Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 184 Talking with Strength
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 184 Talking with Strength

Hao Qing really did not expect that at this age, there would still be someone who would do such a reckless thing.

Since her rage had passed, Hao Qing was quite calm now. Compared to Li Hui's overbearing attitude, she only spoke with a magnanimous expression: "I still have the same words. If you heard me say anything bad about you with your own ears, then tell me who I said it to. If there is someone who told you that, then call out the person who spread the news."

Don't open and close your mouth, and splash dirty water on others. This sentence, Hao Qing didn't say it out loud.

Li Hui turned her head and glared at Hao Qing, and snorted: "So you want me to pull other colleagues down, then how can I continue working here in the future?"

Hao Qing's expression did not change as she looked at her. She replied coldly: "You wanted to stay here, so you slander me?"

Just as Li Hui was about to speak, Xia Yu, who was standing at the side, opened her mouth, and asked: "What was everyone whispering about this time?"

Hao Qing straightened her back, her chin raised a little, since she was not in the wrong with this matter, and it was not her who would be embarrassed by the question.

As expected, Li Hui's face became gloomy, and it was difficult for her to say anything.

Xia Yu sized up both of their faces, and after a few seconds of silence, she said: "You are both new interns, and your performances are very outstanding. This has always been a business with fierce competition, especially in the Sales Department, the law of the jungle applies. You guys are about to face the internship assessment, and I don't mind informing you beforehand. Some of you will end their internships in advance and become formal employees. At the same time, the one with the lowest score will be eliminated directly."

It was unknown if the cold air in the office was too strong, but Hao Qing and Li Hui suddenly felt a burst of cold wind behind their backs.

They've never heard it from the director before.

But Li Hui's eyes flashed with a look of surprise and then returned to normal. She was confident that she would be able to become the one to become a formal employee in advance and wouldn't be eliminated.

Xia Yu sat at the desk and held her shoulders. She did not look angry, but she said seriously: "At such a tense moment, what I hope to see is that all of you are working hard for your future, not standing at the door and making a ruckus just because of a little gossip. If there were clients present today, which one of you can afford their negative opinion about Tengfei? "

Xia Yu's voice was not loud, but each word was reaching the heart. They had the illusion that they had made a mistake in their high school and had been called over for a talk by their head teacher. Every time something like this happened, losing face always mattered more than the pros and cons of the matter itself.

Li Hui and Hao Qing both kept silent.

Xia Yu looked at the two of them and remained silent for a while. Then she eased her tone and said sincerely: "Everyone needs to work together in the same department in the future. At first, we did not understand each other, and contradictions are unavoidable. But with more private communications, what kind of misunderstanding can't be solved?"

After she finished saying that, they were both silent.

Initially, they thought that now that the conflict had been reported to the President, and President even sent his most trusted subordinate over, they would surely be severely criticized. In the end, Xia Yu gave them a lecture softly and skillfully, which made them feel embarrassed.

Hao Qing took the initiative to say: "I'm sorry, Secretary Xia, it won't happen again in the future."

Xia Yu made a sound of acknowledgment, then replied with a nod: "Both of you have just left school, and have just entered in a new environment. It's naturally hard to get used to it. If you have any difficulties, come and find me at any time. "

The two of them quickly agreed.

Xia Yu instructed them a few more things and told them to go out to work.

That's it? Yang Ke'er was a little confused.

Was this the Xia Yu that made Zeng Mina speechless? Why wasn't she the same as how she was advertised!

Just as Yang Ke'er wanted to say a few words, Hao Qing and Li Hui walked out from the office.

Hao Qing took a step forward, and Li Hui called out to her, "Hao Qing!"

Standing right where she was, Hao Qing turned her head and looked at Li Hui.

It seemed like there would be a follow-up, Yang Ke'er changed her mind and wanted to see more.

Sure enough, Hao Qing frowned. Originally, she thought that Xia Yu's words would let this matter pass, but when she saw Li Hui's expression, it was clear that she was still holding anger inside.

Li Hui looked coldly at Hao Qing, and said word by word, "Don't think that just because you signed the contract with the French client and made a name for yourself in front of everyone, you can beat me. Let's talk with our strength."

Are you done yet? Hao Qing frowned, the anger she had suppressed with difficulty within her heart immediately surged.

Hao Qing looked at Li Hui coldly and said, "Are you alright?"

Li Hui walked over to Hao Qing and stood in front of her. In fact, she was about the same height as Hao Qing, but because of the high heels, she was a few centimeters taller than her, taking advantage of the height difference, she looked down at Hao Qing arrogantly. She said with a low but arrogant voice: "I am just not used to you people playing tricks behind people's back, and you guys are definitely not going to be any big deal. I am determined to become a formal employee; Do you dare to compete with me?"

Hao Qing was so angry that she laughed instead, and raised her eyelids in disdain. "Because of your strength, or your uncle? "

Hearing this, Li Hui immediately changed her expression as if she wanted to go on a rampage, but she quickly held it in. She secretly adjusted her breathing, then sneered and replied: "Why do you care about it? Even if I depend on relationship, it's because I have it. Do you envy it? "

This time, they were starting a quarrel in front of Xia Yu, she didn't believe that she would be able to tolerate it.

Yang Ke'er was really looking forward to what she would say.

But to her disappointment, Xia Yu did not do anything.

The two people outside seemed to have forgotten that Xia Yu was inside, and they were ready to fight.

Hao Qing maintained a mocking expression on her face, her lips slightly opened, and replied: "I do envy you for having an uncle as a backer, why don't you directly tell your uncle to make you a formal employee? why do you need to go through all this trouble?"

When Hao Qing started to mock others, she did not even blink. The arrogance on Li Hui's face disappeared, and in the end, her face darkened. She said coldly: "Hao Qing, just wait, as long as I, Li Hui, am in the Sales Department for one day, I will definitely not let you ride on me!"

Even when they were fighting to this extent, Xia Yu still acted like she did not hear anything.

What was she trying to do? Yang Ke'er felt that it was necessary to remind her: "Xiao Yu!"

Xia Yu lifted her head and smiled at her. "Ke'er, you sit for a while, I'll make a phone call."

Yang Ke'er knew that she wouldn't just let it go like that, she was calling security, right?

Xia Yu picked up the phone and called Ma Weiwei, "Weiwei, bring me the plan of the Empire State Building and Alice Beauty Center. Right, I'm in the office of the Sales Director right now."

After making the call, Xia Yu sat down to chat with Yang Ke'er, completely ignoring the two people outside.

The war continued outside the door.

The angrier the opponent became; the more relaxed Hao Qing's smile grew. She even smiled and nodded: "Alright, I'll be waiting."

Then, ignoring Li Hui's red and black face, she turned around and walked away, leaving Li Hui with a hateful back view.

When Hao Qing walked to the front hall, a few people turned to look at her.

Everyone already knew that Li Hui was a relative of one of the directors of the head office, but who was the backer of Hao Qing? Everyone was looking forward to it.

After all, a newly arrived intern had no reason to understand her colleagues' social relations so thoroughly after just a few days, unless she had known some executive of the head office and knew of this relationship before.

If that's the case, it meant that she wasn't an easy person either. Otherwise, she wouldn't dare to beard the lion in its den.

Under everyone's attentive gaze, Hao Qing's expression did not change, and she went straight to the direction of the tea room. She had quarreled with Li Hui for so long that her mouth was dry.

Pushing open the door of the tea room, she saw that there were still people inside, interns that worked together with her.

Upon seeing Hao Qing enter, Cheng Aiai subconsciously avoided her gaze, while the rest of them also looked awkward. One of them probed, "Qingqing, is everything alright?"

Hao Qing walked in front of the beverage machine and poured herself a cup of cold lemon juice. Hearing this, she turned her head and replied with a faint smile, "I'm fine!"

"Secretary Xia didn't say anything?"

Hao Qing drank a large cup of beverage in one go, and with a disposable cup in her hand, she said with a calm expression: "She criticized us a bit, and told us not to do it anymore."

When the women heard this, their expressions were different.

Cheng Aiai smirked and said with a faint smile, "We are all colleagues that work together every day, why did you have to quarrel so much? If there's any misunderstanding, just say it out and solve it. "

Hao Qing looked at Cheng Aiai and said meaningfully, "Li Hui insisted that I was the one speaking ill of her behind her back, but she also heard somebody say that. I know perfectly whether I said it or not, so it seems that someone was doing this to me on purpose, don't let me know who that person is …"

Cheng Aiai looked fixedly at Hao Qing, the smile on her face stiffened for a moment, and then she looked away, trying to change the topic. "Forget it, everything will be fine after this, we should focus on the assessment now, after all, it will only take a month for us to become formal employees, and this kind of opportunity is extremely rare."

Her eyes flickered as she spoke hesitantly. With a single glance, it could be told that something was wrong about her.

Nobody expected that she had the habit of causing trouble everywhere. Since Secretary Xia was also here, she might as well settle the matter once and for all. After finishing the rest of the drink, she threw the cup into the trash can, turned around, and walked out.

Halfway there, she met Li Hui. She grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the Director's office, "I know who's gossiping about this, Secretary Xia is still here, come and explain it with me."

Hao Qing was also a person who could not tolerate having anything sand in her eyes, so she naturally could not swallow this down.

Why not? Let's go.

When the two of them entered, Ma Weiwei just happened to bring the two plans here.

As Xia Yu was reading, Hao Qing and Li Hui had already entered.

"Secretary Xia, I have something to say." Hao Qing said.

Xia Yu looked at the chairs at the side and said, "Wait a moment!"

She quickly made changes to the contents of the plan, and after confirming that there was nothing wrong, she sent it over to Shen Yan.

Shen Yan quickly replied. He completely agreed with Xia Yu's plan and asked her just to carry it out.

"Weiwei, I still need to trouble you to print two contracts. You can consider yourself working overtime today." Xia Yu said with a smile.

"Alright, please wait a moment!" Ma Weiwei was speedy. In a short moment, she came back with the two contracts.

Xia Yu took them and walked towards Hao Qing and Li Hui.

The two of them quickly stood up and stared at Xia Yu's hands.


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