Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 182 I“ll Fix It Myself
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 182 I“ll Fix It Myself

Yang Ke'er hurriedly walked pass Zeng Mina and ran to Shen Mo's side, reached out to pull his arm, and asked with a face full of fear: "Big brother, it really scared me to death."

Shen Mo stood two meters away in front of Zeng Mina. He did not answer Yang Ke'er's question, and directly ignored Xia Yu who was at the side, and asked Zeng Mina with a cold face: "Why do you have to do that?"

Zeng Mina loosened her grip, and the knife fell onto the ground with a thud, "No, I want to help Xia Yu out, yeah, I was trying to help Xia Yu. Am I right, Xia Yu?"

Xia Yu then raised her head and replied, "I already said that I didn't need your help, I can fix it. All of you can leave."

"Cooking is Nanny Wang's job, and Xia Yu is a guest of the Shen's family, how can we let her do it? If this matter spreads over, people will think that we exploit our guest. This is nonsense." Shen Mo easily saved Zeng Mina from embarrassment. Although he did not explicitly say that Yang Ke'er was speaking nonsense, his intentions were obvious.

Her fiancé was reliable at such a crucial moment, Zeng Mina thought to herself and immediately showed a face full of smugness.

In fact, Nanny Wang did not walk far when she heard Shen Mo's words, so she immediately walked over and quickly tied up her apron, "Miss Xia, how about letting me do it?"

Xia Yu smiled and nodded to give way. She was stupid. She quickly washed her hands and took off her apron.

Yang Ke'er curled her lips and went to the living room.

Zeng Mina also followed Shen Mo to the living room.

After Xia Yu hung up the apron, she turned around. Nanny Wang called out to her from behind, "Miss Xia, I could see that you wanted to make some soup with these ingredients? You are so good at cooking Sichuan cuisine, so can you teach me a non-spicy Sichuan soup? Our old Madame likes Sichuan cuisine a lot, but you know she's aged, so it's better for her not to eat too much spicy food."

"There really is one, and it's so appetizing. Old Madame will like it." Xia Yu wanted to make this soup too, and since Nanny Wang had asked, she wouldn't hesitate to give her the recipe.

Just as Xia Yu was talking to Nanny Wang, Zeng Mina and Yang Ke'er, who were in the living room, started a war of words. "Yang Ke'er, even if Xia Yu is dating Shen Yan, they are not engaged yet, I've been engaged to Young Master Mo for a long time, it's so not fair for you to treat me like this."

"Zeng Mina, what do you mean by that?" It's true that Shen Mo just helped her, but was there a need to be so arrogant? Not to mention that she's just his fiancée, even if she's married to big brother, she wouldn't be qualified to be arrogant either.

"I have a quick tongue, and everyone knows it. Everyone saw Shen Yan carrying Xia Yu on his back and came in, right? You also saw it, right?" Zeng Mina wouldn't let other people get any chances on controlling the conversation. Since she was bullied entirely just now, she surely wanted revenge right away.

"You …" Yang Ke'er glared at her fiercely.

"Alright, you two kids, why are you arguing whenever you see each other?" After saying that, seeing Xia Yu had come out from the kitchen, the old Madame smiled at her and said: "Every time little Yu comes over, she's always in a hurry. Have you ever looked around here? The scenery here is quite lovely. "

Xia Yu immediately stood up and said: "Old Madame, I'll go take a look."

Old Madame meant that their family had secret stuff to talk about. Maybe it was about Yang Ke'er, anyway, it was not convenient for an outsider like her to stay here.

The Old Madame nodded, and Xia Yu left.

"Grandma, I'm going to see what delicious dishes Nanny Wang has made today." Shen Qiang also wanted to take this opportunity to get out. He was not at ease at all about Xia Yu being alone. Besides, he was afraid that Xia Yu would misunderstand and give up on Second Brother.

"You stay, I have something to ask you later." Old Madame did not agree.

Shen Qiang could only sit on the sofa.

Shen Yan looked up at his grandmother. "You have something to say to me?"

"Say it out, what happened?" The Old Madame suddenly became stern: "You aren't trying to tell me that you like Xia Yu, right? If it is, I won't object. "

To be honest, Xia Yu was much better than those girls who surrounded Second Brother. How would Second Brother answer Grandma? Shen Qiang was really looking forward to it.

"Grandma, I have something to do. I'll answer it first." Just then, Shen Mo's phone rang. The timing was perfect, and he had a reason to avoid it.

Old Madame was naturally aware of how busy Shen Mo was. She waved her hand at him without thinking.

"Little Yan, you haven't answered Grandmother." Old Madame turned around and looked at Shen Yan.

"Of course, I like her, but …" Shen Yan glanced at his mother with some difficulty.

"I've already said that I don't object." Old Madame repeated.

Zeng Mina, who was at the side, immediately opened her eyes wide. Damn woman, is she really going to marry to Shen's family?

Yang Ke'er also nervously stared at them. What's going on?

"I am OK with it, but I don't know what Xia Yu is thinking." Since his granny was leading him into the core of the topic, Shen Yan could only tell her the truth.

With that said, Yang Ke'er relaxed. He was the dignified Young Master Yan, he should be the one to dump girls, and how could any girls dump him? This was obviously an excuse, which meant that he had nothing to do with Xia Yu.

If she stayed any longer, Shen Yan would think that she was forcing him to agree on the marriage. She was the young miss of Yang's family. Even though she had been chasing after Shen Yan obviously, at this critical moment, she still had to be reserved.

"Old Madame and aunties, I'm going out for a walk." Yang Ke'er didn't wait for Old Madame to speak, she was already walking out. When she arrived in front of Zeng Mina, she very smugly glanced at her.

Did you hear that? Shen Yan and Xia Yu had not even started.

Shen Yan's answer also discouraged Zeng Mina. What did Shen Yan mean? To say such words in front of Yang Ke'er, was he really going to compromise with Yang's family?

Zeng Mina's heart was in pain, this meant that Shen Yan was totally going to coax Yang's family.

First Madame's face suddenly turned ugly. Thinking about how Yang Weiye supported Shen Yan last time, it was only a matter of time before she got engaged with Shen Yan.

Shen Yan's reputation was growing, and with the support of the Yang's family, her son was in danger, "Mina, since your granny has matters to discuss with Shen Yan, why don't we go outside first."

The marriage alliance between the Shen's and Yang's families was not related to Xia Yu at all. Why not take the opportunity to bump that woman away? First cut off his arm, then slowly take care of other parts of him.

If they both went out, it would not be good, so Second Madame followed them.

Old Madame looked. That's enough, let Shen Qiang go take a look as well? She then waved her hand towards him.

Shen Qiang immediately stood up and walked out.

"Look at you, you little rascal. You're not asking me, an old woman, to stand up for you, are you?" Old Madame said sarcastically after everyone had left.

"Grandmother is going to be my matchmaker?"

"Look at you. Even I am embarrassed to say anything to you."

"Alright, I'll fix it myself!"

"That's right. I've finished asking the personal matters, now it's time to ask about the proper matter."

Xia Yu walked out of the door, asked around clearly where she could go and where she couldn't and decided to walk around by herself.

Although Old Madame had purposely let her go, she had to admit that the scenery here was beautiful.

This mansion of Shen's family was once a residence built by an illustrious noble, so its overall architecture was extremely grand. The eaves and corners of the buildings gave off a unique feeling.

After changing hands several times, this house was bought by the patriarch of the Shen's family. After some repairs and maintenance, it was expanded again.

After liberation, the house was supposed to be reclaimed and used as a museum.

But because Shen's family had contributed significantly to the country, the house was not taken back, and Shen's family continued to live in it.

However, Shen's family was required not to destroy the original architectural styles, and the subsequent modifications must follow the previous architectural characteristics.

Therefore, the later stages of expansion would be verified by experts. They could only start to build after Master Feng Shui had set the compass.

This house was indeed a priceless treasure. It was genuinely material and cultural heritage.

Therefore, Shen's family's status and wealth were not only measured by money.

Xia Yu watched very attentively and sincerely as if she was visiting a scenic area.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from behind her, "Miss Xia, do you like this mansion as well?"

Xia Yu gently turned around and stared intently. She was instantly stunned.

Yang Ke'er!

"Hello, Miss Yang!" Xia Yu quickly adjusted herself and revealed a slight smile.

"Just call me Ke Er." Yang Ke'er laughed as if she remembered something: "I will also call you little Yu."

Xia Yu smiled, and her gaze stopped at a scenery not far away.

"Little Yu, do you also think that it's good to be here?" Yang Ke'er asked with a smile.

Xia Yu replied: "That's right, this is the first time I'm strolling around this garden. It's beautiful here. "

"It's indeed beautiful. I've been captivated by the scenery when I was here for the first time." Yang Ke'er looked at Xia Yu as the sunlight shined on her hair, giving it a dazzling luster.

Xia Yu was also sizing up Yang Ke'er. She had to admit, she was really beautiful, so beautiful that no one could look away from her.

"Ke Er, you used to come often, right?" Xia Yu asked with a smile.

"Yes, I used to come here often. After studying abroad, I rarely came here." Yang Ke'er thought back to the beautiful days of the past, "At that time, Brother Yan and I liked to play hide and seek here."

"Your relationship must be excellent." When Yang Ke'er said this, Xia Yu could tell from her face that she really liked him.

"Brother Yan is a person who really knows how to coax girls, don't you think so?" Yang Ke'er did not directly answer Xia Yu. Instead, she looked at her with a smile.

Well, Xia Yu had to admit that.

Maybe because Xia Yu did not say anything, Yang Ke'er thought that Xia Yu was suspecting her to satirize her and explained herself: "Auntie said before, you are a good helper to Brother Yan."

"Second Madame speaks too highly of me, I just do what I should do." Xia Yu smiled. Yang Ke'er seemed so much like a young mistress. So it seemed like Old Madame had already approved her marriage, she really wanted to congratulate her.

Since that was the case, Shen Yan's future path would be much easier. It was just that, why did Xia Yu feel so empty in her heart?

Yang Ke'er smiled and was about to say something else when a servant came over and said: "Young Master asked me to invite both of you to his place."

Xia Yu understood it was Shen Qiang helping her out. He must have thought that Yang Ke'er would make things difficult for her. That kid really has a kind heart, she appreciated him deeply in her heart. She nodded to the servant and followed her.


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