Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 186 Don“t Come Out and Embarrass Yourself
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 186 Don“t Come Out and Embarrass Yourself

Xia Yu immediately called for a colleague of the HR Department to sign the formal labor contracts with the two. The two of them were still in a daze after walking out of the HR Department.

Neither of them had expected such a result from their dispute.

When she finally regained her senses, Li Hui said to Hao Qing, "How about you slap me in the face, and I'll see if we're dreaming?"

Hao Qing laughed: "Idiot, even if you don't feel pain in your face, I will feel pain in my hands."

The two of them looked at each other and burst into laughter after a long time.

"Why don't we go to celebrate?" Li Hui suggested.

Hao Qing did not object, after all, the matter of pancakes dropping from heaven, no one would ever be able to meet it in their entire life, and how lucky were they? Therefore, the two of them walked out of the company's main entrance hand in hand in the look of the crowd full of jealousy and envy.

After Xia Yu finished her work, she sent a message to Shen Yan and left the company's main entrance.

Looking at her attire, Xia Yu was in a dilemma. Initially, she wanted to go to a fast food restaurant and have a simple meal, but dressed up like this, she was afraid that people would treat her like a monster.

Those high-class restaurants would suit her well, but thinking about the price, Xia Yu felt pained.

Just as she was thinking about it, a voice sounded beside her ears: "Secretary Xia, you're really so beautiful today!"

Xia Yu raised her head and saw that it was Lv Wushuang. She smiled and said, "Long time no see, sit down, and let's have a talk."

After Lv Wushuang thanked her, she sat down in front of Xia Yu. She was even more haggard than when she was interviewed the other day, it seemed like her days were not going well recently.

"What would you like to eat, I'll treat you!" Xia Yu passed the menu over to her.

"No, thank you, I've already eaten. I came today because I have something to discuss with you." Lv Wushuang took the menu and put it aside.

Xia Yu nodded, indicating her to speak.

"Secretary Xia, can you tell Young Master Yan that I'm really forced into a corner with no choice?" the economic condition of Lv Wushuang's family was not good, and her mother was sick, and they needed money for the surgery, she had no choice but to agree to help Shen Mo. At that time, Shen Mo did give her some money, but it was spent on one surgery. Now she was really in a desperate need for money, but it's rather difficult for her to find a job since she was fired.

Regarding Lv Wushuang's situation, Xia Yu also felt very sympathetic, but she really couldn't help her, "Lv Wushuang, since we were colleagues, I want to help you too, but you also know that I have to pay my debt with my salary; I only have this much, I hope it can be some help to you."

Xia Yu kept the money for the food, then she gave all her money in her purse to Lv Wushuang.

"Secretary Xia, you know that I'm not here for this." Lv Wushuang pushed the money back to Xia Yu. What she wanted was a job, not Xia Yu's sympathy.

"I know, I am willing to help, but I am really unable to do so!" Xia Yu was also in a difficult position. Yes, from Lv Wushuang's perspective, she was being forced to do it, but the company had its rules. Not everyone who made a mistake could be forgiven.

"If I hand over the evidence of Young Master Mo instructing me, will that be enough for me to get a job?" Lv Wushuang grabbed Xia Yu's hand and stared into her eyes with expectation.

Xia Yu stopped and looked at her, "Lv Wushuang, you didn't say anything just now, and I didn't hear anything either. You may be too nervous lately, but you'll find a job after a good rest. "

Selling Shen Mo in exchange for a job, she would not dare to do so if she didn't have a death wish.

Lv Wushuang was also shocked, that's right, how did she lose her mind? Shen Mo was the one who had the best chance to become the President. If she betrayed him, then after he became the President, would she still be able to stay in the company?

But, what should she do, Lv Wushuang couldn't help but cry.

"Lv Wushuang, don't be like this." Xia Yu put the money in her hands.

It seemed like there was no hope, Lv Wushuang powerlessly stood up and walked out.

Xia Yu watched her leave and sighed in her heart. Just as she turned around and was about to eat, Chen Wenxuan appeared in front of her.

"Little Yu, are you alone?"

Xia Yu raised her head and smiled, to be honest, she did not want to see him, it's awkward for her, "It's you, is Uncle Chen's injury better now?"

"It's much better now. and he often talks with me about you." Although Xia Yu didn't invite him to sit, he sat down very impolitely opposite to Xia Yu.

"I've been too busy recently to visit him." Xia Yu glanced at Chen Wenxuan, who was sitting opposite of her. Since he had already sat down, it would not be right to chase him away.

Xia Yu was busy, and Chen Wenxuan confirmed it with the words of Bao Na, especially when Bao Na said that Xia Yu had even signed a big contract for Shen Yan and that even the Old Madame had praised her and promoted her.

He carefully asked around and finally found out that Xia Yu's father had once worked as the chef for Mr. Dong. This time, Mr. Dong had only agreed to sign the contract because of her father.

Thinking back to when he went with Xia Yu to see her father, they were in the big villa and said they were taking care of somebody's house, probably it was Mr. Dong's house. He regretted not asking her then. If he knew that the Xia Family and the Dong Family had this relationship, he would have requested Xia Yu to ask Mr. Dong to find him a job in the government no matter what.

With his abilities, he believed that he would rise to prominence before long. Unfortunately, when he first heard that Xia Yu's parents were servants, he immediately revealed a look of disappointment and did not ask further. He regretted it just thinking about it.

"Work is important, my father understands, but he really misses you and asks when you're going to see him." Chen Wenxuan did not lie when he said that, his father had indeed said so.

There were even a few occasions where Bao Na was unhappy for this and quarreled with Chen Wenxuan.

"I am grateful for Uncle Chen's concern. I'll go visit him later when I'm free." Xia Yu was still very respectful to the old people.

"My father will be pleased when he learns of it." Seeing that Xia Yu had agreed to go visit his father, Chen Wenxuan was very happy, he then turned to ask Xia Yu, "I heard that you made a huge contribution for Young Master Yan in C City, I really want to congratulate you."

How fast the news spread. Xia Yu smiled and said, "What contribution could I make? It's because Shen Family is strong."

"It's not like that. I heard that Mr. Dong only contracted with the Shen Family because of your face." Chen Wenxuan probed further while carefully observing Xia Yu's expression.

Xia Yu shook her head and said, "How can that be? What face do you not know about me? "

"Exactly, what kind of face does the daughter of a servant have? It's so embarrassing." Bao Na originally wanted to ask Chen Wenxuan to go shopping with her, but he kept saying that he had things to attend to, Bao Na really believed him, yet it's his former lover that he was visiting.

"Baby, don't take it wrong, I was really looking for someone. I met Xia Yu accidentally and had a short conversation with her." Chen Wenxuan reflexively jumped up from his seat and quickly walked beside Bao Na.

"Is that so? Even if you took the initiative to come find her, it's fine. Doesn't your damned old father like her anyway? Since everyone is here, let's make things clear. If you want to be with her, I'll abort the baby and step out." Bao Na glared at Chen Wenxuan fiercely. He had been relying on her, and he's finally disgusting her now? Since it's like that, fuck off!

"Baby, what nonsense are you talking? Don't scare the baby." Chen Wenxuan hurriedly consoled her, "How can I be with her? You know that the person I love the most has always only been you."

"You're the one who said that. Fine, then go over and slap this woman, so that this coquette can give up!" Bao Na tyrannically placed her hands on her waist and provocatively ordered Chen Wenxuan as she looked at Xia Yu.

"That's not good." Chen Wenxuan subconsciously looked at Xia Yu as he took a step back.

"What? You still want to be with this woman?" Bao Na stared into Chen Wenxuan's eyes and said word by word, "Chen Wenxuan, I'll tell you what, if you don't give her a slap today, don't even think about getting married to me."

Well … Chen Wenxuan glanced at Xia Yu again and saw that she had already put down the tableware in her hands. Her face was terrifyingly dark, and his heart was filled with shock.

After all, he had been dating Xia Yu for five years, how could he not understand her? She might look like that she didn't want to cause trouble, but if anyone dared to provoke her, nothing good would happen to them.

As expected, before Chen Wenxuan could make a move, Xia Yu had already opened her mouth, "Bao Na, what do they say? One pregnancy comes with three years of stupidity. If your brain is damaged, go straight to the mental hospital, don't come out and embarrass yourself."

"Hehe, Xia Yu, you seduced my man, and you are in the right, aren't you?" Bao Na took two steps towards Xia Yu, and her fingers almost reached the tip of her nose.

Xia Yu knocked her hand away and pointed at Chen Wenxuan with extreme contempt, "Is that what you meant? With your mouth, ask the ones present, if I stand beside him, do we make a match? Why will I seduce him? "

Xia Yu's appearance was designed by the stylist Shen Yan had personally found for her, and the dress she was wearing was a world-limited edition, there was only one of it in the entire country, and this kind of outfit coupled with Xia Yu's noble makings, Chen Wenxuan was simply not on the same level as her. When the spectators at the side heard this, some of them started laughing.

"This woman is a mistress; her clothes were given by her lover." Bao Na, who was getting angry from being laughed at, stomped her feet on the side.

The moment she said that the bystanders laughed even harder, "Even if what you said is true, her lover is richer than your man. She must be dumb to be with your man."

With that question, Bao Na was rendered speechless. She wished that she could find a hole to hide in.

"Baby, let's go." Chen Wenxuan immediately pulled Bao Na out, as if Xia Yu was the one who took the initiative just now, while he was in a passive position.

Confusingly, Xia Yu lost the mood of eating, so she paid and left.

When she came out, Bao Na was still cursing Chen Wenxuan at the side of the road. Xia Yu shook her head and took a detour. Now, she felt more and more that what her father said was right, that her taste for man was too bad. She liked Chen Wenxuan for so many years.

Coincidentally, there was a taxi stopping by her side, and the client just got out of it. Xia Yu got in and told the driver the address.

When she returned to Shen Yan's villa, she thought that it would be her alone. Unexpectedly, Shen Qiang had already returned, "Little Qiang, why have you returned so quickly?"

"After you left with Yang Ke'er, my first aunt and second aunt almost quarreled. There was no point staying at home, so I just came back." Now that Shen Qiang regarded Xia Yu as one of his own, he did not avoid anything.

At that time, they were already on full alert when Xia Yu was still there, so it was reasonable for them to argue. Xia Yu hurriedly returned to her room, took off her dress, put on some home clothes and sat beside him, "No, with your eldest brother and second brother there, how could they start the quarrel?"

"Because they're petty." Shen Qiang curled his lips. This time, he wasn't standing by his Eldest Brother's side, he was simply making trouble for nothing.


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