unconsciously focused on the chicken beside her. Yang Ke'er was not exaggerating. Xia Yu's cutting skills were truly extraordinary.

So, what? Wasn't she still a servant? Zeng Mina did not forget to criticize her. "Secretary Xia, are you afraid that you will not be able to survive as a secret and regard cooking as a way out? Or, your father wanted to bring you up as a chef?"


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