Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 189 It“s Shocking to See a Bastard Like This
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 189 It“s Shocking to See a Bastard Like This

While she was still in a daze, Shen Yan reached out to hug her tightly, and asked in her ear as before, "It seems like I can't bear to let her leave. I seem to be used to having her by my side. When I saw her being hurt, I really want to take care of her."

"Maybe, I really do like that woman Xia Yu, but she seems to have made up her mind to leave me."

"Tell me, what should I do?"

With a somewhat helpless tone, those earnest and loving words were like a blade, broke through her feigned indifference and disturbing her heart. She almost couldn't believe it.

Was this Shen Yan?

Was he sick? Or was he confused?

Was he sure that the woman he might have fallen for was called Xia Yu?

In that instant, Xia Yu wanted to cry.

Her voice was caught in her throat as if it had been stuffed with cotton. She wanted to ask and wanted to say something, but she couldn't.

Shen Yan carried her down so that she could stand in front of him.

As they looked at each other, she couldn't understand what was going on; but Shen Yan knew very clearly that he was deeply in love with her.

She wanted to find something suspicious in his expression, but he was so honest.

For a moment, Xia Yu didn't know how to reply.

This was too sudden for her!

What he had said had caught her off guard. It wasn't just ripples in her heart, but a thousand waves.

Could she trust him?

The matter with Jiang Yayan, Yang Ke'er and Qingqing was troublesome enough; Zeng Mina was also eyeing him covetously from the side. Should I get to engage in this mess?

Thinking of this, she bit her lip, avoiding his sight. "You might be mistaken."

She wanted to leave immediately …

She walked around him, wanting to leave, but was grabbed by his hand. "Is it really an illusion?"

When he asked her this question she was perplexed …

Shen Yan bitterly raised the corner of his mouth, "Was that an illusion, the kind of warmth I felt when I hugged you?"

"Xia Yu, from the moment I saw you, I had already told myself that this woman was not cute, but now I can tell myself very clearly, that I am in love with this woman that is not cute at all." Shen Yan stepped forward and hugged her.

The intense trembling made her even more terrified, afraid that what would happen next would be a pain she would never be able to bear in her entire life!

"Let me go, hmm …" Xia Yu tried her best to struggle, but she couldn't avoid it!

It was as if he was determined to get everything in control!

He had to get her today!

Xia Yu was so anxious that she could only bite his shoulder harshly!

"Err …"

He let out a muffled cry of pain and sat up with a huge reaction. He lowered his head and looked. What a ruthless woman! Was this to left a bite scar forever on his shoulder?

The sharp pain caused Shen Yan to inhale a breath of cold air, and Xia Yu seized this opportunity to dodge.

She sat up, jumped on the bed in fear, and curled up in the corner of the bed.

He stared at her, being a little hurt. "You hate me that much?"

Why did she resist? Why did she refuse?

Shen Yan didn't understand. She clearly had him in her heart, why did she insist on torturing him!

He reached out his hand, but before he could touch her, he saw that she was retreating in fear.

Xia Yu only wished that she could leave immediately. She quickly got off the bed and ran to the door.

Unexpectedly, he caught up with her in strides.

He grabbed her arm, and she shrank back in fear. "Let me go, let me go!"

What would she do if he tried to force his way through her? Xia Yu panicked, she struggled even more fiercely but was being pushed towards the door. Shen Yan angrily questioned, "You really hate me, don't you?

She bit her lip and looked at the hurt in his eyes. She suddenly felt as if her heart had been pierced by something.

"What's good about that Chen Wenxuan, what can he give you when you're with him? A house? Or a car? All he can do is hurt, but I am different. I will take care of you. "

Shen Yan almost blurted out those words, but the moment he said it, he saw her eyes shining with tears, and immediately regretted it!

Why do I have to mention that brat! Shen Yan never thought that there would be a day when he would be envious of a bastard.

Xia Yu understood the reason why Shen Yan was gone crazy today was that he thought that she felt sad for Chen Wenxuan. He couldn't take it and felt his esteem was hurt.

That's right, she was indeed unhappy for Chen Wenxuan, but it wasn't what Shen Yan was thinking. She was sad that she believed Chen Wenxuan for five years. But she didn't want to tell anyone anything about this, especially to Shen Yan.

Resisting the pain in her heart, she turned around, opened the door, and quickly left.

"Xia Yu!"

He opened the door and chased after her, only to see that she had already left the main entrance. Shen Yan could only run, but Xia Yu walked away very quickly.

Shen Yan tapped his head in frustration. Did he choose the wrong timing?

Even though he knew that Chen Wenxuan had hurt her very deeply, he still confessed to her at such a sensitive time.

But why was Chen Wenxuan still so influential on her right now? It shouldn't be. She was such a rational girl, why was she unable to see through this point?

Moreover, he could clearly feel that she liked him, but she was hesitating, evading, refusing …

There was no way for him to chase after her and ask her such questions, so he could only stand there in a daze.

Only after a long while did he manage to react. Xia Yu had already walked far away. He quickly drove a car and chased after her. Ever since the case where Li Tianci kidnapped her, he was very nervous for her, being afraid that she would have another accident.

Xia Yu wandered on the streets after she got rid of Shen Yan. This place was relatively remote; there wasn't a single passerby on the streets. Occasionally, there would be one or two cars passing by.

Shen Yan caught up to her in a short while and silently accompanied her from behind without getting off the car. In the beginning, Xia Yu did not notice it, but afterward, she felt that there was always a car behind her, then she looked back.

She found Shen Yan; Shen Yan stopped the car and got off.

Xia Yu took two steps towards his side, and the two of them looked at each other and smiled.

"I'm fine, I just want to walk around!" Xia Yu said.

"It's late at night, I'm worried!" Shen Yan said honestly.

The two of them smiled again. Xia Yu looked at the car and walked over, "Since you're out, why don't you accompany me for a while."

There were some things that Xia Yu felt that she had to clarify with Shen Yan.

Shen Yan did not object, and both got in the car. The car continued down the road. For a long time, neither of them spoke.

In the end, Xia Yu broke the silence, "Today, Chen Wenxuan invited me out to discuss some matters regarding his father's medical expenses."

"Medical expenses? Does it have anything to do with you? "Shen Yan did not react at all. According to what he knew, Chen Wenxuan's father was injured, and Xia Yu was the one who kindly escorted him to the hospital. At that time, when Chen Wenxuan was not around, Xia Yu even paid for his medical expenses.

Wait, Chen Wenxuan's family was not that rich, Bao Na's family had always looked down on Chen's family. Bao Na also did not officially work, it could be said that he despised Chen Wenxuan's father for spending too much on medicine, which would affect their wedding, forcing Chen Wenxuan to delay returning money to Xia Yu.

Xia Yu had borrowed the medical fees from Shen Qiang, so she must be embarrassed.

"It doesn't matter if he can't return the money, nor does Xiao Qiang need that bit of pocket money. If something goes wrong, I am still here with you." Shen Yan was feeling much better now that Xia Yu could explain it to him.

Another misunderstanding? Xia Yu sighed and shook her head, "It's not like that, he said that I am responsible for injuring his father. If his father weren't looking for me, he wouldn't have gotten injured, and he wouldn't have been hospitalized …"

There were some things that Xia Yu would feel embarrassed to say even if she said it now.

"What?!" Shen Yan was dumbstruck. He knew that Chen Wenxuan was a bastard, but never had imagined that he would be this bad.

No wonder Xia Yu was so upset, if he were in Xia Yu's place, he would have punched him on the spot.

"Forget it, let's not talk about him anymore. Isn't it my fault to be blind back then?" Xia Yu let out a long sigh.

"But you can't torture yourself either. You haven't eaten yet, right? Come, I'll take you to eat." When he found Xia Yu, she was in a daze, even her feet were worn out. She probably didn't think of eating.

"It's already late." When Xia Yu came out, she was wearing slippers. It was too embarrassing to walk into a restaurant like that. Especially Shen Yan was very particular about it.

"As long as you are comfortable." Her feet were already hurt, it was already too much for Shen Yan to care about it, how come he would care about what Xia Yu was wearing.

She had to admit that Shen Yan cared about others. Chen Wenxuan would never say these words. When he was with Xia Yu, the most thing he did was to draw a life plan.

Xia Yu felt that he had high ideals when she was young, but only now did she realize how twisted and abnormal Chen Wenxuan's mind was. He was always thinking of something unrealistic and was very ambitious.

And selfishness, yes, selfishness! He would do anything for himself. As long as it was beneficial to him, he would not hesitate to do it. He did not care what kind of harm it would cause to others.

Shen Yan was different. Xia Yu held stereotypes against him before because he looked like a playboy, but he had principles and a bottom line. Even though there were many problems that Xia Yu found hard to endure, but those were all exposed under the sunlight, and Xia Yu could see them.

Eh, why was my mind distracted? Didn't I want to talk to him about something? Why did his words soften my heart?

Xia Yu opened her mouth a few times, but after a few attempts, her words became like this, "If your grandmother knew that you were eating with me, who is wearing slippers, today, she would definitely laugh at you."

"Impossible. It seems like you still don't know my grandmother. It's time to let you two get to know each other a bit more. This way, we can get along more in the future." Shen Yan smiled and said, "My grandma even went to support the border areas when she was young."

"Really?" Xia Yu had difficulty imagining that the dignified Old Madame could endure such hardships.

"In fact, my grandma had lived a hard life. When she was young, she suffered greatly to support her husband's career. Once Shen's had been a big company, her husband and son both gone in a single night, causing the entire Shen's family to fall on her shoulders. However, she gritted her teeth and endured it. So, the person I admired the most in my life was my grandma." Mentioning his grandmother, Shen Yan truly felt deeply moved and had many things to speak from the bottom of his heart.

"Old Madame is indeed not easy, so you must not make her sad." Xia Yu subtly reminded Shen Yan that Yang Ke'er was Old Madame's grandnephew. The Old Madame wanted Yang Ke'er to be her family member, you should do what she wanted.

A thin arm couldn't twist against a thigh.


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