Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 183 Don“t Forget What You Promised
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 183 Don“t Forget What You Promised

But this time, her guess was only half right. Shen Qiang didn't want Xia Yu to promise Ke'er anything, and foolishly give up on Second Brother, so he hurriedly called out to her.

Yang Ke'er indeed had a lot to say, but Xia Yu had already left with the servant, so she could only follow.

At this very moment, the Old Madame was interrogating Shen Yan, "Don't think that you can fool me! Although I am old and my eyes are blurry, I am not blind! You told me that you would focus solely on your work, and that's why I let you manage a company. But it's only been a few days, and you're making a ruckus, shouldn't you give me an explanation?"

The Old Madame pointed to a stack of magazines in front of her and asked.

Shen Yan laughed and said, "Who said my grandma is old? You are still very young, okay? You look to be around forty to fifty years old. If we told others that we are mother and son, they would definitely believe it!"

"Stop interrupting me!" the Old Madame also laughed. "You only know how to make me happy! Answer my question first! "

Shen Yan said helplessly: "As you have also seen, the senior managers of the company are not so easy to manage right now, so I can only use uncommon means."

"What do you mean?" The Old Madame certainly did not think that Shen Yan would mess around to such an extent and wanted to hear his explanation.

"Zhang Yuan wants to insert his lover into the company, and Manager Qin wants to insert her niece into the company. I've asked around in private, they don't have much ability, just want to stay in the company laze their days away, so we definitely do not want this kind of people." Since Shen Yan wanted to clean up the company, then naturally, it would be done so cleanly.

"You only need to know what you're doing. That's enough!" the Old Madame restrained her smile and said majestically: "You want to compete fairly with your elder brother, I agreed. But don't forget what you promised me. You must keep your promise, for I did these under great pressure."

"Am I not managing the company?" Shen Yan hurriedly massaged the Old Madame's leg, "You also know that I have just arrived at the company and it will not be very easy to convince the seniors. So, it will take some time."

"It's true, but you have to hurry. After all, all you have is only one year. " the Old Madame understood this grandson. In the past, he was suppressed too much, which was why some of the older people in the company did not know much about him. It seemed that it was time to raise his reputation.

"Yes, yes, yes. Grandmother is right." Shen Yan immediately replied: "I'll definitely get the company back to normal as soon as possible."

"Your brother also told me about Xia Yu, saying that you played some tricks to lure her over. I can ignore that, after all, he is an elder brother, and giving someone to his younger brother is not too big of a deal. But you must work hard, and since Xia Yu can do something, make full use of her abilities. " the Old Madame had seen everything that had happened today. Xia Yu was clearly rejecting Shen Yan, and if he lost a talent again, it would be his own loss and the company's loss as well.

"Yes, grandmother. I will listen to you!" Shen Yan immediately said.

"It's best if she calls me grandma when you bring her back next time, not Old Madame. " the Old Madame was quite satisfied with Xia Yu.

At her age, what could she not see through? Since her grandson likes her, what reason does she have to oppose it?

"I will definitely fulfill grandmother's wish as soon as possible."

"Brat, in this aspect, you are indeed much stronger than your brother."

Second Madame came out to look for Xia Yu and the others. Xia Yu was quite sensible. However, Yang Ke'er's temper was a little hard to control.

Right now, Shen Mo was eyeing Xia Yu covetously, and her son still needed to rely on her to do things, she could not allow her to be disappointed because of Yang Ke'er.

"You are looking for Xia Yu and Ke'er right? We're also looking for them, if by any chance they started to fight, at least there's someone who can help to stop them, right?" The First Madame followed the Second Madame since she followed the principle that it's a high crime if she had the chance to have a good laugh at people and she didn't do it.

But when she saw Xia Yu and Yang ke'er chatting happily, her heart started to churn uncontrollably.

Of course, Second Madame was happy to see such a scene and quickly got involved with everyone.

How petty!

With the son you had, even if they didn't start a fight today, it didn't mean they wouldn't start a fight another day. Yang ke'er and Xia Yu could not quarrel, but that did not mean that she could not quarrel with others.

He had been messing around with women all day and still wanted to compete with his big brother for the position of President. Why didn't he look at what kind of crap he was!

Although the Old Madame did not say that he would be disqualified today, if anything were to happen to the company again, he would probably scram immediately.

"Sister-in-law, what are you thinking about? Xiao Qiang is treating you to a watermelon." Shen Qiang was currently dividing a watermelon and handed a piece of watermelon to the First Madame. The First Madame didn't react for a long time.

Seeing that she was in such a daze, the Second Madame hurriedly pushed her.

"No, I just remembered that I had an appointment with Mrs. Li, I need to stay at home today and stay with the honored guest." First Madame quickly took the watermelon and put it to the side. She smiled at Shen Qiang and said, "I will give Mrs. Li a call to tell her, and I will come over for the watermelon later."

"At this time, I'm afraid she's already on stage. Let's just eat the watermelon first." Who was the Second Madame? Didn't she know the personality of the First Madame? She must have been annoyed when she saw Ke'er and Xia Yu getting along well with each other, and she wanted to go out and scheme something bad, so how could the Second Madame let her go?

"Since I had an appointment with somebody, I'd better give her an explanation. With Mina here to accompany you, I'll be back in a moment." The First Madame gave Zeng Mina a meaningful glance, and Zeng Mina immediately understood. She entangled the Second Madame, and the First Madame hurriedly returned to her room.

The Old Madame was already very unhappy just now. If the employees of Tengfei caused another ruckus, it would be best if it got bigger and went straight to the Old Madame's ears, how good would the effect be?

After making up her mind, the First Madame made a call. After exchanging a few words, she quickly went back to the original place and chatted with everyone while eating the watermelon.

About ten minutes after she sat down, Shen Yan called Xia Yu: "Xia Yu, something happened in the Sales Department, Director Zhang happened to be absent, go and take care of it right now."

"Yes, I will go now." While talking, Xia Yu stood up.

"Sis, what's wrong?" Xia Yu looked like she wanted to leave, and it was not easy to get a cab here, so Shen Qiang stood up along with her.

The Second Madame and Yang ke'er both looked at Xia Yu.

"There's something in the company, I need to take care of it." Xia Yu answered briefly.

Yang Ke'er immediately understood that the phone call just now was most likely from Shen Yan.

It seemed that Shen Yan relied heavily on Xia Yu, and she wondered about her ability. Yang Ke'er really wanted to see how Xia Yu deals with the problem on the spot.

After returning, she had talked to the Second Madame and the Old Madame, hoping to be able to go to Tengfei to work. The Second Madame had no objections and even encouraged her to do so.

But the Second Madame firmed rejected Yang Ke'er's request that she wanted to be the chief secretary of Shen Yan and that Xia Yu should return to Headquarters. She had her own reasons, nowadays, a capable and sensible employee like Xia Yu was too difficult to find.

Although she wanted her son to be with Yang Ke'er, that was because of the company. If she were to put aside this point, just based on these two children alone, she would prefer Xia Yu.

The Old Madame was even more straightforward about it, saying that Xia Yu could be said to be Shen Yan's vice president in Tengfei. If she were to leave, Tengfei would probably fall into chaos.

Since they both spoke highly of her, Yang ke'er was determined to go and look.

She also stood up and said to Shen Qiang with a smile: "It's better if I send Xiao Yu there so that the ladies can share some thoughts on the way."

"But the meal is about to start. I don't know how long it will take, but Ke Er hasn't eaten at home since she returned. That's not good, right?" the Second Madame was worried that Yang Ke'er would cause trouble in the company together with Zeng Mina and make things worse.

"It's fine. I'm already back. I can come back anytime." Yang Ke'er insisted.

This child was probably determined to go see it in person. It would be fine just to let her see it, to avoid her thoughts, so the Second Madame did not say anything else.

"I feel that Ke'er's suggestion is good, and Xiao Qiang's leg hasn't completely healed yet." the First Madame was the first to agree, but in her heart, she hoped that they could start fighting on the way.

Since his first aunt had said so, Shen Qiang did not know what to say. He looked at Xia Yu and saw that she had already picked up her bag, walking out.

On the way, Yang Ke'er asked Xia Yu what happened.

Xia Yu did not hide the fact and told her that a few interns in the Sales Department were bickering.

"Even interns are so arrogant? This is too outrageous. We should directly fire them." Yang Ke'er frowned, and immediately issued the order.

This batch of interns was chosen by Shen Yan and Shen Qiang, their overall quality was not bad. After all, there were some minor conflicts among the youngsters, but it would be problematic for them to rise to the level of creating trouble without the presence of the Director.

Xia Yu laughed and said: "Even though they are not official employees, we must go through necessary procedures. Let's decide after asking about the situation."

"That makes sense, so we can avoid people doing things behind our backs." Second Madame had already said that Xia Yu was one of their own, so Yang Ke'er's words were straightforward.

Xia Yu smiled and did not say a word.

When the two of them arrived, the Sales Department was in a mess.

Somebody said that Secretary Xia had come, Hao Qing and Li Hui stopped quarreling.

It seems that Xia Yu indeed had some prestige in the company, Yang Ke'er remembered this scene in her heart.

"What are you guys doing here? Go get busy." The Sales Department, unlike other departments, did not have regular weekends. As long as your performance is good, you can freely switch between work hours.

After everyone heard Xia Yu's words, they all quickly left.

Xia Yu looked at Hao Qing and Li Hui, "Follow me."

In the sales director's office, Xia Yu walked to the desk and turned to look at Hao Qing and Li Hui, who had just entered. She asked with an indifferent expression: "What do you want to drink?"

Li Hui, who was still fuming, didn't say anything.

While Hao Qing suppressed her anger and replied softly. "No need, thank you."

Xia Yu walked over to the water dispenser and poured two cups of ice water, passing one to each of Hao Qing and Li Hui.

"It's hot," she said. "It's hard not to get angry when you're working. Drink some water and calm down."

When these words came out, Hao Qing felt embarrassed and lowered her gaze.

Li Hui, who was standing beside holding a cup of water, said with a calm and arrogant face, "Secretary Xia, I am not to blame for what happened today. Somebody was just whispering behind, causing everyone to spout nonsense. I haven't been working here for a long time, and I am already being bullied by people like this, what is going to happen in the future?"

What did they mean by 'the villain makes the first move'?


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