Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 185 I Don“t Mind Competing Fairly
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 185 I Don“t Mind Competing Fairly

"You have something to say?" Xia Yu looked at Hao Qing.

"I know who's gossiping behind us..." Hao Qing glanced at Li Hui. Did she think that if she did not say it, she would not be able to find out?

Xia Yu interrupted Hao Qing and spoke in a severe tone: "Ridiculous, is the company paying you for gossiping? You are in this situation just because you are unwilling to submit to each other since both of you think you are stronger than the other. Fine, there are two contracts here. Each of you will sign one. Whoever is unable to accomplish it will leave!"

Xia Yu passed the two contracts over to the two of them.

These were two of the most important contracts for Tengfei this year. If they could be signed, Young Master Yan might not win, but at least he wouldn't lose so badly.

Even the Young Master Yan had been thinking hard these past few days, but Xia Yu handed them over to two newbies.

Ma Weiwei subconsciously looked at Xia Yu. Newbies, it's fine to scare them a little, but don't freak them out.

The two of them flipped them open and look, then stood there without saying a word.

"Why are you looking at me? Why don't you go to your uncle, the director? " Realizing that Li Hui was peeking at her, Hao Qing spat at her in annoyance.

"So, what if I go look for my uncle? I have someone to look for, why don't you go look for somebody! " Li Hui immediately posed as a cockfight figure.

"From a certain point of view, being able to mobilize social relations is also a type of strength. What I want is for the clients to sign the contracts. If the two of you don't have confidence, put down the contracts, and get out of here." Seeing that they were still arguing, Xia Yu spoke up to stop them.

"Did you hear that? Put down the contract and get out of here!" Li Hui had a look of disdain on her face.

"It's you who should be leaving, got it?" Hao Qing stroke back quickly, and raised her head to look at Xia Yu. "Secretary Xia, wait for me here for an hour, in an hour, I promise I will be back with a signed contract."

Xia Yu nodded.

Damn girl, she was arrogant!

"What if I come back before you?"

"If both of you can come back with signed contracts, you will become formal employees immediately, without one month of probation period." Xia Yu immediately made the decision.

"Okay, in an hour, I will become a formal member of Tengfei." Hao Qing took the contract and walked out of the Director's office without hesitation.

Li Hui followed closely behind.

"Xiao Yu, do you think they can really sign the contracts back?" Yang Ke'er had always thought that she was arrogant enough, but even she did not dare to speak like that. These two interns totally renovated her view of the world.

"An hour isn't too long. Ke'er, you have to be a bit patient." Xia Yu took a sip of the water in front of her.

Yang Ke'er laughed, she finally saw the ability Xia Yu had.

Instead of firing them directly, she got both of them just with two contracts. No matter who their backers were, it's their own choice, nothing to do with other people.

"What? You're not optimistic about them?" Xia Yu asked when she saw that Yang Ke'er did not speak and laughed.

No matter what, Yang Ke'er was Yang Weiye's niece, the granddaughter of the Old Madame. Didn't she know what the contracts with the Empire State Building and Alice meant to Tengfei?

To be honest, these two contracts were even a challenge to Shen Yan himself, these two interns didn't stand any chance.

What kind of Eldest Miss of the Yang family was Yang Ke'er if she was unable to see through such an obvious matter?

However, she could not reveal that Xia Yu was trying to drive people away with the contracts. After all, she had to give her face.

She raised her wrist and looked at the time, then smiled and said, "There's going to be a result in half an hour, just take our time."

Shen Yan, who was staying with Old Madame at the old house, found it difficult to pass his time. Even though he had used all he had to curry favor with her, her face was growing tighter and tighter.

Both were her grandsons, and both were so unfortunate that they had never had a father since they were children. She was the one who brought up the two of them, but the two brothers' personalities were completely opposite.

Although only one person would become the decision maker of the family, she wanted both of her grandsons to have some achievements.

Yet, he had managed the company into such a state. What should she say?

"Grandma, don't worry. The interns don't understand the rules. Xia Yu will teach them." Shen Yan said with a smile.

The Old Madame snorted, she raised her hand and looked at the message Yang Ke'er had sent her.

The way Xia Yu dealt with things was to chase them away. Li Hui was a relative of a director of the head office. If that person was offended, how would Shen Yan deal with the head office in the future?

"Little Yan, I know you don't want to work with Ke'er, but she can really be of great help. What do you think?" It was not that Old Madame wanted to place Yang ke'er in Tengfei out of favoritism, but there was a massive difference between the abilities of her two grandsons, so she had to worry about Shen Yan's face as well.

If he lost too severely, how could he face others in the future?

"Grandma, I don't want Elder Brother to say that you're biased." Shen Yan rejected without even thinking.

At a time like this, he was still parading his ability, just as the Old Madame gave her opinion, Xia Yu's message had arrived. Hao Qing and Li Hui both got the contracts signed. According to Xia Yu's previous promise to them, they had become formal employees, and Xia Yu hoped for his approval.

What other options do I have? Shen Yan directly gave her five words: You have the final say.

"What did Xia Yu say?" The Old Madame keenly caught the change in Shen Yan's face.

"Hao Qing and Li Hui have both signed the contracts, Xia Yu hopes that I can make an exception and for them." Shen Yan showed his phone to his grandma.

This girl was rather interesting!

The Old Madame waved her hand towards Shen Yan and said, "Just now, Ke'er said that she had matters to attend to and could not bring Xia Yu over. You should call Little Qiang and have him bring Xia Yu over."

Shen Yan was very clear about Yang Ke'er's intentions. The reason why she told her grandma about the moves of Li Hui and Hao Qing was to tell her that Xia Yu did not have enough ability and that she should replace her.

However, Xia Yu's move was indeed brilliant, allowing the two newbies to easily get the contracts with the Empire State Building and Alice. This was openly telling Grandma that if she knew all about the interns who had only been here a few days, she would only know more about the employees who worked a long time for the company.

Xia Yu was undoubtedly more suitable to be Shen Yan's assistant than Yang Ke'er, so the Old Madame resolutely confirmed Xia Yu's performance today.

The Old Madame's attitude also made Shen Yan heave a long sigh of relief.

Yang Ke'er was the protagonist of today's grand feast, did it make any sense for Xia Yu to come if she was not coming?

Shen Yan smiled and said: "Grandma, after all, the company has just promoted two new people, I have to go and take a look."

The Old Madame thought about it and nodded. Shen Yan did not call Shen Qiang, nor did he greet his mother. He knew that his aunt would be with them at this time, and he did not want to embarrass himself by hearing some unpleasant words.

He avoided Shen Qiang also because he wanted to ask Xia Yu about something.

Li Hui was a relative of one of the directors of the board of the head office. She might have heard her colleagues mention it. But how could she be so sure that Hao Qing would be able to sign the contract with Alice?

Hao Qing was a talented person, signing a big order with a French client on the first day she came. Xia Yu had always loved talented people, so she would not make things difficult for Hao Qing just to please Li Hui.

There was only one possibility left. She knew that Hao Qing was related to some manager of Alice, so she did that on purpose.

She had wanted to ask about it when they met, but he couldn't resist sending a message.

When Xia Yu saw this message, she smiled and typed a few words and sent him: Hao Qing was a proud disciple of the husband of the president of Alice, and the chairman of Alice treated her like her own child.

She really did know!

Shen Yan slightly curled his lips, revealing a bewitching smile, and sent a message to Xia Yu, telling her to wait at the company, he would be there immediately and continued driving.

But before he even reached the company, he received calls from Zeng Mina and Yang Ke'er. The two of them spoke with a rather harsh tone, as though they were about to start a fight at any moment.

How did these two young madams meet each other? Shen Yan had to cancel his meeting with Xia Yu and quickly turned his car around to look for Zeng Mina and Yang Ke'er.

When he arrived at the house on the water, he saw the two of them sitting face to face. Their faces were very unsightly, and even if they were not as freezing as winter, they were still rather cold.

"Why are you two so kind today and decide to treat me?" Shen Yan sat down between the two of them happily. After looking at them for a while, he reached out to pour himself a cup of tea.

Yang Ke'er pressed down the teacup, while Shen Yan was about to pour the tea, he was not prepared and almost poured the tea onto her hands.

"Let me see if you're hurt." Shen Yan panicked, and he put down the teapot in his hand and quickly checked her wounds.

Yang Ke'er did not buy his shit, she pushed his hand away and asked: "Are you dating Xia Yu?"


Shen Yan looked at Yang Ke'er in shock. If it's related to Xia Yu, why was she fighting with Zeng Mina?

"You don't have to deny, she even dared to pick on me. Didn't you allow her to do so? Does she have the guts to do so if you didn't allow her to?" Zeng Mina glanced at Shen Yan from the side: "If she didn't seduce you, how would Little Qiang follow her like a dog? Don't even think about denying it."

So that's how it was!

Shen Yan smiled and did not say a word.

"Shen Yan, you know that grandma has high expectations for you, Xia Yu is just a daughter of an ordinary family, aren't you hurting grandma's heart?" Suddenly, Yang Ke'er felt wronged.

"The question is, have you seen my grandma feeling sad?" Shen Yan had always been cautious in the face of major events in his life.

Indeed, she had not seen it. Even the Second Madame, who had always wanted to make her into a daughter-in-law, had treated Xia Yu amiably, and that's precisely what made her feel bad.

"Alas, how tragic. You can't even compare to a daughter from an ordinary family. If I were you, I'd rather buy a piece of tofu to kill myself." By the side, Zeng Mina saw that Yang Ke'er was wavering and immediately stirred her up.

"Shen Yan, tell me, do you like me or not?" Yang Ke'er was tricked in the next second.

"Ke'er, you really know how to hurt my heart by asking this." Shen Yan looked injured.

"Then why did you reject me?"

"We're close relatives, so let's not discuss this anymore. It's rare for us to meet. Today, I'm going to treat you two." Shen Yan waved his hand, and the waiter came over.

"Brother Yan, I don't mind competing fairly with Xia Yu!" Yang Ke'er was not foolish, she would be lying if she said that she did not admire the way Xia Yu handled things today.

She was indeed a little jealous of Xia Yu, but she didn't want to be looked down upon. After all, she was the Oldest Miss of the Yang family, she could not be outdone by Xia Yu.

"Ke'er, you know we're impossible, it has nothing to do with liking or not." Shen Yan also didn't want to reject Yang Ke'er in front of Zeng Mina, as that would make her lose face. However, every time she would speak so straightforwardly in front of Zeng Mina, he couldn't do anything about it.

"How embarrassing, rejected again." as expected, Zeng Mina gloated while laughing.


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