Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 181 There Is No Distinction Between Occupations
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 181 There Is No Distinction Between Occupations

It wasn't the first time Zeng Mina had fought against Xia Yu, and she had not taken advantage of Xia Yu. Zeng Mina was caught red-handed by Xia Yu last time, and she had to live with her tail between her legs.

Hearing that Yang Ke'er had returned, Zeng Mina originally wanted to have a good fight with her and wash away her recent bad luck. However, she never thought that Yang Ke'er had called Xia Yu to come, and they seemed to form an alliance.

In her future husband's home, Zeng Mina couldn't misbehave, which might make First Madame unhappy. She thought that Xia Yu would not mention the issue in this kind of situation, so she decided to provoke them, and she soon lost control because she was always defiant.

Today would be a hard day in Shen's house. Xia Yu knew that the moment she saw Zeng Mina there.

She was in Shen's house now, so what? Xia Yu believed that she did nothing wrong, so she needed not to be scared.

She did not even raise her head but casually replied as she continued her work, "Yes, they brought me up as a chef!"

Xia Yu was speaking the truth. She did not like being a cook, but she did not look down on a cook at all because she had always felt that a chef was no different from other occupations.

Hearing Xia Yu's words, Zeng Mina laughed loudly.

In her mind, all chefs had big faces, thick necks, big bellies, and they were greasy all day long. She could even imagine how Xia Yu would look like if she became a chef.

"Is that funny? Miss Zeng, you knew I was a cook's daughter. Why are you asking? " Xia Yu continued with the matter at hand as if she did not hear her laugh.

"That's right. No occupation is disgraceful. Zeng Mina, look at you. Your fingers won't touch any dirt. What's wrong with a cook? If there is no cook, you'll be the first one to starve to death. "

Anyone could say a mean word.

Xia Yu was Shen Yan's secretary, after all. If Zeng Mina bullied Xia Yu, it meant that she bullied Shen Yan. How could Yang Ke'er let her do that?

It was out of line for Zeng Mina to laugh at Xia Yu. Just now she was attacking Shen Yan for discriminating against others, but soon she began to discriminate against Xia Yu. How could she be persuasive?

This girl had a lot to learn. First Madame frowned and loudly coughed a few times behind her, reminding her to pay attention to her image. The servants were all standing there. It wouldn't be good if they spread her words.

Zeng Mina's laughter suddenly stopped, and for a moment, the entire kitchen was so quiet that only the sounds of Xia Yu chopping vegetables could be heard.

Turning back to see First Madame's angry face, Zeng Mina realized that she had lost control of herself and was extremely embarrassed.

Second Madame quickly eased the situation, "Every family has their own way of educating. Some families place more emphasis on giving their children more love, while others place more emphasis on all-round development."

These words seemed to soften the atmosphere, but First Madame and Zeng Mina were still unhappy.

First Madame turned her head and did not make a sound.

Zeng Mina was turning Second Madame's words over in her mind.

Did she mean that the Zeng's family's teaching methods were not as good as the Xia family's? Xia Yu had all-round development, and she was just a seedling in a greenhouse?

How could a child from a small family like Xia Yu compare to her?

But in Second Madame's eye, Xia Yu was her match and Second Madame had implied her that she had lost.

"Zeng Mina, I am not scolding you. You must learn cooking. It was said to keep a man's heart; you must satisfy his stomach first. My big brother is outstanding. How lucky you are to become his fiancée. You should cherish your chance." Yang Ke'er said proudly when Zeng Mina was at a loss for a word.

"Only those who have nothing better to do will learn something like cooking. A real modern intellectual woman should help her man in his career. " In front of Yang Ke'er, Zeng Mina refused to give in.

Yang Ke'er wisely shut her mouth.

Because she knew that someone would be unhappy.

As expected, First Madame continued, "So what if you're a modern intellectual woman? Xia Yu is proficient in seven languages, and her cooking skills are also outstanding."

First Madame was extremely angry. Zeng Mina was inferior to others, but she did not know how to hide her weaknesses. She really embarrassed her.

Hearing First Madame's tone, Zeng Mina was shocked. Whose side was she on? Why was she standing up for Xia Yu?

She was suspicious but didn't dare to question First Madame.

Only then did Xia Yu stop her work, put down the knife gracefully and smiled at First Madame: "Thank you, First Madame. I'm not so good as you say. First Madame and Second Madame were role models in the women's world. As the directors of the Shen's, you help to run the business and did all things for the women's committee in person. You both are busy, but one of you learn cooking while the other chooses the bird's nest herself just because Old Madame likes to eat bird's nest porridge and you are afraid that the ingredients are not clean. We should learn from you for being filial piety. "

Xia Yu's words had flattered both Madams, making them proud.

Zeng Mina realized that she had offended First Madame.

"A person who had nothing better to do would learn cooking" meant First Madame had nothing better to do.

The future daughter-in-law was taunting her mother-in-law. What would she do after she became the daughter-in-law? Would she be her mother-in-law's commander?

Any mother-in-law would get angry about that.

With just a few words, Xia Yu not only flattered both madams but also left Zeng Mina speechless.

At this moment, even if Zeng Mina hadn't vomited blood, she should have had an internal injury.

A complacent look flashed in Yang Ke'er's eyes, and she immediately turned to smile at the two madams: "My two aunts, you can have a rest. I'm afraid that if you're here, Zeng Mina won't be able to do anything because she's too nervous."

Second Madame initially thought that Yang Ke'er would fight with Xia Yu, but she never expected that they would cooperate flawlessly. Seeing them putting a damper on First Madame' arrogance, Second Madame's mood was excellent.

Second Madame showed an amiable expression and replied with a kindly smile, "OK. If you need anything, just call for us."

Yang Ke'er watched as they walked out of the kitchen. When there was only the three of them left in such a large place, she suddenly changed her face and said with a faint smile, "Don't you have a PR activity today? Why are you here? I feel like you came here uninvited."

Zeng Mina thought, "How can I incite you to fight with Xia Yu if I am not here"?

But she couldn't say that. So she picked up a seasoning box and played with it, replying, "I miss you. Can I come and see you?"

Xia Yu and Yang Ke'er felt goosebumps all over.

Before they could speak, Zeng Mina rolled her eyes and intentionally lowered her voice, saying mysteriously: "Xia Yu and Shen Yan have moved in together. Are you OK with that? Are you going to admit their relationship? And you two wives serve one husband? "

How vulgar it was! Did Shen's Family's men like such a thing?

Xia Yu's heart was burning with anger. She wanted to ruin their relationship, but after thinking about it, she laughed and said, "You're an actress, and your ideas are avant-garde. I presume Miss Zeng plans to do this?"

Today, these two women were determined to ally themselves. Zeng Mina could only resist their attacks.

Xia Yu's smiling face was just inches away from her face. Zeng Mina kept silent for a few seconds, and said with a mocking voice: "Don't forget that your sister is also a star."

"My sister is a model, not an actress. She has never acted any sex scene before!" Xia Yu explained to her patiently as if she was afraid that Zeng Mina didn't know her sister.

Other than the catwalk show, Wu Shiyu only made a few advertisements. But Zeng Mina was different. She was an actress, and she had done all sorts of kissing and sex scenes. Even Xia Yu felt shame about those films.

Zeng Mina never thought that Xia Yu would say this. Initially, she wanted to stand on high ground and step on them, but now they had stepped on her weak spot. When Shen Mo got engaged to her, he rejected her as an actress and asked her to leave the entertainment industry.

Her dream was to become a star. He wanted her to give up, which was equivalent to taking her life. She had begged First Madame for a long time and promised not to act sex scenes in the future. Xia Yu was satirizing her and revealing her weakness.

She was totally pissed off and stared at Xia Yu: "So what's wrong if I act in sex scenes? Many actors have done this before. If the plot requires it, actors will do it. This is the primary professional conduct for actors. "

"Zeng Mina is right. That's called the sacrifice for the art." Yang Ke'er agreed to Zeng Mina's words for the first time.

"I'm sorry. I'm too conservative and don't have a thorough understanding of art." Xia Yu apologized immediately.

"Xia Yu, you don't have to apologize." Yang Ke'er was amused by Xia Yu's serious look. She burst into laughter and changed the topic, "Lots of people find it hard to accept sex scenes. Especially someone like my big brother. As the President, when he was having dinner with guests, what should he do when they suddenly see Zeng Mina having sex with someone on TV? "

Everyone had their weaknesses. Zeng Mina's fault was that she had acted in sex scenes. She knew that Shen Mo and other family members cared about that, and she also cared a lot about their opinions. She had always been pretending as if nothing had happened, but she could not stand for others to expose her deceptive mask in front of everyone.

Looking at Yang Ke'er's gloating face, Zeng Mina, who had already endured for a long time, instinctively picked up something beside her and pointed it straight at her face. Yang Ke'er opened her eyes wide in fear, and her pupils abruptly shrank.

Zeng Mina realized that she was holding a fruit knife in her hands.

She pointed the knife at Yang Ke'er, whose face lost its color, and said word by word: "Shut your mouth."

Yang Ke'er really did not dare to move. Ever since she was born, she had never been pointed at by a knife.

Her face was pale, and she was so scared that she almost cried. Just as she was about to say something, she saw a figure appear at the kitchen door and immediately said to Zeng Mina who had her back to the door: "I'm just concerned about my big brother."

Hearing that, Zeng Mina reacted and turned to look at the door.

Shen Mo, who was standing at the door, was wearing a black suit. With his handsome face, he seemed to be otherworldly. Although he and she were already staring at each other, his face was expressionless as he walked on

Zeng Mina retracted her knife slowly.


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